Binary Canary – “iterative systems” (Carrier Records, 2019)

“iterative systems” is the third succesfullly made collaboration of “Binary Canary” – it’s an ensemble formed by Ted Moore (electronics) and Kyle Hutchins (saxophone). Both musicians are experimentators of avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is based on expansion of technical abilities – strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, all kinds of scales, tunes and expressions are gently combined together in one place. All music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, contemporary academical music, electronics, spectral, sonoristic and concrete music, as well. This huge range of styles, expressions and genres, especially an organic connection of main basics of contemporary academical music and experimental jazz, effects an expressive, luminous and inspiring sound.

“iterative systems” is a mix of compositions based on interesting electroacoustic combo – feedback saxophone, feedback cymbal, tubes, no-input mixer, and eurorack. The musicians are experimenting on variosu fields of musical language – new forms, evocative ideas, inventive modern decisions, innovations and the basics of contemporary academical music are gently combined together. Sometimes the sound is strange, lyrical, solemn and melancholic, depressive and dark, heavy and frustrating. Synthesized tunes, dubs, electronics, computer devices sounds, feedbacks, tubes, no-input mixer, eurorack, special effects, ambient, glitch, drone and all kinds of other electronics are used in all compositions. Calm and solemn episodes are highly contrasting to passionate, expressive, wild and luminous culminations, striking pieces with intriguing decisions, original investigations and moving pieces. The musical pattern is based on open form – the melody, rhythms, gorgeous tunes, backgrounds, textures and expressions are gently combined together, there’s no separation of them. Despite of wide range of contrasting episodes, moods and sounds, the musicians find the best way to combine together all these elements and create an impressive and original sound. Kyle Hutchins saxophone is a link between acoustics and electronics, masterfully developped and organically created. A talented experienced improviser is using his own playing style and expressive mood. He takes experimental playing techniques as a basic of instrumental section. Home-made, strange, specific, provocative, original and simply weird playing techniques contain the fundaments of instrumental section. An improviser is trying to expand the zone of traditional sound – and he manages to do it just fine. The research of strange timbres, extraction of special effects and extended playing techniques, effective and expressive way of improvising and variety of styles are the main compounds of his music. Expressive melodies, tremendous riffs, wild culminations and passionate solos are accompagnied by dizzy transcendental passages, thrilling spills, strange timbres, dubs, inputs and no-inputs, modified tunes, alterated timbres and other electronics. Kyle Hutchins expands the main technical abilities of saxophone and illustrates it with huge range of electronics. A mix of strange timbres, colorful tunes, sonic system’s experiments, inputs, glitch, drone, field recordings, eurorack and no-input mixer, contain the main base of electronics section. Ted Moore creates an interesting, original and modern sound. Both musicians are making the best effort to create an original and inspiring sound – it’s really interesting to listen to this album.


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