“Lavaman” is the newest avant-garde jazz album which was released by “Intakt Records” this month. The album was recorded by “Die Enttauschung” quintet – it’s Rudi Mahall (bass clarinet, clarinet), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Christof Thewes (trombone), Jan Roder (bass) and Michael Griener (drums). These five musicians had been improvising together for many years. Their original, unique and interesting improvising styles, different musical languages, playing manners and styles are masterfully twisted all together in one improvisation. Full of unexpected stylistic waves, turns and changes – imptovisations by thjs quintet are always interesting and have a fabulous and dynamic sound. All five musicians are great jazz masters. Their improvising style is based on various jazz styles synthesis – modern and avant-garde jazz traditions and main elements are highly effected by American and Europe experimental jazz elements which are quiet different from each other. Etended playing techniques, constantly changing and dynamic musical language, bright, stunning and vivid sound – all these elements form the most part of this quintet improvisations.

Album improvisations are based on synthesis between various jazz styles. Bebop, hard-bop, some elements of traiditional jazz styles are gently connected with experimental jazz. Collective improvisations, wild fast solos, unexpected stylistic turns, sudden changes of moods and characters of the compositions, high variety of different musical expressions – all these elements bring expressive, especially emotional and interesting sound to the compositions. Album improvisations are based on free form, which has not strictly based structure, colorful harmony, gorgeous background and constantly changing rhythmic. The sound of the compositions has many different colors and unheard timbres in it. Extended playing techniques, colorful harmony, memorable and expressive melodies, bright and rich musical language make an effort to the compositions sound. Musicians try out and masterfully combine together various traiditional ways of playing and innovative playing techniques. This wide range of different playing techniques helps musicians to extract new, unheard and unusual timbres which are making musical background more colorful and gorgeous. It’s also used as anj important colouristic element. Rudi Mahall clarinet melodies are very expressive and full of numerous different expressions and musical language elements – his musical language is very rich, evocative, innovative and bright, based on extravagant and unusual musical decisions. Emotional and vivacious melodies are gently combined together with other instruments – Axel Dorner trumpet and Christof Thewes trombone melodies. Trumpet improvisations as same as clarinet, are emotional and expressive. Various elements of modern jazz styles are heard in these two instruments improvisations. Trombone melodies gently fit together – solid, intense and vibrant sound is highly contrasting with speedy, vivacious, striking and vivid trumpet and clarinet melodies. Trombone sounds more solid, powerful and static – Christof Thewes improvisations are full of spontaneous musical decisions, melodic and memorable improvisations, interesting timbres and harmony. Trumpet, clarinet and trombone improvisations form a very solid and strong melodic basic which also is colorful, evocative and striking. Jan Roder bass and Michael Griener drums improvisations are based on numerous of different rhythmic formulas and types. Dynamic, fast and vivacious rhythms are professionally combined together with static, slow and monotonic rhythms which are not heard very much in these improvisations. All music of this album is very moody and colorful – because of outstanding and marvelous improvising the main sound of the album is bright, interesting and expressive.


Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity – “Live In Europe” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Live In Europe” is the newest avant-garde jazz album released by “Clean Feed Records” this month. Album was recorded by “Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity” – it’s Gard Nilssen (drums), Petter Eldh (double bass), André Roligheten (tenor & soprano saxophones), Fredrik Ljungkvist (tenor saxophone & clarinet (CD2)), Kristoffer Berre Alberts (alto,tenor & barytone saxophones (CD3)) and Jørgen Mathisen (tenor saxophone & clarinet (CD3)). This album is a 3 CD set. The musicians who had recorded it are outstanding and masterful avant-garde jazz improvisers. Each of them has extravagant and bright sound, unique playing manner, own and original playing techniques. Their improvisations are always based on free and spontaneous improvising. Innovative, expressive, emotional and very interesting improvisations, inventive musical decisions, creative and wild improvising are heard very much in their compositions. This album is another one opportunity to hear playing of talented, experienced and innovative avant-garde jazz masters. Album compositions were recorded in the ‘North Sea Jazz Festival” in 2016.

Album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz. Intense, vibrant and powerful collective improvisations, stunning and wild fast solos, astonishing and interesting musical experiments are the main elements of compositions musical language. Different pieces, styles episodes twisting together in one composition is heard on each composition. Active and energetic episodes are connected with soft and subtle, peaceful and restful – to dramatic and very loud. Whole album sound is dynamic and constantly changing – dynamic and unexpected stylistic waves, turns, changes of characters and moods are creating astonishing and impressive sound of these compositions. The musical language of the compositions is based on various elements. Polyphonic structure, free form, independent and individual melodies, dynamic rhythmic and very solid rhythmical and melodic basements form a rich and bright musical pattern. Melodic pattern highly effect the improvisations sound – different kinds of saxophones, clarinets and bass  improvisations are full of extended playing techniques, striking and vivid solos, vivacious and joyful episodes and various special sound effects. Vibrant sound, intense and powerful riffs, solid, aggressive and sharp blow outs are connected all together and make a remarkable sound. The unique playing by each member of ensemble, its own and independent melodies, extended playing techniques and other astonishing musical language elements also make a solid, strong and interesting musical pattern. The vivid, bright and vibrant melodic basement is colorfully illustrated by rhythmic and harmonic basics. Various kinds of percussion instruments and drums, wide range of different timbres, weird sounds and noises aren’t used just as colouristic or background element – it’s also is effecting the reeds improvisations with its remarkable and impressive solos. Reeds and drums duos are the most effective and interesting pieces of the album. Active, emotional and expressive reeds improvisations gently combine together with wild fast, loud and powerful drum rolls, adventurous and powerful solos and wide range of interesting sounds. Sharp, intense and dissonance harmony is also deeply effecting the sound. It bring more energy, live and vivid sound to the improvisations. Various kinds of chords and pitches are used here, but the most part of them has sharp, aggressive and provocative sound. Rich, bright and innovative musical language, original and modern musical decisions, creative and impressive improvising make a solid, remarkable and interesting sound of this album.

Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal – “Hide Ye Idols” (LL, 2017)

“Hide Ye Idols” is a new jazz album which was released on October 27 by “LL Records”. Album was recorded by a quartet – it’s Loren Stillman (tenor saxophone), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Eivind Opsvik (bass) and Vinnie Sperrazza (drums and songs). Four young, talented and expressive jazz masters have innovative and extraordinary sound. Loren Stillman (1980) is an American composer and jazz saxophonist. He had played with John Abercrombie, Joe Lovano, Eivind Opsvik, Charlie Haden, Carla Bley and many others. Through years of musical career, he had formed and revealed his original and interesting playing style, spontaneous musical experiments and unusual sound. Brandon Seabrook (1984) is another one talented and young jazz guitarist from New York. He also had played with other various jazz masters and ensembles – Peter Evans, “Jessica Lurie Ensemble”, “Tomas Fujiwara Trio” and many others. Brandon Seabrook improvising style is based on avant-garde jazz and free musical experiments. He try to search new and unheard timbres, weird sounds and noises. Extraordinary sound, expressive and dynamic playing, the synthesis between modern and avant-garde jazz elements are the main elements of his improvisations. Eivind Opsvik (1973) is a Norwegian jazz scene bassist. His music is full of unpredictable musical decisions, extraordinary playing techniques and original musical language. Tony Malaby, Jacob Sacks, Jeff Davis, Craig Taborn, Loren Stillman – that’s just a part of jazz improvisers who had been improvising together with Eivind Opsvik. Since the beginning of his musical career, Eivind Opsvik became famous in Norwegian, Europe and America avant-garde jazz scene because of his original, extravagant and vital improvising. Vinnie Sperrazza (1979) is Brooklyn based jazz drummer and composer. Expressive, original, emotional and interesting playing made him famous in America jazz scene. He’s the member of various jazz ensembles, is collaborating with numerous different jazz artists.

Album compositions have a soft, interesting and dynamic sound. It has many elements of various jazz styles. The synthesis of bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, cool, avant-garde jazz, experimental music, some elements of contemporary and traditional jazz styles form the main part of this album compositions. Album compositions have interesting form, difficult structure, are based on polyphony and independent improvisations by each member of the quartet. Expressive, wild fast saxophone improvisations, soft and subtle bass, bright and energetic guitar and dynamic drums – all these elements are masterfully twisted together in one composition. Musical language is formed by numerous of different playing techniques, musical expressions and interesting harmony. Album compositions don’t have one main music style – it’s formed by various music styles and elements. Though sometimes it has a sound which is typical for modern, contemporary or traditional jazz, album compositions are highly effected by avant-garde and other experimental jazz styles. Musicians improvisations are usually based on free form, collective improvisations and adventurous musical experiments. High variety of different musical expressions, twisting of absolutely different music styles, wide range of unique and innovative playing techniques are the main elements which bring the sound of experimental jazz to these compositions. Musicians try out many different playing techniques – some of them are very well-known and ordinary. Traditional ways of playing such as powerful blow outs, intense and vibrant solos, wild fast arpeggios, sudden glissando and other elements are connected with original and innovative ways of playing. That helps musicians to expand the traditional sound and instruments technical abilities zone. Wide range of strange, unheard and weird timbres, separate noises and unusual melodic elements create an original and interesting musical pattern. All kinds of rhythmic are used in these compositions – monotonic and static turn out to dynamic and very fast or very soft and slow. The main sound of the album is contrasting and dynamic – soft, peaceful and restful episodes are connected with expressive, emotional, dramatic and outstanding collective improvisations. All ensemble members have original and unique improvising styles which elements are gently and masterfully twisted together in one composition. Expressive and outstanding improvising, inventive musical decisions and sudden stylistic turns create interesting and modern sound of this album.

Gerrit Hatcher/ Eli Namay/ Bill Harris – “Devouring the Guilt” (Amalgam, 2017)

:Devouring The Guilt” is a new avant-garde jazz album which was released by “Amalgam” on November 15. Album was recorded by three avant-garde jazz masters – Gerrit Hatcher (tenor saxophone), Eli Namay (upright and electric bass) and Bill Harris (drums). Original improvising style, inventive musical decisions, striking, vivide and vivacious sound, dynamic and unpredictable stylistic waves are the main elements of these three musicians improvisations. They had been improvising together for a long time. Individual and expressive playing, unique manner and different sound by each musician improvisations are organically and masterfully twisted together in one composition. The most part of musical decisions are made spontaneously, musicians also always try out new and unheard playing techniques and are creating extraordinary sound.

Album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Expressive and emotional solos full of dramatic and wild fast arpeggios, powerful saxophone blow outs, subtle and peaceful episodes without melodic basement, dynamic and constantly changing rhythmic and spontaneous musical decisions – these elements are the main part of collective improvisations. Album compositions have original and interesting musical pattern which is formed by melodical and rhythmical basement and colorful background. There are compositions which have very colorful, expressive and bright melodies, memorable and spontaneous solos, very fast and monotonic rhythmic. Tenor saxophone improvisations make a high effort to this type compositions. Saxophonist Gerrit Hatcher playing is full of various musical expressions, playing techniques and unpredictable musical decisions which are masterfully twisted together. Very dynamic, active and vivid solos turn out to silent and lyrical pieces, powerful and intense blow outs or very sharp and vibrant improvisations. His playing is always unpredictable and very dynamic. He twists together qabsolutely different music styles, playing techniques and expressions. Gerrit Hatcher improvisations are heard very much in all improvisations and bring here original, vivacious and very sharp sound. Eli Namay bass improvisations are more sutble and calmer than active and contrasting saxophone melodies. Bass improvisations bring electronic music sounds, unusual timbres and some intonations of rock music to the compositions. Eli Namay playing is also very contrasting and actove – subtle and organic synthesis of various musical elements, masterful virtuosity, wide range of different rhythms and bright musical language help to form a solid and intense rhythmic basement. Saxophone improvisations form a solid and strong melodic basic, drums and bass – rhythmic and harmonic. Bill Harris drums improvisations are based on musical experiments, unusual sounds searching, wide range of different ways of playing and rhythmic formulas. He inventively and creatively try out new ways of playing and twist together monotonic and dynamic, slow and wild fast, sharp and soft and numerous of other kinds of rhythmic and its sounds. Inventive, vivid and interesting improvising reveal and demonstrate unique sound of each musician. Independent and vivacious improvising, interesting and striking musical language and marvelous playing by all trio musicians create outstanding sound of this album.

Christopher Biggs – “Decade Zero” (Ravello Records, 2017)

“Decade Zero” is the new contemporary academic avant-garde record released by “Ravello Records” on November 10. The compositions by Christopher Biggs were recorded in this album. Christopher Biggs is an American composer. His musical language is based on unusual and original musical decisions, inventive and innovative instrumentation, rich, contrasting and vivacious combination of various musical expressions. He has a masterful ability to combine together acoustic instruments and electronics. The most part of his works are highly connected with literature – he dedicates his works for various novels and their main themes, is illustrating them colorfully and with passion. Christopher Biggs music has a difficult and modern musical language which is based on several lays, contrasting musical patterns and polyphonic structure. The various elements of expresionism, modernism and other styles of contemporary academical music of 20th century are effectively combined together with academic avant-garde elements and stunning musical experiments. Christopher Biggs music is highly effected by various moods and characters – composer use many different playing techniques, musical expressions and electronics to passionately express wide range of moods and characters. His music has modern, original and innovative sound.

“Zero Decade” compositions are conected with various science fiction books. Each composition is dedicated to different science fiction – it’s “Decade Zero” for brass quintet, “Externalities” for cello, “Promothea” for alto saxophone and inspired by Alan Moore same name story, “A Letter To The Moon” for trumpet, percussion and piano (inspired by Italo Calvino short story “The Distance To The Moon”), “Recombinant Serenade” for horn and “Amass” for clarinet. All compositions of the album are based on original musical decisions. All kinds od different timbres, moods, instrumentation and musical expressions are used in these compositions. The musical pattern has very bright and interesting musical language which is based on very solid melodic, harmonic and rhythmic basement and background. Expressive, emotional, passionate and dramatic melodies are highly contrasting with each other – with numerous of different playing techniques composer extract dramatic, expressive, joyful or – violent, tragic and vibrant sound. The constantly changing sound and various musical expressions are the main elements which bring to these compositions colorful, unpredictable and adventurous sound. Sudden stylistic, moods and character changes, unpredictable surprises and turns are the main elements of these compositions. Composer pays high attention to mood and characters – that’s is heard very clear in his musical language. He also is always searching for a new and innovative sound, try out extended playing techniques, stunning musical decisions and experiments. All musical language is based on musical experiments – vivid and striking solos are full of colorful glissando, energetic and wild fast arpeggios, soft and subtle pizzicato and other traditional playing techniques which are masterfully combined with numerous of different and innovative ways of playing. Each instrument has its own and independent melody and is based on individual musical language decisions. The harmony is very sharp, aggressive and fierce for the most of the time. It’s based on dissonance chords, separate notes which brings to the compositions dramatic and innovative sound. All types and kinds of rhythmic are used here – different rhythms and rhythmic formulas are used in the same time, dynamic or very static rhythms are used silmunateously or are very fast changing each other. The variety of rhythms, harmony, free form and unusual timbres make a colorful and bright music background. Another one very important element of instrumentation is electronics. All kinds of electronics sounds are used in various compositions as a main or colouristic element. It’s gently, softly and masterfully combined together with acoustic instruments and other music language elements. These compositions demonstrate the main elements of Christopher Biggs composing style and reveal original and unique musical language. Bright, vivid, striking and dramatic melodies, dynamic rhythms, and masterful combination between acoustic instruments and electronics create interesting and innovative sound of this album.

Aalberg | Kullhammar | Zetterber | Santos Silva – “Basement Sessions Vol.4 (The Bali Tapes)” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Basement Sessions Vol.4 (The Bali Tapes)” is another one the newest album released this month by “Clean Feed Records”. The album was recorded by a group of avant-garde jazz musicians – it’s Espen Aalberg, (drums, percussion), Jonas Kullhammar (saxophone, flute), Torbjörn Zetterberg (bass) and Susana Santos Silva (trumpet). All musicians also play gamelan.  These four jazz musicians are interesting and innovative avant-garde jazz players. They had been collaborating with numerous of other famous experimental jazz masters. Original, interesting and vivacious playing, extraordinary and unusual musical decisions and modern musical language are the main elements of these musicians improvising style. Avant-garde jazz elements, Europe and Asia countries ethnic music intonations and styles are gently combined all together in one composition. Dynamic, expressive and vital sound is heard in most part of these musicians albums. Original and unique sound, playing manner and innovative improvising had made these musicians famous and adventurous avant-garde jazz masters.

Album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and Asia music traditions. The synthesis between European avant-garde jazz traditions and Indonesian music intonations make an effort to unique and extraordinary sound of this album. Along with acoustic instruments all musicians are playing with gamelan. Mikrotones, extraordinary sounds, Indonesian music harmony, expressive melodies and rhythms are highly effecting main sound of the improvisations. Various sounds and elements of gamelan create exotic and adventurous sound and expand the comfort zone of instruments. The main elements of Indonesian music such as mikrotonal harmony, dynamic, subtle and ethnic rhythmic, traditional scales and other important musical language traditions and intonations are demonstrated in these compositions. All musicians masterfully reveal the main elements of Indonesian music, expand the technical abilities of gamelan and connect it with avant-garde jazz. The main elements of European, especially – Scandinavian experimental jazz tendencies are heard in this album. Jonas Kullhammar saxophone and flute improvisations are based on free and creative musical experiments. Expressive, full of masterful virtuosity, wild fast arpeggios, sudden and colorful glissando, powerful blow outs and intense riffs – these elements are heard very much in his improvisations. Jonas Kullhammar try out many different playing techniques, combining together traditional and innovative ways of playing. Torbjorn Zetterberg bass improvisations have vibrant and solid sound. It’s full of adventurous musical decisions, sudden and extraordinary stylistic waves, original and inventive musical decisions. Because of wide range of different extraordinary ways of playing, high variety of different unusual timbres and m=noises are heard. Bassist pay high attention to the search of extraordinary and intense sound – he expand the technical abilities of bass, and create original and innovative sound. Trumpeter Susana Santos Silva brings to these compositions bright, vivacious and evocative sound. Expressive, wild fast and powerful improvisations are full of different musical expressions, have original musical language which is based on spontaneous and inventive musical decisions. Espen Aalberg intense and vibrant drum rolls, powerful and very fast solos, extraordinary and weird percussion sounds, free and creative musical experiments and vivacious and energetic improvising create a solid musical pattern and rhythmical basement of the improvisations. The main aim why this album has extraordinary and different sound is a marvelous combination between traditional European music acoustic instruments and Indonesian gamelan traditions. The main elements of these two absolutely different countries, cultures and music styles are masterfully and outstandingly combined together. All these elements gently and organically fit together in one composition and make an original, unique and extraordinary sound.

Joe McPhee | Pascal Niggenkemper | Ståle Liavik Solberg – “Imaginary Numbers” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Imaginary Numbers” is one of the newest experimental jazz albums which were released this month by “Clean Feed Records”. The album was recorded by three great jazz masters – Joe McPhee (pocket trumpet, tenor saxophone), Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass) and Ståle Liavik Solberg (drums, percussion). Jazz legend Joe McPhee is one of the most famous avant-garde jazz musicians. He always collaborating with numerous avant-garde jazz masters, experimental music players, rock bands and other music performers. Original and expressive playing, spontaneous and inventive musical decisions, vital, contrasting and lively sound, numerous of different playing techniques – these elements are the main part of his improvising style. Own and unique sound and extraordinary playing manner also is the main element of Pascal Niggenkemper and Stale Liavik Solberg. These two avant-garde jazz masters demonstrate their marvelous improvising, ability to put together absolutely different music styles and expressions and inventive musical decisions. Shocking and stunning musical experiments, spontaneous, wild and free improvising usually create dynamic, innovative and provocative sound of their improvisations. This album is another one opportunity to hear three famous jazz legends playing and improvising together.

Album compositions based on avant-garde jazz elements. Wide range of musical expressions, unusual and colorful timbres, separate noises, memorable and expressive melodies, sharp and aggressive sound – these elements are the main and most important part of these improvisations. Collective improvisations are formed of numerous different musical language elements which are highly contrasting with each other – aggressive, provocative and expressive saxophone melodies, sharp, powerful and loud blow-outs, stunning riffs with wild fast arpeggios are put together with subtle and effective bass melodies and dynamic rhythmic. Three musicians are playing free, emotional and spontaneously. Their improvising is full of unpredictable and extraordinary choices, sudden changes of styles and moods, different characters and musical elements. Joe McPhee improvising make an effort to whole sound of compositions. Loud, powerful and sharp episodes are twisted together with soft, calm and peaceful episodes which have lyrical melodic episodes and colorful harmony. His playing in these improvisations is outstanding – Joe McPhee try out numerous of different playing techniques. Traditional and innovative ways of playing are gently blended together with his own and unique sound, playing manner and outstanding improvising style. His improvisations bring to the compositions live, bright, powerful and intense sound. Pascal Niggenkemper improvising also is masterful and stunning – he creatively combines different musical expressions, playing techniques and other musical language elements. Very colorful and gorgeous harmony, various types of rhythms, vibrant, solid and effective sound – these elements form the main basement of his improvisations. With numerous of different musical expressions Pascal Niggenkemper create original and bright musical language and interesting sound of his improvisations. The duos between Pascal Niggenkemper and Joe McPhee are effective, colorful, dynamic and one of the most episodes of the album. Own and unique playing style, outstanding virtuosity, inventive and masterful playing, expressive and energetic melodies create a vibrant and intense sound. Stale Liavik Solberg playing is very effective, essential and interesting – his playing is full of different musical expressions, rhythms, unusual and gorgeous sounds of percussion. Outstanding virtuosity, masterful playing, unique playing manner and innovative musical decisions are combined with spontaneous musical decisions and free sound experiments. The combination of all these elements create an effective, gorgeous and intense sound. Collective all three musicians improvisations are the most interesting pieces of the album – each of them shows their masterful playing, demonstrates creative, inventive and outstanding improvising. This album is a great opportunity to hear an outstanding and interesting improvisations by three avant-garde jazz legends.