Evan Parker |Barry Guy | Paul Lytton – ” Music For David Mossman (Live at Vortex London)” (Intakt, 2018)

” Music For David Mossman (Live at Vortex London)” was released this month by “Intakt Records” label. This original album was recorded by three famous jazz masters – Evan Parker (saxophone), Barry Guy (bass) and Paul Lytton (drums). All three musicians are famous and original jazz masters – their original, active, innovative and inventive  improvising had made them famous avant-garde jazz masters. They are always collaborating with many other jazz masters, playing in the concerts and festivals in various world countries. Three musicians had also improvised together – as atrio and also with other musicians. Collective improvisations  are especially active, expressive, emotional and passionate. Turbulent collective improvisations, sharp and aggressive blow outs, rigorous and dramatic culminations, joyful, playful and spontaneous solos, unusual sounds and timbres, specific playing techniques – all these elements are just a part of the basic of their improvisations. They have a tendency to use innovative and original musical decisions, experimental and shocking playing techniques and create bright, evocative and rich musical language.

Their newest album compositions are based on main elements of unique and specific improvising by these outstanding avant-garde jazz masters. The musicians are improvising free, masterfully, organically, dynamic and expressive. The basic of the album are dynamic and active collective improvisations. Here musicians try out innovative and experimental playing techniques, synthesize together absolutely different music elements, extracts huge range of different moods, characters and expressions. Their improvising is touching and passionate, full of unpredictable and unexpected surprises and sudden stylistic turns. Evan Parker improvises outstandingly and especially expressive in this album. He masterfully combines together many different music elements, playing techniques and expressions. Sharp, rigorous, aggressive, provocative and furious blow outs, very rapid and active passages, virtuosic arpeggios, weird and strange timbres and may other elements are heard in his improvising. After active, rapid, loud and powerful solos there come peaceful and silent episodes, subtle and abstract improvisations which grow to dramatic, turbulent and rigorous culminations. The improvising of Evan Parker is based on free and spontaneous solos – he has a masterful ability to connect together absolutely different moods and expressions, switch between various and opposite moods, musical patterns, playing manners, techniques and expressions. Barry Guy bass improvisations are subtle and specific. He masterfully switch between very active and loud solos and peaceful, subtle and quiet improvisations, which are based on abstract musical pattern. His solos organically and effectively fit together with other instruments improvisations. From glamorous and expressive melodies, wild fast and rapid passages, especially active and virtuosic solos he swiches back to the silent, peaceful and subtle improvisations. Putting together against each other the opposite musical languages, patterns, playing techniques and manners create contrasting and dynamic sound. Energetic, wild fast, rapid, deep and vibrant drums improvisations by Paul Lytton make an effort to whole sound – it creates especiially expressive, energetic and active sound. Paul Lytton tries out many experimental ways of playing and huge amount of musical expressions. Loud drum rolls, turbulent, free and furious bursts of energy, weird and colorful sounds, subtle and silent episodes, virtuosic passages, glissando, experimental playing methods, The most effective and astonishing episodes of this album -turbulent, especially expressive and free collective improvisations, which have innovative and original sound.


William Hooker Trio w/Ava Mendoza & Damon Smith – “Remembering” (Astral Spirits, 2018)

“Remembering” was released on February 16, 2018 by “Astral Spirits” label. Energetic and live album was recorded by four famous jazz masters – William Hooker (drums), Ava Mendoza (guitar) and Damon Smith (double bass). These three original and unique jazz masters had been improvising together many times. Their improvisations are based on masterful and organic synthesis between various playing manners, unique sounds and outstanding solos. Each musician is improvising differently and has unique playing manner and sound. Free musical experiments, spontaneous solos, powerful, deep and vibrant bursts of energy – all these elements are the essential part of their improvisations. When these three jazz masters are improvising together, together they create interesting, unusual and innovative sound. They pay high attention to the extraordinary sound, try out experimental ways of playing and search for new timbres and noises. The improvising is based on original playing manner which is formed from various jaz and other music styles. The synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, experimental music and some intonations of rock styles – all the elements of these music styles are masterfully combined together.

This album compositions have especially active and original sound. Energetic and expressive collective improvisations, free and spontaneous solos, deep and vibrant bass line and many other elements are heard in these improvisations. These three musicians are improvising expressively and creatively – their improvisations are full of unexpected stylistic turns and waves, original twists and innovative musical decisions. Guitar melodies by Ava Mendoza are evocative, deep and passionate. Improviser try out many different playing techniques and connects them with huge range of musical expressions. Powerful and vibrant riffs, glamorous melodies, wild fast, active and rapid solos, virtuosic passages, various experimental ways of playing and traditional guitar playing techniques – all these elements are masterfully combined together in Ava Mendoza’s improvisations. Expressive and loud solos, rapid and vivid melodies, joyful and playful episodes, dramatic culminations or turbulent bursts of energy are gently connected together with soft, subtle and silent episodes. Huge range of different playing techniques, moods, characters and expressions create bright and striking musical language and solid melodic line. Double bass improvisations by Damon Smith are full of different playing manners, various moods and playing techniques – his playing is effective, emotional and dynamic. From subtle and repetitive rhythms, silent and peaceful episodes to the expressive, passionate and rapid melodies – all these elements change each other very rapidly and suddenly. Musician masterfully switches between turbulent and expressive melodies, free and turbulent improvisations, spontaneous solos and silent and subtle episodes. His improvisations gently fit together with guitar melodies and create a solid and deep bass line. Drums improvisations by William Hooker are especially energetic and active – loud, powerful, turbulent and expressive drum rolls, solos and collective improvisations are the main elements of his improvisations. Huge amount of different rhythms, musical language elements, expressions, sounds and timbres are expressed and connected together in one place. William Hooker improvises inventively and with passion – all his improvisations are especially active, rapid, expressive and vivid. All the improvisations of this album have innovative and original sound, bright musical language and are based on masterful and original improvising.

Møster | Parker | Abrams | Herndon – “RAN DO” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Ran Do” was released in 2017 by “Clean Feed Records”. The album was recorded by four interesting and experienced avant-garde jazz masters – it’s Kjetil Moster (tenor saxophone), Jeff Parker (guitar), Joshua Abrams (double bass) and John Herdon (drums). The four musicians of this ensemble have specific and unique playing styles and manners. Each of them are experimenting in all ways of musical language – they frequently try out new and unusual playing manners, synthesize together absolutely different music styles, searche for weird timbres and special sound effects. The improvisations by this quartet are based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz and various rock and psychodelic rock styles. Expressive, moving, bright and vibrant melodies, variable and dynamic rhythmic, original and interesting playing manner, evocative musical language – all these and the other elements create the essential musical pattern. Spontaneous, energetic and furious collective improvisations with fascinating musical experiments, loud and powerful bursts of energy are based on the main elements of all musicians playing styles and manners.

The compositions of this album are also based on the most important and essential elements of avant-garde jazz. Creative and interesting improvising by each musicians is filled with expressionistic, original, emotional and passionate solos. Furious, specific and original musical experiments, energetic and wild fast passages, playful and joyful trills, glissando, pizzicato, staccato and many other traditional playing techniques and expressions are gently combined together with innovative and experimental ways of playing. The compositions of this album are based on avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop, rock, psychodelic rock, avant-rick and other similar rock styles synthesis. Marvelous synthesis between all these different music styles and genres the most beautifully revealed in collective improvisations. Expressive, passionate, active, furious and sharp solos, dynamic or monotonic rhythmic and many other elements form real, powerful, loud and striking bursts of energy. Tenor saxophone melodies by Kjetil Moster has touching and striking sound. Powerful, vibrant and furious blow outs, sharp, rigorous or soft and attractive sound, wild fast passages, huge variety of different playing techniques create bright and evocative musical language. Musician improvises spontaneously and free for the most of the time. His melodies, rhythms, scales and other musical language elements are formed spontaneously and are based on synthesis between different playing techniques, scales, harmonic chords, rhythms, moods and musical expressions. His improvisations have dynamic and especially expressive sound which also makes an effort to whole album. Jeff Parker guitar improvisations are active and vibrant. Monotonic rhythmic, vibrant melodies, fascinating solos, melodic and glamorous riffs, experimental playing techniques, unusual ways of playing and free improvisations – all these elements create effective and organic sound. His improvisations switch back between free improvisations, avant-garde jazz and psychodelic rock music elements. It also brings very energetic, active and interesting sound to the improvisations. Double bass improvisations are subtle and solid. From powerful and especially virtuosic solos to subtle and silent abstract episodes or deep bass lines – many different music elements are combined together in Joshua Abrams improvisations. His improvisations gently fit together with all instruments – expressive and fascinating saxophone solos, deep and vibrant guitar or dynamic drums section. Like Kjetil Moster, Joshua Abrams improvises spontaneously and free for the most of the time and frequently use innovative and creative musical decisions. John Herdon drums section is full of different elements of various music styles. It’s the organic and masterful synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, monotonic, loud and deep rock rhythmic and spontaneous solos. His music is full of unpredictable solos, original and unexpected stylistic turns, musical experiments and unusual sounds. All these eleemnts Joh Herdon masterfully connects together – his playing also organically and effectively is connected with all other instruments. This album music has original, active and energetic sound, which is based on bright musical language and innovative improvising.

Anna Webber | Erik Hove |Vicky Mettler|Evan Tighe – “Eave” (Astral Spirits, 2018)

“Eave” is the newest album of this month – it was released yeasterday, on February 16 by “Astral Spirits”. Album was recorded by four interesting and evocative jazz musicians – Eric Hove (alto saxophone, flute), Anna Weber (tenor saxophone, flute), Viccy Metler (guitar) and Evan Tighe (drums). Unique and interesting playing, outstanding and innovative improvising – all these elements are heard in all four musicians musical language. Their compositions have effective and specific sound – musicians for the most of the time are improvising together. Many different playing techniques, contrasting and unique styles and manners are marvelously combined together. Free and fascinating musical experiments are mostly dedicated for sound experiments, special effects, interesting and unusual combinations of timbres, instruments, chords and other musical language elements. The improvisations by these four musicians have effective, specific, original and vibrant sound.

The compositions of this album have soft and dynamic sound. The collective improvisations are full of different playing manners, original and unpredictable stylistic waves, sudden turns of moods, contrasting characters and episodes. The main aim of these improvisations is to create and extract unusual and extraordinary sound. Musicians try to expand the technical abilities of the instruments, using innovative and experimental ways of playing and create rich and expressive musical language. The compositions have solid and vibrant melodic section and dynamic rhythmic. Along with these two elements, colorful, illustrative and effective background is also very important part of musical pattern. Saxophones  and flutes melodies are based on musical experiments – Anna Weber and Eric Hove are individual and original improvisers. Both of them have their own playing style and are using specific methods of playing. Soft, light and colorful flutes solos are effectively illustrated with unusual timbres, glissando, virtuosic passages, trills, arpeggios and many other traditiona; playing techniques. Along with these elements, both musicians masterfully connect hhuge amount of experimental ways of playing and extended playing techniques. Soft, gentle and joyful flutes are connected with other instruments. Saxophones solos are expressive and dynamic. Loud, fast, full of trills, tremolos, wild fast and furious passages, vibrant and intense blow-outs, expressive and spontaneous solos are softly and organically connected together with abstract, subtle, silent and lyric episodes. With gentle, light and expressive flutes, spontaneous and effective saxophones solos, rich, bright and modern musical language is created. The huge amount of different playing techniques, original and innovative playing manners, inventive decisions, unusual timbres and strange noises create solid, memorable and interesting sound. Viccy Metler guitar melodies are full of different and original playing techniques – musician masterfully uses and connects together traditional and experimental playing techniques, switch between different moods, characters and ways of playing. His improvisations are free, spontaneous, based on contrasting musical patterns and forms – abstract and concrete musical patterns are gently connected together. The improvisations have expressive and dynamic melodies, innovative improvising manner, interesting harmony, solid bass line and are effectively illustrated by strange noises and special effects. Evan Tighe drums improvisations are contained by especially huge variety of different rhythms and sounds of percussion instruments – improviser masterfully combines together static and dynamic, slow and very fast, memorable or abstract rhythms. Loud drum rolls, trills, tremolos, arepeggios and many different playing techniques create effective, dynamic and solid sound and independent rhythmical section. All improvisations have effective, bright and innovative sound.

Tree Ear – “Witches Butter” (2018)

“Witches Butter” was released this year. The album was recorded by three avant-garde jazz masters – Gerry Hemingway (drums), Manuel Troller (guitar) and Sebastian Strinning (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone). These three musicians are original and innovative jazz masters. Their playing style is based on main elements of free-jazz, various experimental music styles and has some intonations of modern jazz. The musicians pay the highest attention to the unusual and extraordinary sound – they try to expand from the zone of traditional improvising and create original and modern sound. For that, they use many different playing techniques, experimental ways of playing, huge variety of musical expressions and other elements. All these things are masterfully and organically combined together in their improvisations. Their improvisations usually have dynamic and constantly changing sound, are full of emotional, turbulent and passionate collective improvisations, furious bursts of energy and gently constrasting together with light, soft, abstract and lyric pieces. Three musicians are improvising inventively and expressive – their music is based on innovative musical decisions and original ways of playing.

This album improvisations based on avant-garde jazz elements. Three musicians are improvising absolutely different from each other – they extract and express new and specific timbres, search and try out experimental ways of playing. The improvisations a\have all the basic elements of their playing manner and sound – it’s contrasting, dynamic and interesting. Bass clarinet and tenor saxophone improvisations are full of original and dynamic musical expressions – wild and furious solos, rapid, turbulent and powerful blow outs, especially speedy and virtuosic passages, special sound effects, bursts of energy, light, slow and lyric improvisations, fascinating and outstanding spontaneous solos and many other elements are gently combined in one place. The improvisations of huge variety of different playing techniques are the source of different playing methods, expressions and moods. Vivid, striking, shrieky, loud and powerful tenor saxophone solos and deep, vibrant and solid bass clarinet improvisations bring especially live, energetic, dynamic and effective sound to this album. Guitar improvisations bring the intonations of various rock styles – repetitive and monotonic rhythms, original and expressive solos, turbulent improvisations, spontaneous and fascinating musical experiments and other elements create an effective and marvelous sound. Fascinating riffs, original playing techniques, experimental methods of playing, masterful synthesis between rock and and avant-garde jazz styles makes an effort to whole sound. Drums and percusssion improvisations are especially active, fast, loud, vibrant and striking. By using many different plaing techniques, rhythms and rhythmic formulas, Gerry Hemingway creates a turbulent, original, expressive and strong rhythmic section. Monotonic and speedy, fast and virtuosic, powerful drum rolls, playful and vivacious or slow and abstract episodes – these and many other elements are masterfully combined together in one place. Effective, deep, striking and vivid melodic section, original and expressive drum section, marvelous improvising and bright musical language create original sound of this album.

Ex Mus Ensemble – “Album no. 1” (2018)

“Album no. 1” was released this year. This interesting improvised music album was recorded by evocative and modern contemporary, experimental and improvised music ensemble “Ex Mus Ensemble”. “Ex Mus Ensemble” members are Colton Lytle (percussion, drums), Jolene Mason (bassoon) and Chaz Underriner (electric and acoustic guitar). These three musicians are improvising together since 2015. “Album No. 1” is their first debut album. Each musician has original, innovative and specific playing style – original stylistic waves, free and spontaneous solos, inventive musical language and orchestration and musical experiments create organic and evocative sound. Different and unique playing manners, extended playing techniques and other elements of musical language are synthesized together in one place. The musicians pay high attention to sound experiments, field recordings, combine together traditional and innovative ways of playing, electronic and acoustic music instruments. The music, played by this ensemble, is full of unpredictable stylistic waves, colorful and pleasant surprises, sudden turns and waves and intonations of different music styles.

This album music is between experimental, electronic, modern academical and free improvisations. The most part of the compositions are not written in notes – the musicians create them spontaneously. Inventive, bright and evocative musical language is very imporatant element of these compositions. Musicians express different timbres, noises, sounds and moods – the huge range of different playing techniques and characters is masterfully synthesized together. Bassoon melodies form interesting and vivid melodic pattern. Jolene Mason improvisations are based on specific and interesting improvising, which is formed by many different music elements. Expressive and vivacious melodies, huge range of different expressions, dynamics, pitches and scales, free and fascinating musical experiments form the basic of her improvisations. Her playing style is based on experimental music, free-jazz improvisations and academic avant-garde synthesis. Vivacious, memorable and live solos, loud blow outs, fascinating riffs, wild fast, sharp and rapid solos, deep and slow pieces and unusual timbres are combined together in one place. She masterfully expresses and combines together specific, innovative and experimental methods of playing with traditional playing techniques. Sudden and colorful glissando, deep, solid and vibrant sound, unusual timbres, weird noises create a colorful and unusual musical pattern. Chaz Underriner guitar improvisations have vibrant and solid sound. Light, vivacious and joyful or deep, emotional and slow – all kinds of different moods and expressions are heard in these improvisations. Like bassoon improvisations, guitar melodies for the most of the time are spontaneous and dynamic, full of unpredictable stylistic waves, sudden turns and specific ways of playing. Effective duos of guitar and bassoon create very solid and strong melodic pattern. Guitar melodies, full of virtuosic passages and fascinating riffs, are gently combined together with deep, vibrant, dynamic and colorful bassoon melodies and tunes. Colton Lytle uses many different types of rhythms and rhythmic formulas in his drums improvisations. Loud and powerful rolls, virtuosic, very fast and rapid solos, original and interesting playing techniques, colorful percussion sounds and many other elements are masterfully combined in one place and create vibrant rhythmic section and effective background. The improvisations of this album are free, spontaneous, interesting and original – the masterful synthesis of many different music styles, playing manners, techniques, dynamics and inventive improvising make the effort to evocative and innovative sound.

Kaiser, Clov, and Harris – “Measure Once, Cut Twice” (Amalgam, 2017)

“Measure Once, Cut Twice” was released at “Amalgam Records”, on August, 2017. This interesting album was recorded by three jazz masters – Steve Kaiser (guitar), Alex Clov Baczkowski (alto & baritone saxophones), Bill Harris (drums & percussion). These three musicians have specific and interesting improvising style. They combine together various musical patterns, memorable melodies, free and spontaneous improvisations, abstract episodes with high variety of strange timbres and sounds. Inventive and shocking musical decisions also are used very frequently by these musicians. These three musicians are active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they are playing with the other jazz masters of Chicago Improvised music scene. Each of them already have specific sound, original and expressive playing manner and can marvelously combine together absolutely different playing techniques and sounds. This is the first album which was recorded by these three jazz masters as a trio – independent, original and expressive improvising by each musician masterfully get together in one place.

Album compositions are based on expressive and dynamic sound. Passionate and colorful saxophones solos, expressive guitar solos form an memorable, vibrant and solid melodic section. Drums section is independent and full of many different playing techniques and expressions – it’s also has solid, energetic and constantly changing sound. The music of this album has energetic, bright and active sound, which is created by using many different playing techniques, vivid and striking solos, drum rolls, trills, sudden glissando, powerful and loud blow outs and the synthesis of the other elements. Saxophones melodies by Alex Clov Baczkowski bring live and energy to the album. His improvisations are based on the synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and some modern jazz styles intonations. Free, vivid and striking solos, sharp, furious and rapid passages, powerful and rigorous blow outs, stunning and expressive riffs create effective, dynamic, vivacious and evocative sound. These elements are masterfully combined together with soft and peaceful solos, relaxing and romantic melodies and other elements. Saxophonist try out new and innovative methods of playing, express and fuses together huge range of different moods, expressions, playing techniques, harmony chords, scales and other musical language elements. His improvising style has specific, original, interesting and vivid sound, which is based on contrasts and sound experiments. Steve Kaiser guitar improvisations organically fit together with saxophones melodies. Guitarist also try out various extended playing techniques, experimental methods of playing and evocative musical decisions. He improvises creatively and expressive, spontaenous and free solos are used very frequently in his improvisations. The duos between guitar and saxophones have effective and expressive sound – two musicians are improvising different from each other, but all their melodies, timbres, strange noises and sounds gently fit together in one place. Bill Harris drums and percussion improvisations create solid drums section. Loud drum rolls, spontaneous solos, turbulent and vibrant tremolos, furious and wild fast passages, special sound effects, unusual timbres and sounds, colorful and gorgeous percussion – all these elements gently fit together in one place. All three musicians have their own and specific way of improvising, which makes an effort to whole sound – creative, free, evocative and original improvising create innovative sound of this album.