Rafael Toral / Mars Williams / Tim Daisy – “Elevation” (Relay Recordings, 2019)

“Elevation” is a new album recorded by three great jazz masters – here we have an opportunity to hear out Mars Williams (Saxophones, Toys & Busted-up autoharp), Rafael Toral (Feedback, Modified amplifiers, Electrode oscillator) and Tim Daisy (Drums, Percussion, Radio) improvising together. Three experienced and talented jazz masters certainly are the main figures of international avant-garde jazz scene. Their creativity, fantasy, modern innovations and experience playing together with other famous jazz masters makes an effort to evocative, expressive and original sound.

The basics of avant-garde jazz are the fundaments of the compositions. It’s not the only style which is used in the compositions. The musicians have a tendency to get together absolutely different and contrasting music styles and make the eclectic stylistic combos. The basics of avant-garde jazz are blended with experimental music, electronics and modern innovations of contemporary academical music. Awakening and bright sound, expressive and rich musical language, luminous culminations and wild riffs are the main elements of the compositions. All music is based on open form and free improvisation – that gives an opportunity to experiment and get on drastic, shocking, original and effective musical decisions. An innovative instrumental section is filled with acoustics and electronics organically brought together. Innovations, experiments, extended and evocative playing techniques, special effects, computer sounds and all the other ways of playing are joined here in organic and multi-layed section. Independent melody line is created with pleasure, drive and expression. It’s generally kept by saxophonist Mars Williams. An experimentator, innovator of avant-garde jazz and original improviser is always filled with evocative ideas, inventive decisions and inspiring sonoristic experiments. Mars Williams get on adventurous culminations full of frantic hysteric riffs, fantastic exciting solos, impressive passages, gorgeous ornaments and remarkable driving melodies. Turns, twists, contrasts and surprises are frequently used – frantic and driving pieces are highly contrasting to murmuring, relaxing and contemplative samples, minimalistic series or silent pauses. Expressive and vital saxophone is accompagnied by busted-up autoharp sound and colorful, strange or weird tunes of toys and other objects. Original, extended and specific playing techniques are used all together with extraction of strange timbres, special effects, dynamic changes, urgent or radical decisions which comtpletely change whole mood and sound. Mars Williams improvisations have a bright, inspiring and expressive sound. Rhythmic section is masterfully created – it’s luminous, driving, crazy and wild. Tim Daisy is doing his best – expressive, hysteric, rising, aggressive, booming and wild rhythms, breaking driving sessions or lyrical meditations, minimalistic samples and steady beats are connected here. Drums and percussion’s tunes are connected together with electronics, radio sounds, computer and other electronics tunes, synth, amplifications, electrode oscillators, feedback, modified amplifiers and other electronics which are powered and mastered by Tim Daisy and Rafael Toral. The music of this album has an evocative, bright, expressive and innovative sound.


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