Rope (Frank Paul Schubert, Uwe Oberg, Paul Rogers, Mark Sanders) – “Open Ends” (Trouble In The East, 2020)

“Rope” is a jazz quartet based on four featured jazz masters – Frank Paul Schubert (soprano saxophone), Uwe Oberg (piano), Paul Rogers (7-string double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums, percussion). A new, bright and exciting conception of avant-garde jazz is created – it’s based on extended playing techniques, brave, ambitious or simply crazy musical decisions, contrasting pieces, sudden jumps from the one mood to another, eclectic stylistic combos and modern expressions. The music is fullfilled with surprises, passionate solos, driving riffs or deep solemn contemplations. All four musicians are demonstrating a masterful collaboration – they’re sensibly reacting to each other’s playing, don’t hesitate to make original and evocative decisions, burst in furious riffs or splendid passages or dive in astonishing sonoristic experiments.

“Open Ends” is the newest release recorded by “Rope” and released on “Trouble In The East Records” label. The music is based on multi-layed polyphonic structure, modern musical language and innovative instrumentation. Bright, exciting and passionate melody line joined to dynamic and driving rhythmic section, gorgeous background and expressive harmonic basement contain the main base of the compositions. Soprano saxophone and piano keeps the basics of the melody line – it makes it bright, luminous, driving and blooming. Saxophonist Frank Paul Schubert forms his music on the fundaments of avant-garde jazz and the elements of bebop, post bop and other modern jazz’s styles. An improviser goes through different moods, expressions and styles – growling riffs, shrieky exclamations, hysteric rigorous solos are the main parts of bright and luminous culminations. Here also comes radiant perturbations, persecuting series, sharp tunes, swirling, waining or stretching tunes, strange timbres or flying exciting passages. The main melody line is accompagnied by all these elements and is driving, luminous, expressive and dynamic. From full blasts and sharp sequences the music gets lyrical, sweet and light, solemn and slow, melancholic, ascetic or meditative – all these elements are gently integrated to the musical pattern and make a suggestive and vital sound. Bright sessions, blooming culminations with shrieky tunes, breaking sessions, full blasts and remarkable melodies are brought in by piano. Uwe Oberg is getting on driving riffs, adventurous culminations, powerful energy’s explosions tinged with passionate solos, gentle light ornaments, furiously fast passages and evocative ideas. A dramatic and active mood is leading everywhere in the melody line – sharp disonances, strange timbres, original tunes and home-made playing techniques bring more drama, action, drive and pressure to whole sound. Paul Roger’s double bass is the source of vibrant solos, deep stable bass line constructed from repetitive series, strange timbres, special effects and original decisions. The improvisations have a suggestive and dynamic mood where solemn, deep and minimalistic mood is changed by hysteric riffs, full blasts and expressive melodies. An experienced drummer Mark Sanders creates a bright and dynamic rhythmic section which based on huge range of expressions, rhythms and moods and is as much interesting as independent sparkling melody line. Extravagant bebop, nervous complicated post bop, aggressive hard bop accompagnied by stable beat are leading to blooming culminations and sparkling free improvisations. The music of this album is inspiring and charming – “Rope” manages to create an astonishing, expressive and evocative sound.




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