GGRIL – “GGRIL Plays Laubrock” (Tour De Bras, 2020)

“GGRIL Plays Laubrock” is released on “Tour De Bras” records. All music was composed by famous saxophonist and improviser Ingrid Laubrock and played by “GGRIL” large ensemble. The music of this album has a new conception which is fundamentally based on experimental and avant-garde jazz, its various streams, typical elements, basical compounds and innovations. Inspiring, bright and expressive improvising filled with investigations, gorgeous ornaments, strange timbres and sonoristic experiments are the fundamental base of most part of the compositions or interpretations played by “GGRIL”.

“GGRIL Plays Laubrock” joins together wide range of instruments, moods and expressions. Ingrid Laubrock makes a masterful and original instrumentation where different instrumental sections rest independent and bring new, exciting and enlightning sound to the compositions. Even though the compositions are already arranged, each musician has an opportunity to express wide range of moods, get on crazy or extravagant experiments, extract interesting timbres and make brave ambitious decisions. All music is based on synthetic form whose basic is an open form and free improvisation tinged with various forms related to contemporary academical and classical music. From strict arguing and intriguing twists to deep silence or sweet lyrical contemplations – the musicians are switching between huge diversity of colors, tunes and expressions that makes a conceptual and contrasting sound. Vitality, brightness, full blasts and virageous ornaments are brought in by reeds section. Saxophone and clarinet make a great combo – breaking sessions, thrilling solos, passionate melodies, driving riffs passing to blooming culminations, vibrant thrills or radiant perturbations. Trumpet and trombone bring luminous, striking and turbulent sound. Growling riffs, aggressive solos, furious hysteric blasts, shrieky exclamations, strange timbres and sonoristic experiments crossing to heavy slow contemplations, cracking solos heading to terrific culminations, full blasts and sparkling riffs of trombone. Electronics and acoustics are synthesized together – a multi-layed and wide strings section is made from electric guitars, electric bass, classical guitar, harp, violin, cellos and contrabass. Ambient, synth tunes, modern expressions, extended playing techniques, sonoristic experiments, amplifications, other electronics joined to light flowing ornaments, transcendental passages, gorgeous warm tunes and other elements. Hysteric shrieky exclamations, expressive melodies and driving riffs are brought in by violin and cello. Deep stable bass line and dozens of strange timbres and tunes extracted by contrabass, contain the basics of the rhythmic section. Gorgeous timbres, exotic compilations, all kinds of rhythms of various ranges and styles form a great and colorful percussion section. More exotic, unusual and charming tunes are brought in by accordeon – this instrument is very rarely used in free improvisations and gently fits together with other instruments. The music of this album is remarkable and inspiring completely based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation with some relations to contemporary academical music, modern and contemporary jazz, and academic avant-garde, as well.

Catherine S Massicotte violin
Rémy Bélanger de Beauport cello
Alexandre Robichaud trumpet
Gabriel Rochette-Bériau trombone

Sébastien Corriveau bass clarinet
Robin Servant accordeon
Robert Bastien electric guitar
Olivier D’Amours electric guitar
Pascal Landry classical guitar
Éric Normand electric bass
Jonathan Huard percussions
Luke Dawson contrabass
Alexis Ganier-Michel cello
Antoine Létourneau-Berger percussions
Mathieu Gosselin, baritone saxophone
Isabelle Clermont harp


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