From Wolves To Whales – “Dead Leaves Drop” (Dropa Disc, 2019)

“Dead Leaves Drop” was recorded by “From Wolves To Whales”. An exclusive quartet is formed by great, original and creative jazz masters – Nate Wooley (trumpet), Dave Rempis (alto & tenor saxophone), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Chris Corsano (drums). Free improvisations, the basics of avant-garde jazz, modern innovations, experimental ideas and classical ways of playing – all these elements are the main fundaments of the music of this quartet. The music is bright, expressive and vital. Musicians are demonstrating splendid virtuosity, flowing dizzy passages and passionate solos – their improvisations are full of immediate responses, thrilling riffs, spontaneous solos and fantastic telephatic corresponding to each other’s playing.

“Dead Leaves Drop” is totally based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and sonoristic experiments. All four musicians are demonstrating their own and effective styles and using the best capacities of improvising to create an original and inspiring sound. The compositions have a difficult multi-layed structure. It’s based on ornamental texture, polyphonic melody line, open form, independent original instrumental section and sharp harmonic pattern. All music is created at the instant – musicians are improvising spontaneously, getting on adventurous culminations, roaring sparkling riffs and breaking sessions. Expression, drive, fantastic virtuosity, vitality and the will to explore, research and create an exceptional sound – that’s the main basics of all four musicians. Their music is based on emotional and expressive playing manner – hot thrills, bright explosions, full blasts, hysteric riffs, virtuosic dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments, transcendental solos and tremendous culminations are the leading elements. These active, sharp and dynamic episodes are highly contrasting to absolutely different pieces – lyrical contemplations played in slow and meditative mood and illustrated by dozens of strange timbres, special effects and gorgeous tunes. The music is dynamic and based on sudden contrasts – from thrilling, driving and expressive improvisations, wild culminations, sharp breaking sequences and aggressive riffs here comes silent pauses, lyrical pieces, minimalistic samples, modest solemn, sophisticated or dreamy improvisations or any other mood. Mad hysteric and crazy riffs, vigilante blow outs passe to gentle, childish and light tunes, remarkable melodies accompagnied by fantastic passages and ornaments. All these differences are brought in by each improviser – they have their own and original sound. Nate Wooley’s trumpet is a burst of energy, thrills and passion. Growling, urgling, passionate, flying and simply fantastic melodies are created. Strange timbres, special effects, rare, experimental and innovative ways of playing makes an effort to original and impressive sound of his improvisations. Vividness, gentleness, light, drive and expression are the main compounds of Dave Rempis saxophones. Swingy dynamic rhythmic, hysteric breaking sessions, passionate solos, immediate responses, amazing surprises, unpredictable turns, expressive melodies, light flowing passages – Dave Rempis really knows how to find the best way to fuse all these elements together and effect an active, dynamic and independent melody line. Strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, special effects, experimental ways of playing and deep stable bass line formed by repetitive series contain the main base of Pascal Niggenkemper’s bass section. Improviser is experimenting on all fields of musical language – his music is played with emotion, brightness and passion. From depressive, dark, heavy and steady tunes, abstract solemn improvisations it gets sparkling, inspiring, thrilling, sensible and emotional. All huge range of emotions, characters and ways of playing are creatively used here. That makes an effective, bright and inspiring sound. A marvelous rhythmic section is created by using hysteric bebop, aggressive booming hard bop, frantic culminations, incredible free improvisations, spontaneous riffs, tappings, frottings, special effects, unusual, rare, experimental or very well-known playing techniques. Chris Corsano is the master of his art – he succesfully creates an independent and contrasting rhythmic section. It’s a real pleasure to listen to this album – it’s made with love, passion, creativity and innovative ideas. 



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