Paul Hession / Simon H. Fell – “Reconstructed Fragments” (Bruce’s Fingers, 2020)

“Reconstructed Fragments” is the newest result of Simon H. Fell (double bass)
and Paul Hession (drum set). A duo is open to radical ideas, evocative fresh decisions, extended playing techniques, the newest innovations and modern expressions. The music always is surprising and bright – both improvisers are the masters of improvising. They use their wide musical knownledge, splendid virtuosity and expressive vital playign manner to create an effective and original sound.

All the compositions of “Reconstructed Fragments” are based on free improvisation. An open form and sonoristic experiments gently fit together – it also has an interesting instrumental compilation: the compositions are written to double bass and drums kit. There are no line between rhythmic or melody line – the musicians are creating it together. A balance of switching different functions from one to another musician is used very frequently – sometimes the one improviser keeps a stable, bright and expressive melody line, and another moment he passes to driving and dynamic rhythmic section which is as much interesting as the main melody. Basically, whole musical pattern is based on subtle stylistic fusion of avant-garde jazz and its fundaments, free improvisation, experimental jazz, some elements of modern and contemporary jazz styles and the relations to contemporary academical and experimental music. The musicians are blending together different kinds of playing techniques – very well-known ways of improvising, effective and expressive playing manners used by other great jazz masters are condensed with extravagant, radical, unique, specific or home-made ways of playing created by the improvisers. That’s how the musicians manage to create a multi-layed and expressive musical pattern. Double bassist Simon H. Fell is balancing between contrasting and absolutely different pieces. His music frequently begins with heavy slow solos accompagnied by stable bass line, abstract improvising, subtle fusion of different jazz styles and the elements of contemporary academical music. Sometimes there comes ascetic minimalistic pieces or an improviser dives in heavy, depressed and dark mood. When there’s a sudden changes – the music gets anxious and cracking, stratching, scratching and expressive. Remarkable virageous solos, expressive vital melodies, breaking sessions, vibrant riffs and radiant perturbations – all these elements are leading to wild driving culminations played in active and expressive mood. Strange timbres and astonishing sonoristic experiments are the main compounds of all double bass compositions. It makes the music interesting, bright, exciting and innovative. Paul Hession creates a dynamic and driving rhythmic section. His drum section is an artsy and organic mix of rhythms and expressions of all ranges – expressive vital series, monotonous stable beat, cool relaxing tunes, exotic or strange timbres, original instrumental compilations, nervous exciting bebop, aggressive hard bop heading to wild crazy free improvisations with impressive riffs, charming solos and passionate expressive culminations. Both musicians create a vital, passionate and innovative sound.


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