Evan Parker / Paul G. Smyth – “Calenture and Light Leaks” (Weekertoft, 2019)

“Calenture and Light Leaks” is new release of “Weekertoft”. Album was recorded by Evan Parker (tenor saxophone) and Paul G. Smyth (piano). There’s no need to introduce these two great jazz masters – they’re the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene for many years now. Collaborations with famous improvisers, projects, concerts and tours in various world countries is the main part of their career. The improvisers have their own and original playing style – unique sound, evocative language, the best sound quality, precise and bright playing technique, drive and passion make a great mix. Musicians like to experiment in all cases – original point of view, extraction of weird timbres, rare instrumental or stylistic combos, eclectic allusions to other styles and simply stunning experiments are frequently used in their music. Driving manner, originl and impressive improvising, inventive ideas, luminous and tremendous sound are the main reasons why these two musicians are so famous and popular on international avant-garde jazz scene.

“Calenture and Light Leaks” is filled with expressive and vital sound. Universal and wide musical pattern is constructed from the basics of avant-garde jazz, spontaneous free improvisations, open form, bordering dynamics, especially wide range of colors, moods and expressions, gorgeous illustrations, ornaments, abbreviations, chords and other elements. There are several independent melodies, who are crossing with each other – each melody is bright, luminous and passionate. Finally it’s joined together to solid and bright melodic section. The musicians are individual masters – their music is filled with nique sound, contrasts, special effects and incredible instrumentation. The traditions of avant-garde jazz, its innovations and roots of 1960’s are the basements of this album. An influenze of modern jazz – bebop, post bop, hard bop and etc. – also are frequently used. The instrumentation is a marvelous and suggestive set of traditional, usual, experimental, extended and innovative ways of playing. Huge range of playing techniques is mixed up with breaking sessions, repetitive series, sharp and aggressive chord’s sequences and specific ways of composing. That makes an effort to original and dynamic sound. Evan Parker is a great saxophonist. His music is filled with brightness, drive and passion. Urgling and hot growls, radiante bursts of energy, luminous spills. hypnotising rhythms, monotonic breaking sessions, rigorous blow outs, thrilling, striking and wild melodies, vibrant riffs and light, dizzy and flowing passages contain the main part of his improvisations. The roots of avant-garde jazz are fused with the newest innovations and modern jazz. Nervous and scandalous solos have an influenze of modern jazz – complicated rhythmic, speicifc structure and expressive melodies are the main significants. Driving and tremendous melodies turn out to wild, free and thrilling improvisations illustrated with spontaneous solos, radiante blow outs and turbulent culminations. The music of Evan Parker is simply impressive – it’s moving, thrilling and dynamic, as well as lyrical, soft, gentle and contemplative in some episodes. Paul G. Smyth is a marvelous and experienced pianist. His music is totally based on avant-garde jazz – it’s a little bit related with soft tunes of modern and contemporary jazz. Roaring roulades, dizzy and furiously fast passages, moving thrills, sparkling bursts of energy, tremendous and stunning riffs, expressive and vibrant melodies colored by sharp chords and dramatic sessions contain the main part of the album. Various kinds of rhythms are used here – lonely and stable tunes are changed by repetitive series, breaking and aggressive sessions and wild spontaneous improvisations. The sequences of chords are used here frequently – extremely fast and rigorous tunes bring tremendous and luminous sound, soft consonances is the source of peaceful and silent mood. The music of this album has thrilling and expressive sound.


Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre – “Ausfahrt Freihalten!” (Barefoot Records, 2019)

“Ausfahrt Freihalten!” is out now on “Barefoot Records”. Album was recorded by experienced and talented musicians – it’s Sture Ericson (saxophones), Johannes Nästesjö (bass) and Håkon Berre (drums). The music is organic, wide and colorful. Rich musical language is always filled with different textures, ornaments, passages, sparkling melodies, frantic blow outs, vibrant riffs or lyrical pieces. All three musicians are the masters of improvising. Their playing is bright and original, based on spontaneous musical decisions and sound experiments. Musicians are the experimentators of avant-garde jazz – they make organic and natural fusions of traditional and experimental avant-garde jazz. Spontaneous, dynamic and driving improvising is the key of their music. That’s why musicians are active on international avant-garde jazz scene – they’re the central figures of European and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz scene.

“Ausfahrt Freihalten!” is filled with organic, bright, luminous and driving sound. The music of this album is based on wide synthesis of various jazz styles and streams. The roots of avant-garde jazz are combined with the innovations of experimental jazz. The music has an influenze of bebop, hard bop, or other modern jazz style. Tonal and atonal jazz, weird timbres, rare combos, multi-colorful and universal pattern, dozens of textures, abbreviations, ornaments and timbres, fusion between Scandinavian and European avant-garde jazz – all these things make the main base of music. Multi-colorful pattern is contrasting and bright. Musicians are making the first priority to original, inventive and luminous sound. Innovative decisions, eclectic pairs, bordering dynamics, weird timbres, specific tunes, special effects, sudden turns and changes of moods or expressions also contain very important part of album. Innovative, experimental and traditional playing techniques form impressive and suggestive instrumentation. The harmony is formed from huge variety of chords and pitches – consonances, disonances, tonal and atonal harmony are gently combined together. All kinds and types of rhythms are used here. That makes a sparkling and solid rhythmic section. Breaking sessions, repetitive series, lonely tunes, vibrant and heavy riffs, perturbating and radiante culminations, hypnotising free improvisations, scandalous and complicated rhythms or subtle, silent and modest tunes – all kinds of rhythms and expressions are used here. Musicians make a bright melodic section, strong and luminous rhythmic section and colorful background. The contrasts, series and dynamic turns are the keys of composing. The music is in change – light and gentle, joyful and bright, luminous and dramatic, furious, aggressive, rigorous, strict and depressed, abandonned, awakening, wild, frantic, passionate and striking, flying, blowing and simply beautiful and impressive. Musicians are getting on brave and ambitious adventures by combining together wide range of tunes and moods without any force. The saxophones is the source of energy and drive. Sture Ericson has sharp, aggressive and hot playing manner and hypnotising sound. Th newest innovations are the main base of music – improviser is searching to new ways of playing, expressions and absolutely unpredictable contrasts. Light and expressive melodies, stable or wild free rhythms, hot growls, intense bursts of energy, turbulent culminations, powerful and radiante blow outs, impresssive riffs and flying passages gently fit together. Johannes Nästesjö is a great bassist. His music is the fusion of American and European avant-garde jazz and its streams. Weird, stunning or simply crazy ideas, impressive experiments, the research of new ways of playing, the expansion of technical abilities meet masterful virtuosity and various styles of modern and avant-garde jazz. Stable bass line keeps the rhythmic section and is contrasting with light, thrilling, striking, expressive, sometimes – even shrieky, rough, growling and luminous culminations. Håkon Berre is the leader of drums section. It’s multi-colorful and universal. Extremely huge range of colors, moods and rhythms is used here. Nervous rhythms of bop, furious thunders, luminous scandals, powerful culminations, dizzy passages, moving and animated glissando, trills or any other ornaments join the breaking sessions, crazy riffs and frantic improvisations. Solid and independent rhythmic section gently fit together with moving and suggestive melody and gorgeous background. All three musicians are creating inventive, passionate and expressive sound.


Marker – “New Industries” (Catalytic Sound, 2019)

“New Industries” is a new release out noe on “Catalytic Sound” label. Album was recorded by “Marker” – it’s an ensemble formed by Andrew Clinkman (guitar (right)), Steve Marquette (guitar (left)), Macie Stewart (keyboard and violin), Phil Sudderberg (drums) and Ken Vandermark (reeds). The ensemble makes an impressive sound by using modern, traditional and innovative playing techniques, expressions, moods and sounds. Each musician is individual and independent improviser – they all have their own style, sound and manner. Rigorous, luminous and expressive sound is the main attribute of most part of the compositions – it’s active, bright, passionate, sometiems even – sharp, furios, frenzy and wild. Free improvisation surely is the main base of compositions. It’s filled with free, frantic, turbulent and bursting spills of energy. That’s the source of drive, passion, joy and expression. The musicians had been playing together many times already – they have a sense to each other’s playing and together make an impressive and innovative sound.

“New Industries” is filled with drive and expression. Roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, innovative experimental ana avant-garde jazz, the fusion of American, European and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz contain the main base of this music. The music is vivid, bright and expressive. Musicians are using free improvisation to express dozens of emotions and create innovative and exceptional sound. Their collective improvisations are real bursts of energy. Luminous culminations, bursting and rigorous riffs, franzy solos, heavy hard core or wild rhythmic improvisations are against silent, lyrical, melancholic and solemn excerpts or lonely solos. The music is filled with contrasts – different episodes are fused together and used silmunasteously or one after the other. That makes an effort to rich and awakening musical language, sparkling and innovative instrumentation and just impressive, suggestive and precise playing technique, who’s related to each musician’s playing. The organic set of figures, ornaments, forms, playing techniques and manners makes a multi-layed, organic and universal musical pattern. The melodic section is solid and bright. It’s formed by two guitars, reeds, keyboards and violin. Ken Vandermark, Andrew Clinkman, Steve Marquette and Macie Stewart are making a great combo. Rigorous and aggressive reeds are filled with dizzy passages, flowing, animated and vivid melodies, hypnotising and driving sound. Terrific blow outs, furious scandals are strongly contrasting with light, gentle, peaceful and calm contemplations. The guitars duos or solos also are effective and expressive. If the reeds contain the main base of avant-garde, experimental jazz and free improvisation, the guitars is the source of mainstream, contemporary and modern jazz, some tunes of rock styles – all these elements are gently fused together with free improvisation. Strange timbres, weird tunes, special effects, expressive and sparkling riffs, luminous culminations, electric bursts of energy, impressive passages and driving sessions meet the melancholic, lyrical, depressive, abandonned or dark pieces, who are the opposites  to active and dynamic mood. Keyboards make a great combo with reeds – it’s moving, driving and filled with crazy ideas. The innovations, traditions and fascinating experiments contain the main base of keyboard, as well as any other improvisers playing. Expressive melodies, rigorous and tough riffs, wild and spontaneous improvisations, extremely loud culminations, flying roulades or passages, breaking sessions and driving sequences are the main compounds of this music. Violin is the source of academical music, mainstream, contemporary and modern jazz. Harsh tunes, shrieky expressions, wild and expressive culminations, dramatic and frantic riffs, longly repeated and extremely loud tunes, weird timbres who are used at the same time to soft pizzocatto, light glisando, moving vibrato, trills, tremolo or silent pauses. All four musicians make a solid and impressive melodic and rhythmic line and colorful background. Phil Sudderberg is the leader of drums section. He makes all the effort to create luminous and exceptional rhythmic section and he does it in impressive and bright way. All kinds of rhythms, typical seriesof bebop, post bop or any other modern or contemporary jazz style, spontaneous and free improvisations, thrilling thunders or lonely and stable tunes are mixed up with huge range of emotions, moods, colors and timbres. That’s finally makes a great result – bursting, energetic, dynamic and driving rhythmic section. All music has hypnotising, suggestive and expressive sound.


Stephan Crump, Ingrid Laubrock, Cory Smythe – “Channels” (Intakt, 2019)

“Channels” is a new release of “Intakt Records”. Album was recorded by Stephan Crump (acoustic bass), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor and soprano sax) and Cory Smythe (piano). Three great improvisers had been improvising together many times. Their improvisations are vital, innovative and expressive. The musicians contain the centre of American avant-garde jazz scene, they’re also famous at world-wide scene. Innovative ideas, brave decisions, ambitious, franky, weird or stunning playing techniques, fascinating experiments and original point of view – all these elements make an effort to modern and extravagant sound of the music. All music is totally based on avant-garde jazz. Innovative experiments meet the traditions, main principes of improvising and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Musicians don’t follow the old rules – they create new principes on their own, but still save the main idea of avant-garde jazz. Spontanity, impression, contrasts, rich and illustrative musical language, drive, expression and passion make bright and luminous sound of improvisations, played by this trio.

“Channels” is filled with dynamic and luminous sound. The music has a wide spectre of colors, moods and other musical language elements. All three improvisers are demonstrating the best skills of improvising – they’re jumping from the one mood to another and make the colorful sparkles all the way through the compositions. The experiments on each section of musical language is the main priority of musicians. Research of weird tunes, extraction of colorful, strange and unheard timbres, creation of experimental, extravagant or innovative ways of playing, extended playing techniques, sharp chords sessions and special effects certainly colorfully illustrate whole album. That makes an effort to formation of imaginary and rich musical language. It’s bases on various kinds of rhythms, sounds, timbres, playing techniques, manners, emotions and other elements of musical language. All these elements are organically brought up together. Open form and free improvisation is the main attribute of each composition, as well as sharp harmony, complicated and dynamic rhythmic, scandalous solos, expressive melodies or silent and calm pieces. The music is based on avant-garde jazz, but still has an nfluenze of bebop, post bop, and other modern and contemporary jazz styles. Musicians create and keep solid melodic section, colorful background and dynamic rhythmic section. Each master is improvising individually, but their melodies are joined together on one musical pattern. Stephan Crump is playing with passion and expression. His music is the fusion of avant-garde, modern and contemporary jazz, and mixed up with the tunes of contemporary academical music. That makes an effort to dynamic and effective sound. Musician is always balancing between composition and free improvisation – there’s no strict border between these two different things. Sharp, strict and academical piece can turn out to wild, free and frenzy improvisation with breaking sessions, scandals, turbulent culminations and shrieky tunes. Expressive melodies, dramatic and extremely loud bursts of energy, original themes, sharp and repetitive sequences of chords, deep and tight bass line, typical ways of composing who are related to contemporary academical music – that’s just a part of the musical language. Very-well arranged compositions gently fit together with free improvisations, dizzy passages, flowing and impressive melodies, spontaneous solos or deep contemplations. Ingrid Laubrock music is totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. There’s also some tunes who are related to modern and contemporary jazz, but it’s used only as a coloristic element. Radical decisions, ambitious ideas, stunning experiments, luminous culminations, sharp, urgling, growling and hot riffs, aggressive and furious spills, rigorous blow outs – all these elements gently fit with flowing, light, peaceful, impressive or simply beautiful excerpts. Cory Smythe piano music also is driving and expressive. It’s filled surprises and contrasts in every way – loud storms, silent lullabies. playful and vivid pieces, furious and sharp roulades, flowing and dizzy passages, gentle and peaceful pauses who suddenly turn out to horrible thunders, breaking sessions or turbulent spills of energy and drive. All kinds of sounds, timbres and moods are used here – it’s gently fit together in bright and original way. All three musicians are improvising with passion – their music has hypnotising and driving sound.

Bearthoven – “American Dream” (Cantaloupe Music, 2019)

“American Dream” is a new release who’s out now on “Cantaloupe Music” label. It’s the second album, recorded by “Bearthoven” trio. This ensemble is famous for sparkling and innovative interpretations, original style, vivid and expressive playing manner and unique sound. Musicians are playing the music of contemporary academical music composers, as well as the compositions of other genres or styles. The trio is formed by three great musicians – Karl Larson (piano), Pat Swoboda (double bass) and Matt Evans (percussion). The music is a mix of contemporary academical, experimental music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The musicians are the masters of their art – they have a splendid and suggestive playing manner, precise playing technique, bordering dynamics and wide musical knownledge. They can easily get through different moods and styles – from strict, evocative and modern academical music to stunning experiments, wild free improvisations, gentle and peaceful solos or bursting spills of radiance and energy. Musicians are famous on international avant-garde jazz scene – their music is filled with drive, joy, innovations and traditions who are brought up together in delicate and organic way.

“American Dream” is filled with modern and evocative sound. The compositions written by composer Scott Wollschleger, are recorded here. Scott Wollschleger is a famous composer of contemporary academical music. He has rich and expressive musical language and innovative instrumentation. Traditions gently fit together with fascinating experiments, rare combos, eclectic pairs, special effects, extended playing techniques and other similar elements. The synthesis between contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz is impressive – the composer is always balancing between solemn, serious, evocative, awakening, expressive or luminous academical music and spontaneous free improvisations. The instrumentation is colorful and innovative. Extended playing techniques, sounds experiments and well-known ways of playing are gently fused together in one musical pattern. Dozens of factures, ornaments, characters, forms, chords and playing techniques are used here. Composer is demonstrating his own playing style – breaking sessions, sharp and aggressive sequences of chords, bordering dynamics, contrasting tempos, all kinds of rhythms, modern scales, serialism, puantilism, some tunes of dodecaphony and concrete music are the main elements of his music. This album has eclectic, universal and expressive sound, who’s typical to all music written by Scott Wollschleger. It’s filled with contrasts – hot bursts of energy and silent pauses, turbulent culminations and light, sweet and romantic excerpts, rigorous and furious riffs and flying passages are just a little part of whole musical pattern. The musicians are jumping through all the moods without any effort – driving, flying, crazy, wild, bursting, ambitious, serious, solemn, deep, aggressive, joyful, depressive, flowing, shrieky, radiante or light. All kinds of moods and characters are used here. The composer is constructing a mosaic, which contains millions of tiny little pieces. Each of them is different and moving. Piano is the main instrument of melodic section. It’s real burst of energy, drive, fire and joy. Rigorous riffs, furious and impressive solos, passionate and expressive melodies, playful and colorful tunes, silent pauses, bright and luminous culmniations, vibrant and radiante episodes, dizzy passages, moody glissando, breaking sessions, sharp chords contain impressive and marvelous melodic section. Double bass keeps the bass line and illustrates the melody. Deep, repetitive and static tunes form heavy and effective bass line. The improviser is exploring new abilities of playing – he manages to extract weird, unheard and simply gorgeous timbres. Deep and calm bass line is contrasting with moving, striking, vivid, urgling, scandalous, furious or passionate solos. Terrific culminations and vibrant bursts of energy are created in collective improvisations and duos of piano and bass. Percussion section is wide and colorful. Rare instruments, original combos, gorgeous tunes, various types of rhythms, monotonic sequences and special effects makes an effort to solid, gorgeous and light percussion’s section. The music is bright and evocative – the compositions have illustrative and rich musical language and fantastic sound.


Jeff Cosgrove|Matthew Shipp|William Parker – “Near Disaster” (Grizzley Music, 2019)

“Near Disaster” is a new release of “Grizzley Music” label. It’s a great collaboration of three jazz stars – Matthew Shipp (piano), William Parker (bass) and Jeff Cosgrove (drums). The trio makes an exclusive sound and fuses together traditions and innovations. All three jazz masters are wonderful and talented improvisers and the central figures of New York and Chicago avant-garde jazz scene. Musicians are famous on world-wide scene – they had prepared and recorded dozens of albums with other jazz stars. Their originality, talent, masterful virtuosity, charisma, passion and drive makes an effort to their music and career. All music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Expressive and hot playing manner, unique sound, incredible and exclusive instrumentation, rich and enchanting musical language, original decisions and stunning experiments – that’s the main part of the music. It’s also important, that the most part of music is constructed spontaneously – musicians are making short impromptus, moody episodes, dozens of rhythms and tempos, who are used silmunateously. Though all three members of the trio already are main figures of world-wide avamt-garde jazz, they never stop to create something, search, extract, wonder and get on brave adventurous. The result is always the same – musicians manage to create charming, spontaneous and innovative sound.

“Near Disaster” is the spill of expression and drive. Musicians are demonstrating their own and exclusive playing style, innovative playing technique and rich musical language. The music is based on roots of avant-garde jazz and organically mixed up with innovations, stunning experiments, extraction of weird timbres and wild, admiring and luminous free improvisations. Enchanting and flowing melodies are independent – each of them has its own character and sound. Open form is the main attribute of whole album – it’s the main form of all compositions. That makes an effort to huge scale of colors, tunes, sounds and timbres, who are expressed only on mode of free improvisation. Rich, multi-layed and colorful musical pattern has solid melodic line, dynamic and frantic rhythmic and gorgeous background. The instrumentation is filled with innovations, traditions, extended playing techniques, flying passages, rigorous and sharp roulades, trills, tremolo, glissando and other types of ornaments, abbreviations and tunes. Special effects, expansion of technical abilities, going out of the comfort zone and impressive spontaneous changes makes an effort to bright and luminous sound. The melodic section is solid and bright. It’s also moving, enchanting, sparkling and luminous. Real burst of radiance, energy and drive is created by Matthew Shipp. Pianist is talented and experienced improviser – he’s improvising absolutely spontaneously. All the changes are made in impressive and delicate way. Sharp, rigorous, furious and aggressive playing, expression, complicated rhythmic and dozens of special effects contain the base of the music. His solos are flying, dizzy and enchanting – here expressive melodies fit with roaring roulades, breaking chords or rhythms sequences, turbulent culminations, hypnotising and repetitive rhythmic series – it’s a real burst of energy, fused from millions of different pieces. Solemn, silent, relaxing and calm pieces also are heard, but it’s more like short excerpts – main part and key of the music are driving, wild and crazy episodes with dizzy passages and enchanting solos. Piano is the source of drive, joy, light and passion. It gives the main tune to whole album. Bass by William Parker also is filled with surprises and colors – the music is full of colors, tunes, weird timbres and sounds. Twinkling, glimpsing, silent, subtle or melancholic tunes turn out to flowing, colorful, effective, hypnotising and turbulent culminations, bordering dynamics, sudden jumps from one mood to another and contrasts get all together. William Parker is improvising simply fantastic – his improvisations illustrate the melodic line and make an effort to rhythmic pattern and gorgeous background. Drums section by Jeff Cosgrove is luminous and dynamic. Radiante bursts, luminous culminations, sudden changes, light or sweet excerpts, passionate solos, dizzy passages, furious scandals, wild thunders, gorgeous timbres, modern decisions, extravagant techniques, eclectic styles combos or impressive free improvisations – all that is the part of this music. The drums section has hypnotising and breaking sound, it’s solid and bright. The album is a great occassion to hear marvelous jazz masters playing together.

Duerinckx / Russell / Safatly – “Serpentes” (Weekertoft, 2019)

“Serpentes” is new release, who’s out now on “Weekertoft” label. Album was recorded by JJ Duerinckx (sopranino saxophone), John Russell (guitar) and Matthieu Safatly (cello). Three muscians had collaborated many times – they had made dozens of free improvisations with other famous jazz stars. These jazz masters are famous and active members of avant-garde jazz scene. Concerts, festivals, tours, collaborations and projects are the main part of their activity. Three jazz masters and innovators have their own style and unique sound. They had already created their original playing technique, driving playing manner and modern style. Each of them has a modern, extravagant and original point of view. They want to bring the innovations to the avant-garde jazz – musical language is so wide and organic, that the improvisers can gently fuse together innovations, experiments and roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. The basics of experimental and avant-garde jazz are the keys of this music. Influenze of bop, post bop, hard bop, fusion and other modern jazz styles also is heard.

“Serpentes” is filled with bright and expressive sound. The contrasting episodes is the main principe of composing. Lyrical, sad, frustrating, aggressive, joyful, expressive, gentle, light, passionate or simply gorgeous pieces are grouped together or one against the other. Huge variety of colors, styles and sounds also is the source of driving and expressive sound. That makes an effort to all compounds of compositions. Open form and collective improvisation are the main basics of album. Free improvisation is filled with independent melodies, weird tunes, gorgeous timbres, bursting spills of energy, turbulent culminations or silent pauses. Dynamic rhythmic, solid melodic line, sharp harmony, bordering dynamics, tempos and modern expressions make multi-colorful, multi-layed and bright musical pattern and rich musical language. Traditional, experimental and extravagant ways of playing mixed up together with crazy ideas, wild improvisations, special effects, rare combos, eclectic stylistic pairs, alliusions, incluses and ornaments form an incredible and innovative instrumentation’s section. Roots of avant-garde jazz of various periods is mixed up – 1960’s and 1970’s jazz is fused with European, American and Sandinavian avant-garde jazz. The tunes of various streams are heard together with modern jazz. Expressive, moving, hot, aggressive and sharp solos are the most bright incluses to bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. So where’s no one pur style who’s contributed to this music. The compositions are organic sets of various jazz styles, streams and expressions. JJ Duerinckx is a great saxophonist. His playing style is a mix of avant-garde, modern, contemporary, mainstream, cool jazz and free improvisation. Expressive, driving and moving playing manner brings joy, passion and energy to whole music. Improviser is playing with huge range of compounds, characters and styles. He’s mixing up contrasting episodes in spontaneous and delicate way. Solid and bright melodies are illustrated with gorgeous ornaments, dizzy passages, flying and sparkling riffs, special effects, vibrant culminations or subtle, dreamy and sweet episodes. From the angry, furious, scandalous and aggressive pieces music can suddenly get slow, melancholic and lyrical – improviser makes all that without any force. Sopranino saxophone is the source of drive, expression and radiant bursts of energy. John Russell is an experienced and great guitarist. Avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, fusion, contemporary jazz and some tunes of rock styles make the base of his improvisations. Effective and rich musical language is illustrated with luminous instrumentation, innovative expressions, special effects and allusions to other styles, extractions, experiments and sounds. Sparkling melodies are contrasting with striking, heavy and tough solos, heavy hard-core, strict riffs or turbulent free improvisations. Guitar and saxophone make a solid base of melodic and rhythmic section – saxophone keeps the roots of avant-garde jazz, guitar is more related to cool, contemporary, mainstream, modern jazz or rock styles as well as contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. Matthieu Safatly is an impressive cellist. His music is based on wide stylistic matter. Here avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, modern jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, academic avant-garde and other music genres are brought up together. Delicate and stable bass line turns out to dramatic culminations, luminous riffs, striking and crossing melodies, wild and frantic bursts of energy, special effects or contemplative search of unusual sounds and weird timbres. Improviser prooves the old rule, that cello is a universal instrument. Dozens of moods, motions, expressions, characters, timbres, playing techniques and tunes are gently fused together. The music of this album has bright, innovative and expressive sound.