Ken Ikeda & Edward Lucas – “Lost & Found” (earshots records, 2020)

“Lost & Found” was recorded by Ken Ikeda (sythesizers) and Edward Lucas (trombone, feedback). An album is a new release of “Earshots Records”. Evocative fresh ideas, original innovations, inventive musical decisions and modern expressions – that’s the base of the compositions. The musicians are getting on adventurous and luminous culminations joined to tremendous sparkling riffs or spontaneous solos. Both improvisers create a new exciting conception of avant-garde jazz based on fusion of American and European avant-garde jazz, its roots and innovations.

Avant-garde jazz, modern and experimental jazz, contemporary academical music, minimalistic samples and sonoristic experiments are gently brought together in “Lost & Found”. The compositions have a multi-layed and polyphonic pattern fullfilled with textures, gorgeous tunes, strange timbres and innovative instrumentation. Both musicians are doing their best to express dozens of different emotions and extract unusual, bright and original tunes. Here acoustics and electronics go along just fine. Deep cracking trombone by Edward Lucas keeps the melody line. The contrasting pieces highly contradicting to each other are joined – silent pauses, heavy groaning solos, slow or mid-slow melodies turning out to breaking sessions with growling, urgling, flashing and passionate solos, strange timbres, sonoristic experiments and hysteric exclamations. The music never stays the same for a long time – sometimes it’s like a murmuring lullaby or ascetic minimalistic samples, when it turns out to strictly arranged contemporary academical music or blends with astonishing and creative decisions, strange timbres and evocative ideas extracted by innovative and extended playing techniques. Blurry, lyrical and slow, furious and striking, stormy, frantic and exciting or simply passionate, light and moving – all kinds of colors and expressions are used here. A result is just fantastic – a driving, expressive and luminous melody line is created. The sonoristic experiments and interesting instrumental compilations are the main priorities of the improvisers – here’s a great example of acoustic’s and electronics fusion. Feedback by Edward Lucas and synthesizers mastered by Ken Ikeda make the whole musical pattern much more colorful and illustrative. Warm, natural and sensible trombone tunes are blended with synthetic and modern electronics of all ranges. Computer and synth tunes, mutes, in-puts, dubs, electronic devices sounds, field recordings, feedback, amplifications, alterations, sonic system modifications, strange timbres, sonoristic experiments and other electronics are highly used and subtly tinged with bright and eclectic trombone. The music of this album has an evocative and original sound.

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