Elliott Sharp & Sergio Sorrentino – “SPILLA” (ANTS, 2019)

An American improviser, multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer and guitarist Elliottt Sharp and featured guitarist Sergio Sorrentino are playing as a duo in their newest album “SPILLA”. Both musicians are experimentating on various cases of musical language – sonoristic experiments, special effects, weird sounds, eclectic and exotic stylistic combos, twists, turns and dynamic changes are frequently used in their music. Blues, jazz, rock, avant-rock, avant-garde and experimental jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music contain wide range of styles which are used and gently brought together.

“SPILLA” is filled with extravagant decisions, original ideas and inventive ways of improvising. Both musicians are experimentating on various cases of musical language – it’s remarkable, enchanting and surprising. The compositions are based on synthesis of experimental jazz, roots of avant-garde jazz, the main tendencies of modern classical and contemporary academical music and its basical ways of composing. These elements are also blended together with blues, rock, avant-rock, fusion and other styles. All these elements brought together contain an expressive, wide and eclectic mosaic of styles. The  experiments certainly touch an instrumental section. The musicians are thinking outside the box – their independent style, unique sound and inventive point of view makes an effort to original, bright and moving sound. Specific, extended, rarely used, weird, crazy, strange and simply original playing techniques are used here. It creates a multi-layed, universal and innovative instrumental section. An independent charming melody line is contrasting to passionate and dynamic rhythmic section. These two sections are created by both improvisers – it’s organically blended together in one pattern. Gorgeous background is made by ornaments, textures, layers, tunes, special effects and timbres of all kinds. Elliott Sharp is an author of the compositions. His rich and evocative musical language, vital dynamic turns, strong contrasts, light transcendental passages and evocative ideas. Elliott Sharp’s guitar is moving, thrilling and expressive. Terrific riffs to silent relaxing pauses, passionate spills and light length pieces, enchanting passages, steady deep beats, repetitive series, meditative samples or exciting luminous culminations – that’s the base of his music. Sometimes it’s bluesy, deep and solemn, sometimes – exciting, frantic, hysteric, furious, light, passionate or thrilling. Full blasts of energy, hot thrills, sudden jumps, twisting turns, mood’s changes and modern expressions accompagnie all the time the compositions. All that makes an enchanting, bright and dynamic sound. Sergio Sorrentino is extracting huge range of timbres, moods and tunes. He’s also mixing up all kinds of styles and playing techniques – that makes an effort to bright, luminous and dynamic sound. His music is always in change – silent, contemplative, lyrical and slow pieces have ambient, light, solemn, deep, haunted, dark or abandonned sound. These episodes are highly contrasting to passionate thrills, sudden attacks, striking riffs, exciting colorful solos, expressive melodies and gorgeous ornaments, special effects and sonoristic experiments. All music is based on free improvisation and experimental jazz. An album has bright, enchanting and innovative sound.

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