Berlin Art Quartet ‎– “Live At B-flat” (uniSono Records, 2020)

“Berlin Art Quartet” is a jazz ensemble based on new interesting conception and original sound – the compositions are filled with vitality, expression, driving riffs, sparkling solos and tremendous culminations. Tenor saxophone player Matthias Schubert, trombonist Matthias Müller, double bass player Matthias Bauer and drummer Reinhard Brüggemann are improvising together – they’re using their passion, invention, creativity, virtuosity and wild imagination to create something exciting and new. Free improvisation, experimental and avant-garde jazz are the fundaments of their music.

“Live At B-flat” is the newest record of “Berlin Art Ensemble” released on “uniSono Records”. On this one, the musicians again are demonstrating the best capacities of improvising, invention and wide musical knownledge. Brave ambitious decisions, striking culminations, roaring riffs and stormy perturbations passing to silent lyrical pieces or sweet remarkable solos – the music really is virageous and twisting, completely based on free improvisation and spontaneous changes. Each musician brings gis very own sound and specific character to the compositions – that’s why the compositions are dynamic and rigorous, never stay on the same mood for a long time. Matthias Schubert and his saxophone brings energy and drive – shrieky persecutions, hysteric complicated solos with typical rhythmic figures related to bebop or hard bop, luminous striking culminations, driving riffs accompagnied by wainings, growls, urglings, strange timbres, transcendental passages and gorgeous ornaments. Active, vital and moving saxophone makes the music alive, bright and exciting. Deep heavy trombone mastered by Matthias Müller forms a stable bass line and extract huge range of colors and expressions. After being in slow lyrical mood trumpet gets striking and cracking fullfilled with high perturbations, radiant riffs, vibrant tremendous culminations and full blasts. Even though Matthias Müller blends together modern and avant-garde jazz styles, his music is fundamentally based on free improvisation and experimental jazz. Dozens of different colors, moods and expressions, stable bass line, minimalistic samples, solemn meditative pieces, vital passionate solos, luminous riffs and astonishing sonoristic experiments – all these elements contain the main base of Matthias Bauer double bass. An improviser explores new zones of sound, go out of the traditional sound and demonstrates his very own playing style and conception. The music is suggestive, driving and emotional. Drums section based on huge range of rhythms of all ranges and gorgeous percussion mastered by Reinhard Brüggemann is filled with breaking sessions, wild culminations, stable beat changed by complicated expressive rhythms or booming culminations. Reinhard Brüggemann extracts strange timbres, makes exotic or original instrumental compilations and fuses together contrasting styles and expressions. All four musicians are blending together traditions and innovations – the roots of American avant-garde jazz are brought together with innovations, evocative ideas, experimental instrumentation, sonoristic experiments and the will to get out of usual sound’s zone. That makes an effort to interesting, bright and evocative sound.


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