Ben Stapp & Joe Morris feat. Stephen Haynes – “Mind Creature Sound Dasein” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2019)

“Mind Creature Sound Dasein” is out now on “Fundacja Sluchaj” label. Album was recorded by Ben Stapp (acoustic tuba and euphonium, acoustic items), Joe Morris (electric guitar, pedals) and Stephen Haynes (cornet – tracks 4,5,7, and 11). All three musicians are interesting and creative jazz masters. Their own, bright and unique sound is mixed up with colorful and driving playing style, expressive manner, wide musical knownledge and wonderful playing technique. Most part of the compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are mixed up with the man tendencies of European, American, Chicago, New York and other streams of contemporary experimental jazz. The influenze of contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde also is heard – classical forms, traditional ways of instrumentation and authentic expressions, rhythms and chords are used here. The musicians are experimenting on various cases of musical language – they get on ambitious and wild free improvisations, sparkling riffs, dramatic and bright adventures or subtle lyrical contemplations. All that makes an effort to exclusive and modern sound.

“Mind Creature Sound Dasein” is filled with original and driving improvisations. Musicians are using inventive, original or even crazy ideas to get out of the comfort zone and finally create exclusive and bright sound. Original and inspiring instrumentation, rich and sparkling musical language, engaging and expressive melodies – that’s just a part of all musical language’s elements who contain the base of the compositions. The musicians manage to create marvelous and multi-layed musical pattern – solid and independent melodies, dynamic and original rhythmic section accompagnied by gorgeous textures, dizzy passages, strange tunes and colorful timbres. The instrumentation is made from experimental ways of playing who are mixed up with extended, classical or traditional playing techniques of contemporary academical music. That makes an effort to the balance of free improvisation, experimental jazz and contemporary academical music. Open form and abstract structure are the main elements of each composition. It certainly is related to free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Fundamental harmony of Western Europe music is frequently used here. Sharp and aggressive dissonances are grouped to the sequences or series who are repeated without stop or changed to calm, soft and dreamy consonances. Classical chords are mixed up with experimental, innovative and unusual chords and pitches, formed and invented by musicians. The experiments are made everywhere – musicians don;t forget the rules and the roots of avant-garde jazz, but gently mix them up with sudden changes, bright contrasts, expressive, inventive and evocative ways of playing and improvising, specific techniques, moods and other elements. All kinds of rhythms are used here – stable and calm beats are changed by heavy hard-core, energetic, dynamic and perturbating sessions, minimalistic and repetitive rhythmic series, nervous tunes of bebop, post bop or any other style of modern jazz are joined to wild, free and tremendous storm of sounds, tunes and rhythms. The rhythmic section is chosed individually by each improviser. Each has its own rhythms, typical series and timbres, who are used silmunateously. Finally that makes an effort to bright, sparkling and inventive rhythmic section. The melodic section is made by tuba, euphonium, electric guitar and cornet. Each instruments sounds completely different. Calm, deep and stable tuba forms the bass line, who’s tight and dark. It’s changed by monotonic and slow melodies accompagnied by strange tunes, gorgeous timbres and peculiar sounds. Calm, solemn and deep euphonium is rarely used on free improvisations. It brings eclectic, original and interesting sound. The electric guitar is filled with moving and bright solos, heavy and perturbating riffs, wild, stitching, light and powerful culminations, or lyrical and dreamy pieces. All that brings energy, drive and lightness to the compositions. Cornet is real burst of energy. It’s filled with vibrant and perturbating sessions, breaking and powerful culminations, flowing and dizzy passages, gorgeous textures, full blasts, roaring blow outs, expressive and trendy melodies and strange tunes. All three improvisers are improvising differently – it’s filled with energy, drive, passion, expression and crazy, wild, inventive and passionate decisions. The music of this album is passionate and expressive – it’s real pleasure to listen to it.


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