Peter Thoegersen – “Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality” (New World Records, 2019)

album cover

“Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality” is out now on “New World Records”. Album was recorded by Peter Thoegersen (synthesizer). Peter Thoegersen is a composer of contemporary academical and experimental music. His music is based on the newest and modern tendencies of experimental music, electronics and the fondaments of classical music. Composer makes an organic fusion of various styles and genres. He succesfully joins together free improvisation, awakening and innovative academic avant-garde, experimental music, electronics, special effects, field recordings, the sounds of computer devices with expressionism, post-expressionism, modernism, some tunes of minimalism, puantilism, serialism and other ways of composing. He gets an interesting result – the sound is related to creative, new and modern classical music, who’s accompagnied by free improvisation and experimental jazz. Peter Thoegersen is original, innovative and interesting composer – his music has inspiring and bright sound.

“Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality” is based on the newest tendencies of contemporary academical music. Microtones, poly-microtonality, electronics, experimental music and contemporary academical music. Composer is using wide range of different playing techniques, ways of composing, methods and expressions. He manages to expand whole musical pattern and create rich, awakening, fresh and conceptual musical language. Poly-temps, poly-rhythms, microtones, alterated tunes, modified timbres are the basics of the musical pattern. That makes an effort to original sound of this album. Composer is also using all kinds of electronics – loops, drone, glitch, ambient, alterated tunes, modified timbres, imitations of various sounds, field recordings, strange timbres and other tunes are used to make original and interesting sound. The electronics are mixed up to microtonal structures – the microtones contain the base of the music. It’s joined to strange timbres, gorgeous pattern, all kinds of rhythms and tunes. Composer manages to create enchanting, moving, bright and universal musical pattern. It’s based on poly-rhythmy, polyphony and dozens of tempos. The melodies are created by synthesizer – each melody has its own character, sound and tempo. Different kinds of tempos are used silmunateously or at the same time. Composer dives in to fascinating experiments, stunning adventures, terrific culminations, free improvisations and makes rare and eclectic fusions. Soft and lyrical excerpts suddenly get slow and depressive, abandonned and solemn, deep, struggling or – moving, passionate, furious, harsh and weird. The music is based on interesting combo between microtones, electronics and the tendencies of contemporary academical music. Radical ideas, original point of view, innovative and splendid instrumentation – all these elements effect whole sound of album. Composer doesn’t hesitate to make original combos, rare tunes, exotic pairs, provocative ideas, researches of strange timbres or any other experiments. He gently, originally and organically fuses together different kinds of elements and creates enchanting and exceptional sound. The music has bright, original, evocative and modern sound.

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