Chris Pitsiokos | Susana Santos Silva | Torbjörn Zetterberg – ‘CHILD OF ILLUSION’ (Clean Feed, 2018)

‘CHILD OF ILLUSION’ is one of the newest releases of “Clean Feed Records”. Album was recorded by three famous jazz masters – Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone), Susana Santos Silva (trumpet) and Torbjörn Zetterberg (drums). Sharp, violent, aggressive, expressive, passionate and filled with wide spectre of colors and sounds – that’s how we could call the improvisations created by three great jazz masters. All three musicians have hot, expressive, thrilling and sharp playing manner – their improvisations are filled with loud, powerful and hot bursts of energy, turbulent and roaring free improvisations, original, extravagant and bright musical decisions and passionate musical language. Three jazz masters can organically and naturally fuse together innovative musical decisions and contrasting episodes. Their music is filled with numerous of different playing techniques, special effects, fascinating musical experiments and unusual timbres. Musicians demonstrate their own and unique sound – they create it by combining together attractive, hot and charmign playing manner, precise and just wonderful playing technique and musical experiments in all sections of musical language. The improvisers are open to new and extraordinary ways of playing, extravagant and innovative musical decisions, specific and synthesized sounds, forms and other elements. The synthesis of all these things form remarkable, sharp, harsh and terrific sound of their music.

‘CHILD OF ILLUSION’ is filled with moving, attractive, bright, sharp and luminous improvisations. Three great and famous avant-garde jazz stars are playing together – their improvisations are fullfilled with shrieky, dramatic and luminous solos, violent and furiously roaring blow outs, splendid riffs, sharp, harsh and aggressive pieces, remarkable, free and thrilling melodies and other elements of musical language. The musicians are full of fresh and innovative ideas – they are always willing to create exceptional and interesting sound, who is colored with outrageous tunes, weird musical decisions and original stylistic combinations. They also are demonstrating their own sound, taking on risky and adventurous stylistic changes and making drastic and lousy turns. All the compositions are based on synthesis between various avant-garde, modern and experimental jazz styles. Musicians make a tribute to great and the most famous avant-garde jazz pioneers – their taking on their traditions, main and the most effective elements of their improvising styles and fuse them with innovative instrumentation and the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz. The mix of traditions, basics and fresh sound experiments makes a bright, intense, original and passionate sound. The main mood of the compositions is very sharp, rude, aggressive, provocative and harsh. That’s especially strongly heard in improvisations of Chris Pitsiokos and Susana Santos Silva. His improvistions always are splendid, aggressive and sharp – experienced and talented improviser is improvising just marvelously in this album. His improvisations are more similar to free playground – it’s real burst of energy. Improviser is playing extremely loud, expressing dozens of different moods and expressions, producing sharp, outrageous, weird and aggressive timbres. The improvisations are made spontaneously – it’s especially vivid, essential, suggestive and live. Saxophonist is always open to bright and innovative musical decisions and specific ways of playing. Vivid, shrieky, turbulent and luminous improvisations give a main tune to the compositions, make solid and effective melodic line and active mood of whole compositions, Susan Santos Silva’s trumpet is as much active, violent and sharp as Chris Pitsiokos. These two improvisers have interesting and active playing manner. Trumpet’s melodies are flowing, terrific and dizzy – it’s filled with virtuosic and furiously fast solos, harsh, bright and adventurous melodies, colorful ornaments and abbreviations, innovative ways of playing and expressive musical language. Her trumpet is shrieky, loud, ambitious and powerful – it’s gently get together with vivid, active, aggressive and sharp saxophone. Both musicians are improvising cordially and with passion. Their conversations are dynamic, moody and bright – it makes an effort to impressive, gorgeous and suggestive sound of whole album. Drum section is very energetic and moving – it’s leaded by Torbjörn Zetterberg. Drummer masterfully fuses together provocative and complicated rhythms of modern jazz, free and turbulent improvisations, abstract, subtle and gentle pieces, hard core, Afroamerican music rhythms and various rhythmic forms of other jazz and contemporary academical music styles. Moving, attractive, touching, thrilling and hot rhythmic section makes solid, gorgeous, active and dynamic rhythmic base of whole compositions. Dynamic, surprising and impressive compositions, improvised by three great jazz masters, have remarkable and innovative sound.


Larry Ochs/Mars Williams/Julien Desprez/Mathieu Sourisseau/Samuel Silvant – ‘Stroboscope’ (Bridge Sessions, 2018)

‘Stroboscope’ is the newest release of “The Bridge Sessions”. Album was recorded by Larry Ochs (tenor, sopranino saxophones), Mars Williams (saxophones, toys), Julien Desprez (electric guitar), Mathieu Sourisseau (acoustic bass guitar) and Samuel Silvant (drums). The music of these five musicians is filled with bright, intensive, active and passionate mood. Remarkable melodies, touching and moving solos, bright, violent, rough and shrieky blow outs, frantic passages and luminous free improvisations – these are the main elements of the improvisations. All musicians are improvising dynamically, corrdially and with passion. Hot and sharp playing manner, thrilling and passionate improvising style and unique sound contain the main base of all musicians playing style. The musicians are experimenting in all ways of musical language – they like to create new ways of playing, fresh and bright sounds, construct new forms and integrate other original, interesting and bright elements of musical language. Innovations are masterfully and organically integrated in basic musical pattern and make a bright, intense, interesting, evocative and original sound.

‘Stroboscope’ is filled with dynamic and active compositions. Turbulent explosions, intense sparkles, hot thrills, depressive and solemn pieces, silent pauses, sudden abruptions and passionate, furiously fast and emotional solos – these elements are the main elements of compositions of this album. Contrasts contain the main base of musical pattern and all its layers – all kinds of different rhythms, expressions, timbres, sounds and scales are organically fused together. The music is filled with extravagant musical decisions, roaring and terrific blow outs, who are gently twisted together with gentle and light excerpts or abstract sound experiments. The musicians are great masters of improvising – they can twist and connect together different cultures, jazz styles and elements of other music genres in colorful, natural, warm and suggestive way. The music is full of surprises and has wide range of stylistic twists – free improvisation, basics of avant-garde jazz are fused all together with experimental music, modern, progressive and contemporary jazz intonations and various elements of contemporary academical music. The influenze of modern jazz styles and academic avant-garde is heard in almost all sections of musical language. Innovative, colorful and just marvelous instrumentation, rich, live, vivid and expressive musical language, dynamic rhythmic, colorful and sharp harmony, extraordinary musical decisions and wide range of outrageous timbres helps musicians to create original and remarkable sound of the compositions. The improvisations are filled with extravagant musical decisions and reveal the main aim of musicians improvising – each of them like to improvise bravely, use fresh, innovative and interesting musical decisions and experiment in all sections of musical language. That makes an effort to original bright and passionate improvisations, who have precise and wonderful playing technique and especially emotional, bright, intense, turbulent and roaring sound. Reeds and electric guitar solos form the melodic section. Inventive, creative and original saxophonists Larry Ochs and Mars Williams, electric guitar virtuoso Julien Desprez and acoustic guitar player Mathieu Sourisseau surely know, how to create bright, original, intense, vibrant and solid melodic section, Their playing style is filled with passion and energy – compositions have free and abstract structure and especially live, vivid and expressive musical language. Here free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz meet sharp, rapid, aggresive and furiously fast solos of modern jazz, hard core solos and some intonations of rock styles. This colorful synthesis of different music styles makes an effort to whole sound of the album. Charming, expressive and remarkable melodies, rapid and furiously fast solos, passionate and virtuosic passages, bright, intense and splendid riffs, vibrant, roaring, extremely loud and terrific blow outs are joined together with silent and relaxing solos, meditative mood and abstract improvisations played on subtle and minimalistic mood. Deep, static and dark bass section of electric guitar forms bright,  solid and strong bass line. Samuel Silvant drums section is energetic and has a fantastic and suggestive instrumentation. Exotic instrumental combinations, unusual timbres, sharp and didssonance chords, bright and intense sounds, colorful and interesting mic of traditional and experimental playing techniques, expressions and other elements of musical language. The rhythms of Afroamerican music, rapid, nervous and complicated rhythmic forms of bebop, post bop, neo bop and other modern jazz styles, terrific, turbulent and remarkable free improvisations – all these elements form the main base of rhythmic base and make an effort to bright, original, moving and touching sound. The compositions of this album have warm, intense, thrilling and innovative sound.

Isabelle Duthoit/Axel Dörner/Matthias Müller/Roy Carroll – ‘The Monophonic Havel’ (Mamu Music, 2018)

‘The Monophonic Havel’ is the newest release of ‘Mamu Music’. Album was recorded by Isabelle Duthoit (voice), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Matthias Müller (trombone) and Roy Carroll (electro-acoustic media). The music of this quartet is enchanting, innovative and charming. It’s another one great example of mixing together contemporary academical and experimental music, electronics, electro-acoustics, free improvisation and the basics of avant-garde jazz. This huge variety of conceptual playing styles, music genres and its elements, who are contrasting and absolutely different from each other, is masterfully and organically fused in one place. Musicians are creating together whole musical pattern and its sections. They frequently base their music on spontaneous musical decisions, free improvisation, drastic changes or surprising stylistic drifts to another bord of the musical language. Musicians try out new and innovative ways of playing, they break the usual rules, go out from the traditional sound zone to the fresh, bright and adventurous sound. The music is always filled with bright and original musical decisions, charming and modern instrumentation, astonishing musical experiments, special effects and other elements, who make an effort to remarkable and exceptional sound.

‘The Monophonic Havel’ has interesting and bright sound. The musical pattern is rich, independent, polyphonic and multi-layed. Each musician is improvising differently – all of them frequently experiment in form, sound, instrumentation, dynamics and harminic section. They integrate several elements of musical language in one place and get a new form, which is based on synthesis of open and conventional forms. The musicians aren’t following the rules of conventional improvising – they usually make extravagant, modern, bright, innovative or even outrageous musical decisions. The musical language is rich, expressive, modern and innovative. It’s based on abstract and specific form, difficult, solid and suggestive melodic section, pulsating, dynamic and interesting rhythmic, synthesis of acoustics and electronics, charming, adventurous and innovative instrumentation, wide range of scales, expressions and other elements of musical language. The music is filled with bright, gorgeous, interesting and experimental ways of playing, abbreviations, ornamentations and other expressions of musical language. Glissando, firm and short staccato, passionate and furiously fast passages, thrilling and hot solos, roaring ann explosing blow outs, sound experiments, viibrant tremolo, emotional and moving vibrato, expressive, remarkable and vivacious melodies, soft, silent, abstract or even poor and abandoned pieces – this huge diversity of various elements of musical language could be expanded much more. Musicians are the masters of precise and virtuosic playing, but they also are wonderful, touching, passionate and remarkable improvisers. Their improvisations have a marvelous mix between different forms, expressions and instrumentation’s playing techniques. Trumpet and trombone melodies are bright, vibrant, pneumatic, active and intense. The duos of two bright, loud and turbulent brasses are the most effective, gorgeous and expressive episodes of the album. It gives the main tune to all collective improvisations – two improvisers are using dozens of different playing techniques, motions and expressions. Roaring and turbulent blow outs, gentle, loud and extremely fast solos, virtuosic passages, colorful and passionate melodies, contrasting with dark, solemn, deep and firm trombone tunes and solid bass line. Trumpet melodies are vivacious, intense and filled with shrieky, franky and violent solos. Trombone is more tight, calme and deep than live, vivid and energetic trumpet. These two instruments have independent melodies who makes an opposite to each other. That brings polyphonic facture, expressive and live mood, active, energetic and intense playing, sharp harmony and many other elements of musical language. Voice melodies are full of wide range of different expressions and innovative instrumentation. Traditional playing techniques are mixed with soft whispers, wild hollows, unusual timbres, special sounds, bright and loud spoken- elements and other elements. Improviser demonstrates her wide, universal and interesting playing style, which is filled with dozens of different playing techniques and experimental ways of playing. Bright, violent, sharp, vivid and aggressive acoustics are gently mixed with electronics. Drone, glitch, modified and alterated sounds, imitations of various sounds, unusual, specific and outrageous timbres, bright and evocative melodic elements, somputer and electronic devices sounds, the intonations of sounds alterating machine, synthesizer, field recordings or other devices of electronics form gorgeous, colorful and modern musical pattern. The music of this album has bright, innovative and interesting sound.

Pavillon Rouge – ‘Solution n°5’ (LFDS, 2018)

‘Solution n°5’ is a new release of ‘LFPS’ records. Album was recorded by three French jazz masters – it’s Nicolas Souchal (trumpet, bugle), Matthias Mahler (trombone) and Jean-Marc Foussat (dispositive electro-acoustic). Three jazz improvisers are great and creative musicians, who have original and innovative playing style. The music is based on a mix between various traditions, playing styles, techniques, expressions and other musical language elements of different centuries and genres. Musicians are the masters of swithcing between many different moods and expressions – their music has a huge amplitude of sound, wide range of unusual timbres, strange sounds and eclectic stylistic combinations. Avant garde jazz, contemporary and experimental jazz styles, progressive and modern jazz intonations are gently and organically fused with contemporary academical music, intense, bright and innovative electronics, electro-acoustics and other elements of contemporary academical and experimental music styles. From stormy, dark, aggressive and provocative episodes – to the silent, dreamy, romantic, sweet and gentle pieces. All kinds and types of contrasting emotions and characters are gently mixed together in one place sensibly and expressively. Masterful and precise playing goes along all the time with, bright, passionate, marvelous and vibrant improvising – it makes remarkable and charming sound.

‘Solution n°5’ is filled with innovative musical decisions and extraordinary ways of playing. Musicians of the trio follow the basics of their conception and use main elements of their playing styles. They not hesitate to experiment in various fields of musical language – traditional forms are organically mixed with new and open forms of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation marvelously integrates in polyphonic and difficult musical pattern. Traditional instrumental combinations are used all together with experimental, eclectic and extraordinary ways of playing. Musicians re always searching for new, original, fresh and evocative musiacal decisions in any section of musical language. Bordering and shocking dynamics, synthesis of acoustics and electronics, minimalism and free improvisation, experimental music, academic avant-garde and contemporary, progressive and avant-garde jazz… – these contrasting and interesting combinations are just the part of conceptual, shocking and innovative musical decisions who are used here, in this album. Inventive, original, expressive and passionate playing style makes an effort to whole musical pattern. Musician’s experiments break the traditions and conventional rules of musical language – artsy and creative fusion is constructed from many different music styles, expressions and experiments. Open form, dynamic and pulsating rhythmic, unusual and bright sounds, unconventional musical language elements, hot and sharp playing manner, repetitive and serialistic music elements, intonations of dodecaphony, serialism, minimalism and post-minimalism, other styles of modernism music contain the main basic of the compositions. Even though it looks like, that musicians are jumping from one mood to another, the music is constructed smoothly, with love, invention and passion. Every mood, motion, character, rhythm or chord has its own place here – musicians mix together the elements, who are absolutely different from each other. Smooth, light and gentle solos are fused with dramatic, roaring, eclectic and pneumatic explosions of energy, calm, repetitive and relaxing pieces are connected with hot sparkles, passionate thrills or turbulent blow outs. This is the music of contrasts, who contain the main part of musical language. Multi-layed pattern, polyphonic facture, independent melodies of acoustics and fascinating timbres of electronics – that’s the base of the compositions. Trumpet and trombone duos are especially vibrant and bright – it’s filled with intense turns, bright and sudden stylistic changes, emotional and expressive solos, roaring, violent, turbulent and marvelous blow outs, charming riffs or dreamy, solemn, soft and silent episodes. Interesting sounds of bugle and electro-acoustics makes a marvelous combination with dramatic and luminous solos. Huge variety of colorful and interesting timbres, gorgeous sounds, bright and passionate improvisations, original playing techniques of electronics and dispositive electro-acoustics make intense, solid and original background. All three musicians are improvising wonderful – their musical language is exceptional and rich. Loops, repetitive rhythms, menotonic melodies, gorgeous sounds, glitch, drone, computer sounds, imitations and alterations of sounds, tunings, the elements of puantilism, serialism and minimalism, newest musical experiments and fresh, evocative and intense musical decisions – all these elements contain an important part of these improvisations and its style. All these elements are marvelously synthesized together and make an evocative, vivacious, bright and passionate sound.

Thollem & Clem Fortuna – ‘Your Letter Must Have Followed Me All Over The World’ (2018)

‘Your Letter Must Have Followed Me All Over The World’ was released on July. Album was recorded by Thollem (piano, electronics) and Clem Fortuna (piano, electronics). Two musicians are interesting players of avant-garde jazz and experimental music scene. Their music is a mix of main elements of experimental and avant-garde jazz and various styles of modern classical music. Post-modernism, electronics, synthesized sounds, post-minimalism, microtones, classical harmony of Western Europe harmony, huge variety of scales, expressions, instrumentation’s techniques and other elements of musical language. The music is based on bright, expressive, eclectic and sometimes even outrageous or drastic musical decisions. Musicians are marvelous experimentators – they like to find and create new and fresh ways of playing, bright and eclectic combinations, sudden and colorful stylistic turns or provocative musical decisions. The music is based on creative and innovative synthesis of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, experimental music and various styles of contemporary academical music. That makes engaging, charming, evocative and bright sound.

‘Your Letter Must Have Followed Me All Over The World’ compositions have difficult strcuture, complicated rhythmic, solid melodic pattern and multi-layed musical pattern. The basic of the compositions is mixed from various styles and its elements – free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, intonations of modern, progressive and contemporary jazz styles are connected with electronic music, synthesized sounds, innovative playing techniques, bright and intense sounds, strange timbres and original musical decisions. Contemporary academical music is one of the basics of the compositions. It makes an effort to all other elements and layers of musical pattern. Electronics, sharp and dissonance harmony, unique and original form, dynamic and constantly changing rhythmic, gorgeous sounds, microtonics and other eclectic ans exotic combinations seriously are very important elements of this album. The music is bright, original, interesting and evocative. It’s very rich and difficult in a way of form, instrumentation, dynamics, musical experiments, variety of styles and other sections and subjects of musical language. The music is constructed inventively and creatively – the form is the mix of various open forms of avant-garde jazz, classical forms of Western Europe music and new, fresh, shocking and innovative forms of contemporary academical music. The form sometimes has all the main elements of avant-garde jazz – it’s free, abstract, doesn’t have strict frames and break the usual rules of music form. These places are filled with spontaneous, bright, eclectic, turbulent and creative collective improvisations or moving solos. The form changes many times in the different compositions – it turns out to strict, monument and static frames with static structure and subtle, calm,bordering and bright pieces. Musicians are moving between free jazz to contemporary academical music. There are many elements who are associated with post-minimalism, repetitive music, pulsating rhythmic or monotonic rhythmic, melodic or harmonic elements, who are repeated many times and changed silmunateously. That gives calm ,relaxing, peaceful and meditative mood and eclectic, silent and interesting sound. Four pianos, controled with one tuning system and electronics – it’s an interesting and original instrumantal compilation, who reveals the way to fascinating musical experiments, colorful and expressive stylistic changes, eclectic combinations or moving turns. Musicians masterfully fuse together all these elements and gain interesting, remarkable and contrasting sound. Abandoned and sad, sorrow and depressive solos suddenly turn out to deligt, expressive, length, tight and joyful improvisations, special effects and huge range of electronics. All these elements are gently joined together with electronics – alterated timbres, modificated sounds, bright and luminous special effects, glitch, drone, field recordings, sonic system experiments, unusual timbres and computer devices sounds – these things form just one part of musicians improvisations. Musicians not just have an interesting, remarkable, innovative and bright playing style and precise technique. Their playing is inspiring, touching and emotional – together as a duo, musicians dive between various moods and expressions, contrastingly and inventively fuse them together and search for new, fresh and interesting musical decisions. Their music has evocative, luminous, dynamic and adventurous sound.

FULL BLAST – ‘Rio’ (trost records, 2018)

‘Rio’ is the newest release of ‘trost records’. Album was recorded by Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Marino Pliakas (e-bass) and Michael Wertmüller (drums). The musicians are full of innovative and fresh music ideas – they make interesting and evocative musical decisions, bright culminations, intense and powerful blow outs or go straight to silent pauses or sudden abruptions. All three musicians are famous in avant-garde jazz scene – they had been central figures of European and American avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. The music is filled with bright, original, passionate and expressive musical decisions – musicians are always demonstrating their best abilities of improvising. Their collective improvisations are effective and bright – when these three outstanding jazz masters join together, they fullfill the musical pattern with gorgeous ornaments, virtuosic passages, loud, roaring and vibrant blow outs, remrkable melodies or turbulent and dramatic culminations. That makes an effort to rich, expressive, multi-layed and modern musical language, unique sound and bright playing manner.

‘Rio’ has colorful, bright, intense, energetic and passionate sound. Three great jazz masters are demonstrating their best abilities of improvising – they are using the main elements of their playing manners, styles and own techniques in one place with sound experiments and special effects. The main and the most effective elements of their playing styles are recovered here – the music is especially emotional, full of dramatic solos, thrilling melodies, bright and intense blow outs and turbulent collective improvisations. Famous jazz stars are improvising not for a first time – they had been playing together many times before this one. The compositions of this album have an exceptional and new sound – musicians are active, creative and are looking for fresh, drastic, curious and adventurous decisions and elements, which could illustrate the musical language even more. The compositions based on free form, abstract and multi-layed musical pattern, gorgeous background, solid and vibrant melodic section, dynamic and moving rhythmic base and all the basics of avant-garde jazz. Musicians are searching for new ways of instrumentation – they join together different musical language elements, European and American avant-garde jazz traditions and the newest tendencies, innovations, outrageous and modern musical decisions and dozens of other elements of musical language. Peter Brotzmann is one of the most famous jazz master in the world. He’s the main figure of European jazz scene for more than 30 years. Remarkable, creative, evocative and passionate playing style, tubrbulent, extremely bright, loud and intense blow outs, fascinating sound experiments and innovative instrumentation – all these elements make an effort to unique and modern playing style and sound. His improvisations in this album are also based on the main elements of specific and marvelous playing style. Saxophonist masterfully twists together contrasting expressions and playing techniques, he dives through different moods and joins them together in organic and innovative way. From sad to strict, rough and harsh, when – aggressive, cold and bright, or cordial, warm, turbulent, expressive and hot. Peter Brotzmann really knows, how to fuse together these and many other elements. Roaring, blowing, expressive, dizzy and extremely turbulent solos make vibrant, intense and energetic mood of all the compositions. Marino Pliakas e-bass compositions are filled with dynamic stylistic turns, bright sound explosions and passionate solos. Improviser can fuse together everything – he form dark, deep and solid bass line and joins it with bright, passionate, thrilling, moving and wild solos, splendid and virtuosic passages and musical experiments in all ways of musical language. The solos gently fit together with hot, wild and thrilling saxophone. Reeds and e-bass duos make a intensive, gorgeous and innovative sound. Michael Wertmüller drum’s section is energetic and full of bursts of energy, virtuosic solos, vivacious, passionate and enormously huge variety of sounds, timbres, techniques and exotic instrumental combinations. The drummer stays up to bright, intensive, harsh, thrilling, aggressive and passionate mood. He tends to make the exotic combinations, eclectic fusions of styles, passionate solos, innovative musical decisions and produce glamorous, moving and splendid instrumentation. That makes an effort to solid, independent and bright rhythmic section. Melodic and rhythmic section are always competing with each other – both sections are just wonderfully made, filled with passionate, cordial and moving improvisations, independent and unique sound, remarkable instrumentation and furious, roaring, thrilling and bright collective improvisations. This album is a great occassion to hear a marvelous record of three great stars of avant-garde jazz.


Jacob Sacks/Ellery Eskelin/Tony Malaby/Michael Formanek/Dan Weiss – ‘Fishes’ (Clean Feed, 2018)

‘Fishes’ is one of the newest releases released by “Clean Feed” records. Album was recorded by Jacob Sacks (piano), Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone), Tony Malaby (tenor, soprano saxophone), Michael Formanek (bass) and Dan Weiss (drums). Quintet has its own and unique sound – it’s based on natural, warm and interesting synthesis of individual playing styles of each musician. The musical language is created by all five musicians – each of them is trying to do his best and find organic, suggestive and innovative way of fusing together different playing techniques, contrasting playing manners, expressions, dynamics, weird timbres and unusual sounds. Spontaneous and free improvisation, collective and extremely loud energy explosions, abstract and calm solos, creative sound experiments or silent pauses – all these elements make an organic, bright and original playing style. Musicians have expressive and warm playing manner – some of them are mixing it with sharp, outrageous and weird timbres, vibrant blow outs, aggressive and turbulent riffs and other elements. Creative, moody and adventurous mix of different music styles and usical language elements make an effort to bright, intense and passionate sound of their improvisations.

‘Fishes’ has intense, loud, virtuosic and vivacious sound. The music is based on bright and eclectic stylistic combinations, expressive and touching solos, moving and rapid arpeggios and free, independent and original collective improvisations. Musicians base their music on collective improvisations and basics of avant-garde jazz. Innovative, bright, independent and unique – that’s how we could call the sound and interesting playing style of these musicians. The music is arranged very professionally and creatively – individual themes, colorful and expressive melodies, remarkable solos and innovative instrumentation decisions are masterfully fused together with spontaneous and unpredictable musical decisions, drastic changes of musical language by using wide range of different playing techniques. Compositions have interesting form, which is synthesized from pieces of classical and open forms of avant-garde jazz. Form is abstract and free, so each musician can reflect, search and express wide range of emotions, unusual sounds, timbres and innovative ways of playing. Improvisers are playing especially passionately and cordially – their music has fresh and innovative sound and very colorful musical language. Modern, extravagant, filled with eclectic combinations, stylistic waves or bright sound explosions – that’s the musical language of this album. Gorgeous timbres contain a colorul and solid background, which is connected with rhythms of Afroamerican, Western Africa, classical music of Western Europe, basic rhythms of avant-garde, experimental, modern and traditional jazz styles, contemporary dances, circus music or some rock styles and sharp, dramatic and expressive harmony. Melodic section is bright and expressive, it has intense, turbulent and effective sound – sometimes it’s more similar to great and huge storm, filled with strange noises, weird sounds and powerful bursts of energy. Piano, tenor and soprano saxophones and bass make a pleasant, colorful and interesting equation. Moving and touching piano solos are filled with passionate and wild fast passages, extremely fast arpeggio, original and interesting timbres, sharp tunes, aggressive, turbulent and intense episodes or gentle, light and sweet pieces. All these elements are masterfulyl joined together – pianist make a strong relation between avant-garde jazz and modern jazz styles. Saxophones melodies are suggestive and bright. Remarkable solos, aggressive and provocative playing, harsh, sharp and turbulent improvisations, powerful and terrific blow outs, luminous, vivacious and vivid melodies, deep bass line or wild and thrilling passages – musicians are the masters of fusing together different musical language elements. Two famous saxophonists have attractive, passionate, harsh, hot, sometimes even – aggressive and provocative playing manner. They are producing huge range of strange timbres, weird sounds and search for new and experimental ways of playing. Saxophones and piano duos or trios have remarkable, charming, touching and sparkling sound – that makes solid, independent and modern melodic section. Bass effects both sections – and melodic, and rhythmic. Dozens of virtuosic elements, frantic solos, dizzy and dramatic culminations, passionate passages and special effects make a strong contrast with deep, monotonic, dark and solid bass line, which form firm bass line. Bass improvisations are remarkable, rich and evocative – it makes an effort to melodic section and colorfully illustrates the rhythmic section and background. Drum section is bright, intense, electric and dynamic. It’s filled with dozens of different rhythms, who are creatively fused together all in one place. Mix of contrasting timbres, sounds, rhythms and colors, evocative and innovative instrumentation, modern musical decisions, rich and gorgeous musical language – all these elements make a turbulent, powerful, active and constantly changing drum section. The improvisations of this quintet are bright, intense and passionate – it has gorgeous, vivacious and innovative sound.