Gard Nilssen’s Supersonic Orchestra – “If You Listen Carefully The Music Is Yours” (Odin, 2020)

“If You Listen Carefully The Music Is Yours” is an innovative and bright album based on experimental jazz and free improvisation. An excellent album was recorded by “Gard Nilssen’s Supersonic Orchestra”. A large jazz orchestra is based on professional and talented jazz masters who have their own style and sound. All the members are the central figures of avant-garde and experimental jazz scene – the music is full of extravagant, radical or provocative musical decisions, modern expressions, interesting investigations and extended playing techniques. From sparkling riffs to light elegant pieces, tremendous culminations to vital tiny passages, silent pauses or passing to meditative and relaxing mood – the music is balancing from one mood to another and joins together strong contrasts and stylistic virages.

The compositions of “If You Listen Carefully The Music Is Yours” is based on free improvisation and the fundaments of avant-garde jazz. Scandinavian, European and American avant-garde jazz, experimental jazz’s innovations and astonishing sonoristic experiments, eclectic combos and colorful expressive instrumentation – that makes an effort to original and inspiring sound. An ensemble has strong and independent instrumental sections. Reeds section is contained from saxophones and clarinets of various ranges. The musicians create expressive moving melodies with swirling, whistling, roaring or growling riffs, gorgeous ornaments and extremely rapid passages. Shrieky exclamations, rigorous blasts go along with dynamic turns, lyrical contemplations, strange timbres, sonoristic experiments and elegant tiny pieces played in calm and relaxing mood. The reeds bring dozens of colors, expressions and inventive decisions to the main musical pattern. An expressive mood is leading almost everywhere, the musicians are demonstrating suggestive, touching and expressive playing manner. Trumpets and trombones are the main compounds of brass section. It’s a mix of vigilance, aggression, sharp perturbating sessions, persecuting series, scratching, dizzy, swirling, dazzling or roaring solos, driving incredible riffs, impressive passages contrasting to deep, heavy and monotonous trombone. This section is the source of energy and contrasts. Tremendous culminations, hysteric exclamations played in aggressive or frantic mood meeting playful, gentle, light, childish or relaxing and meditative tunes – the musicians manage to mix together wide range of colors and playing techniques to create an incredible and exclusive sound. Three double basses form tight and stable rhythmic section, and are contrasting to luminous, driving and passionate reeds and brasses. Heavy deep pieces, minimalistic samples, lyrical meditations diving down in haunted, dark and depressed mood with trembling tunes, strange timbres and monotonous series. The music suddenly rises on sparkling riffs, energetic moving solos, remarkable melodies played in active and vivid mood. Drums and percussion of all ranges contain a strong and bright rhythmic section. Eclectic combos, rare and exotic instruments, original instrumental compilations, extravagant investigations, original instrumentation – the musicians are using their own conception, an effective playing technique, original point of view and wide musical knownledge to create a passionate and moving rhythmic section. The music is inspiring, moving and driving.

The members of “Gard Nilssen’s Supersonic Orchestra”:

Hanna Paulsberg: tenor saxophone, percussion
Kjetil Møster: saxophones, percussion
André Roligheten: saxophones, bassclarinet, percussion
Per “Texas” Johanson: tenorsaxophone, contrabass clarinett, clarinet, percussion
Maciej Obara: altosaxophone, percussion
Mette Rasmussen: altosaxophone, percussion
Eirik Hegdal: saxophones, clarinet, percussion
Thomas Johanson: trumpet, percussion
Goran Kajfes: trumpet, percussion
Erik Johannesen: trombone, percussion
Petter Eldh: doublebass, percussion
Ingebrigt Flaten: doublebass, percussion
Ole Morten Vågan: doublebass, percussion
Hans Hulbækmo: drums, percussion
Håkon Mjåset Johansen: drums, percussion
Gard Nilssen: drums, percussion

Raoul Björkenheim – “Solar Winds” (Long Song Records, 2020)

“Solar Winds” is a new album recorded by Raoul Björkenheim (electric guitar), Silvia Bolognesi (contrabass), Tiziano Tononi (drums, percussion, gong) and Emanuele Parrini (violin). The musicians are active members of avant-garde jazz scene. They’re developping an original and suggestive way of improvising – an expressive, vital and driving playing manner also is created. Generally, the music is based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, sonoristic experiments and the main tendencies of contemporary academical music. The musicians don’t stick up to the rules and ordinary conventions – they make surprising, inventive or even radical musical decisions.

Raoul Björkenheim is an excellent improviser who manages to create an independent, bright and expressive melody line. His electric guitar is dynamic and contrasting. A wide stylistic variety is created – here experimental jazz, free improvisation, contemporary and modern jazz, some elements of rock and avant-rock and the main elements of contemporary academical music. Deep, relaxing and solemn, haunted and dark, minimalistic samples, meditative and ascetic pieces suddenly getting anxious or angry, furious, aggressive and turbulent. The culminations are the most effective parts of his compositions – here sparkling riffs, remarkable melodies and tremendous culminations are accompagnied by special effects, synth tunes, strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, virageous ornaments, radiant perturbations, bursting spills of energy and full blasts. The synthesis of ornaments, playing techniques and expressions of all ranges effects an organic, vital and remarkable sound. Violinist Emanuele Parrini brings more drama and action to the compositions – expressive melodies, dynamic turns, waining, shrieky exclamations, remarkable solos played in active, anxious, furious or aggressive mood are contrasting to deep, silent and solemn pieces. If Raoul Björkenheim forms his music on the basics of avant-garde jazz, Emanuele Parrini is using extended playing techniques and innovations related to contemporary academical music mixed together with special effects, home-made and original ways of improvising and her very own playing techniques. Both musicians find the best way to collaborate and react to each other’s playing – they make the melody line to sound inspiring, driving and evocative. A stable bass line is created by contrabass player Silvia Bolognesi. Deep vibrant tunes, repetitive series, heavy dark solos accompagnied by terrific riffs, breaking sessions and effective sonoristic experiments – all these elements brought together make a bright and solemn sound. Gorgeous percussion, light ornaments of various ranges, dynamic and tough beat, multi-layed drums section and exotic gong – Tiziano Tononi is doing his best to create an astonishing, original and bright rhythmic section. All four musicians are using wide range of playing techniques, ways of improvising and expressions – they succesfully create an innovative, expressive and dynamic sound of “Solar Winds”.

Sestetto Internazionale(Sjostrom/Blunt/Mimmo/Kaufman/Kujala/Schick) – “LIVE IN MUNICH 2019” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2020)

“LIVE IN MUNICH 2019” was recorded by “Sestetto Internazionale” – it’s an ensemble based on great musicians and improvisers. Here Alison Blunt (violin), Achim Kaufmann (piano), Veli Kujala (quarter tone accordion), Gianni Mimmo (soprano saxophone), Ignaz Schick (turntables, sampler) and Harri Sjöström (soprano & sopranino saxophones). An ensemble combines together the fundaments of avant-garde jazz, inspiring and evocative experimental jazz, free improvisation and the main tendencies of contemporary academical music. The music is bright, inspiring, expressive and dynamic, fullfilled with sudden changes and virageous stylistic turns.

Six musicians are demonstrating their own style and unique sound in the compositions of “LIVE IN MUNICH 2019”. The music is balancing between contemporary academical music, free improvisation and experimental jazz. Some elements related to bebop, hard bop, post bop or other modern jazz styles are used along with impressive free improvisations, spontaneous solos, hot spills, full blasts and other parts of instant improvising. That brings complicated rhythms, expressive vital passages, furiously fast and loud solos, aggressive beats or anxious riffs. These elements are brought to the main musical pattern along with strictly arranged pieces, the main tendencies of contemporary academical music, experimental jazz and academic avant-garde. The musicians are using an universal instrumental kit which is based on traditional ways of playing, extended, experimental, home-made, rarely used, exotic or specific playing techniques and special effects. Open form, free improvisation and classical forms of contemporary academical music are synthesized together – that makes a possibility to balance between to absolutely different music genres: contemporary academical music and free improvisation. The musicians are doing that just fine – they have a flexible, expressive and splendid playing manner and succesfully find the best way to combine contrasting pieces and styles. Sharp exagerations, hysteric exclamations, inspiring and luminous riffs, waining aggressive culminations are brought in by violin. An expressive, vital and especially emotional playing manner is chosen – Alison Blunt passes through silent melancholic tunes, minimalistic samples, solemn pieces and rises on striking riffs, sparkling culminations with transcendental passages, sharp persecuting tunes, soft elegant pizzicatto and remarkable melodies. Breaking sessions, driving expressive melodies, terrific riffs, impressive bright culminations accompagnied by frantic sequences and dynamic turns are the main parts of piano improvisations. Achim Kaufmann is the master of his art – his music is completely based on avant-garde jazz, instant improvising, spontaneous solos and his own conception. Saxophonists Gianni Mimmo and Harri Sjöström make a blooming, driving and remarkable reeds section which also is the soul of the melody line. The music is contrasting and dynamic – emotional turns, sudden jumps from lyrical contemplations to rising urgling culminations, virageous flowing passages and growing directly to passionate melodies and driving riffs, full blasts, hot growls, spills of energy. The musicians create and develope a wide range of playing techniques and expressions to create a moving, inspiring and expressive sound. More exotic. unusual and original tunes are brought in by quarter tone accordion by Veli Kujala and electronics mastered by Ignaz Schick. Drone, glitch, sampler, amplifications, sonic system’s experiments, special effects and other electronics get along together with acoustics. The music of this album has an inspiring, innovative and bright sound.

Lina Allemano’s OHRENSCHMAUS – “Rats and Mice” (Lumo Records 2020)”

“Rats and Mice” is the newest album of “Lumo Records” which will be released on March. An album was recorded by “Lina Allemano’s OHRENSCHMAUS” – it’s a Berlin-based trio where together play Lina Allemano (trumpet / compositions), Dan Peter Sundland (electric bass) and Michael Griener (drums). Avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free improvisation, the newest tendencies, innovations, traditions and extended playing techniques – all these elements contain the basic of the compositions played by three great jazz masters.

The musicians are open to new ideas, evocative radical decisions, modern innovations and its fusion with authentic traditions and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. “Rats and Mice” is an album which has a huge stylistic variety, moving inspiring sound and is a place where different avant-garde jazz’s streams are joined together. Lina Allemano has san expressive, driving and dynamic playing manner. Her improvising style is based on American avant-garde jazz – the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are fused with the newest innovations, extended playing techniques, astonishing sonoristic experiments, evocative ideas and some tunes of European avant-garde jazz. Lina Allemano also is an author of the compositions – her compositions have a multi-layed and modern musical pattern, polyphonic structure, independent and bright melody line and gorgeous background. A trumpet is the soul of the melody line. Swirling, waining, growling, hysteric or rigorous solos blended with tremendous culminations, sparkling riffs and impressive passages contain the main basic of the compositions. Even though an improviser stays on active and dynamic mood for the most of the time, the music also gets silent, frustrated, solemn, modest or relaxing. In this way an improviser demonstrates her very own playing style, wide musical knownledge, expressive and vital playing manner and innovative instrumentation. A trumpet is the source of driving, bright, tremendous and passionate culminations, extremely loud breaking sessions, full blasts and powerful radiant riffs. Electric bass by Dan Peter Sundland brings synth tunes, strict hysteric riffs and remarkable melodies accompagnied by synth tunes, special effects, extended playing techniques and electronics. Terrific riffs and silent pauses, remarkable charming pieces and haunted dark episodes, vital dynamic solos, breaking sessions or radiant striking perturbations vs. minimalistic samples or abstract improvisations in solemn meditative mood – the contrasts and sudden jumps from the one mood to another are the main compounds of the compositions. A bassist is using his original and modern style, blends together European avant-garde jazz, modern and contemporary jazz styles and brings them in one place. That’s how an effective, bright, dynamic and driving sound is created. Drummer Michael Griener manages to create a dynamic, bright and expressive rhythmic section. It’s based on universal kit of instrumentation, wide variety of rhythms and styles – extravagant bebop, aggressive hard bop, modern complicated post bop, relaxing cool and the basics of free improvisation and avant-garde are joined together. These elements form the impressive, bright and spontaneous free improvisations. The music of this album is driving and sparkling, filled with contrasts and throusands of emotions, playing techniques and sonoristic experiments. An innovative instrumentation joins together traditional, extended and experimental ways of playing, special effects, sonoristic experiments and strange timbres, as well. The musicians create an independent melody line, dynamic rhythmic section and gorgeous background.



“LESCENCE/GMATIQUE” is the newest release on “Circum Disk” label. An album was recorded by saxophonist Sakina Abdou, pianist Barbara Dang and drummer Peter Orins. Sakina Abdou fuses together the basics of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. Her compositions are based on inventive and colorful instrumentation there gently fit together ancient, classical, modern, extended and experimental ways of playing. Barbara Dang is an excellent pianist who developped her own style and unique sound in contemporary academical music and experimental jazz background. Peter Orins is a drummer based on experimental and avant-garde jazz. His music is filled with extravagant decisions, evocative ideas, innovations and surprises.

“LESCENCE/GMATIQUE” joins together free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, experimental and contemporary academical music. All three musicians feel free to express their own ideas, integrate shocking, inventive or crazy decisions, extract strange timbres or get on astonishing sonoristic experiments. An open form is chosen in most part of the compositions – that makes an effort to creation of multi-layed polyphonic musical pattern, innovative instrumental section and impressive free improvisation generally used everywhere. The music is especially emotional and touching – the musicians have expressive and driving playing manner. Their inspiring, moving and passionate playing manner mixed up with drive, fantasy, wild imagination, creativity and original point of view makes a driving, vital and dynamic sound of whole album. Each musician brings something original and inspiring to the compositions. Pianist Barbara Dang is bouncing from strictly arranged academical pieces to abstract and moving free improvisation. Her music is virageous and dynamic – from minimalistic pieces accompagnied by stable repetitive series and monotonous tunes, the music gets striking and passionate filled with dazzling transcendental passages, flowing ornaments, expressive vital melodies, driving riffs, terrific perturbations or radiant solos. After staying in calm, lyrical and relaxing mood, the music becomes vital, light and playful, sometimes – furious, aggressive, scratching, angry and rigorous. Saxophone tunes by Sakina Abdou are mostly based on the fundaments of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. There’s a huge stylistic variety which is used – an improviser manages to fuse together spontaneous solos, astonishing instant improvising, extravagant bebop, aggressive hard bop, steady cool and dynamic contemporary jazz. All these modern jazz’s styles are brought together with free improvisation, radical decisions, strongly expressed contrasts and astonishing sonoristic experiments extracted by saxophone. The music is luminous, bright and exciting filled with deep contemplations, solemn lyrical pieces growing out to striking, sparkling and driving riffs, breaking sessions and passionate culminations. Drums section by Peter Orins is completely based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. Breaking sessions and stable tunes, monotonous beat and furious blasts, lyrical slow pieces and furiously fast sessions, exciting, inspiring, driving and terrific riffs – all these elements and rhythms of various jazz styles are brought together in delicat and sensible way. A drummer is using his invention and wide musical knownledge to an exciting, bright and driving rhythmic section.


Alberto Posadas/Sigma Project – “Poetica Del Laberinto” (Wergo, 2020)


“Poetica del Laberintho” is a fresh new release of “Wergo” label. All music was written by Alberto Posadas – a talented composer who has his very own and original style, unique sound and innovative point of view. His music is a nice combo of contemporary academical and experimental music, its main tendencies and innovations, and free improvisation. An album was recorded by “Sigma Project” based on four great saxophonists – Andrés Gomis, Ángel Soria, Alberto Chaves and Josetxo Silguero. The music by this quartet is expressive and vital, fullfilled with modern decisions, extravagant ideas, spontaneous solos and stylistic virages. An ensemble masterfully combines together the main basics of contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde, free improvisation and experimental jazz.

The music of “Poetica del Laberintho” is fullfilled with strange timbres, special effects and original sound. The compositions have the fundaments of the main tendencies of academic avant-garde and free improvisation all brought together. The music is luminous and dynamic, has a multi-layed musical pattern, rich stylistic variety and innovative instrumental section. From traditional, ancient, authentic and very well-known playing techniques the musicians pass to innovative, experimental and home-made ways of playing, rarely used, exotic, extravagant or simply crazy playing techniques. This wide range of playing techniques and ways of improvising makes an effort to luminous, innovative, vital and dynamic instrumentation and suggestive sound. The musicians are expressing wide range of moods and characters – their music is delight, charming and expressive, when it gets stretching, angry and anxious, aggressive and roaring, filled with buzzing, waining, roaring or trembling solos. Here vitality is mixed with deep silence and contemplation, expression and drive go along with lyrical, relaxing and dreamy pieces. Repettive series, minimalistic samples and strange timbres are the parts of various pieces – it gently fits together in deep, solemn and relaxing pieces, abstract free improvisations or striking, luminous and terrific culminations growing straight on sparkling riffs, dazzling passages and gorgeous ornaments. The musicians manage to find the balance between all these moods – their music never stays the same for a long time. Four saxophonists are demonstrating their own sound and sensible reacting to each other’s playing. When the one player is silent or stays on relaxing and meditative mood, the another one gets on driving sharp blow outs, roaring passionate riffs or bursts in furious, extremely fast and splendid passages. A masterful collaboration and flexible splendid playing manner, passionate and driving sound, strongly expressed contrasts and dynamic turns makes an effort to universal, dynamic and vital sound. Alberto Posadas compositions are masterfully turned into inspiring, driving and luminous interpretations by “Sigma Project”.


Paul Lytton & Nate Wooley – “Known / Unknown” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2020)

Percussionist Paul Lytton and trumpeter Nate Wooley had recorded “Known / Unknown” – it’s the newest great collaboration between these two featured jazz masters. All the music is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. New, extended, original and exciting ways of playing, modern expressions and colorful moving instrumentation – that’s the main base of compositions. Both musicians like to make sudden twists, rise on terrific solos and rigorous riffs, don’t hesitate to make surprising, exciting, vital or even radical and provocative decisions. That makes an inspiring and bright sound.

“Known / Unknown” compositions are based on open form, sonoristic experiments and free improvisation. Both musicians are demonstrating a splendid virtuosity and sensible reacting to each other’s playing. When the one is on harsh, bright and expressive mood, the other rests silent or accompagnies the main melody line with persecuting series, sharp tunes or strange timbres. The music is contrasting and bright – acoustics and electronics are brought together and are the fundaments of instrumental section. Amplifications, drone, glitch, special effects, synth tunes and other electronics are fused with traditional, very well-known, exotic, extended and innovative ways of playing extracted by acoustics. Bright, luminous and dizzy trumpet’s solos have expressive melodies with gorgeous ornaments, passionate thrills which grow out to rising culminations with full blasts, hot growls, moving trills, flashing solos and transcendental passages. Trumpet is the source of drive, expression, vitality and passion – Nate Wooley is using a wide range of different playing techniques, colors and moods to create an exclusive sound. Percussionist Paul Lytton is mixing together percussion and electronics. Complicated expressive rhythmic series, aggressive hard bop, steady cool or extravagant contemporary jazz are integrated to impressive collective free improvisations. Here an improviser shows his invention and creativity – strange timbres, crackings, frottings, exotic tunes and extended playing techniques are illustrated by strange timbres, synth tunes, amplificator’s sounds, special effects, in-puts, computer sounds and other electronics. All kinds of rhythms are used here and integrated to the main musical pattern – Paul Lytton creates a bright and dynamic rhythmic section and gorgeous background, Nate Wooley is an author of incredible and expressive melody line. Both sections gently fit together and contain a colorful, multi-layed and expressive musical pattern – a duo is swinging between different moods highly contrasting to each other. Deep silence is changed by virageous dizzy passages, relaxing contemplations, minimalistic samples or haunted pieces are rishing to rising attacks, striking sparkling riffs, terrific culminations, vibrant perturbations and radiant thrills. The music is inspiring, bright and expressive.