“AN EVENING AT JAZZBLAZZT” is a record of live performance at “Jazzblazzt” released on “a new wave of jazz” label. An album is totally based on free improvisation, American and European avant-garde jazz styles fusion and experimental music. Conceptual ideas, fresh evocative tunes, sonoristic experiments, contrasts, bright surprises, extended playing techniques, modern expressions contain the main base of this album. An album was recorded by Dirk Serries (acoustic guitar), Benedict Taylor (viola) and Martina Verhoeven (piano on set 2).

All three musicians are getting on brave experiments, use wide range of playing techniques, expressions and rhythms and integrate them to one big musical pattern. The compositions have a difficult structure – tremendous riffs and remarkable solos contain an independent and expressive melody line, bright and universal rhythmic section is created by using rhythms of all ranges, a gorgeous background and modern harmonic basement also are added. Dirk Serries and his acoustic guitar makes the music expressive, vital and passionate. Remarkable inspiring melodies, flowing passages, roaring perturbations, luminous riffs and virageous solos make a great combo. An improviser is switching between active and rapid solos pass to relaxing meditation filled with solemn deep improvisations and lyrical contemplations. Acoustic guitar always is between strong contrasts and vital expressions – driving riffs vs. soft fragility, passionate flowing solos to deep silence, haunted darkness or depressed mood. From silent pauses, relaxing pieces the music gets anxious, luminous and expressive filled with vital virages, passionate solos and thrilling riffs. Sonoristic experiments and research of strange timbres and evocative ideas also are here – that makes the relation with experimental and sonoristic music, and the elements of contemporary academical music and its styles. More academical tunes are brought in by viola. Benedict Taylor is travelling between deep relaxing solos to moving vibrant solos, especially expressive melodies with transcendental passages, light gorgeous virages, ornaments and rhythms of all ranges. Strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, exotic or home-made playing techniques, suggestive and inventive ways of improvising, tiny ornaments, chords and expressions of various types contain a wide an multi-layed musical pattern. Viola is the source of contemporary academical music, its main tendencies and innovations, but still has the basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisations as the fundaments of the compositions. Benedict Taylor creates an inspiring, bright and touching sound. Interesting combo viola-guitar are the main elements on most part of the compositions. Piano by Martina Verhoeven on track 2 brings evocative, sparkling and exciting mood. Spontaneous solos, bright luminous attacks getting to driving riffs accompagnied by persecuting series, breaking sessions, sharp aggressive sequences and hysteric radiant perturbations. These elements are combined together with extended playing techniques, surprising, enlightning or radical decisions and other elements related to contemporary academical music. Sometimes the music is soft and gentle based on stable bass line and monotonous minimalistic pieces – that makes a contemplative and lyrical mood. The music of this album is bright and innovative, filled with colorful tunes, radical decisions, surprising solos and modern expressions.


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