Teenage Burnout – “los” (2018)

“los” was released only a few days ago – on February 9, 2018. This album was released by three interesting and creative jazz masters – Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Owen Stewart-Robertson (guitar) and Tony Falco (drums). These three musicians have interesting and evocative sound and expressive playing manner. They had been improvising together with many famous and outstanding jazz masters many times through the years of the creative activity. Their improvisations always have outstanding and fascinating sound – the synthesis of avant-garde jazz, experimental music and intonations of rock styles are masterfully combined in one place. The musicians try out many extended plaing techniques and musical expressions. The improvisations by each musician are different – it has its own style, playing manner and sound. The musicians pay high attention to the sound quality and creative musical experiments. They try to create and extract huge range of extraordinary, weird and unusual timbres and sounds. They also have a tendency to fuse together absolutely different and specific combinations of the instruments, music styles, moods and other elements of musical language.

This album compositions have interesting sound. All album is based on collective improvisations – especially specific, expressive and evocative sound is created. Musicians try out different playing techniques, musical expressions, are extracting and searching for new timbres and methods of playing. The sound of this album is formed by many different musical language elements. Evocative, expresssive, vibrant, trembling and powerful solos, unusual and weird timbres, soft, lyric and peaceful melodies, colorful and gorgeous harmony, fascinating instrumentation, free musical experiments, special sound effects and spontaneous improvisations – all these elements are heard very clearly in these improvisations. Bariton saxophone and bass clarinet melodies by Josh Sinton are very energetic, active and expressive. The improvisations by these two instruments give a solid, strong, powerful and vibrant melodic section of these compositions. Powerful blow outs, wild fast and furious solos, very rapid and expressive improvisations, dynamic and sudden changes of moods and characters, huge variety of playing techniques, special sound effects and many other elements form the basic of this musician improvisations. The musician is improvising expressive, passionate and creative – he organically connect together all different and contrasting music elements. Owen Stewart-Robertson guitar improvisations bring rock and avant-garde jazz synthesis. Fascinating and free improvisations, specific timbres, unusual and experimental playing techniques, expressive and vivid melodies are connected together with monotonic and repetitive rhythmic. There are two types of guitar solos in this album – abstract and free improvisations, which have all basics of avant-garde jazz, and the episodes whuch are based on expressive and vivacious melodies and repetitive rhythmic section and have many intonations of rock styles. Tony Falco drums section is independent, expressive, passionate, vivacious and free – different figure and formulas of rhythms are gently combined together in one place. His music has energetic and striking sound for the most of the time – powerful drum rolls, loud and vibrant tremolos, furioous and very rapid solos are the main elements of his improvisations. All three musicians are improvising marvelously and originally and create bright and evocative sound.


Ondrej Adamek/ Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain – “Sinuous Voices” (AEON, 2018)


“Sinuous Voices” was released this year by “AEON Records”. Album was recorded by “Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain” – all its compositions were written by contemporary academical music composer Ondrej Adamek. Ondrej Adamek composing style is very wide and formed by many different playing techniques, composing styles, innovative ways of playing, colorful and original instrumentation and many other things. Eclectic, dramatic and expressionistic music sound is gently connected with rituals, voice elements, experimental and electronic music, free improvisations, interesting and evocative music and academic avant-garde. The composer try out many different playing techniques – his music has especially high variety of sounds, timbres and noises. Ondrej Adamek is an universal composer – he can masterfully connect together in one place the elements, which are absolutely different and highly contrasting with each other. Because of that, his music always have specific, evocative and original sound. The synthesis of many different music genres, masterful and splendid orchestration, original musical decisions and many other elements create a bright and evocative musical language. The free improvisation is one of the most important elements of Ondrej Adamek compositions. Spontaneous, rigorous, unpredictable and astonishing solos, live and free improvisations and many other elementsare masterfully fused together with academic avant-garde, contemporary academical music and many other modern academical music styles.

The compositions of this album have extraordinary and original sound. The compositions for chamber music ensemble and were marvelously, passionate and emotionally played by “Ensemble Orchestral Contemporaire”. The compositions of this album reveal the main elements of Ondrej Adamek playing and composing style – unpredictable, interesting and eclectic combinations between various instruments, playing techniques and music styles. The composer masterfully fuses all these musical language elements in one place. These improvisations have free structure and synthesize together academic avant-garde, free improvisation, experimental and e;ectronic music, also – the elements of various modern music playing techniques, jazz styles and other music genres. Composer tries to express different moods and feelings – that’s why his music is full of sudden and unpredictable stylistic waves and turns. Vivacious and joyful solos, expressive and memorable melodies, turbulent and free collective improvisations and many other elements are gently combined together. The evocative, interesting and innovative sound is created by masterful and talented musicians and also – by very bright and colorful musical language. All the music elements are solid and independent. The compositions have solid melodical secion with expressive melodies, astonishing solos, gorgeous and passionate voice elements and declamations. The rhythmic section is very dynamic and constantly changing – solid melodic section and interesting rhythmic create a gorgeous and glamorous background. The coposer pay high attention to the orchestration. The orchestration of these compositions is based on free and experimental ways of playing – that bring unusual and original sounds, weird timbres and noises to the compositions. Wide range of experimental methods are connected together with traditional playing techniques – that also make an effort to expressive and innovative sound of these compositions. The harmony is constructed by consonances and wide range of dissonamces – these absolutely different pitches create dramatic, expressive, eclectic, passionate, and sometimes – soft, peaceful, romantic and relaxing mood. This album has a gorgeous and innovative sound, is based on marvelous and effective combination between different ideas, music styles, playing techniques and other elements of musical language.

Daniel Levin / Chris Pitsiokos / Brandon Seabrook – “Stomiidae” (Dark Tree, 2018)

“Stomiidae” was released on January, 2018. This album was recorded by three outstanding jazz legends – Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone), Daniel Levin (cello) and Brandon Seabrook (electric guitar). All these three musicians have original improvising style. Interesting melodies, especially expressive playing manner, sharp and aggressive sound, powerful and turbulent blow outs, huge variety of different sounds and strange timbres – all these elements form the main sound of their improvisations. The musicians had been playing together as a trio many times – they feel each other very well and, even though, their improvisations are different, all of them gently fit together in one place. The musicians are active and original avant-garde jazz players. They always pay attention to the extraordinary sound creation – each of them search for a new and unusual playing techniques, combine together unusual and interesting instruments or music styles. All three of them like to experiment and improvise spontaneously – the biggest part of their improvisation is based on free and expressive collective improvisations.

This album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Original, interesting and exciting sound is in all compositions of this album. The sound is constantly changing – sometimes it’s very sharp, loud, aggressive and rigorous, sometimes – soft, peaceful, playful, striking or dramatic. The musicians try out many different playing techniques – from glissando, wild fast arpeggio, colorful trills, furiuosly speedy passages and other combinations of traditional playing techniques to the innovative and experimental ways of playing. All these elements form a huge variety of playing techniques and musical expressions. The huge variety of playing texhniques make an effort to wide range of unusual, strange and colorful timbres and sounds. These elements create expressive melodic section, solid and vibrant rhythmic basement and colorful background. Alto saxophone improvisations are dedicated to fresh and evocative sound – Chris Pitsiokos effectively and masterfully try out numerous different playing techniques, improvises creatively, spontaneously and expressively. The main and the most effective element of his playing style are extremely loud, powerful and turbulent blow outs. Shrieky, very loud, solid and vibrant solos are gently connected together with peaceful and soft melodies, joyful and playful music elements, wild fast, furious and rapid passages and many other elements. Improvisations of the cello are based on sudden turns and stylistic waves – Daniel Levin improvisations are full of different playing techniques. From repetitive and silent pizzicatos to vibrant, colorful and extremely expressive solos – these absolutely different moods, characters and playing manners are combined in one place. Electric guitar improvisations are the source of strange timbres and shocking musical experiments. Brandon Seabrook playing is as much astonishing as the other two players – his improvisations are full of expressive and unpredictable stylistic waves, moods, characters, have a gorgeous melodies and form a solid rhythmic section along with a cello. All three musicians are improvising independently and originally, but all different and astonishing melodies, sounds and rhythms are marveously fused and connected together in one place.

Albertsen | Olsen | Pedersen | Jerve | Wildhagen – “RødssalG nEEn GlassdøR” (Dugnad, 2018)

“RødssalG nEEn GlassdøR” was released in January by “Dugnad Records”. The improvisations by Erlend Olderskog Albertsen (double bass & compositions), Martin Myhre Olsen (alto saxophone), Erik Kimestad Pedersen (trumpet), Kjetil Jerve (piano) and Andreas Wildhagen (drums). Energetic, dynamic, vibrant and expressive improvising style by all musicians always create original sound of quintet improvisations. The musicians expressively, masterfully and effectively combine together many different music styles, playing techniques, manners and sounds. The traditions of Scandinavian, Europe and American avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop, post-bop and other various modern jazz styles are masterfully combined in one place. The highest attention is always paid to extraordinary sounds searches, creative and spontaneous improvising. Musicians don’t hesitate to try out out shocking plaing techniques, extract weird and unusual sounds, improvise originally and extraordinary. All musicians of this ensemble have been playing together many times – different and contrasting musical languages, rhythms, melodies, intonations, harmonies and other elements of musical language gently fit together in one place.

This album compositions have interesting sound and original playing manner, The musicians create a constantly changing an dynamic musical language. Different timbres, sounds, huge range of different rhythms, tempos, dynamics, scales and harmony pitches are masterfully connected together. Solid melosic section, strong and loud rhythmic, original and interesting sounds, powerful and turbulent collective improvisations and many other elements are heard in these improvisations. Al to saxophone improvisations have bright and vivacious sound. The Myhre Olsen has a specific and vivid improvising manner, which is based on different jazz styles synthesis – melodic, soft and romantic traditional jazz solos, swing episodes are connected together with turbulent and powerful, loud and shrieky solos. Virtuosic and wild fast arpeggios, colorful and striking solos, expressive and passionate improvisations – all these elements are the main elements of the saxophone improvisations. Trumpet improvisations are bright and loud. It bring live, energy and powerful sound to the improvisations. The trumpeter Erik Kimestad Pedersen synthesizes together traditional and innovative playing techniques, different musical expressions, feelings and moods. Sometimes his playing is playful, joyful and bright, sometimes – dramatic, nostalgic, soft and slow. Piano solos have interesting harmonic background, dynamic rhythmic and expressive melodies. Spontaneous solos, wild fast melodies with virtuosic passages, powerful and loud tremolos and trills, soft and peaceful melodies, romantic solos, swing episodes, piano jazz elements, turbulent collective improvisations and many other elements are heard in Kjetil Jerve improvisations. Double bass improvisations by Erlend Olderskog Albertsen have vibrant and subtle sound. It makes an effort to rhythmic – make ir more dynamic and expressive. Vibrant, solid, vivid and striking sound of double bass improvisations makes an effort to melodic section and is an essential element of rhythmic section of these improvisations. Andreas Wildhagen drums solos gently and organically fit together with the other instruments – independent, solid and colorful drums improvisations are full of loud and active solos, powerful tremolos, sudden trills, soft and gorgoeus solos, unusual timbres and sounds, all kinds of rhythmic formulas. Bright, colorful and interesting sound is made by innovative and original improvising.

Spinifex – “Amphibian Ardour” (2017)

“Amphibian Ardour” was released in November, 2017. Album was recorded by experimental jazz ensemble “Spinifex” – it’s Bart Maris (trumpet), Tobias Klein (alto saxophone), John Dikeman (tenor saxophone), Gonçalo Almeida (bass), Jasper Stadhouders (guitar) and Philipp Moser (drums). Interesting, energetic and active improvisations, glamorous and outstanding solos, deep and solid bass improvisations, powerful and turbulent blow-outs, dynamic and active rhythmic – these elements are the main elements of this ensemble playing style. Musicians are improvising masterfully and originally – they like to express different moods, senses and try out new and innovetive playing techniques. The sound of this ensemble improvisations for the most of the time is extremely active, sharp, rigorous and furious with powerfulloud and shrieky solos and masterful virtuosity. Musical experiments, original and expressive solos, vivacious, joyful and astonishing melodies, unusual sounds and timbres make an effort to whole sound of the ensemble. All musicians are active, famous and talented avant-garde jazz masters – with huge variety of different playing techniques, expressions, experiments, sounds, timbres and special sounds effects they create extraordinary, emotional, passionate and dynamic sound.

This album compositions are based on dynamic sounds and collective improvisations. The most part of the improvisations are turbuelent and energetic collective improvisations. The musicians create especially energetic, loud, solid and intensive sound of all improvisations. Memorable, active, expressive, passionate and vivacious melodies bring live and energy to the compositions. Alto and tenor saxophones melodies and outstanding duets are full of many different musical expressions and playing techniques. Loud and powerful blow outs, fascinating and memorable riffs, wild fast, rigorous and shrieky solos, vivid and passionate melodies, weird timbres and rhythms, dynamic rhythmic and huge range of contrastic episodes – all these elements are heard the most in these two  musicians improvisations. Bass and guitar improvisations create the synthesis between various rock styles and avant-garde jazz. Deep, monotonous and loud guitar solos, static and repetitive rhythmic, the melodic and rhythmic elements of various rock styles are gently combined together with effective solos, spontaneous and free improvisations, unusual and weird sounds. Bass improvisations are dynamic and constantly changing – the bassist try out many different playing techniques and moods. From silent and subtle episodes, his improvisations suddenly switch to turbulent, free, active, rigorous and innovative improvisations. Colorful and active drum section connect together many different rhythmes, timbres and extraordinary sounds. Monotonic and repetitive, very active and dynamic, speedy and slow, rigorous and sharp or soft and lengthy – all kinds and types of rhythms, drum playing techniques and manners are used here. These album improvisations are placed somewhere between avant-garde jazz, hard-bop and bebop. These three basic styles make a marvelous synthesis with various rock styles and intonations of melodic and rhythmic elements of ethnic musical of various Europe and Asia countries. This album has gorgeous, active, sharp, turbulent and original sound.

SPIO (São Paulo Improvisers in Orchestra) – “Conduction BR#5” (Sê-lo!, 2017)

“Conduction BR#5” was released on December 13, 2017 by “Se-lo!” records. Album was recorded by a huge group of improvisers – “SPIO” (São Paulo Improvisers in Orchestra). All members of this ensemble are interesting, creative and talented jazz musicians – it’s Benjamim Taubikin (piano), Romulo Alexis (trumpet), Amilcar Rodrigues (trumpet), Daniel Carrera (trombone), Filipe Nader, Rafael Cab (alto sax), Richard Fermino (clarinet, flute), Martin Herraiz (guitar), Daniel Mendes (guitar), João Ciriaco (contrabass), Rafael Ramalhoso (cello), Edu Varallo (vibraphone), Jorge Amorim (bateria), Daniel Puerto Rico (percussion), Natacha Maurer (ruidos) and Guilherme Peluci (conductor). The musicians connect in their improvisations various jazz styles, free improvisations, academic avant-garde ans experimental music elements, native Brazilian music melodic and rhythmic intonations. Colorful and bright musical language, different kinds of expressions and other musical language elements, memorable and admirable solos, free and innovative musical experiments, original musical decisions are the main elements of these compositions. The music of this ensemble is vivid, energetic, rapid and contrasting – it’s always somewhere between free jazz, experimental music and academic avant-garde.

Album compositions are formed by many different music language elements and styles. The musicians try out many different playing techniques, expressions, search for new and unusual timbres, express different moods and characters. The compositions are the synthesis of unique playing styles, musical languages and unique improvising manners and sounds of each musician – all styles, playing manners, sounds and timbres are masterfully synthesized together. The compositions are based on free structure, spontaneous solos, bright and unpredictable musical language. It also has vivacious, joyful, passionate and striking melodic section and vibrant rhythmic basement. The reeds and brass section, which is contained from two trumpets, two alto saxophones, clarinet, flute and trombone, bring organic, expressive, emotional and vivid sound to these improvisations. Soft, peaceful and lengthy flute solos, expressive and vibrant clarinet melodies, emotional, rapid and sharp saxophones, deep, bright and solid trombone and loud trumpets melodies – the huge variety of different timbres, sounds, short or long melodic elements are gently combined together. After loud, turbulent and free collective improvisations there comes the episodes with more academical sound. Memorable, admirable and striking melodies, sharp and rigorous blow outs, deep and solid bass line are highly contrasting with exciting, emotional, passionate solos, wild fast passages, peaceful and abstract episodes, silent and lyric pieces which suddenly get to turbulent, dramatic and expressionistic culminations. The melodies are based on many different musical intonations – mostly it’s a wonderful synthesis between free jazz improvisations, experimental music, bebop and hard-bop and the elements of Brazilian music. Two guitars, cello and contrabass melodies are full of unpredictable and surprising musical decisions – soft pizzicato, sudden and loud glissando, wild fast arpeggio, virtuosic and masterful passages, vibrant and turbulent solos, passionate improvisations or silent, peaceful and lyric improvisations: all these and big part of other musical language elements, playing techniques, manners and styles are effectively combined in one place. Drums section also is very colorful and solid – that’s the place where’s gently fit together loud drum rolls, powerful fanfars, turbulent and virtuosic solos, wild rapid and furious passages, unusual timbres, soft and silent melodies of vibraphone, the sounds of native Brazilian instruments, gorgeous, effective and colorful percussion sounds and many other elements. All musicians of this ensemble are improvising masterfully and creatively – all compositions of this album have expressive and unpredictable sound.

Akira Sakata | Chikamorachi | Masahiko Satch – “Proton Pump” (Family Vineyard, 2018)


“Proton Pump” was released on February 2, 2018 by “Family Vineyard Records”. Album was recorded by avant-garde jazz legend saxophonist Akira Sakata and “Chikamorachi” – it’s drummer Chris Corsano, acoustic bass player Darin Gray and pianist, composer Masashiko Satoh. The improvisations by these four musicians always have interesting and vibrant sound. Sudden and unpredictable stylistic waves, turns of the moods, pleasant surprises, fascinating and vibrant blow outs, wild fast and virtuosic riffs – all these elements form the main part of  these improvisations. The musicians have original and specific playing manner, which is formed and synthesized by free jazz improvisations and bebop, hard-bop and post-bop styles. The musicians always try out new and experimental ways of playing, twist together different moods, characters and contrasting episodes. Their improvisations always have original, sharp, vibrant, aggressive and innovative sound.

The compositions of this album are based on avant-garde jazz elements. The main and one of the most important element, which form aggressive, sharp and extremely loud and expressive sound, is saxophonist Akira Sakata improvising. His improvisations are formed of huge range of musical expressions, dynamics, playing techniques and other musical language elements – these elements make an effort to original, bright and energetic sound of all improvisations. Extremely loud and powerful blow outs, sharp, aggressive, expressive and passionate sound, innovative ways of playing, fascinating and glamorous riffs – all these elements form the most important part of this album improvisations. Saxophonist marvelously combines together wild fast and furious solos, energetic, active and very rapid passages, spontaneous and free improvisations, fascinating musical experiments and creates sharp, rigorous, aggressive, intensive and vibrant sound. That makes an effort to whole album sound. Masashiko Satoh piano improvisations are especially expressive and passionate. Musician masterfully combines together contrasting solos – wild fast, loud, rigorous and spontaneous improvisations are twisted together with calm, lyric and slow pieces. The piano improvisations form the harmonic basic – sharp, aggressive, loud and repetitive dissonances are combined together with consonances which contain small part of these improvisations. The playing manner of this pianist can be placed somewhere between hardcore bebop, swing and avant-garde jazz. He masterfully and colorfully combines together all these different music styles into one place. Darin Gray acoustic bass improvisations have vibrant and effective sound. Improviser try out many different playing techniques, create specific, intensive, loud and powerful sound. Chris Corsano drums section is extremely loud, energetic, deep, vibrant and powerful. He organically and effectively switch between hardcore beat to romantic and static swing, when – to the turbulent, free and vibrant collective improvisations. All kinds and types of rhythms, drum playing techniques, special effects and many other elements are combined together in one place. The collective improvisations have the most effective, turbulent, powerful and vibrant sound. Shrieky, loud, turbulent and powerful solos by each musician, inventive musical decisions, fascinating musical experiments make an effort to marvelous and outstanding sound of whole album.