James Brandon Lewis – “An UnRuly Manifesto” (Relative Pitch Records, 2019)

“An UnRuly Manifesto” is the newest release of “Relative Pitch Records”. Album was recorded by James Brandon Lewis (tenor saxophone), Jaimie Branch (trumpet), Luke Stewart (bass), Anthony Pirog (guitar) and Warren Trae Crudup III (drums). Five outstanding jazz masters on one scene are improvising just marvelous – they manage to create bright and driving sound. Roots of avant-garde jazz, very well-known ways of playing and improvising against the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. The music is bright and evocative – the traditions and the most effective playing manners and methods of jazz corifees are used very frequently in their improvisations. Improvisers are the central figures of American avant-garde jazz scene – they also are famous at international jazz scene. Their music is the burst of drive and energy, gently compilated with crazy experiments, weird, outrageous, original or simply impressive ideas and incredible instrumentation.

“An UnRuly Manifesto” is dedicated to Ornette Coleman, Charlie Haden and Surrealism. The compositions are filled with energy, joy, terryfying and powerful explosions, subtle compilations of timbres and sounds and contrasts. Musicians are trying out new and exotic ways of playing, rare stylistic combos, bright and evocative ideas and ambitious musical decisions. Each of them has its own musical language, incredible and rich knownledge, impressive playing technique and modern point of vue to avant-garde jazz. All the compositions are totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. The musicians also have the styles, who are influenzed by other jazz styles. Aggressive and nervous bebop, post bop or hard bop, static and monotonic beat, modern and bright contemporary jazz or wild free improvisation, heavy hard core and strict solos of rock, soft, simple and relaxing cool jazz – huge influenze of modern and contemporary jazz styles is heard in improvisations of every musician. The compositions are written in energetic and dynamic mood for the most of the time. Musicians are the masters to find the best balance between different functions and layers of improvisations. They create an incredible melodic section with remarkable and fabulous riffs, powerful blow outs, impressive solos and dizzy passages. They also manage to keep driving and moving mood all the time through all compositions. Improvisers don’t forget the innovations and experiments – their improvisations are filled with strange tunes, research of outrageous or exotic timbres, new or exotic ways of playing or using simply crazy, wild and original ideas. They’re improvising with pleasure and joy all the time – that’s how musicians manage to create moving, driving and luminous sound. Pattern is many-layed and colorful, based on polyphony, firm and remarkable melodic line, variable rhythmic, bordering dynamics and wide range of chords, timbres, sounds, expressions and playing techniques. Open form is the main form what it’s used along with huge variety of abbreviations, passages and ornaments. James Brandon Lewis with tenor saxophone, Jaimie Branch with trumpet and Anthony Pirog with guitar make a firm, intense and vibrant melodic line. These three musicians have driving, bright and powerful sound. Their melodies are played with affection, especially emotionally and dynamically. Tenor saxophone and trumpet bring the basics of avant-garde jazz. These solos are hot, expressive, moving, touching and dynamic. Gentle pieces grow to aggressive, angry and rigorous culminations, powerful and roaring blow outs, sparkling riffs, turbulent culminations or calm downs of peaceful melodies and dtatic rhythms. All music is based on contrasts, who are joined together by free, vivid and original improvising. Driving, fabulous and powerful duos make a great combo with guitar. It’s the source of rock and avant-rock styles, experimental music and some tunes of progressive jazz. The basics of guitar’s improvisations still rest the same – it’s the newest and brightest innovations of avant-garde jazz. Guitarist splendidly and naturally goes through different tunes, styles, timbres and expressions. From heavy and strict solos illustrated by electronics and special effects, music suddenly gets sweet, romantic, remarkable, bright, vivacious, luminous or powerful. Roaring and stormy culminations are mixed up with huge range of different rhythms, hard core or simply wild and spontaneous free improvisations. Guitar, trumpet and saxophone makes an effective and hypnotising sound – it forms marvelous, driving, expressive, ambitious and innovative melodic line. Luke Stewart’s bass tunes are solid and dynamic. From silent and subtle pieces, monotonic and deep tunes, firm bass line the imrpoviser goes straight to enchanting passages, charming solos, dramatic, angry and rigorous culminations, powerful bursts of nergy, illustrative glissando, soft pizzicatto or any other mood and playing technique. Lonely tunes, rhythmic series, scales, contrast between sharp and soft chords, bordering dynamics and the variety of musical language makes an effort to universal and wide scale of colors and tunes. Bass effects illustrative and colorful background, gives the basic to rhythmic line and more colors to melody. Drums leaded by Warren Trae Crudup III is a mix of dozens of rhythms and expressions. Effective and hypnotising sound, roaring and vibrant rolls, sweet and calm pizzicatto, trembling and wild loud tremolo, extremely bright trills, playful staccatto, colorful glissando, enchanting and dizzy passages and other similar elements bring a marvelous sound. Nervous and extremely fast bebop, rhythms of Western Africa and Afroamerican music, old and stable rhythms of traditional jazz, repetitive breaking series, powerful free improvisations, imaginary, brave or outrageous sound experiments, gorgeous tunes, strange timbres and passionate solos make firm and dricing rhytmic section. Musicians have a marvelous playing technique and the best quality of sound – they create universal, wide and suggestive instrumentation by combining together experimental and traditional ways of playing and methods of improvising. Together they make driving, expressive, incredible and innovative sound.


Guerino Mazzola / Heinz Geisser – “Live at Le Classique” (PfMentum, 2018)

“Live at Le Classique” was released on 2018 by “PfMentum” records. Album was recorded by Hein Geisser (grand piano) and Guerino Mazzola (percussion). The duo always likes to create expressive, driving and animated mood. Both musicians are interesting and innovative jazz improvisers. Their music is totally based on European avant-garde jazz and various styles of modern jazz. The traditions of European experimental jazz are mixed up with American avant-garde jazz and its basics. The musicians like to twist through dozens of moods, compare contrasting and totally different pieces, experiment in all cases of musical language, research of new and outrageous tunes, rare combos and exceptional instrumentation. They finally manage to create bright, moving and expressive sound. Each of them has driving and expressive style, effective, sharp and hot playing manner, the best playing technique and unique sound. Both musicians had been playing and colaborating together with other famous jazz masters – they are famous in European avant-garde jazz scene. Sensitive and impressive improvising is a mix of drive, passions, modes and wild experiments.

Music is filled with surprises and energy at all compositions of “Live at Le Classique”. Album is based on basics of avant-garde and modern jazz. Free improvisation, experimental, creative and free jazz are combined together with bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool, fusion and other styles of modern and contemporary jazz. Splendid playing technique, masterful virtuosity, inventive instrumentation and rich musical language are the main compounds of all compositions. All improvisations are based on open form, abstract structure, dynamic rhythmic, solid melodic line and sound’s experiments. That’s how incredible and bright musical pattern is created. It’s multi-colorful, universal, vivid and powerful – huge range of rhythms, melodies, moods, characters and other elements are used here. Solid melodies, firm and admiring solos, aggressive and frantic culminations, wild bursts of energy, luminous and turbulent improvisations are created and mixed up with pleasure and drive. Musicians are going through dozens of moods very easily and organically. Gentle and soft, light and luminous, peaceful, pathetic, hysteric, scandalous, powerful, turbulent, angry, depressive, primitive or simply gorgeous and passionate – there’s an enormously wide range of motions, who are expressed here. Piano by Hein Geisser is expressive and moving. Pianist has interesting and organic playing style – here expression, spontaneous solos, sudden changes and drive are mixed up with some playing techniques of contemporary academical music. Pianist always is trying to make inventive and fresh sound – he integrates rare and exotic combos, eclectic stylistic pairs, inventive, shocking or simply weird ways of playing to the variety of traditional playing techniques, who are essentials of contemporary academical music. That makes an effort to expressive and bright sound. His improvisations are based on aggressive, hot and luminous playing manner. Pianist shows his virtuosity and invention – he’s jumping from the one mood or playing etchnique to another. The contrasts is the key of the improvisations. Vigilante and powerful episodes are combined with gentle and soft pieces, vivid, light or soft excerpts, furiously rapid roulades, dizzy passages, puantilism, lonely and repetitive tunes, meditative pieces or minimalistic interpretations. The main part of the music rests in aggressive and driving mood. Moving, scandalous, trembling and vibrant bursts of energy are the most effective and impressive pieces of pianist’s combos. Percussion by Guerino Mazzola is multi-colorful, many-layed and bright. Nervous and rapid rhythms of bop, light and gentle extracts, monotonic and powerful beats, furious drum rolls, extremely loud tunes or peaceful, meditative and hypnotic rhythms – all these elements gently fit together. Drummer has an incredible playing technique and original improvising – he puts together expression, delight, passion, drive and the best knownledge of musical language. Rare combos, exotic tunes, outrageous timbres, special effects, sound’s experiments also are very important element of background and whole album. This music has remarkable and dynamic sound.

GGRIL – “Façons” (Tour De Bras, 2018)

“Façons” was released by “Tour De Bras” records. Album was recorded by “GGRIL” – it’s an ensemble, formed from dozens of great french jazz masters. Ensemble is improvising together with Ingrid Laubrock, John Butcher, Caroline Kraabel. 19 musicians of “GGRIL” are inventive and bright improvisers. They are expressive, noisy, ambitious and filled with evocative and fresh ideas. Musicians are the main figures of European avant-garde jazz scene. Ensemble and its improvisers are colaborating with dozens of great jazz masters, so it’s also famous at international avant garde jazz scene. The “GGRIL” has surprising and modern sound – impressive playing technique, splendid and innovative instrumentation, original ways of playing, rich and wide musical language, perfect sound quality are mixed up all together with drive, passion, invention and fantasy. The ensemble continues the traditions of European avant-garde jazz – it’s combined together with the newest tendencies of experimental jazz, American and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz. The guests, who are improvising together with “GGRIL”, are famous on international avant-garde jazz scene. Their improvisations are always filled with power, vigilence, energy and innovative musical decisions.

“Façons” has animated, moody and dynamic sound. The newest tendencies and innovations of avant-garde jazz are mixed together with experimental music, American avant-garde jazz and soft tunes of academic avant-garde. The musicians join together and are willing to create remarkable and exceptional sound. The result is impressive and fascinating – compositions have effective, innovative and expressive sound. It’s a real burst of energy, vividness, life and passions. Driving and moving playing style, effective playing manner, rich musical lknownledge, crazy, frantic and wild ideas, stunning sound’s experiments, research of strange tunes or outrageous timbres – all these elements are the main tributes of each musician. The compositions are original in many ways – firstly, it has colorful and suggestive musical language. Rich, multi-colorful, polyphonic and modern musical pattern is filled with dozens of individual melodies, who are totally independent, but still gently fit together in one place. Dozens of colors, tunes, timbres, chords, scales and expressions illustrate whole musical pattern and create impressive and touching background. Solid melodic line, special effects, dynamic and variable rhythmic, wide range of composing and improvising ways, new methods of playing, rare combos, exotic timbres are the main compounds of the compositions. Collective improvisation is the main form of playing for the most of the time – here turbulent and powerful free improvisations are against fascinating and impressive solos, roaring blow outs or silent pauses. It’s a good opportunity to hear, how splendidly musicians moderate and switche between dozens of different moods and modes of playing. The music is filled with humorous, joly, light, passionate, driving, weird, crazy, frantic or scandalous excerpts. All of them gently fit together despite of strong contrasts. Each improviser is playing differently from the others – their music is contrasting, evocative, bright and wild. The instrumentation is based on great combo of experimental and traditional ways of playing. Home-made techniques and instruments, specific ways of playing, sound experiments, extended playing techniques or usual methods are brought together with fantastic virages, dizzy passages, marvelous ornaments and abbreviations, moving vibrato, tremolo, trills, peaceful and gentl pizzicatto, dramatic and shrieky tunes or electronics. Universal kit of instrumentation gives an opportunity to compare warm and natural acoustics and synthesized, modified and alterated tunes of electronics or electroacoustics. The reeds section is expressive, loud, powerful and turbulent – it gives main tune to whole melodic section. Light, frantic, expressive or extremely furious, sharp and aggressive improvisations of various kinds of saxophones and clarinets makes vivid, vibrant and luminous sound. Brass section is loud and expressive – trumpet, trombone and other brasses are used here. Reeds and brasses create vigilante and scandalous burst of energy – driving and expressive melodies, deep and calm tunes, heavy rhythms, passionate and dizzy passages, frantic and roaring blow outs make the combos of these two sections the most impressive and beautiful places of the album. Strings section is based on guitars, violins, cellos, basses and harp. Electroacoustic, electronic and acoustic types of strings are used together – it makes dramatic and evocative mood. Shrieky tunes, low and longly repeated rhythmic or melodic series, luminous solos, expressive solos of violins are aginst cool, soft and passionate cellos and heavy, solemn and modest bass. Outrageous timbres, weird tunes, special effects, alterated tunes, sonic system’s experiments is the source of modern, evocative or even weird sound. Harp melodies bring different moods – it’s furious, aggressive, playful, vivid or joyful at some excerpts and dreamy, romantic, abstract and light in other pieces. Accordeon is a rare instrument at jazz ensembles – here brings exotiic, exceptional and colorful sound. Percussion is dynamic, rich and bright. All kinds of rhythms and sounds are used here – rare combos, exotic tunes, nervous and scandalous vigilances, powerful culminations, gorgeous, light and beautiful pieces, fantastic solos, luminous rolls, dizzy passages and driving rhythmic sessionsare the main elements of this section. Collective improvisations are combined with fascinating solos of the guests – the melodies by Ingrid Laubrock, Caroline Kraabel and John Butcher are driving, independent and impressive. Each musician also has a liberty to improvise free – he can dive in abstract, free, powerful and vivacious solos, search of unusual tunes or go directly to dramatic and turbulent culminations. This album has innovative and original sound.

Alexandre Robichaud (trompette)
Catherine S. Massicotte (violon)
Éric Normand (basse électrique)
Gabriel Rochette-Bériau (trombone)
Luke Dawson (contrebasse)
Mathieu Gosselin (saxophone baryton)
Olivier D’Amours (guitare électrique)
Robert Bastien (guitare électrique)
Antoine Létourneau-Berger (percussion) *+§
Raphaël Arsenault (violon) *+‡
Sébastien Côrriveau (clarinette basse) *+‡
Thomas Gaudet-Asselin (basse électrique) *+‡
Pascal Landry (guitare classique) §+‡
Rémy Bélanger de Beauport (violoncelle) §+‡
Robin Servant (accordéon) §+‡
Elizabeth Lima (clarinette) *
Marc-Antoine Mackin-Guay (guitare baryton) *
Isabelle Clermont (harpe) §
Jonathan Huard (percussion) §
Caroline Kraabel (saxophone alto) *
Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone ténor) §
John Butcher (saxophone ténor et soprano) ‡

Christiane Bopp – “Noyau de Lune” (Fou Records, 2018)

Bopp, Christiane: Noyau de Lune (Fou Records)

“Noyau de Lune” was released by “Fou Records”. Album was recorded by Christine Bopp (trombone, strings of trombones, undressed mutes, voices). Christiane Bopp is modern, talented and ambitious trombonist. Her music is based on avant-garde jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, free improvisation and the roots of experimental jazz. Improviser doesn’t stay on one mood or style for long time – she always manages to create bright and sparkling variety of styles and incredible musical language. Christiane Bopp has wide, universal and modern style, unique sound, expressive and dynamic playing manner. The seek of fresh ideas, evocative techniques, rare combos, eclectic stylistic pairs, fascinating experiments, searche of unusual timbres and other similar things is the main conception of trombonist’s improvisations. Improviser has wide and rich musical knownledge – she’s using dozens of ornaments, special effects, coloristics, experimental and traditional ways of playing, innovative composing techniques and manners. That makes an effort to original and expressive sound in most part of her compositions.

“Noyau de Lune” is a mix of basics of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academical music. Huge influenze of experimental music, electronics and experimental jazz are heard most of the time. The music is bright, expressive and changing all the time. Improviser manages to create sparkling and universal pattern and rich musical language, just like in other her albums. Multi-layed, polyphonic and colorful pattern has solid melodic section, firm rhythmics, modern and suggestive harmony, incredible and impressive instrumentation and bright background. Composer is searching for new, evocative and original ways of playing and expressions – she combines together electronics and acoustics. The technical abilities of trombone are revealed and demonstrated at the maximum – natural tunes of the instrument are fused together with synthetic noises, alterated or moderated sounds, surdines and other elements. The compositions of this album is a great opportunity to hear out and compare natural, warm and bright tunes of trombone mixed up together with m odified tunes, alterated tiombres and other elements, who change the real sound of instrument. Composer is using her imagination and fantasy – marvelous combinations, rare tunes, exotic pairs and impressive experiments make an effort to bright and original sound. Dozens ways of cmposing are used – repetitive playing technique, monotonic tunes, serialism, dodecaphony, spectral, concrete or sonoristic music, primitive and simple minimalism, who’s connected with difficult, bright and multi-layed academic avant-garde. Musicians is the master of huge range of playing and composing techniques – she’s switching and passing through all them without any force. The music is interesting to listen, because it’s dynamic, bright and moving. Subtle and relaxing episodes are colored with special effects, abandoned tunes or unusual timbres. Monotonic and firm bass line is kept in all compositions. Calm, meditative and relaxing pieces mixed up with abstract and stunning musical experiments, gorgeous timbres and special effects. It grows directly to bright and moving culminations – dramatic rising, loud and trembling solos, passionate and impressive melodies, roaring and turbulent free improvisations who calm down on light, solemn, contemplative and peaceful episodes. Sparkling and bright solos, energetic and vibrant blow outs, modified and alterated tunes, the sounds of electronics and computer devices are mixed up together with warm, natural, passionate and suggestive sound. Christiane Bopp is improvising with pleasure and drive – her music is the source of evocative ideas, fresh tunes, outrageous timbres and innovative decisions. It gives new and unheard sound of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music.


“COMBOBULATED” is the newest release of “Intakt Records”. Album was recorded by “Tom Rainey Trio” – it’s Tom Rainey (drums) Mary Halvorson (guitar) and Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones). These three famous, innovative and impressive jazz masters are the central figures of American and international avant-garde jazz scene. They already have their own and fresh sound – it’s based on the newest tendencies, sound experiments, luminous expressions and inventive musical decisions. Unique sound, expressive, moving and wild playing, tremendous playing manner and the research of new, original, evocative or outrageous ways of playing makes an effort to impressive free improvisations. The musicians are willing to create different sound – they managed to create new, creative, bright and marvelous compositions, filled with spontaneous solos, incredible passages and colorful surprises. The newest tendencies and methods of improvising are combined together with traditions and roots of avant-garde jazz. Very well-known methods created by Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler or other avant-garde jazz pioneers, are continued here – it  makes meditative, hypnotic and suggestive sound.

“COMBOBULATED” is a great collaboration of three great jazz stars. Each of them is individual and independent. Musicians are improvising inventively and creatively – they’re using their fantasy, wild imagination and original ideas. Contrasting and individual melodies are joined in one musical pattern. That makes an effort to splendid, universal and illustrative musical language. The musical pattern is created from dozens of different pieces – outstanding melodies, stunning experiments, research of unusual and outrageous timbres, crazy and wild ideas, ambitious decisions and modern innovations in every section of musical language are connected in delicate and impressive way. Musicians have marvelous playing technique – they can easily go through dozens of different moods, expressions, techniques and passions. The best quality of sound, emotional and expressive playing leads the music straight to powerful vigilance of energy and drive. Improvisers are demonstrating admiring and remarkable playing manner – it’s cordial, hot, sharp, expressive and dynamic. Sometimes it’s frantic and crazy, sometimes – calm, hypnotic and meditative. Musicians have huge range of styles, motions, characters and colors – all these things are used to create exceptional and interesting sound. Multi-colorful and modern pattern, polyphony against homophony or stunning solos, subtle, primitive, calm or dreamy moods, who go straight to passionate, bursting, breaking, aggressive and luminous mood. There’s no time to stay on one mood – musicians are using dozens of them silmunateously or at the same time. The instrumentation is made from rare combos, experimental ways of playing, extended and traditional playing techniques. Sound experiments, outrageous timbres, dizzy passages, colorful and glimpsy glissando, trembling vibrato, moving tremolo or trills, soft pizzicatto and other very well-known ways of playing are used here. It’s mixed up with home-made and specific methods, who are created by improvisers. That makes sparkling, impressive and modern instrumentation. Saxophones by Ingrid Laubrock are dynamic and expressive. Saxophonist is improvising especially emotionally, brightly and with energy. Drive, passion, delight and dozens of emotions makes her improvisations a real burst of energy and brave experiments. Expressive melodies go to dramatic and turbulent free improvisations, calm excerpts, soft and light pieces, breaking sessions, luminous and passionate solos, charming dizzy passages or tremendous blow outs. It makes a artsy and impressive combo with guitar. Mary Halvorson is improvising with fantasy and imagination. Her solos are dynamic and wide. Sometimes she dives in contemplating, solemn and modest fields of sound experiments or jumps on terrific solos, heavy hard core, luminous melodies and bursts of energy. Guitar and saxophones keep bright and intense melodic line – the duos are impressive, hypnotic, bright and driving. Drums section by Tom Rainey complete whole pattern of compositions and form strong basic of it. Dynamic, moving, loud, powerful and bright section is filled with nervously rapid and furious bop rhythms, frantic free improvisations, monotonic beats, lonely and repetitive tunes, wild drum rolls or powerful storms of tremolo – everything is collected in one place in bright, natural and organic way. Three jazz masters are improviisng together just marvelous – they manage to create intense, dynamic and expressive sound.

Gerry Hemingway, Tim Crofts, Norm Adams, Lukas Pearse – “Literal Lateral” (suddenlyLISTEN, 2019)

“Literal Lateral” is a new release of “suddenlyLISTEN Music”. Album was recorded by Gerry Hemingway (drums, compositions), Tim Crofts (piano), Norm Adams (cello) and Lukas Pearse (bass). These four musicians are innovative and impressive jazz masters. They have a masterful, virageous, colorful and passionate playing manner, innovative playing style and expressive musical language. Musicians are the masters of mixing up together absolutely uncompairable and contrasting pieces, the newest technologies, experimental ways of playing and bursting energy’s explosions. All of them are the central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene – they had been concderting and improvising with other famous and innovative jazz masters. Musicians have thwir own conception and evocative point of view – they are dedicated to create new sound, who’s bright, vivid, luminous, powerful or simply frantic. Improvisers have the sense to each other’s playing – each of them is improvising independent and creatively, but always is reacting to the changes in improvisations of other musicians. Driving bursts, energetic and vibrant blow outs, fascinating experiments, shocking, drastic, provocative or weird ways of playing, spontaneous solos and changes – all these elements make bright, interesting and original sound.

“Literal Lateral” is filled with intense, turbulent and luminous improvisations. All music is totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musicians mix together the roots of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of contemporary experimental jazz. The influenze of bebop, post bop, hard bop, progressive, cool and other modern and contemporary jazz styles also is heard in most part of compositions. The music is a real burst of energy, passion and drive. All musicians are improvising emotionally and expressively – their music filled with joy, glory, anger, sometimes – aggression, passion, expression or any other sense. The musical language is wide, rich, modern and colorful. It’s very illustrative and based on imaginary, bright, evocative or even shocking musical decisions. Universal and abstract musical pattern is based on synthesis of polyphony and homophony, dozens of different scales, marvelous instrumentation and modern harmony. Musicians are mixing up together glissando, roulades, frulato, pizzicatto, staccatto, marcato, arpeggio and dozens of other usual playing techniques, expressions and abbreviations with innovative, experimental and shocking ways of playing. Special effects, alterated tunes, electronics, computer devices sounds and other the newest technologies also makes an effort to innovative and modern sound. Impressive melodic line, solid rhythmics and illustrative background contain the main part of compositions. Real burst of energy, expression, aggression and drive is created by piano. Tim Crofts is marvelous pianist, filled with innovative ideas. His music is bright and dynamic. Expressive melodies are mixed up with dizzy passages, rolling and trembling solos, vibrant culminations, furiously fast roulades, animated glissando, outrageous tunes, repetitive sequences of sharp[, aggressive and shrieky chords, powerful scandals or sudden calm downs. The contrasts is the main principe of his improvisations. He’s going through wide range of moods and sounds without any effort – music suddenly gets urgent and aggressive, light, humorous, glorious, vivid, joyful, playful, childish, abstract, primitive, depressive, dark and abandonned or scandalous and powerful. Suggestion, drive, passion and pleasure mixed with masterful playing technique makes solid, independent and powerful sound. Piano gives the tune to all melodic line and dictates his mood all the time. Norm Adams (cello) and Lukas Pearse (bass) colorfully illustrate bright and luminous melodic section. It’s gently fit together with expressive and rigorous piano. Sparkling solos, shrieky tunes, dreamy and romantic pieces, passionate solos, peaceful and gentle pizzicatto of cello make a great combo with piano. Deep, dark and solid bass line is created by bass. It’s based on solemn, modest, light and vivid solos or monotonic tunes. The cello makes an effort to melodic section, bass is the key of rhythmic and harmonic pattern. Both musicians are searching for new sounds, fresh tunes and shocking expressions. It’s the source of millions of colors, tunres, outrageous and strange timbres, weird and crazy ideas, frantic solos and dramatic culminations. Drums section is leaded byGerry Hemingway. It’s multi-colorful and modern. Nervous and furiously rapid rhythms of bop, static tunes of cool, primitive and repetitive rhythmic series, difficult and multi-layed free improvisations or roaring culminations. Here music connects together sweet and light pieces, turbulent and scandalous culminations, frantic and driving improvisations, vibrant bursts of energy, wild and crazy collective improvisations and abstract, depressive, gorgeous and silent excerpts. The music of this album is bright, luminous and innovative.

Zyft – “Midnight tea suite” (Creative Sources, 2019)

“Midnight tea suite” is the new release of “Creative Sources”. Album was recorded by “Zyft” – it’s a trio of Ziv Taubenfeld (bass-clarinet), Henk Zwerver (guitar) and Maya Felixbrodt (viola). The improvisations of this trio are evocastive and filled with original musical decisions. Musicians have expressive, admiring and passionate style, effective playing manner and expressive sound. Impressive playing manner, professional and emotional playing, masterful virtuosity and inventive musical decisions make the music of the trio driving, bright and evocative. All three musicians are very well-known at avant-garde jazz scene. They also are collaborating with other jazz masters. The experiments and searches of special and outrageous tunes, new expressions and specific ways of playing are the main basics of their music. The musicians try out new ways of improvising – they proceed the roots of avant-garde jazz and combine it with the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. The result is fascinating – electronics, special effects, drastic and innovative experiments, contrasts and the main principes of free improvisation gives bright, luminous and organic sound.

“Midnight tea suite” is filled with dynamic, abstract and intense sound. All compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Abstract and colorful pattern, free structure, open form, modern and sharp harmony, dynamic rhythmic and rich musical language – all these elements are main basics of compositions. Free improvisation is bright, polyphonic and multi-layed. Musicians are getting on brave, noisy, ambitious and wild adventures – their music is changing all the time. The basics of avant-garde jazz are brought in by bass clarinet and guitar. Thetunes of experimental and contemporary academical music are related with viola and dramatic, evocative and lyrical sound. The musicians are independent – each of them is improvising differently from the others. Form, color, theme, sound and other elements are contrasting and bright, but the musicians manage to mix it in one big pattern. All three improvisers have a sense of each other – they sensitively react to the melodies or surprises of other improvisers and create interesting or spontaneous pieces. Wide musical language, precise playing technique, effective, luminous and tremendous playing manner, evocative sound are used all together with drive, passion, power, vividness and the newest innovations. The instrumentation is the most important element of all, as usually. It makes an effort to whole sound and impression – musicians combine together experimental, innovative and traditional ways of playing. Glissando, pizzicatto, arpeggio, trills, staccatto, frulato, blow outs and other very well-known expressions and techniques are used with wild, frantic and innovative ways of playing, new methods of improvising, gorgeous timbres, expressive and passionate ornaments, dizzy virages, roulades or any other coloristics. That’s how solid melodic line is connected with frantic and loud rhythmic base and colorful background. Ziv Taubenfeld is improvising brightly and dynamic. His bass clarinet sounds are contrasting and passionate – here meets dozens of different emotions and sounds. Subtle and silent tunes, repetitive bass line, monotonic sounds, contemplative and solemn solos are against tremendous culminations, luminous, expressive and driving solos, turbulent and frantic free improvisations or impressive duos with guitar. Bass clarinet keeps stable bass line, illustrates the background and creates great melodic line. Henk Zwerver’s improvising is free, organic and dynamic. Sudden changes of contrasting elements is the main principe of these improvisations. Vivid and joyful solos meet the furious, angry, aggressive or expressive melodies, lyrical excerpts, dreamy and romantic tunes, depressive, primitive or minimalistic samples or episodes, who simply are light, gorgeous and driving. Inventive musical decisions, bright culminations and incredible duos with bass clarinet or viola demonstrate multi-colorful and wide abilities of this great guitarist. Maya Felixbrodt’s viola is the source of rare and academical music tunes. Dramatic, shrieky, harsh and repetitive tunes are mixed with expressive melodies, light and vivid solos, roaring and trembling improvisations, dizzy virages, charming passages and deep, solemn and contemplative tunes. Viola’s melodies are bright and colorful – effective and bright compounds are used as coloristics, special effects or the main compounds of melody. All three musicians are improvising with passion and fantasy – they manage to create innovative and original sound.