Urs Leimgruber/Andreas Willers/Alvin Curran/Fabrizio Spera – “Rome-ing” (Leo Records, 2019)

CD LR 872

“Rome-ing” was recorded by Urs Leimgruber (saxophones), Andreas Willers (guitar), Alvin Curran (piano and keyboards) and Fabrizio Spera (drums). All four musicians are creative and original improvisers. They’re the central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene. Own playing style, unique sound, effective and hypnotysing playing manner and inventive ideas are the main compounds of their music. The musicians had already formed their original and modern playing style – all music is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Authentic traditions, typical rhythmic series, breaking sessions or spontaneous solos meet original ideas, wild culminations and the newest innovations of avant-garde jazz. Sonoristic experiments, special effects, strange tunes and wide expansion of technical abilities also are very important elements of musical pattern.

Expressive playing manner, hilarious, hysteric, sharp and passionate solos, spontaneous improvisations, immediate responses and remarkable melodies – that’s the main compounds of “Rome-ing” compositions. The musicians manage to create a multi-layed, bright and organic pattern. It’s based on wide stylistic variety – from static traditional rhythmic series to fantastic free improvisations, sonoristic experiments, modern innovations and the basics of experimental jazz. This wide spectre of various jazz streams is created here – despite of relations to modern and contemporary jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, the improvisers base their music on the fundaments of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Experimental and extended playing techniques contain the base of instrumental section. These elements are blended together with gorgeous timbres, bright passages, light ornaments and all kinds of coloristics. That finally makes an original and innovative instrumental section. Urs Leimgruber’s saxophones are nervous, dynamic and bright. Waining, urgling, vibrant and urgling solos, terrific riffs, wild blowing sessions, booming thrilling culminations are mixed up together with expressive and fabulous melodies. All kinds of ornaments and timbres are used here to make an exceptional sound. Improviser is using his own sound and especially expressive and vital playing manner – he’s improvising with drive, passion and creativity. Saxophones brings an active, bright, passionate, flowing and expressive mood to the melody line. It makes the base of the melody line along with other instruments. Hot thrills, sparkling culminations, transcendental passages which accompagnie remarkable melodies, hysteric frantic sessions and aggressive tremendous chord’s sequences – pianist Alvin Curran gently combined together all these elements. His music is adventurous and energetic – filled with tremendous culminations, full blasts of energy and sudden changes. Guitar is independent and modern. Andreas Willers is fusing together hysteric vibrant culminations, terrific riffs, passionate and expressive melodies and millions of contrasting pieces. Sometimes his music gets solemn, calm, lyrical and contemplative, or even dark, slow and heavy. Improviser expresses all wide range of emotions and moods – his independent melodies are contrasting to vivid and expressive saxophone and together form an exciting, bright and dynamic melody line along with saxophones, piano and keyboards. Thrilling, hot, bursting and inspiring – that’s how we could call a drums section leaded by Fabrizio Spera. Traditional rhythmic series of modern and contemporary jazz meet free improvisations, stable beats, vibrant thrills, emotional trills, passages, frotting, tapping and all kinds of special effects. Hysteric bebop, aggressive hard bop are contrasting to calm and stable rhythms, minimalistic samples or meditative pieces. Just like the other improvisers, Fabrizio Spera is paying much attention to huge variety of playing techniques, moods, tunes and sonoristic experiments. The music of this album is passing through different kinds of moods – from silent pauses it jumps on striking attacks, wild culminations, dreamy lullabies, passionate flows, transcendental light passages, expressive melodies or sometimes gets back to heavy, solemn, abstract, sophisticated, depressed and dark pieces. That makes an effort to original and exciting sound.



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