MADE TO BREAK – “F4 Fake” (trost records, 2019)

“F4 Fake” is a new release recorded by “MADE TO BREAK”. It’s an avant-garde jazz quartet based on featured figures of international experimental jazz scene – Ken Vandermark (reeds), Christof Kurzmann (electronics [loopp]), Jasper Stadhouders (bass) and Tim Daisy (drums). The music of “MADE TO BREAK” is always filled with expression, drive and innovative ideas. All four improvisers have their own point of view, original style and inspiring playing manner. Masterful virtuosity, precise and astonishing playing techniques, experimental ideas and eclectic fusions of different styles make an effort to original and vital sound.

Scandinavian, American and European avant-garde jazz and the fundaments of these streams are combined together in “F4 Fake”. The musicians don’t hesitate to make radical decisions, shocking experiments and get out of sound’s comfort zone. They integrate modern, exciting and original innovations, but also frequently return to the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. That’s why their music is filled with expressive bebop, aggressive bumping hard bop or extravagant post bop and other modern jazz styles as well. These elements are combined together with the main tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music, academic avant-garde and electronics. So these compositions is a great authentic fusion of contemporary academical, free improvisations, experimental music and avant-garde jazz. A fantastic basement of the melody line is created by reeds and bass. Ken Vandermark is demonstrating the best capacities of playing and improvising. His improvisations are fullfilled with driving riffs, crazy explosions, full blasts, frantic hysteric blow outs, sharp bursting spills, growling, urgling and wild free solos, impressive improvisations and remarkable enchanting melodies. Ornaments, passages, dizzy glimpsing glissando, special effects and modern expressions accompagnie all the time the main melody line. That makes a colorful, expressive and enchanting background. A rich, bright and innovative musical language is used everywhere – Ken Vandermark manages to create dynamic, effective, passionate and expressive sound. Deep heavy tunes, solemn pieces, lyrical relaxing contemplations colorfully illustrated by strange timbres and special effects are heading to sparkling culminations with sparkling riffs, impressive passages, vivid gentle or light pieces and enchanting melodies, of course. Jasper Stadhouders extracts all wide range of colors, timbres, sounds and expressions – he succesfully blends all these elements together and makes an authentic and organic fusion. Both musicians make a base of melody line – they make it exciting, bright, dynamic and charming. Drummer Tim Daisy creates an independent and remarkable rhythmic section. Gorgeous timbres, colorful percussion, sonoristic experiments and expressions of all kinds are used here together with the rhythms related to various jazz styles. Exciting bursts of energy, sparkling fireworks, full blasts, wild driving culminations, breaking sessions, hysteric, frantic and terrific riffs meet silent pauses, repetitive series, minimalistic samples and monotonous rhythmic figures played in deep, solemn and relaxing mood. That finally makes an effort to original and passionate sound. This album also is a great example of acoustics and electronics gently brought together. Improvisers expand the main technical abilities of their instruments, get out of the traditional sound’s zone and dive in abstract, sophisticated and modern experimentations. Loops, synth tunes, amplifications, alterations, modifications, special effects and other traditional and modern playing techniques of electronics are made by Christof Kurzmann. That makes an effort to innovative instrumental section. The album has an inspiring and evocative sound.


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