Jason Kao Hwang – “Blood” (True Sound Recordings, 2018)

“Blood” is a new release of “True Sound Recordings”. Abum was released on October. It was recorded by Jason Kao Hwang (composer, violin), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn), Joseph Daley (tuba), Andrew Drury (drums set, concert bass drum, percussion), Ken Filiano (string bass), Sun Li (pipa), Steve Swell (trombone) and Wang Guowei (erhu). All musicians of this ensemble are original and individual players. They have own and specific playing manner, unique sound and expressive, moving and touching improvising style. They like spontaneous and fresh musical experiments, vivid and sudden changes, dynamic turns, bordering dynamics and all kinds of unusual and modern musical language elements. Musicians use extremely huge variety of expressions, sounds, timbres, chords, scales and other elements. Musical pattern is wide and in stylistic way. Music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. Colorful, natural and sensible combination of these styles lets musicians to create original, expressive and bright sound, who has whole wide palette of colors, expressions and timbres.

“Blood” is filled with bright, intensive and energetic sound. The compositions are based on mix of all musical language elements. Different expressions, innovative and traditional instrumentation’s decisions, unusual sounds, special effects, coloristic elements, furiously fast passages, sparkling and colorful melodies and dozens of other elements are gently mixed here. Musicians are inventive and creative improvisers – they are searching all the time for new forms, innovative playing techniques, weird sounds and suggestive expressions. The experiments are made ini various sections of musical language. That makes an effort to formation of structure and sound. Compositions have free sturcture. Abstract musical pattern, free and open form lets musicians to integrate their own, fresh and adventurous ideas. They are improvising with passion and expression. Moving, rapid, aggressive and sharp solos fill all layers of musical pattern with colorful, effective and driving sound. It’s very hard to say there this music is going to turn next – it’s changing all the time. Dynamic turns, sudden stylistic changes and silmunateously used expressions, playing techniques, scales, chords and timbres reveal original point of view of improvisers and helps them to create fabulous and passionate sound. It’s difficult to describe exactly, what kind of style it is – the compositions are based on mix of Europe and Asia cultures, ethnic music elements, contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde, free improvisation, experimental music and various styles of avant-garde jazz. Though, free improvisation is the basic element, who join all the compositions and give them something in common. The music isn’t closed in some kind of strict frames or rules. Musicians are using numerous of experimental musical decisions, innovative expressions, modern harmony, unconventional musical decisions and other elements. They are the masters of fusing all that together in natural and original way. Each instrument group is effecting certain section or whole musical pattern. The melodic section is suggestive, expressive, passionate and solid. It’s constructed from several groups of instruments. Trombone, tuba, flugelhorn and cornet form firm, impressive and tremendous brasses section. It’s multi-colorful, bright, luminous and vibrant. Dark, rough, vibrant and deep bass line, heavy and energetic solos of flugelhorn, trombone and tuba contain static, but very effective and essential basic of melodic section. It’s twisted with sparkoing, moving, passionate and driving cornet solos. Marvelous and remarkable melodies, furiously rapid and splendid solos, vibrant, roaring and effective blow outs, passionate and virtuosic passages, colorful expressions, unusual and weird timbres, dynamic rhythmic, free improvisations and spontaneous musical decisions – all these and many other elements of musical language make a huge effort to brass section. It makes it one of the most important instrumental groups of all – active, solid, independent and luminous section brings energy, passion and life to the compositions. Heavy, bright, powerful and vibrant brasses are connected with Asian ethnic music;s instruments – pipa and erhu. Exotic melodies, specific melodic and rhythmic intonations of Asian music gently fit together with other instruments and make new, specific and exotic color of the compositions. It’s used as a basic instrument, and someitmes¬† – as coloristic and background element. Extravagant, colorful, turning and moving melodies, weird and strange timbres, exotic sounds make an effort to solid and gorgeous variety of coloristics. String’s section is based on violin and string bass. Harsh, shrieky, dramatic and aggressive, or gentle, joyful, playful, soft and light – all wide spectre of different playing techniques, sounds, moods and expressions are expressed in violin’s improvisations. All musical material is played with passion and very suggestive playing manner. Emotions are very important to the improviser – he tries to express as wide variety of it, as is possible. The music is filled with bright,exciting, moving and vital melodies, flowing and fantastic passages, strict and furiously rapid roulades, gentle pizzicatto, colorful glissando and dozens of other expressions and playing techniques. Dark, deep, solid and stable string’s bass melodies contain the bass line and gently fit with other instruments. It brings calm mood, subtle sound and fascinating searches of unusual timbres. Bass player likes free improvisations with surprising changes, sudden turns and astonishing musical experiments in all cases of musical language. That effects whole sound – brings more colors, sounds, innovations and unconventional musical decisions to it. Percussion’s and drums section is especially wide. Roaring and eclectic rolls, strict and loud fanfars, stormy and vigilent culminations, turbulent and noisy improvisations, free place for exotic stylistic and instrumental fusions and huge variety of colorful, extravagant, tremendous and passionate percussion… These and other elements make bright, solid and original rhythmic section, who is highly contrasting with other forms and sections. All music of this album is simply beautiful, luminous and passionate – it has driving, crazy, bright and innovative sound.


Jesper Zeuthen/ Jacob Anderskov & Anders Vestergaard – “Out Of The Spectacle” (ILK Music, 2018)

Out of the Spectacle (Live)

“Out Of The Spectacle” is a new release of “ILK Music”, which was released on September. Album was recorded by Jesper Zeuthen (alto saxophone), Jacob Anderskov (piano) and Anders Vestergaard (drums). Three musicians are from three different generations. Each of them has its own and original playing style. Rich musical language, dozens of expressions, bright and luminous improvisations, special effects, weird tunes and strange timbres – these elements contain just small part of whole musical pattern. The musicians are famous in international and Scandinavian jazz scene. Their collective improvisations join together the veterans and young talents of avant-garde jazz scene. It’s a winderful opportunity to hear innovative, vibrant, eclectic and dynamic Jesper Zeuthen, expressive, moody and active Jacob Anderskov and young, inventive and modern Anders Vestergaard. These three jazz masters together manage to create original, sparkling, moving and just marvelous sound. Musical experiments, special effects, unconventional ways of instrumentation, bordering dynamics, colorful expressions, pleasant surprises and dozens of concepts highly effect whole sound. The music is illustrated with innovative, bright and crazy musical decisions, passionate solos and turbulent free improvisation. Improvisers put the improvisations somewhere between avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free improvisation and the roots of 1960’s, 1970’s, American, Scandinavian and European avant-garde jazz streams.

“Out Of The Spectacle” is a great result of innovative, creative and expressive improvising. At this case, improvisations become exceptional and suitable place to meet original, experienced and talented jazz masters from three different generations. The music is active, energetic and driving. It’s filled with fascinating musical experiments, special effects, gorgeous timbres and huge arsenal of universal playing techniques, expressions and colors. Polyphonic pattern contains many layers, compounds and episodes, who are contrasting with each other. Individual and independent melodies, pulsating rhythmic, sharp and colorful harmony, unconventional and modern musical language leads to remarkable, roaring and turbulent collective improvisations. Dozens of compounds and pieces are gently connected together, despite of drastic differences of their styles, musical language and other elements. Musicians are connecting together joy and sorrow, aggression and lightness, hot passion and drive – and that’s just a part of emotions and characters, which are expressed and joined here. Musicians make the main priority to production of unusual sounds, search of innovative ways of playing and effective expression of moods and feelings. They manage to do all that splendidly – their music joins together dozens of different ideas, innovations, traditions and styles. Music is somewhere between free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Improvisers are taking on risky adventures, moving and turbulent solos, touching melodies, vibrant and roaring blow outs or suddenly calm down in relaxing, peaceful and silent mood. All that is made by free improvisation – most part of musical decisions is made spontaneously, in funny, weird, innovative or just outrageous way. Improvisers don’t hesitate to fuse innovations and traditions – Norwegian, Scandinavian, European and American jazz elements are fused with the newest tendencies of experimental music and roots of avant-garde jazz. Musicians bravely and risky get on newest tendencies and fresh ideas, but they don’t forget the basics and roots of avant-garde jazz. That makes sound even more attractive – original, unique and remarkable style of each musician is fused with 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz and its basics. Jesper Zeuthen saxophone is just marvelous and effective. Improviser manages to fuse driving and expressive playing style, passionate, sharp and moving manner, precise and virtuosic playing technique and inventive, free, surprising and bright improvising. Vivid solos, remarkable melodies, touching and dizzy passages, extremely loud and dramatic culminations or very silent downs – all music by this saxophonist is based on emotional, passionate and brilliant twist of various styles, expressions and other musical language elements. Roaring, electric and terrific blow outs, silent and subtle excerpts, sudden abruptions, special effects, luminous and sparkling riffs and dozens of gorgeous, strange or weird timbres also contain main base of his music. Pulsation, drive, lots of emotions, passion and thrills finally get us to marvelous, bright and intense culminations and bursts of energy. Jacob Anderskov is another one great piano player. His improvisations are the bursts of energy, life and expression – dometimes it’s loud, bright and intense, sometimes scandalous, provocative and aggressive or silent and light. The music is dynamic and moving. From silent pieces it goes straight to vigilent, aggressive, rigorous or even scandalous culminations. Light, playful, funny, hilarious or sincere excerpts also are frequently heard here. Piano improvisation is the mix of dozens of different playing techniques, special effects, gorgeous timbres, effective and innovative musical decisions and spontanity. Pianist is improvising with passion, expression and emotion – he brings fresh, evocative and innovative sound to the album. Anders Vestergaard is young and talented drummer. His drum section – bright, dynamic and based on spontaneous surprises or sudden turns. Fresh, innovative, evocative and modern playing manner, new point of view, unconventional musical decisions, unique sound – all these elements make his compositions vivid, vibrant and expressive. He makes exotic combos, colorful mix between expressive bebop, calm and static traditional jazz, moving, touching and turbulent free improvisations, unpredictable changes and fascinating musical experiments. The music of this album is energetic and innovative – it rich, evocative and fresh sound.

Francois Carrier – “Elements” (FMR, 2018)

Elements FMRCD501

“Elements” is the new release of “FMR” records. Album was recorded by Francois Carrier (saxophone), Michael Lambert (drums) and John Edwards (bass). Music by these three musicians is filled with expressive, innovative and passionate solos, moody and dynamic turns, sudden stylistic changes and inventive musical decisions. All three jazz masters are central figures of international jazz scene. Their improvising style is full of fresh ideas, sharp, extravagant and weird timbres, bright and luminous culminations and spontaneous improvising. Musicians like to experiment – they search for new sounds, extract weird timbres, fuse exotic and extravagant styles or unusual instrumental combos. Music is based on main elements of avant-garde jazz – free improvisation, experimental, creative, free jazz are the main elements of the compositions. These elements are used along with progressive and modern jazz styles. Musicians manage to switch between sharp, expressive and aggressive solos, wild fast passages, complicated rhythms and free, spomntaneous and turbulent improvisations. Original, fresh, and innovative style of improvising, unique sound, bright, suggestive and expressive playing manner makes an effort to remarkable, passionate and impressive sound of trio’s vompositions.

“Elements” is a result of great and productive collaboration of three talented jazz masters. Album has all main elements of their improvisations – most part of the compositions are based on moving, touching, passionate and rapid mood, suggestive playing manner and fascinating musical experiments. Musicians do their best and demonstrate the best side of their improvising, as well as the creativity, talent and passion. They are experimenting in various sections of musical language. Search of unusal sounds, production of interesting and weird timbres, colorful chords, expressions and dynamic rhythmic – all these and other elements form the most important part of it. Each improviser has its own conception and point of view. They are improvising differently from each other, invent new ways of playing, dozens of expressions, sounds, rhythms and timbres. The compositions are interesting in many ways. Open form, synthesized and free structure, polyphonic and multi-colorful pattern, numerous of playing techniques, sounds and expressions. The free structure lets musicians to experiment and use spontaneous, unpredictable or shocking musical decisions. Their music is created with passion and drive. Musicians like to go through different moods – joy, happiness, turbulent energy, hot passion, aggression, nervous, vital and roaring bursts of energy, silent pieces, subtle and calm episodes or slow, abstract and free improvisations… The changes from the one mood to another are made naturally and dynamically – it brings more colors, energy and live to whole sound. The instrumentation is impressive – it’s based on experimental ways of playing, which are connected with traditional playing techniques. Musicians are the masters of combining together different playing techniques in natural and organic way. These compositions are the best place to do it – colorful glissando, tight staccato, gentle and emotional pizzicato ,dizzy, glimpsy and wild fast passages and etc. are used along with weird sounds, unusual timbres, original and inventive ways of playing and astonishing experiments. Suggestive and innovative instrumentation is the main element of all three musicians playing style. It’s very important to all members of the trio. Touching and rich musical language, colorful and vivid expressions, contrasting moods and synthesized forms make an effort to rich and innovative musical language. Francois Carrier music is live, energetic, vivid and impressive. Marvelous passages, bright and luminous solos, expressive melodies, remarkable and terrific riffs, colorful sounds, roaring blow outs and special effects contain the main part of his improvisations. Improviser gently goes throug hdifferent styles and moods – wild fast solos meet the roaring and scandalous culminations. Terrific, sharp and aggressive pieces go along with silent, relaxing and peaceful sounds. Gentle, light, soft and relaxing solos make pleasant equation with vivid, joyful, passionate and driving improvisations. His improvising is brilliant – filled with dozens of different colors, emotions, playing techniques and sounds. Wild fast solos, charming passages, strict and tight staccatto, passionate and moving melodies and relaxing pieces gently go along in one place. John’s Edwards’s bass is subtle, dynamic and moving. Silent solos, relaxing pieces, subtle and free musical experiments, free improvisation are mixed together with energetic, expressive, sharp and passionate culminations. Bass melodies are mixed from different concepts and small pieces, who highly contrasting with each other. Each piece has its own color, facture, mood, tempo – all these elements are integrated in common musical pattern. Creativity, talent, passion, energy – all these elements are connected together in John Edwards improvisations. It brings the other sound to compositions – specific, dynamic, modern and interesting. Drum section by Michael Lambert is energetic and vivid. Afroamerican, Western Europe and American music rhythms are connected with basics of modern jazz and free, experimental and turbulent improvisations. Roaring fanfars, scandalous and terrific drum rolls, stormy and extremely loud culminations, dizzy passages, charming arpeggios and dozens of other playing techniques and experessions are used here. That makes an effort to solid, independent and vivid rhythmic section. All three musicians are improvising with drive, passion and expression. Their music has impressive, remarkable and bright sound.

Daniel Carter/Patrick Holmes/Matthew Putman/Hilliard Greene/Federico Ughi – “Telepatia Liquida” (577 Records, 2018)

“Telepatia Liquida” will be released on “577Records’ on December 7, 2018. Album was recorded by Daniel Carter (alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, trumpet), Patrick Holmes (clarinet), Matthew Putman (piano), Hilliard Greene (bass) and Federico Ughi (drums). Ensemble’s improvisations are evocative, bright and passionate. Five musicians have individual playing styles, sounds, manners and point of view. That makes an effort to strong contrast between all these great and innovative jazz masters.¬† Each of them is innovative and creative improviser, who doesn’t hesitate to try something new, add strange, weird, schocking or just crazy musical decisions. Their music is filled with open and synthesized forms, modern structures, colorful and splendid background, mul-layed pattern and dozens of different types of musical language’s elements. Special effects and synthesized sounds also are frequently heard in their music. The music is based on bright, luminous and adventurous improvising, spontaneous musical decisions, subtle and free excerpts and energetic, vibrant and simply terrific culminations. It’s twist between avant-garde and experimental jazz, bebop, post bop, neo bop, progressive and contemporary jazz, some elements of rock, contemporary academical music and free improvisation. This huge variety of styles and elements creates colorful, dynamic and effective sound.

“Telepatia Liquida” is filled with passionate, exciting and amusing sound. Pleasant surprises, colorful and sudden changes, aggressive and roaring attacks or relaxing calm downs = all these elements are fused here. Musicians make the priority to search of interesting and bright sound, extraction of weird timbres, exotic combod and innovative ways of playing. The music is based on modern and innovative ideas. The newest, experimental and unconventional ways of playing are used here and form modern conception of whole album. Musicians like to improvise spontaneously – their music isb’t framed in any barnes or strict forms. Each improviser has its own way of improvising, which is mixed with his talent, brilliant playing technique and inventive ideas. Creative, expressive, furious and bright Daniel’s Carter’s saxophones and trumpet bring move, action and brightness to the compositions. It also gives a tune to active, tremendous and moving mood, which accompagnies the compositions most part of time. His playing is dynamic and colorful – filled with twists and turns. Aggressive, furious, wild fast and expressive solos have much in common with bebop and other modern jazz styles. It’s nplendidly goes along together with free, turbulent, franky and spontaneous free imporvisations, silent, calm and slow episodes, dizzy and glimpsy passages and dozens of speciall effects. Improviser doesn’t stay in one mood or tempo for a long time – it’s changing all the time. Surprising and adventurous turns, stylistic changes, exotic and experimental ways of playing, inventive expressions and modern musical language makes an effort to luminous and passionate sound. Clarinet melodies gently fit with saxophones and trumpet. Patrick Holmes is innovative and original player. He has modern playing style, but never gets too far from the roots of avant-garde jazz. The music is effectively arranged and mostly based n free, spontaneous and dynamic improvising. Clarinetist has his own and effective playing technique, unique sound and a passion to always search something new. Roaring culminations, vibrant blow outs, eclectic and scandalous episodes mixed with funny, childish, light, hilarious or aggressive and angry excerpts bring live, energy and drive to this album. Piano melodies are dizzy, sparkling and just brilliant – Matthew Putman does his best and manages to show off all the best side of his playing. Emotional, rigorous, passionate, expressive and vivid solos, wild fast and dizzy passages, charming melodies, free and turbulent improvisations, sozens of innovative coloristics, spccial effects and chords – all this really makes an effort to wild, free and dynamic improvisations. Bass recovers subtle, calm and relaxing mood – Hilliard Greene is the master of sound experiments and combos of exotic ways of playing, unconventional musical decisions and the fusion of various jazz styles. Bass has different layers who are contrasting with each other. Deep, stable, monotonic and repetitive tunes are heard most of the time and form tight and solid bass line. It also effects the harmonic pattern – the tunes is repeated as a main sounds of sharp, colorful, extravagant and intereting chords. Peaceful mood, slow tempo gives an opportunity to search new and innovative playing techniques, colorful expressions, fascinating musical experiments and expand the abilities of instrument. It’s contrasting with the rising and dramatic culminations which also are heard frequently here – luminous, moving, touching and expressive solos played with passion and expression. Federico Ughi’s drums section is real burst of energy,¬† passion and action. Tremendous solos, rolling and turbulent drum rolls, sweet and gentle passages, silent and slow rhythms, furiously fast and aggressive rhythmic figures, fantastic tremolo, glissando, arepggio and other playing techniques who are frequently used here. That makes an effort to intense, dynamic and passionate rhythmic section, which has solid, firm and adventurous sound. Wide arsenal of playing techniques is related and used by all five musicians. They manage between traditional ones, like staccato, glissando and drum rolls, fanfars, passages and etc, to the experimental and unconventional ways of playing. That makes an effort to create solid, colorful, passionate and impressive sound of this album.

Ingrid Laubrock – “Contemporary Chaos Practics: Two Works For Orchestra With Soloists Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, Nate Wooley, Ingrid Laubrock” (Intakt, 2018)

“Contemporary Chaos Practics: Two Works For Orchestra With Soloists Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, Nate Wooley, Ingrid Laubrock” is the newest release of :Intakt Records” label. Album was recorded by soloists Mary Halvorson (electric guitar), Kris Davis (piano), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ingrid Laubrock (soprano and tenor saxophone) and orchestra, which has huge group of talented and experienced musicians. Four mprovisers are central figures of American avant-garde jazz scene. They also are famous in international jazz scene – improvisers always collaborating with other great jazz masters from different parts of the world. Excepional playing manner, unique sound, marvelous and interesting musical experiments, unusual timbres, special effects and wild free improvisations effect their popularity and form original and bright playing style. Musicians are open to new, shocking, wild and franky musical decisions. Fresh ideas, evocative and innovative point of view, modern, interesting and passionate improvising are the basics of their music. Music is totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, as well as bebop, post bop, neo bop and other modern jazz styles. Compositions also are related with contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde.

“Contemporary Chaos Practics” is a marvelous result of collaboration between orchestra and four great jazz players. This album gives a wonderful opportunity to hear collective playing of orchestra and jazz improvisers. Fusion of contemporary academical and experimental music, academic avant-garde and free improvisation is the key of this album. The compositions are based on free structure, open form and abstract pattern. It also has colorful, multi-layed and polyphonic facture, gorgeous background and dozens of synthesized sounds, weird timbres and strange noises. All musicians of the orchestra and the soloists have the best and precise playing technique – it’s filled with enchanting passages, wild fast and thrilling solos, dizzy and warm melodies and expressive collective improvisations, All musicians are the masters of their art. Proffessional, expressive, touching and impressive playing makes an effect to all sections of musical language. They make eclectic combos, exotic and wild experiments, choose experimental and new ways of playing and fuse different music genres in one place. It’s hard to say, to which style this music is more related. All the time musicians are varieying between hot, expressive and wild free improvisation, fascinating musical experiments, spontaneous turns and changes to evocative, expressive and interesting academic avant-garde and its styles. Rhythmic and melodic series, repetitive combinations, elements of minimalism, sonoristic, concrete andspectral music, the newest tendencies of contemporary academical music, as well as academic avant-garde are frequently used in these compositions. It puts the music between wild and free avant-garde jazz and arranged, evocative, new and modern contemporary academical music. There’s no frames between these two genres here – one minute orchestra plays harsh, sharp, strictly arranged and interesting excerpt of compositions and other minute it goes straight to expressive, sparkling, free and franky collective improvisations. All fo it gently fits together in one place. Music is in change all the time – from soft, gentle, light and relaxing it gets extremely loud, provocative, scandalous and harsh, evocative and passsionate, expressive and active, furious and aggressive or simply beautiful, colorful and charming. Musicians are expressing huge range of colorsm sounds, moods and expressions. All players of the orchestra don’t hesitate to make fresh, innovative and brave instrumental decisions, evocative sound experiments and break the rules. They search for new timbres, exotic combos, extravagant playing techniques, innovative expressions, use wide range of dynamics, tempos and wide kit of scales and chords. Orchestra keeps active and evocative mood. The musicians are playing free, emotionally and with passion – their playing is based on the newest tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music, but never gets too far from spontaneous changes, free improvisation or unpredictable, experimental, funny or just crazy and wild musical decisions. Energetic, vivid and bright saxophones, passionate, active and turbulent electric guitar, bright, luminous and roaring trumpet and dynamic, free and expressive piano improvisations keep the main mood of the compositions. Collective improvisations by these jazz masters are the most effective, sparkling and fantastic pices of whole album. It brings life, energy, passion and drive to the compositions. Listener can hear all wide range of moods, expressions, playing techniques and ways of improvising in one place. Abstract, subtle and relaxing pieces go straight to dramatic and turbulent culminations, vigilant, stormy and roaring bursts of energy, light, gentle and peaceful episodes who can be changed in a minute by rigorous, turbulent and vibant blow outs, dizzy and charming passages or moving solos. This album is a great result of collaboration between orchestra and four marvelous jazz masters. It makes an opportunity to hear together new, evocative and innovative tendecies of academic avant-garde, strange, weird and interesting musical experiments and wild free improvisations. All musicians together create moving, touching, expressive and tremendous sound.

Conductor 1: Eric Wubbels
Conductor 2: Taylor Ho Bynum
Bass: Greg Chudzik, Pat Swoboda
Bassoon: Nanci Belmont, Dana Jessen
Cello: Talia Dicker, Maria Hadge, Katinka Kleijn
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet: Joshua Rubin, Katie Schoepflin
Contrabass Clarinet, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet: Bohdan Hilash
Flutes, Piccolo: Michel Gentile
Flute, Piccolo, Bass Flute: Zach Sheets
French Horn: Elizabeth Fleming, John Gattis
Oboe: Christa Robinson
Oboe, English Horn: Katie Scheele
Percussion: Tim Feeney, Clara Warnaar
Trombone: Jacob Garchik, Mike Lormand
Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet: Gareth Flowers
Tuba: Dan Peck
Viola: Dominic DeStefano, Hannah Levinson, Miranda Sielaff
Violin: Sam Bardfeld, Maya Bennardo, Jean Cook, Erica Dicker, Mark Feldman (Vogelfrei only),
Sarah Goldfeather (Contemporary Chaos Practices only),
Megan Gould, Elena Moon Park, Mazz Swift
Vocalists: Roland Burks, Tomas Cruz, Chris DiMeglio, Walker J Jackson,
Amirtha Kidambi, Kyoko Kitamura, Emilie Lesbros, Kamala Sankaram
Amplified Contrabass Clarinet: Josh Sinton (Vogelfrei only)

Jason Mears Quartet – “Ammonite” (2018)

“Ammonite” was released on October. Album was recorded by “Jason Mears Quartet” – it’s Jason Mears (sopranino, alto and baritone saxophones), Quentin Tolimieri (electric piano), Ken Filiano (bass) and Andrew Drury (drumset, percussion). Quartet is famous in international jazz scene becuase of its originality and innovative sound. It’s leaded by four great jazz masters, who are individual and creative improvisers. Their music is dynamic, filled with sudden turns, impressive solos, violent and vibrant blow outs and whole wide range of expressions and playing technique. Illustrative and impressive instrumentation, active mood, dynamic rhythmic, pulsation, silmunateous usage of several rhythmic or melodic series and free improvisation form basic of quartet’s music. The roots of experimental and avant-garde jazz are connected with the newest tendencies of free jazz. Lots of streams of avant-garde jazz are heard here – Chicago, New York and basically American avant-garde jazz is connected with European and Scandinavian jazz tunes. Different and original way of improvising creates colorful and rich variety of sounds, expressions and moods. The organic mix of new streams and innovative tendencies of experimental jazz contain the main base of the stylistic badsement. Creative, original, new and remarkable improvising effects innovative and expressive sound.

“Ammonite” filled with huge variety of styles, expressions, sounds and ways of improvising. It’s filled with passionate, cordially, free and innovative improvisations. Each musician is improvising in his own way – they fuse colors, break the rules, integrate unconventional or schocking ways of playing, weird expressions and outrageous sounds. Musicians are improvising absolutelyt free and spontaneously – their music is played with passion, drive and hilarious turns. Spills of hot thrils, splendid sparkles, impressive riffs, special effects and moody changes of styles create main pattern of their improvisations. Improvisers don’t hesitate to go out of comfort zone of sound – they like to expand the zone of instrumental abilities and integrate it with new, fresh and evocative playing. This modern point of view effects everything – that’s why all the compositions have abstract pattern, free form, collective improvisations and are filled with colorful, remarkable and bright background. Polyphonic pattern is created by using many individual melodies, who is contrasting with each other. That makes concept between all sections of musical language. Contrasting pieces gently get together and form attractive, expressive and charming mosaic of sounds, expressions and tunes. Everything is in order here – there’s no chaos or boring episodes who continue too long. Musicians manage to make a pleasant equation of terrific, active and marvelous improvising, sounds experiments, production of new playing techniques and sounds and precise, virtuosic and just brilliant playing technique. The music is dynamic – it’s in change all the time. Vivid, hilarious, playful, humoristic or joyful solos suddenly get serious, calm, peaceful or angry, aggressive and scandalous. It’s real pleasure to hear how masterfully and naturally the improvisers go from one mood to another. Jason Mears saxophones are emotional, rising, bright and passionate. Vital and agile pieces, soft, light and vivid excerpts, roaring, turbulent, crazy and violent culminations, wild fast solos, dizzy and sudden changes and terrific free improvisations – all these elements gently got together. Deep, romantic, soft and relaxing pieces create calm mood and leads to free and fascinating musical experiments. Quentin Tolimieri electric piano – bright, tremendous and energetic. Rolling and driving solos are mixed with passionate melodies, remarkable and innovative ways of playing, inventive musical decisions, colorful variety of conceptual playing manners and sounds. All this is mixed with special effects and synthesized sounds – it’s alterated and modified timbres, strange noises, sonic system’s experiments, imitations, variations and other similar things. Vivid, energetic and vibrant sound of piano naturally goes along with moving, touching and frantic saxophones. Ken Filiano’s bass brings more subtle and calm sound with sparkling surprises. Deep, calm and dark bass line, abstract timbres, slow or medium slow tempo, monotonic rhythms or melodic elements, sound effects and experiments… There’s just small part of these elements, who suddenly turn out to marvelous, brilliant and moving solos with glimpsy and playful passages, hilarious and eclectic combos and exciting improvisations. Drums section by Andrew Drury – dynamic, active, vivid and bright. Drummer likes to twist together uncompairable compounds, eclectic styles, extravagant fusions, bright and loud culminations, rolling and extra-loud drum rolls, powerful thunders and soft, gorgeous and light sounds of percussion’s. These and other elements create solid, bright and firm rhythmic section. Music of this album is created with passion, fantasy and invention – that makes an effort to remarkable, intense and impressive sound.

Tyshawn Sorey – “Pillars” (Firehouse 12, 2018)

“Pillars” is the newest release of “Firehouse 12” label. Album was recorded by Stephen Haynes (trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, alto horn, small percussion), Ben Gerstein (trombone, melodica), Todd Neufeld (electric and acoustic guitar), Joe Morris (electric guitar, double bass), Carl Testa (double bass, electronics), Mark Helias (double bass), Zach Rowden (double bass) and Tyshawn Sorey (conductor, drum set, dungchen, percussion, trombone). Innovative musical decisions, turbulent and vibrant improvisations, synthesis of traditional and experimental playing techniques, exotic combos and sound experiments certainly are the base of improvisations of these jazz masters. All of them have bright, expressive, moving and tremendous playing style. Avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, modern (bebop, hard bop and etc.), progressive and contemporary jazz styles, intonations of academic avant-garde and experimental music create wide, colorful and rich stylistic variety. Famous jazz masters have much experience in improvisation and its sections – they know, how to find interesting, adventurous or just simply crazy way of improvising. They search for evocative, exclaming or scandalous and provocative methods, shocking playing techniques and suggestive special effects. The music is dynamic, filled with moody, crazy, risky and original musical decisions.

“Pillars” certainly can be titled one of the best album which was released this year. Hot passion, wild thrills, fusion of traditions and innovations, drive, expression and lots of emotions are the main compounds, who effect sparkling and innovative sound of this album. Expressive and suggestive playing manner, the superieur quality of playing technique, unique sound, special effects, dozens of rhythms, sounds and expressions gently joined together – that’s the base of these compositions. Avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, experimental jazz and soft intonations of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles contain the imaginary, dynamic and illustrative stylistic variety and mood. Musicians have their own and original sound and playing manner. They are fusing innovative and shocking ways of playing, traditions, roots of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz, methods of instrumentation of contemporary academical music, repetitive and minimalistic elements and other things. Eclectic, shocking and weird combos are very frequent – musicians are able to join together contrasting and completely individual compounds. Every element finds its own place – no matter, that it’s probably extremely weird, outrageous, scary or adventurous one. The will to make risky turns, adventurous decisions and shocking experiments makes an effort to formation of rich, expressive and vivd musical language. The synthesis of millions different compounds is just marvelous – it brings, life, energy, dozens of colors, tunes and timbres. Let’s analyse more whole basic of the compositions. It has multi-colorful, multi-layed and polyphonic pattern, which is formed from free structure, open form, dynamic rhythmic and sharp harmony. All the compounds had been chosen accidentally or in spontaneous and adventurous way. The rhythmic is dynamic and vital – sometimes it’s monotonic, stable and slow (like in the beginning), sometimes it’s formed from numerous of rhythmic figures, who are based on pulsation, energy’s explosions and roaring, driving and passionate solos or dramatic culminations. All the beauty of the compositions lays in melodic section, which is the most important element of whole album. It’s has rich variety of instruments, timbres, sounds, expressions and ways of improvising. Brasses section is electric, bright, luminous and passionate. Terrific, extremely loud and static bass lines, playful, wild, thrilling, hot and expressive solos, wild fast and just impressive passages, special effects and furious, free and roaring free improvisation bring life, energy and passion. That’s the place there meets joy and sorrox, aggression and passion, drive and expression – musicians modering between dozens of styles and manners to combine all these elements. Gentle, soft and claire solos, turned out to passionate, crazy, wild and impressive solos, solemn and serious excerpts, subtle and abstract episodes, meditative mood or hot, brave and noisy sparkles of joy – melodic section joins together millions of different moods and sounds. Bright, expressive, loud and energetic mood of large brass section is joined with dark, groovy and powerful section of guitars and double basses. The compositions have unusual instrumental combo – there are 4 double basses, 2 electric and 1 acoustic guitars. That makes a solid, deep, dark, intense and vibrant bass line, which is masterfully combined with electric hard core, some elements of rock styles, quadratic structure and strict harmonic and rhythmic line. Soft, natural and warm acoustic’s guitar’s tune is contrasting with shrieky and aggressive electric guitars and moody, deep and dynamic double basses. Dark, sorrowful, solemn, or just lyrical and gentle pieces gently get with deep and monotonic bass line, strong harmonic pattern, tremendous and impressive solos, remarkable melodies and turbulent free improvisations. The improvisers try to show the widest spectre of multi-colorful and dynamic double bass, electric and acoustic guitars and other instruments. Drums section is rich, impressive and enchanting, like all the rest part of the compounds. It’s active, created with drive, fantasy and imagination. Dozens of rhythms, repetitive series, minimalistic tunes, gorgeous timbres, moving passages, touching and rapid solos and the rest of wide range of elements are combined here. Rhythmic section is a mosaic of risky combos, strange timbres, driving and touching solos, turbulent improvisations, played with passion and expression. It effects whole whgole musical pattern and created enchanting, impressive and charming mood of the compositions. The music of this album is simply gorgeous, innovative and passionate – it’s created with love, expression and energy and combines together acoustics and electronics, strange timbres and special effects, adventurous solos, remarkable melodies and innovative musical decisions.