Lina Andonovska – “A Way A Lone A Last” (Diatribe Records, 2020)

“A Way A Lone A Last” is released on “Diatribe Records” label. A great collaboration of Lina Andonovska (flute, alto flute, piccolo, amplified bass flute, percussion) and Matthew Jacobson (percussion) is completely based on experimental music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Both musicians are exploring new fields of musical language – they don’t hesitate to try out new, extended, exotic or extravagant ways of playing, extract strange timbres, switch from the one mood to another and make dynamic turns. As a result, the music is fresh, evocative and bright.

All music of “A Way A Lone A Last” is played spontaneously. An open form is used everywhere. Both musicians are talented improvisers who have wide musical knownledge, expressive playing manner and splendid virtuosity. A huge range of styles and expressions is detected. Lina Andonovska suggests an organic fusion of experimental music and avant-garde jazz. Her music doesn’t have charming remarkable melodies or driving riffs, is totally based on abstract improvising and research of strange timbres. The rhythms of all ranges, strange timbres, extended playing techniques, hot thrills, vibrant solos, trembling trills, light flying ornaments, ambient tunes, amplifications, whistling, shrieky or hysteric solos – all these elements of all ranged are gently brought together in her compositions. Warm soft flute accompagnied by exclaiming, swiftling and persecuting piccolo is going vs. amplified bass flute. There comes strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, deep ambient solos, depressed haunted pieces, minimalistic samples, subtle contemplations with research of new tunes – amplified bass flute makes a solemn, suggestive and modern sound. It’s a nice combo of acoustics and electronics made by innovative instrumental decisions and evocative expressions. An improviser has a tendency to get on abstract improvising and search to strange timbres and expressions – that makes a a strong relation with contemporary academical, electroacoustic and experimental music, and academic avant-garde, as well. The music is exciting and full of contrasts – different kinds of flutes gently fit together and from deep silence, haunted darkness pass to subtle fragility and head directly to blooming culminations, whistling shrieky solos, expressive melodic compounds and the rhythms of all ranges extracted by percussion. Matthew Jacobson’s percussion contains the base of rhythmic section – it’s the source of huge range of colors, expressions and tunes. Research of strange timbres, integration of evocative ideas, innovative sonoristic experiments and playing techniques gently integrated with traditional ways of playing, abstraction and spontaneous improvising keeps the compositions on the fundaments of avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Both musicians are making interesting combos, profesionally reacting to each other’s playing and are diving into bright, innovative and original sonoristic experiments. “A Way A Lone A Last” has a suggestive, expressive and innovative sound.


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