Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle / Otto Willberg – “Static Garbled Dream”(Raw Tonk Records, 2018)

“Static Garbled Dream” is the new release of “Raw Tonk Records”. Album was recorded by Colin Webster (alto saxophone), Andrew Lisle (drums) and Otto Willberg (double bass). Three musicians have individual, independent, modern and bright improvising styles. They create a brilliant set of marvelous, roaring, intensive and effective collective improvisations, when they are improvising together. All of them base their music on the main elements of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Newest tendencies of contemporary experimental jazz gently suit together with the traditions formed by great avant-garde jazz pioneers of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. The music always has rich, expressive, bright and moving musical language, Musicians are open to innovative musical decisions, extravagant and original instrumentation and wide range of different expressions, styles, playing techniques and other elements of musical language. Artsy, creative and organic fusion of dozens of contrasting and conceptual musical language elements makes an effort to remarkable, inspiring and bright sound of their music.

“Static Garbled Dream” is a set of engaging and evocative compositions. The music is based on the main elements of three improvisers playing style and avant-garde jazz basics. Free improvisation, roaring, brave, intense and aggressive energy explosions, bright and vivacious melodies, passionate, furiously rapid and impressive passages, precise, engaging, evocative and brilliant playing techniques – these basic elements contain the main part of the musical pattern, but aren’t the only elements of it. The musical pattern has rch, colorful and bright structure and wide scale of sounds, gorgeous timbres, strange noises and tunes. All kinds of different timbres, rhythms, melodies, ornamentations, abbreviations and other elements of musical language are gently fused together in one place. The music is based on dynamic, progressive and interesting sound. Musicians are trying out new and innovative ways of playing, they also not hesitate to make fresh, brave, provocative and drastic musical decisions or stylistic changes. Eclectic combinations between various elements of musical language create an interesting and modern sound and reveal the main mood, sound and tendencies about the musician’s improvising. Musicians are the masters of artsy, creative, spontaneous, thrilling and intense improvising – their music is dynamic, filled with moody solos, spontaneous and extravagant musical decisions and especially colorful musical pattern. From the soft, silent and relaxing sound musicians go straight to the roaring storm of vibrant blow outs, passionate and powerful solos, sparkling, gorgeous and attractive shute of percussion, loud and intensive drum rolls, sudden abruptions, pauses or depressive, abandoned and cold pieces. Gentle, bright, joyful and light improvisations also contain a huge part of the improvisations. Its warm ,cordial and charming sound make a huge concept with other episodes. The musicians are paying the highest attention to expressions of moods, characters and unusual timbres. Each musician is improvising individually and differently from the others. Experienced and talented jazz masters have their own point of view to the sound, improvisation and its elements. Their improvisations aren’t just a set of free, spontaneous and expressive melodies – the musicians frequently turn it to frantic, thrilling, hot and sparkling field of experiments, fascinating sounds and timbres. Marvelous and impressive saxophone solos are especially expressive and bright. Vibrant and powerful solos, thrilling, turbulent and roaring blow outs, light and extremely rapid passages, virtuosic and furiously fast elements of ornaments and abbreviations, bordering dynamics, wide scale of timbres, sounds and chords – all these elements turn the saxophone improvisations to real bursts of energy. Energetic and viibrant saxophone also bring active, expressive and hot mood to whole album. Double bass melodies make gorgeous background and produce wide range of strange timbres, unusual sounds and tunes. Deep, dark, solid and vibrant bass line and stable harmonic pattern also is created and kept all the time. Unusual timbres, weird sounds and monotonic tunes are connected with marvelous, virtuosic, powerful and bright solos illustrated with colorful passages, gentle pizzicatto, rapid and passionate melodies and other similar elements. Drum section is solid and intensive. Drummer masterfully fuses together all kinds of rhythms and sounds. Roaring and turbulent free improvisations are based on open forms which are filled with expressive and sharp bebop rhythms, aggressive and moving solos, passionate and terrrific drum rolls, passages, fanfars and other elements of musical language. Gorgeous and colorful variety of percussion timbres creates effective, bright, modern and interesting musical background. The music played and improvised by three great jazz masters, has remarkable, intensive, suggestive and inspiring sound.


Wet Ink Ensemble – “Wet Ink 20” (Carrier Records, 2018)

“Wet Ink 20” is the new release of “Carrier Records”. Album was recorded by famous contemporary academical music ensemble “Wet Ink Ensemble”. The members of this huge avant-garde jazz orchestra are creative, interesting and engaging players and improvisers. Their music is based on main elements of avant-garde and experimental music elements. The compositions are based on extravagant and interesting musical decisions, bright, rich and evocative musical language and passionate, expressive and intense mood of the compositions. Free improvisation is the basic of ensemble compositions – it’s not just expressive, bright, innovative and remarkable solos, but also a free field of musical experiments, special effects and searches of extraordinary sounds, strange timbres and noises. Each musician is making the best effort to create evocative and engaging sound – all of them have their own and original musical language, unique sound and specific playing manner. Improvisations by this ensemble always are moody, dynamic and passionate – it doesn’t get boring or too monotonic. The sound is filled with wide spectre of colors, sounds, expressions, modern and innovative instrumentation techniques and other elements of musical language. That makes an effort to bright, original and evocative sound.

“Wet Ink 20” has charming, modern and interesting sound. The music is based on the synthesis of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, acaxdemic avant-garde and various styles of electronics. Organic and natural synthesis between all these elements and contrasting styles make a huge effort to whole sound of the album. The main part of the album is contained by the free improvisation. Musicians are improvising masterfully, vivaciously, energetically and expressively – their music is dynamic, bright and evocative. The synthesis between two bright, opposite and contrasting music genres created a conceptual, bright, intense and unpredictable sound. Harsh, shrieky, franky and loud solos are played especially expressive, dynamic and bright. These solos gently fit together with vivacious, vital, light, playful and soft pieces, gorgeously illustrated by dozens of different playing techniques, expressions, noises and special effects. After sorrowful, depressive, tragic and harsh sound there comes solemn, peaceful and relaxing pauses or turbulent, dramatic and extremely loud culminations. This music is based on changes and variable musical language. Compositions have variable and dynamic musical language, which is in change all the time. Different expressions, rhythms, sounds, noises and playing techniques are changing each other and create a solid, independent and gorgeous musical pattern and polyphonic texture. The musical pattern is bright, gorgeous and filled with many layers. Each lay has its own color, structure, form, shape and rhythms. Musicians masterfully fuse all these elements in one place and create polyphonic and many-layed, rich, expressive and innovative musical language. The basics of contemporary academical music are used here as a main element of the musical pattern – it’s quadratic strcuture, modern and sharp harmony, dissonances and consonances, tonal and atonal music, microtones, puantilism, serialism, the intonations of concrete, spectral and sonoristic music and other similar elements. The elements of electronics also are heard very frequently – field recordings, special effects, computer and electronics devices sounds, synthesized melodies, sound modifications and alterations, voice records are very important elements of musical language. All these things are masterfully and effectively fused togetgher with free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Along with the already composed matter, musicians are making spontaneous, bright, innovative and extravagant musical decisions. Free improvisations colorfully illustrate whole facture – it brings unpredictable, contrasting, wild, hot, bright and thrilling sound. The instrumentation is another one important aspect, which makes a huge effort to sound of this album. Experimental playing techniques, wide range of innovative, specific and unusual ways of playing, special effects, electronics and acoustics instruments synthesis, voice records, spoken elements, especially rich and colorful background and ornamented facture – musicians masterfully twist all these elements and make a solid, vibrant and independent instrumentation section. The music of this album has remarkable, expressive, passionate and innovative sound.

The members of “Wet Ink Ensemble”

Erin Lesser, flutes*
Karisa Antonio, oboe
Bill Kalinkos, clarinet (1, 3-4, 6-10)
Eileen Mack, clarinet (1, 7-10)
Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon
Alex Mincek, saxophone (1, 3-6), conductor (2)*
Ryan Muncy, saxophone (2)
Laura Weiner, horn (3-4, 6, 7-10)
Nicolee Kuester, horn (2)
Peter Evans, trumpet (3-5)
Gareth Flowers, trumpet (1, 6)
Weston Olencki, trombone
Dan Peck, tuba
Ian Antonio, percussion (1, 3-6)*
Russell Greenberg, percussion (1, 5, 6)
Lucie Vitkova, accordion
Jacqueline Kerrod, harp
Laura Barger, piano (3-4, 6), keyboard (1)
Ning Yu, Hammond B3 organ, harpsichord (7-10)
Julia Den Boer, piano (1, 7-10), celesta (7-10)
Josh Modney, violin (1-10)*
Marina Kifferstein, violin (1, 6-10)
Carrie Frey, viola
Mariel Roberts, cello
Gregory Chudzik, contrabass
Sam Pluta, electronics*
Kate Soper, vocalist*
Eric Wubbels, conductor (1, 3-4, 6-10), piano (2,5)*

Peter Evans & Barry Guy – “Syllogistic Moments” (Maya Recordings, 2018)

“Syllogistic Moments” is the newest release of “Maya Recordings”. Album was recorded by two great jazz masters – Barry Guy (double bass) and Peter Evans (trumpet). Both jazz musicians are interesting and creative improvisers. Their improvising style differs from the other jazz masters because of inspiring and extraordinary playing manner, suggestive and effective sound, huge variety of unusual timbres and unique sound of the compositions. The music is filled with bright and innovative musical decisions and impressive instrumentation. Spontaneous and free improvisations, specific ways of playing, experimental and extended playing techniques, special effects and own-created methods of playing – all these elements contain the main pattern of the compositions and bring original, evocative and engaging sound. Two jazz masters are experienced and talented improvisers – they had been playing and improvising with numerous of other inspiring and original avant-garde jazz musicians. They base their music on the main basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation.

“Syllogistic Moments” is based on free improvisation, astonishing musical experiments and dozens of extended playing techniques. Both musicians are improvising marvelously and outstandingly – their improvisations are effective, inspiring, evocative, bright and thrilling. Even though their musical language is based on absilutely different playing techniques and expressions, it’s gently fuses together in one musical pattern. Individual melodies have solid and bright sound – it’s filled with joyful, extravagant, light and delightful solos, aggressive and roaring blow outs, passionate and moving passages and suggestive duos. Dozens of different melodic and rhythmic elements form gorgeous, firm, solid and deep polyphonic facture and modern musical pattern with dozens of different layers. Each layer has its own color, structure, form, rhythms and other elements of musical language. All music of this album is totally based on collective improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz. The production of extrairdinary, weird, strange and outrage timbres is the main priority of the musicians. They are always trying out to extract new and fresh sound by using innovative and expressive ways of playing, extravagant and eclectic stylistic combinations and thrilling, franky, harsh and sharp free improvisations. Peter Evans trumpet improvisations are especially bright, expressive, luminous and moving. Ut has rich, expressive and modern musical pattern, ornamented, provocative and complicatecd rhythmic and gorgeous musical language. Moving, passionate and bright solos are the most effective episodes of whole album. Frantic, extremely rapid and enchanting passages, light, playful and gentle solos which are blended together with aggressive, sharp, roaring, tremendous and rigorous culminations – the contrasts between different episodes and its moods is very bright and make an effort to whole sound. Playful and joyful solos go right after the moving, attractive, gorgeous and terrific episodes with dynamic and rapid rhythms. Solemn, subtle, peaceful and soft sound also finds its place here – it’s gently mixed with aggressive, frantic and tremendous collective improvisations or dizzy, glimpsy and energetic solos. Trumpeter demonstrates his precise and brilliant playing technique and inspiring, effective and marvelous improvising. He creatively mixes together moving passages, provocative rhythms, extraordinary, creative and engaging musical decisions, splendid and suggestive instrumentation and dozens of extended and remarkable expressions, abbreviations, ornaments and other elements of musical language. Specific and experimental ways of playing, separate rhythms, sounds and chords, bright and tremendous blow outs, hard, loud and powerful energy explosions, sudden jumps to the bordering registres and synthesis with traditional playing techniques – all kinds of various elements of musical language are blended together in organic, effective and expressive way. Barry Guy double bass improvisations have remarkable, passionate, playful and dynamic sound. Rich and gorgeous musical pattern, polyphonic facture ornamented by dozens of different playing techniques, timbres and sounds, solid and independent melodic section and dynamic rhythmic – all these elements fil lthe main base of the musical pattern. His improvisations are filled with everything – bright, emotional, hot and thrilling solos with furiously rapid passages and vivacious pizzicatto, deep, solemn and vibrant bass line, unusual, weird and strange timbres, contrasting dynamics, temps and moods meets with repetitive chords, rhythms and melodies or silent pauses. Improviser masterfully fuses together all these elements in one place. That makes an effort to organic, bright, passionate and luminous sound. Both musicians are improvising masterfully, charmingly, cordially and with passion – their music is dynamic, inspiring, remarkable and joyful.

WeFreeStrings – “Fulfillment” (2018)

“Fulfillment” was released on September 5. Album was recorded by “WeFreeStrings” chamber ensemble. It’s a string sextet, which is formed by outstanding musicians – Charles Burnham (violin), Gwen Laster (violin), Tomeka Reid (cello), Melanie Dyer (compositions, viola), Brandon Lopez (bass), Ken Filiano (bass) and Michael Wimberly (percussion). All musicians are the masters of creative, remarkable and passionate playing and improvising. They are experimenting in various fields of musical language – that especially hears in instrumentation, form, harmony and rhythm section. Musicians not hesitate to fuse together the newest and innovative playing techniques, free improvisation, spontaneous musical decisions, bright and expressive melodies and the main basics of contemporary academical music, avant-garde and experimental jazz and free improvisation. The compositions of the “Fulfillment” were composed by Melanie Dyer. Composer, violist and improviser Melanie Dyer has her own, modern and interesting playing manner, unique sound and innovative playing style. Her compositions are somewhere between contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde and free improvisation. Organic, natural and bright synthesis between these two contrasting music styles makes an effort to effective, bright, remarkable and impressive sound.

“Fulfillment” is filled with bright and luminous sound and effective, creative and extraordinary musical decisions. The music is full of modern, extravagant and dynamic sound, modern and extravagant musical decisions and impressive playing technique. All musicians are the masters of marvelous, sensible, inspiring and suggestive playing. Sharp and dissonance harmony, rich variety of rhythms, forms and scales, wide range of various expressions and other elements of musical language are gently fused together with tremendous, terrific and marvelous free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and the basics of experimental, contemporary and modern jazz styles. It’s possible to value this music from the different points and sides – it has bright and solid basement of contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde, and spontaneous, bright, extravagant, roaring and hot free improvisations, basics of avant-garde jazz. The typical musical langauge elements of contemporary academical and modern classical music are used here as a main element. Traditional rhythms, strict forms, quadratic structures, consonances and dissonances, various scales, gorgeous and very well-known expressions, abbreviations and extended instrumentation techniques – all these elements are very important to whole music pattern. Though the music has many colors, shapes and sounds, which make a strong relation with contemporary academical music, it’s also make a splendid and organic synthesis with other side of the album. Free improvisation is very important element which also form the base of these compositions. Open forms, free structure, abstract, bright and free musical pattern, polyphonic layers and experimental instrumentation – these elements make a colorful and inventive synthesis with already mentionned elements of contemporary academical music. That makes an effort to the synthesis of all the elements of musical language – the improvisations have forms, whichare oranically mixed from quadratic and free structures, open forms and free improvisation. Consonances and dissonances are mixed together with unusual chords and tunes with extraordinary and strange compilations. Musicians are experimentign in all ways of musical language – they fuse together uncompairable expressions, contrasting rhythms, dynamic static patterns, roaring and silent dynamics, traditional, experimental and own-created playing techniques and many other elements. Though musicians are playing the compositions which were already written, there’s still much space left for free improvisation and fascinating musical experiments. Each musician is searching for new sounds, producing strange and weird timbres, fusing and mixing several different shapes, rhythms and structures. Inventive, remarkable, inspiring solos by each musician are filled with passionate and rapid passages, remarkable, bright and light melodies, independent and solid musical pattern, roaring and vibrant solos or silent improvisations. Huge vareity of unusual timbres and sounds effects the production of bright, gorgeous and rich background. “WeFreeStrings” chamber ensemble is demonstrating the highest quality of sound, marveloous and brilliant playing technique, impressive and inspiring playing and creative, bright and original fusion of styles, expressions and manners. All these elements make a pleasant and interesting synthesis, which is one of the most important element’s who effect whole sound. Inspiring, impressive and remarkable solos are filled with contrasts, sudden changes, spontaneous and free improvisations and fascinating musical experiments. Dramatic and bright expressionism, repetitive and subtle melodic and rhythmic intonations, sharp, aggressive and harsh tunes, shrieky, low and extremely loud sounds are combined with attractive passages, brilliant and sparkling pizzicato, deep, solid and bright bass line and gorgeous, inventive and original percussion section. All these elements are masterfully mixed together and make a passionate, innovative and fresh sound.

Frame Trio – “Luminária” (FMR, 2018)

“Luminária” is a new release of “FMR Records”. Album was recorded by Luís Vicente (trumpet), Marcelo Dos Reis (guitar) and Nils Vermeulen (double bass). The music by these famous, creative and original jazz masters always has inspiring and remarkable sound. Jazz masters have their own and original playing manner, unique sound and like fascinating, bright and astonishing musical experiments. Musicians base their music on the main elements of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of contemporary experimental and modern jazz. They not hesitate to make sharp, bright and innovative musical decisions, produce strange and exotic timbres or eclectic sounds. Turbulent, energetic, vibrant and expressive improvisations are mixed together with bright and passionate playing manner, original and interesting sound, rich musical language and huge variety of strange, weird and eclectic timbres. Musicians like to mix together experimental playing techniques and traditional ways of playing, ethnic music elements, contemporary academical and experimental music intonations and many other elements. They are dedicated to create new, fresh and evocative sound by using huge spectre of different musical language elements.

“Luminária” is the set of fresh, evocative and engaging sound. The musicians are improvising marvelously and effectively. Musical language is formed by wide range of colorful, expressive and bright rhythms, timbres, chords combinations and other elements, which are naturally fused together. Free improvisation keeps the main and the most important part of the compositions. It rests the most remarkable and effective element of whole album in each composition – collectice improvisations are the sets of spontaneous, engaging, thrilling, hot and innovative improvising. Each musician here reveals his playing abilities, talent of creative and bright improvising and gets a free space to experiment in all cases and sections of musical language. The basics of avant-garde jazz are mixed together with free improvisation, main elements of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. The intonations of progressive, cool and other contemporary jazz styles also are heard here, but not as a pur element – it’s organically mixed with other jazz styles. Sharp, aggressive, provocative and complicated rhythmic, furiously fast, bright and rapid solos, dissonance harmony, specific structure – all these elements bring a typical sound of modern jazz styles. These elements are gently integrated together with free, turbulent, bright, passionate and tremendous collective improvisations. Each musician is improvising differently from the others. Bright and loud trumpet by Luis Vicente is filled with sudden jumps, light, joyful, playful and luminous solos and spontaneous musical decisions. Trumpeter masterfully founds original and terrific musical language, makes interesting, evocative and bright stylistic, rhythmic and melodic combinations. His solos are moody, dynamic and simply splendid – sudden, vigorous, roaring, vibrant or aggressive solos are gently combined together with relaxing, peaceful and silent pieces. All these elements are colorfully illustrated with specific, unique and suggestive playing manner of Luis Vicente. Marcelo Dos Reis guitar melodies are filled with intense solos, loud and bright energy explosions and gorgeous timbres. Improviser bases his music on the main elements of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The main traditions of early avant-garde jazz, intonations from the themes of 1960’s jazz pioneers are combined together with the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. Extraordinary and modern instrumentation, evocative and innovative ways of playing, passionate and expressive playing manner make an effort to dynamic, energetic and intense sound. Nils Vermeulen double bass solos are made by the synthesis of marvelous and precise playing technique, own and unique sound, playful, bright and independent improvising manner and suggestive sound. Roaring, bright, turbulent and free improvisations are filled with tremendous and terrific solos, luminous and passionate pieces, relaxing and peaceful episodes, solemn and slow tunes, repetitive, solid and independent bass line and many other elements. Vivacious, extremely rapid, effective and expressive passages, bordering jumps to the opposite registres, all kinds of different expressions and extended playing techniques – all these elements create an interesting, bright and original sound bass improvisations. All three musicians are improvising brilliantly and impressive – their improvising is inspiring, dynamic, suggestive and innovative.

Christopher Fox/WDR Sinfonieorchester/Ilan Volkov/John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/Alex Dorner/Paul Lovens – “Topophony” (Hat Hut, 2018)

Christopher Fox: Topophony Product Image

“Topophony” is the newest release of “Hat Hut Records”. The compositions were written and arranged by Christopher Fox and recorded by “WDR Sinfonieorchester Koln”, conductor Ilan Volkov, Axel Dorner (trumpet), John Butcher (saxophone), Thomas Lehn (synthesizer) and Paul Lovens (drums). Christopher Fox is a famous and interesting composer and improviser. His music is always based on synthesis of free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and main tendencies of contemporary academical music. The newest playing techniques of electronics, innovative and bright instrumentation, wide range of various composing techniques mixed with wide range of expressions, moods, shapes, forms and rhythms – all these elements contain the main musical pattern of Christopher Fix music. Composer gently switches and travels between sharp and tight academical music forms, dissonance and bright harmony, dozens of different rhythms, strange timbres, unusual sounds and inventive ways of playing. These elements are gently and organically connected together with the basics of avant-garde, modern and experimental jazz styles. All these elements bring remarkable and bright sound of his music. The ensembles and jazz improvisers, who are playing in the record of these compositions, are famous and active members of contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz scene. Four improvisers are filled with innovative, evocative, bright and vivid ideas – they always searching for new and original ways of playing and not hesitate to make sharp, harsh, provocative or simply weird musical decisions. Free and wild solos are played with especially passionate and expressive playing manner and have an unique sound. “WDR Sinfonieorchester Koln” is a famous symphony orchestra – through the long years of creative activity, collective had became the central and remarkable figure of contemporary academical music scene. Symphony orchestra masterfully interpretes the masterpieces of classical music composers and the compositions of contemporary academical, experimental and electronic music.

“Topophony” has interesting and bright sound and is based on innovative musical decisions. These compositions are splendid result of synthesis between two absolutely uncompairable music genres – free improvisation and contemporary academical music. Two different genres have their own musical language, language, typical rhythmic forms and other elements of musical language. Christopher Fox demonstrates his own and unique sound and reveals wide abilities of various instruments. He experiments in instrumentation, rhythmic, form, harmonic pattern and other sections of musical language. The music is filled with bright, passionate, remarkable and splendid musical decisions – that makes an effort to experimental, engaging and splendid sound. Sound experiments, special effects are fused together with experimental ways of playing, extended and traditional playing techniques and own-created methods of playing. This huge variety of different playing techniques contain brilliant, innovative and interesting instrumentation section. Composer’s creativity and innovative, experimental and original point of view to the composing and its ways highly effects whole sound. That fills the music with thrilling melodies, free and turbulent improvisations, bright and passionate solos, flowing and independent melodic, harmonic and rhythmic pieces and huge variety of different composing techniques which are mixed together. Concrete, spectral, sonoristic music elements, original and bright sounds, weird and strange timbres, wide spectre of scales, chords and rhythms, serialism, tonal and atonal music synthesis, dodecaphony and many other new music playing and composing techniques make a solid, bright, passionate and engaging musical facture. Dramatic, expressive, bright, evocative and interesting solos of the improvisers are based on free improvisation. Musicians twist together passionate and vibrant melodies, sudden abruptions, silent, relaxing and peaceful pieces, tight, gentle and light solos ot tremendous, powerful and dramatic culminations. All kinds of different moods, sounds, characters and playing techniques are used together at the same time or changed silmunateously. Free improvisations are connected with the main elements of contemporary academical music. Composer highly accents the contrast between these two music genres and fuse them into organic and natural musical pattern at the same time. Open form, collective improvisation, flowing and spontaneous melodies, bright, sparkling and roaring solos are gently fused together with puantilism, dodecaphony, serialism, the main elements of concrete, spectral, sonoristic and experimental music, electronics, academic avant-garde and fascinating sound experiments. Orchestra episodes are vivid, live and energetic. It’s filled with contrasts and unusual musical decisions – its musicians use the innovative and original ways of playing, createe splendid, polyphonic and rich musical pattern and suggestive musical language. Tremendous and turbulent tutti go right after solemn, tight, relaxing, peaceful and gentle solos. The music of this album is based on organic and original synthesis between contemporary academical music and free improvisation – it gives remarkable, brilliant and marvelous sound.



Fish-Scale Sunrise – “No Queen Rises” (Relative Pitch, 2018)


“No Queen Rises” is the latest release of “Relative Pitch Records”, which will be released on September, 28. Album was recorded by Ab Baars ( tenor saxophone, clarinet), Kaja Draksler (piano) and Joe Williamson (bassThree interesting and creative jazz masters are active members of European and American contemporary avant-garde jazz scene. Inventive and astonishing musical decisions, bright and rich musical language, passionate and expressive playing manner, new ways of playing and dozens of different expressions – all these elements contain the main basic of their music. All three of them are the masters of spontaneous, bright, extraordinary and expressive improvising – each improviser can masterfully and organically fuse together different styles, various playing manners and uncompairable musical language elements. They all have their own and unique sound, original playing manner and are trying out new, provocative and extraordinary combinations of styles, expressions, rhythms and timbres. That makes an effort to remarkable, effective and vibrant sound of their music.

“No Queen Rises” is filled with dynamic and modern sound, which is changing all the time. The music is based on free structure, open form, collective improvisation and the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz. The musicians are paying the highest attention to extraction of unusual timbres, search of new ways of playing and production of weird sounds. Because of that, all three improvisers are trying out extraordinary, bordering ,shocking and bright musical decisions, playing techniques and expressions. They are not making an effort to create remarkable, memorable or charming melodies. Effective, extraordinary and unique sound, the expansion of main abilities of the instruments are their priorities. Improvisers are experimenting in all ways of musical language – they are fusing together various jazz styles. relations of contemporary academical and experimental music and making sudden and unpredictable changes of musical language. Each composition mostly is based on free improvisation. Musician’s improvising is sensible, suggestive and bright – they are basing their music on spontaneous, evocative, original and engaging musical decisions and fascinating sound experiments. By using new, original and bright instrumentation decisions along with traditional playing techniques, they expand the main zone of their instrument’s abilities and get out of the comfort zone. This music has rich, bright, sparkling and modern musical pattern and many-layed facture. The sound is changing and getting new colors and shapes all the time – each element of musical langauge has its own place and also bring new color to whole sound. Abstract and free structure is one of the most important element of the musical pattern. It gives an exceptional ability to the musicians to improvise free, brightly and evocatively and opens whole wide field to experiment in all sections of musical language. From the silent, subtle and ascetic sound, music gets to minimalistic and short melodic, rhythmci and harmonic episodes, when it suddenly goes straight to aggressive, dramatic, bright, loud and luminous culminations or abstract improvisations with especially huge variety of strange sounds, special effects, natural and organic combinations of various noises and timbres. Even though the music is based on main elements of avant-garde jazz, it’s also has many relations with other jazz and contemporary academical music styles. Cool, progressive, bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern and contemporary jazz styles elements are used here and gently combined with free, abstract and brilliant collective improvisations. Extraction of strange and unusual timbres, usage and invention of bright, modern and innovative instrumentation decisions make a strong relation with contemporary academical and experimental music and academci avant-garde. Various elements of academical music forms, shapes, scales, playing techniques, expressions and dynamics are used here and organically integrated in musical pattern. Piano melodies are dynamic and moody – from aggressive, dramatic, sharp or turbulent solos, improviser suddenly jumps to sudden abruptions, pauses ot subtle, ascetic, relaxing, solemn or depressive solos. Bass melodies are colorful and modern. Deep, dark, silent and independent bass line gently combines together with huge range of unusual timbres, fascinating sound experiments, bordering dynamics, sonoristic music elements and moving, expressive and touching solos. Vivid, bright, vibrant and luminous solos abd abstract, peaceful and subtle improvisations are highly contrasting with each other and make an effort to whole sound. Saxophone and clarinet melodies are based on vibrant solos, engaging and moving melodies, abstract structure, separate and short melodic elements, all kinds of different rhythms and wide palette of forms, scales, expressions and other elements of musical language. All three musicians are improvising masterfully and brightly – their music is played especially suggestively, emotionally and creatively. Improvisers are open to brave and fascinating musical experiments, free and dynamic improvisations. Together they create original, modern and innovative sound.