Simon Rose / Steve Noble – “North Sea Night” (Not Two, 2019)


“North Sea Night” is out now on “Not Two Records”. Album was recorded by Simon Rose (baritone saxophone) and Steve Noble (drums). Both musicians are talented and impressive improvisers. Their music is based on the main elements of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The main tendencies and essentials of avant-garde jazz are mixed up with stunning experiments, original decisions and the newest innovations. Both musicians are experienced improvisers – their music is filled with passionate style, expressive playing manner, moving and sparkling thrills, spontaneous solos and intense bursts of energy. The musicians don’t hesitate to get on brave and surprising experiments, investigate and make original, rare or exotic combos and expand the technical abilities of their instruments by using extended, innovative or home-made playing techniques.

“North Sea Night” is full of original decisions, bright ways of playing, passionate and moving culminations. The music is totally based on avant-garde jazz – the traditions and roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and music of its pioneers is mixed up with the newest innovations of experimental jazz. The musicians have their own sound, exciting and impressive style, expressive manner and original point of view. They’ve got experience in improvising together with dozens of other famous jazz masters. Music is sparkling, full of emotions, brightness, drive and passion. Sudden turns, moving trills, independent melodies, expressive and tremendous riffs, spontaneous surprises and gorgeous tunes are just one little part of this music. These elements contain enchanting and wide musical pattern – it’s suggestive, expressive, colorful and multi-layed. Dozens of textures, ornaments, abbreviations and other similar elements effect whole pattern and make a gorgeous background. The melody line is passionate and dynamic. Wide and universal instrumental kit is made from traditional, experimental and extended playing techniques – it makes bright and original instrumental section, filled with radical ideas, shiocking decisions and innovative ways of playing. The music is especially emotional and moving – silent and ambient tunes grow out to explosing and bright bursts of energy, vivid riffs, passionate, thrilling and frantic culminations. Simon Rose’s baritone saxophone is the source of energy and drive. Improviser masterfully fuses together all kinds of rhythms, tunes, sounds and timbres. Vivid and expressive melodies, slow and lyrical contemplations, subtle researches of unusual tunes, moving trills, perturbating and driving series, original and bright riffs – that’s just one little part of his music. Improviser moderates wide range of bordering dynamics, innovative, radical, original, light, or simply impressive expressions, strange timbres and tunes. He doesn’t hesitate to get on adventurous expreriments and driving culminations. Baritone saxophone gives the main tune to the melody and creates effective, moving and impressive sound of album. Steve Noble is another one great drummer. His rhythmic section is bright, explosing and moving. Nervous and furious bebop, intensive rhythmic series, slow and stable beats, trembling and roaring rolls, hypnotising and perturbating bursts of energy, impressive tunes and sounds, gorgeous timbres, rare combos, exotic pairs and simply marvelous, adventurous and free improvisations – all these elements gently fit together to one place. Both musicians are improvising just marvelous – their improvisations are the artsy, creative and expressive fusions of perturbating and dramatic culminations, free improvisations, radical decisions, provocative and crazy ideas, stunning experiments and dozens of other elements. The music has innovative and expressive sound.

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