Agustí Fernández & Sarah Claman – “Antipodal Suite” (Sirulita Records, 2018)

“Antipodal Suite” is the newest release of “Sirulita Records”. Album was recorded by Agusti Fernandez (piano) and Sarah Claman (violin). Duo creates fascinating, enchanting, impressive and passionate in most part of their music. The compositions are mostly based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music ideas. Innovative point of view, fresh and brave ideas, crazy and wild musical decisions, enchanting instrumentation and wide range of expressions and other ornamental musical language’s elements make huge effort to whole sound. Both musicians are the masters of their art. Precise, marvelous and charming playing techniques, unique sound, suggestive, dramatic and expressive playing manner, dozens of gorgeous timbres and sounds, special effects and sound experiments of whole types – these things are the most important part of their music. Improvisers have their own and unique playing style – they are creating charming, passionate, marvelous and unconventional sound, which is simply beautiful and impressive at the same time.

“Antipodal Suite” is filled with extravagant musical decisions, innovative and expressive instrumentation, vivid musical language and dozens of gorgeous timbres, sounds and expressions. Rapidness, action, drive, vitality, expression and hot passion joins together in the music of improvisers. Their playing is especially expressive, moving, emotional and mixed from millions of contrasting pieces, expressions, emotions and moods. Musicians are using innovative playing techniques, who also create vivd, suggestive, expressive and charming mood. That makes an effort to sound experiments, search and production of weird timbres, harsh noises and exotic combos. Both musicians are experienced and talented improvisers. They also are real experimentators. The will to search and construct new forms, change old rules to new and unconventional ways of improvising meet with charming, driving and touching playing style and sound. Agusti Fernandez is marvelous and innovative pianist. His music is like a huge mosaic, constructed from dozens of different pieces. Motions, conceptual playing techniques, innovative ways of playing, harsh and sharp sounds – these basics help pianist to achieve natural, organic, charming and exceptional result. Each element has its own place in Agusti Fernandez improvisations. Though where are millions of different moods, expressions, playing techniques, ways of improvising and other things, everything in his compositions is on order, there’s no chaos or too static episodes. The pianist surprisingly travels through different moods and expressions. Vital, expressive and remarkable melodies, passionate, charming and dizzy solos, impressive and wild fast passages are frequently heard. There’s also place left for calm, solemn and lyrical mood – abstract, silent and peaceful episodes shows the other side of the musician: contemplative, relaxing and soft. Repetitive rhythmic and melodic series also are used sometimes along with modern and sharp harmony, dynamic rhythmic and furiously fast, turbulent and roaring culminations. Pianist shows the masterful ability of sudden changes. He can be different – very tight, silent and soft, moving, passionate and vital, expressive, dramatic, harsh, angry or even – furious and aggressive. All the characters and moods are connected together in one place. The elements of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles are connected with free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and its basic styles and streams. Most part of his improvising is based on spontanity. Pianist accidentally, dynamically and spontaneously varies between different emotions, silmunateously changes the moods. uses bordering dynamics and especially wide range of playing techniques and expressions. It’s real pleasure to listen to the piano improvisations – it’s colorful, bright, remarkable, gorgeous and adventurous. Sarah Claman is another one great violinist – who has remarkable style, exceptional playing technique and unique sound. Her compositions are based on free improvisations, basics of avant-garde jazz and compounds of modern, progressive and contemporary jazz, as well as, intonations and main instrumental tendencies of contemporary academical music. Violin improvisations are moving and dynamic – it’s filled with dramatic and sparkling risings, roaring and touching culminations, shrieky sounds, wild fast and thrilling passages and episodes of relaxing, peaceful and silent mood. Violinist can easily and effectively varie between dozens of different playing techniques and expressions. Same as Agusti Fernandez, she demonstrates marvelous playing technique, the most precise virtuosity and fascinating musical experiments. She masterfully jumps into different mood to another – the changes are made  spontaneously, as an accident and in effective, bright and innovative way. Violinist likes eclectic combos, unpredictable changes, surprises and risky musical decisions. That hears in her music all the time – from agile, vital and expressive improvisations she runs in extremely speedy, charing and passionate solos, virtuosic and dizzy passages, or rise to adventurous, dramatic, nervous and aggressive culminations. Sometimes she turns out to silent pauses, slow comtemplations, abstract and free improvisations or simply silent and calm pieces. Her exceptional sound, touching playing style and marvelous playing techniques is demonstrated in active pieces. Slow episodes let the listener to hear the other side of her playing – these episodes are the main place of sound experiments and adventurous musical decisions. Here improviser tries to expand the zone of sound and technical abilities of violin. Huge variety of gorgeous, interesting, weird, provocative, rough or soft, strange or simply outrageous timbres are extracted here. The music of this album is charming. innovative, dynamic and passionate.


Mountweazel – “Doublethink” (Aut Records, 2018)

“Doublethink” is new release of “Aut Records”. Album was recorded by “Mountweazel” – it’s great quartet of innovative improvisers. Here Federico Eterno (alto saxophone), Davide Lorenzon (tenor saxophone), Antti Virtaranta (double bass) and Adrian David Krok (drums) play together. They had been improvising and collaborating together many times. Since the quartet was formed, musicians had created exceptional sound and innovative conception of their music. Avant-garde jazz is the base of most part of the compositions. It’s condensed with bebop, post bop, neo bop, soft intonations of modal, progressive and modern jazz, contemporary academical music, exoperimental and electronic music and other styles of music. Avant-garde jazz is highly related with free improvisation. Musicians are truly experimentators – they don’t like to make their music in traditional frames or forms. They are searching for new, interesting, brave and innovative ways of improvising. That they manage to do just great – most part of their compositions is based on fresh and evocative ideas, wild and thrilling sound, sharp and expressive playing manner and modern way of improvising.

“Doublethink” is very expressive and emotional. Four musicians are individual and independent players, who have their own and innovatieve sound. Their improvisations are based on colorful and multi-layed musical language, bright and difficult pattern, collective improvisation and dynamic rhythmic. These five basics are illustrated with numerous of coloristics, expressions, timbres and playing techniques. Musicians have illustrative and imaginary musical language – it’s vivid, expressive, dramatic, emotional and passionate. Free structure, spontaneous improvising, impressive instrumentation and sound experiments make an effort to solid and suggestive background. Open form doesn’t close musicians in some quadratic and strict structure – it’s always changing along with changes of musical language. Musicians are experimenting in all cases of musical language. That mostly hears in instrumentation section – they extract new timbres, take on risky and adventurous turns, make eclectic fusions and exotic combos of timbres, instruments, styles or expressions. That makes an effort to impressive and vivid musical language and active, dynamic and expressive mood of album. Federico Eterno and Davide Lorenzon keep solid, moving, bright and vibrant saxophones section. Alto and tenor saxophones contain base of melodic pattern. The firm, gentle, passionate and moving melodic line is leaded by two great saxophonists. Thrilling solos, passionate and expressive melodies, vivid, gentle and light excerpts, sorrowful downs, aggressive, dramatic, sharp and powerful culminations or dizzy and furiousyl fast passages – charming and gorgeous variety of musical language’s elements is made here. Both saxophonists are improvising together or solo – they duos are extremely violent, sharp, powerful and moody. They fuse together two independent melodies, who are filled with attractive and suggestive playing manner, sharp and vibrant sound, timbral experiments, innovative instrumentation and violent, roaring and moving blow outs. It touches all sections of musical language – brings expressive mood of album and effects the formation of rhythmical and harmonical section. Double bass improvisations by Antti Virtaranta also make an effort to melodic section – it colorfully illustrates it with virtuosic passages, wild fast solos, gorgeous timbres, monotonic tunes and firm bass line. The music of gentle, light and moving saxophones is gently joined with vibrant, deep, dynamic and colorful double bass. Improviser shows wide spectre of playing techniques and colors, which can be produced by double bass. He also uses unconventional ways of playing along with traditions and usual forms. Solid, firm and suggestive bass line, subtle pieces, relaxing and gorgeous excerpts, bright, luminous and expressive culminations, turbulent and roaring improvisations and many other things – that makes an effort to bright, suggestive and dynamic sound. Adrian David Krok is leading drum’s section. Drummer likes risky turns, sudden changes, eclectic combos and exotic instrumental decisions. Free, pulsating and dynamic rhythmic figures are against static, monotonic and slow rhythms, Afroamerican music rhythmic forms, gorgeous timbres, colorful ornaments and other elements of musical language. Liek the rest part of the musical pattern, drums section is moody, colorful, luminous, expressive and passionate. The music of this album has impressive sound who is mixed with innovative and interesting musical decisions. That makes an effort to simply beautiful, modern, evocative and passionate music.

Han-earl Park/Catherine Sikora/Nick Didkovsky – “Eris 136199” (2018)

“Eris 136199” was released on October 9, 2018. Album was recorded by Han-earl Park (guitar), Catherine Sikora (saxophone) and Nick Didkovsky (drums). Three musicians have their original playing style and interesting point of view of improvising. They like to create innovative, fresh and adventurous sound. Ambitious, passionate and innovative jazz masters never don’t hesitate to make eclectic combos of styles, expressions or other elements of musical language. The music is filled with lots of colors, sounds, expressions, gorgeous timbres and experimental ways of playing. It’s all mixed in one musical pattern with pleasure, adventure and passion. Musicians don’t go through traditional way – they search specific forms of improvising, use creative and effective ways of playing, mix together sound experiments, unconventional and innovative tendencies and rules. That gives fresh, modern, interesting and vibrant sound of their improvisations. But the pieces aren’t based just on nowadays music and the newest experiments or electronics sounds. It also returns back to the roots and traditions from time to time – avant-garde jazz of 1960’s and 1970’s, traditional, but tremendous and terrific ways of playing, excerpts of the most famous compositions of avant-garde jazz pioneers and imitations of playing styles and sounds of great jazz stars… These elements always rest part of the most important base of improviser’s music. Gorgeous synthesis, inventive and wild musical decisions and expressive improvisations create luminous, interesting and innovative sound.

“Eris 136199” has all main elements of free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz and is related with bebop, post bop and hard bop. The music is full of life, energy, passion and vitality. Agility, gravity and vibrant sound mixed together with gentle, soft and relaxing or provocative, sharp, aggressive and impressive culminations. Musicians are improvising in the spot – the most part of the compositions is based on free and shocking musical experiments, drastic abruptions, sudden and colorful changes and passionate solos. The improvisations are based on collective improvising – the musical facture, form and other elements are created by all three improvisers. One of them creates dizzy and remarkable melody, the others – bright and dynamic rhythmic, gorgeous background or dozens of special effects and coloristics. All music is composed by same principe and spontaneously for the most of the time. The musicians have a tendency to experiment – they burst out into sparkling and terryfying solos in the most unpredictable places, or go to silent, calm and soft down in places, who would have to be the culminations. Listening of this album gives a new and fresh pont of view – musicians are taking on risky and adventurous solo, bright and luminous culminations, breaking old rules and creating new ones instead of them. Experimental ways of playing, special effects, search of weird, strange or wild sounds, imitations of very well-known techniques, traditional methods of playing, innovative conception of improvisation and effective playing manner – all these elements form incredible, impressive and modern melodic, rhythmical and instrumentation’s sections. The music is just wonderful and charming – all kinds of colors, rhythms, expressions and sounds are condensed together in one form. Saxophone melodies by Catherine Sikora are based on moving and expressive solos. Vivacious melodies aren’t the only one important element – wide variety of melodic episodes are connected here. Aggressive and rolling, monotonic and depressive, groovy and harsh, heavy and terryfying pieces gently go along with bright, expressive, playful, childish, provocative, funny, hilarious excerpts, or even with simply crazy episodes. Saxophonist is basing her technique on expression, vitality and passion. Her melodies are vivid, bright and active for the most of the time. It has sharp, dynamic and provocative rhythmic and harsh mood. The saxophone has his function in the album – it keeps bringing life, electric and tremendous bursts of energy, glimpsy solos or sparkling passages to whole musical pattern. Han-earl Park’s guitar – sometimes serious, slow and depressive, sometimes – flowing, light, agile and vital. Lots of emotions are condensed in guitarist’s improvisations. Hard core, melodic and rhythmic intonations of some rock styles, energetic, heavy and rough sound, quadratic structure is put against free improvisation, passionate and extremely furious solos and vibrant riffs. That makes an effort to whole sound, but especially for melodic section. Vibrant, sometimes roaring, thrilling and wild duos of guitar and saxophone form solid, strong, bright and luminous melodic section. Rhythmic section is as solid and independent as melodic. Nick Didkovsky is modeling his own and unique version of sound and improvisations. It’s full of wide spectre of colors, unheard timbres, strange noises, spiky, provocative and innovative musical decisions, exotic combos, stylistic virages and hot expression in every way. Drummer gently fuses together all kinds of playing techniques, avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, bright and original sound and effective playing manner. Three musicians have splendid and suggestive playing technique, extravagant and unique playing manner and are talented, brave and innovative improvisers. That helps them to create remarkable, intense, vibrant and passionate sound.


Pandelis Karayorgis, Damon Smith, Eric Rosenthal – “Cliff” (Driff Records, 2018)

“Cliff” is the newest release of “Driff Records”. Album was recorded by Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Damon Smith (double bass) and Eric Rosenthal (drums). Musician had been long time collaborators for many years before this collective release. Through the musical career, each musician had created his own and suggestive playing style. Innovations, roots of avant-garde jazz, spontaneous musical decisions, impressive solos and fabulous improvisations – all these elements are the main elements of their music. Improvisers became famous figures of avant-garde jazz scene. They always had been filled with fresh ideas, crazy and wild musical decisions and huge amount of expressions. Roaring and turbulent solos with agile and wild fast passages, colorful passings from one mood to another, dynamic melodies and fascinating musical experiments contain the most important part of musical pattern. The music is based on avant-garde jazz. The newest tendencies of 21th century are kindly and organically connected with roots of avant-garde jazz and modern styles of it. These compositions are filled with illustrative and imaginary themes, remarkable melodies, surprising and dynamic moods and special effects.

“Cliff” is filled with gorgeous timbres, expressive melodies and turbulent collective improvisations. It has multi-colored facture, polyphonic and multi-layed musical pattern and is based on avant-garde and modern jazz basics. Free improvisation is main element of whole album. It’s also the most important base of each improvisation – the best abilities, freshest ideas and siply crazy musical decisions are mixed here. Multi-colorful sparkles, turbulent bursts of energy, pulsating and dynamic rhythmnic, remarkable solos, intense and thrilling pieces, drmatic culminations or silent, gentle and peaceful pauses are definitely frequently heard in this album. It makes an effort to bright. luminous, electric and impressive sound. Pandelis Karayorgis is marvelous pianist. Tremendous solos always get together with meditative, relaxing solos, monotonic and intense pieces, or gentle, playful and smooth excerpts. All kinds of moods, techniques, playing manners, characters and timbres are produced and mixed here. Pianist marvelously fuses together impressive solos, vivacious and vivid melodies, spontaneous turns, contrasting pieces, colorful chords and bright musical expressions. The music is live, energetic, tremendous and full of passionate, schocking and extravagant ideas and ways of playing. Piano improvisations keep active, pleasant and energetic mood. It’s also the main instrument of melodic section – terrific, loud, active and luminous solos give the main note to the compositions. Damon Smith’s double bass is subtle, smooth and slow, but it can be moving, aggressive and sharp at the same  time. There’s huge variety of different timbres and expressions, who are produced here. Part of them are extracted in unconventional and specific way. Musical experiments, special effects, gorgeous sounds, sharp noises and dozens of coloristics make fabulous background. His improvisations reflect own and innovative point of view and new conception of avant-garde jazz. Damon Smith is one of these musicians, who doesn’t hesitate to break the rules, make exotic and extraordinart combinations and fuse contasting musical elements. Same desir to search and found for something new, integrate and fuse together absolutely uncompairable and different music elements or styles, is founded and in Pandelis Karayorgis and Eric Rosenthal music. His drum section is solid, vibrant, pulsating and dynamic. It contains everything – aggressive and sharp solos, monotonic and stable excerpts, sparkling, bursting and luminous excerpts, wild fast and passionate passages and other virtuosic elements, dizzy and glimpsy pieces or turbulent, free, wild and tremendous improvisations. All three musicians are the masters of improvising – vitality, hot passion, wild thrills and vibrant bursts of energy form the base of their music. It effects inspiring and marvelous sound.

Moore / Edwards / Prevost – “Darkened, Yet Shown” (Matchless, 2018)

Moore / Edwards / Prevost: Darkened, Yet Shone (Matchless)

“Darkened, Yet Shown” is the newest release of “Matchless” label. Album was recorded by a trio – it’s N.O. Moore (guitar), John Edwards (double bass) and Eddie Prevost (drums). Three musicians – three unique, fascinating, creative and passionate improvisers, who create expressive and innovative music. The music is mostly based on free jazz. Wild, turbulent and spontaneous free collective improvisation is the main part of it. Musicians are real experimentators in various ways of music – they break traditional rules, change them in new, innovative and specific methods of playing. Musicians produce numerous of gorgeous, colorful, luminous or just simply weird timbres and sounds. They are expanding the zone of sound and get new colors, playing techniques and expressions by using shicking and innovative ways of playing. The fusions of conceps, contrasts and motions are filled with multi-colorful, polyphonic and bright musical language. Hot passion, wild thrills, spontaneous changes and gorgeous surprises – these things make dynamic, passionate, expressive and luminous sound.

“Darkened, Yet Shown” is the set of dynamic and expressive compositions. Its stylistic synthesis based on free, creative, avant-garde and modern jazz fusion. Contrasting and absolutely different pieces, moods, expressions, stylistic combos and ways of playing are joined together in subtle and organic way. The sound gets surprising, fascinating and filled with fresh and innovative ideas. Musicians are the masters of switching between different pieces and moods – gentle and silent episodes are connected with dramatic, bright, luminous, passionate and wild free improvisations. All three musicians together create fascinating and original musical pattern. Dozens of expressions, moods, characters, playing techniques and instrumentation decisions are illustrates with dizzy and thrilling virtuosic elements, abbreviations, ornements and effective coloristics. Solid and independent rhythmic section is put against moving, bright, luminous, suggestive and expressive melodic section, who is individual and touching. Abstract facture, free and multi-layed musical pattern, dynamic rhythmic, bordering dynamics, provocative musical decisions, special effects, colorful harmony and expressive mood – all these elements keep colorful, vivid and bright content of the improvisations. N.O. Moore guitar improvisations are moving, touching and attractive. Improviser fuses together wide variety of styles and expressions. His playing style generally is based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, progressive and modern jazz. Content relates with contemporary academical music, coloristic experiments and rock styles. No element or excerpt isn’t used without mix with others – musician manage to fuse everything in one place and get natural, creative and abstract musical pattern. Harsh, expressive and remarkable solos, gentle and tight excerpts, wild free, dizzy and terrific culminations, vivid melodies and monotonic hard core and dozens of different playing techniques and expressions – that makes bright, spontaneous and interesting sound. N.O. Moore’s improvisations are played with passion, expression and full of wild thrills and sparkles. Double bass of John Edwards goes along just fine together with guitar. It gives an opportunity to hear other side of compositions and great playing by famous bassist. John Edwards playing is suggestive, touching and nspiring. He tends to make crazy musical decisions, sudden, but always interesting surprises, integrate the innovations and traditions in one place. His compositions are based on sound of various jazz styles – from 1960’s avant-garde jazz, bebop, post bop, neo bop, progressive jazz to the newest free improvisations, electronics and contemporary academical music elements. He goes back to the roots of avant-garde jazz, uses already known, but effective ways of playing. At the same time, artist mixes the roots all together with the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz. That’s how impressive, vivid and evocative sound is created. The compositions by John Edwards are just great and wonderful – it demonstrates all main elements of his music. From silent and tight improvisation, subtle chords, solid bass line and peaceful solos musician jumps straight to eclectic, virtuosic, dizzy, passionate and roaring free improvisations. Eddie Prevost leads the drums section. It’s attractive, expressive, joyful and vivid. Drummer mixes Afroamerican rhythms, European and American avant-garde jazz, cobntemporary academical music instrumentation and the conception of musical language, special effects, innovative and experimental ways of playing and unconventional musical decisions. Moving, emotional and roaring drum rolls, terrific solos, vivacious and energetic turns to different moods, rich variety of timbres, passionate arpeggios and many other expressions and playing techniques form bright, solid and tremendous rhythmic section. The music of this album is expressive, inspiring and bright.

Paul Dunmall / Philip Gibbs / Neil Metcalfe / Ashley John Long – “Seascapes” (FMR, 2018)

Dunmall, Paul / Philip Gibbs / Neil Metcalfe / Ashley John Long : Seascapes (FMR)

“Seascapes” is the newest release of “FMR” label. Album was recorded by four famous and talented jazz masters – Paul Dunmall (tenor, soprano saxophones), Philip Gibbs (guitar), Neil Metcalfe (flute) and Ashley John Long (bass). Music of quartet is bright, extravagant and modern. Musicians have been playing together for a long time – as a duo, trio, quartet or in combos with other musicians. Improvisers are interesting and evocative musicians – they are full of fresh ideas and innovations. Experiments in every possible way or section of musical language – that’s the main idea of their playing, They are paying the highest attention to search of weird timbres, unusual instrumentation, experimental ways of playing, extremely huge variety of expressions and other elements of musical language. Base of compositions is formed by avant-garde jazz basics and expressive, sharp and aggressive modern jazz. Sometimes musicians are using soft intonations of contemporary, modal or progressive jazz, also academical and experimental music. Free improvisation always is the key of their music – it always consists the main and most important element of the compositions. Musicians are improvising with passion and expression – they are always creating fresh, interesting, evocative and remarkable sound.

“Seascapes” is a set of expressive, wild and terrific improvisations. The traditions of American avant-garde jazz, especially New York and Chicago streams, are connected with Scandinavian, European and other newest tendencies of experimental jazz styles. The music is live, active, dynamic and turbulent. Musicians like to improvise all together – collective and free improvisation remains the main priority of all four musicians. Flowing and sparkling saxophones melodies, roaring solos, vibrasnt blow outs, passionate and remarkable melodies, extravagant combos, exotic ways of playing, solid, hard and tight core… It’s very hard to mention all the elements, who form the main base of pattern. Difficult facture, synthetic form, polyphonic and multi-layed pattern, rich and colorful musical language with numerous of expressions, timbres and coloristic elements – that’s the main base of each composition. Musicians combine everything in one place – the compositions are created spontaneously for the most of the time. That also gives an effort to whole sound – makes it attractive and brings real pleasure to listen. Whole huge variety of timbres, sounds, expressions and other elements is filled with universal kit of instrumentation and dozens of diffferent colors. Saxophones solos bring wild, crazy and thrilling motion to improvisations – vivid, expressive and passionate solos, wild fast passages, charming and remarkable melodies, eclectic and exotic stylistic intonations, contrasting concepts, dramatic culminations and silent downs – Paul Dunmall again demonstrates his own and remarkable way of improvising and unique sound. He has expressive, bright, luminous and effective playing manner – it’s based on avant-garde and modern jazz styles. Philip Gibbs is famous guitarist and long time collaborator of Paul Dunmall. His improvisations are as much surprising, adventurous and splendid as energetic and terrific saxophones. The playing manner is based on unique sound, experiments in timbres and instrumentation section, innovative ways of playing and soft synthesis with rock. Hard core, electric and suggestive sound, bursts of energy, monotonic rhythmic is mixed with adventurous spontaneous solos, changes of moods, bordering dynamics and remarkable musical language. Duos between these two musicians are just wonderful – it’s energetic, vibrant, thrilling, based on sparkling solos and wild bursts of energy. Flute by Neil Metcalfe and bass melodies created by Ashley John Long form subtle and gentle side of the music. It recovers other mood of improvisations – relaxing, tight and smooth solos mixed along with passionate, sparkling and hot passages, dramatic culminations or deep and solid bass line. Conceptual musical decisions, unconventional ways of playing and return basck to the roots – these things base the main part of compositions. The basic elements of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz are used here – it’s gently goes along with the newest tendencies of experimental jazz, soft intonations of academical music and sound experiments. The music of this album is surprising and gorgeeous – musicians manage to dive through wide range of emotions, characters, moods, playing techniques and other elements of musical language. Together they create impressive and vivid compositions.

Jonathan Finlayson – “3 Times Round” (Pi Recordings, 2018)

“3 Times Round” is the newest release of “Pi Recordings”. Album was recorded by Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet), Steve Lehman (alto saxophone), Brian Settles )tenor saxophone, flute), Matt Mitchell (piano), John Hebert (bass) and Craig Weinrib (drums). Expressive, rapid, splashing and hot – that’s the music of Jonathan Finlayson and his ensemble. All musicians have original and unique playing style – it’s bordering between avant-garde and experimental jazz, various modern jazz styles, experimental and contemporary music intonations. The basic of it surely is free improvisation and main elements of avant-garde jazz. Musicians fuse together traditions and innovations. The newest streams of Norwegian, Scandinavian, European, American and jazz styles of other countries are mixed in one place. It’s frequently gently illustrated by funny and crazy musical decisions, sound experiments, outrageous timbres and rich variety of expressions. The music of ensemble is adventurous and unpredictable – it’s filled with bright and original stylistic combos, modern instrumentation, passionate and expressive musical language.

“3 Times Round” compositions are one of the nest examples of improvising of this ensemble. Musicians are improvising creatively and with passion – they mix sparkling melodies, colorful splashes, vibrant bursts of energy and dozens of other musical decisions. Free imptovisation is the basic of the album – it’s also the most important element, which makes an effort to all sections of musical language. Improvisers like to search for new timbres, make specific and crazy musical decisions, to express numerous of different intonations and sounds. That they manage to do just brilliant – all the compositions have rich musical language, expressive mood and are filled with funny, gorgeous, strange, weird or just soft and gentle intonations. By combining all the elements to one place, musicians create rich, multi-colorful and sparkling musical pattern. It’s abstract and free for the most of the time. Musicians are using open form for the improvisations. It’s illustrated with sharp and modern harmony, dissonance chords,, dynamic rhythmic and solid melodic section. The improvisations are created free and with passion – musicians don’t hesitate to experiment in all cases. New timbres, adventurous turns, playful and funny excerpts who turn out to aggressive, violent and angry, dozens of expressions and wide universal kit of instrumentation – all these elements give musicians an opportunity to experiment and create new conception of their music. All five improvisers have hot, thrilling and passionate playing style, which is mostly related to avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and modern jazz styles. That hears in melodic and rhythmic section. The melodies are independent and colorful – each improviser creates his own by using interesting and modern musical language. Flute, alto and and tenor saxophones make vivid, bright and vibrant reeds section. Steve Lehman (alto saxophone) and Brian Settles (tenor saxophone, flute) are creating gorgeous, modern and dynamic sound. Their improvisations are like mosaics of different styles, expressions and playing techniques. Musicians are fusing together different characters and styles, they also demonstrate masterful ability to jump from the one mood to another. Silent and gentle goes after aggressive and provocative, when passe out to solemn and peaceful or bursts out to hot thrills, vibrant and roaring blow outs or sparkling, vivid and virtuosic solos. Glissando, staccato, wild fast and dizzy passages, fascinating riffs and blow outs – it’s just a small part of the instrumentation’s decisions, who are fused together in one place with special effects, sound experiments and experimental ways of playing. Hot, loud and scandalous trumpet by Jonathan Finlayson bring live and energy to the compositions. It gives active, gorgeous, expressive and passionate mood to most part of  the compositions. Trumpet gently fits together with bright, vivid, live and energetic reeds. The improvisations are filled with adventurous musical decisions, turbulent improvisations, loud, roaring and passionate solos, roaring blow outs, expressive and playful excerpts or just simply weird, moving or crazy musical decisions. This huge variety of styles and timbres makes an effort to remarkable and innovative sound. Moving, touching and passionate piano solos by Matt Mitchell also make a solid effect for whole sound and melodic section. Extravagant turns, gorgeous timbres, experimental ways of playing and hilarious, turbulent and roaring free improvisations – that’s the base of pianist’s improvising. Sharp, aggressive and complicated rhythmic, touching solos relate with bebop, post bop and other modern jazz styles and gently fit together with dynamic, spontaneous and impressive free improvisation. John Hebert bass – it’s a multi-colorful, rich and dynamic fusion of different moods and expressions. Subtle and gentle pieces, peaceful and relaxing excerpts, abstract and free improvisations lead to touching, moving and expressive culminations with shrieky and harsh noises, loud and vibrant solos and impressive melodies. Bass makes solid and independent bass line, keep straight harmonic basement and brings more colors, timbres and expressions to melodic section. Craig Weinrib’s drum section – moving, roaring and turbulent. Drummer twists together Afroamerican music rhythms, sharp and complicated rhythmicof modern jazz styles, static and monotonic figures of traditional or contemporary jazz, minimalistic combinations and unpredictable, gorgeous and just marvelous collective improvisations. Special effects, coloristic elements, exotic combimations, dozens of different moods, expressions and sounds make dynamic, energetic and vivid rhythmic section. Music of this album is remarkable and bright – it has impressive and vivacious sound.