TAK Ensemble – “Oor” (Tak Editions, 2019)

“Oor” is a new exclusive release of “TAK Ensemble”. “TAK Ensemble” is a quintet of young and talented musicians – here together plays Laura Cocks (flutes), Carlos Cordeiro (clarinets), Marina Kifferstein (violin), Ellery Trafford (percussion), and Charlotte Mundy (voice). An ensemble is famous for original, innovative and exclusive interpretations of various composers. The musicians are always balancing between free improvisation and contemporary academical music. Microtones, experimental music, contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde are mixed up together with the main elements and roots of avant-garde jazz and the newest innovations. The ensemble is interpreting the compositions, which were created by famous jazz stars – the composition composed by Tyshawn Sorey is recorded in this album. The music of “TAK Ensemble” is an impressive, exceptional and organic fusion of contemporary academical music, basics and conventions, stunning experiments and wild, free, expressive and driving improvisations.

Independent melodies, expressive and rich musical language, huge amount of ornaments, fusions, rare combos and exotic tunes are mixed up on “Oor”. The album has dynamic and bright sound. Musicians are trying to express all kinds of emotions and characters. They’re making an effort to find new and unconventional ways of playing, expand the technical abilities of the instruments. The sound experiments are very important part for each musician – all of them are paying much attention to experiments made on instrumental, rhythmical or any other section. That makes an effort to multi-layed, polyphonic and original musical pattern. It’s formed by using wide range of elements, expressions, extended and innovative playing techniques, home-made, specific, exotic or simply crazy ways of playing, fascinating experiments and other similar elements. The melody line is based on independent and solid melodies, who are verfy different from each other and make contrasting, bright and hypnotising sound. The rhythmic section is based on all kinds of rhythms and sounds – perturbating series, complicated rhythms, nervous bebop, expressive neo bop, creative jazz, luminous free improvisations are joined to awakening, strict, conventional, innovative, modern and original rhythms of contemporary academical music. The background is gorgeous and multi-colorful – all kinds of ornaments, abbreviations, textures and factures are mixed together. The melody line is made by flutes, clarinets, violin and illustrated by voice. Soft and gentle flutes are filled with light melodies, dizzy passages, who grow out to swirling, shrieky, furious, hollowing, buzzing and dramatic culminations. Laura Cocks tries out various kinds of musical language elements and makes colorful, light, soft and lyrical sound. Her improvisations are more like soft, lyrical, slow or mid-slow contemplations with strange timbres, gorgeous tunes who suddenly grow out to emotional, moving and bright culminations and tremendous riffs. The violin is the source of contemporary academical music. Its expressive melodies illustrated by shrieky tunes, furiously fast and lous solos or dizzy passages, are based on innovative and modern ways of playing, who are frequently used in contemporary academical music. Marina Kifferstein is the master of her art – she likes to balance between free improvisation, spontaneous decisions and expressive, fresh and awakening contemporary academical music. She manages to fuse together conventional and frequently used ways of playing to her own experiments, rare combos and original expressions. The clarinets are vivid, driving and bright. Carlos Cordeiro has inspiring and expressive style, moving manner and original way of improvising. His music is filled with emotional solos, splendid and tremendous riffs, roaring and terrific blow outs, soft and lyrical excerpts, silent pauses, gorgeous tunes, sound experiments and the newest tendencies of contemporary academical music. All these musicians succesfully make an effective, inspiring, expressive and driving melody line. The voice elements by Charlotte Mundy illustrate whole album. The solos are filled with hollows, spoken elements, whispers, strange timbres, imitations of various sounds and other similar elements. The singer has expression, her innovative playing style is mixed up to creativity, wild imagination, original point of view and masterful playing technique. Gorgeous tunes, rare combos, exotic sounds, passionate solos, bright and expressive improvisations, dramatic culminations – all these elements form colorful and fantastic rhythmic section by percussionist Ellery Trafford. Each composition of this album was created by different musicians – it’s Erin Gee, Ashkan Behzadi, David Bird, Ann Cleare, Tyshawn Sorey and Natacha Diels. “TAK Ensemble” makes inspiring, wvocative and driving interpretations of all compositions. The listeners have a marvelous opportunity to hear original and organic fusion of microtonal, experimental, contemporary academical music, innovative tendencies of academic avant-garde, free improvisation and experimental jazz.

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