Dan Phillips Quartet – “Light at Depth” (Lizard Breath, 2019)

“Light at Depth” is out now on “Lizard Breath” label. Album was recorded by “Dan Phillips Quartet” – it’s Dan Phillips (guitar), Jim Baker (piano & synths), Krzysztof Pabian  (double bass) and Bill Harris (drums). The quartet creates original, bright and inspiring free improvisations. Here meets crazy ideas, wild thrills, full blasts and fascinating musical experiments. And that’s – just a small part of the elements, who contain the main base of compositions. The music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Free improvisation, open form and abstract structure is used almost everywhere. The basics and roots of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz, as well as Chicago, New York, American, European and other streams of experimental jazz, are connected together. The influenze of modern jazz styles, especially such as bebop, post bop, hard bop, also are heard. Musicians are switching through the different moods – their music is balancing between calm and stable cool, aggressive and vibrant bebop or thrilling, stitching, wild and shrieky free improvisations.

“Light at Depth” is emotional, expressive and modern. Extravagant ideas, authentic, specific or rare ways of playing, exclusive expressions, colorful and bright textures and inventive decisions make an effort to expressive and original sound. The musicians are demonstrating their own style and sound – they don’t hesitate to take on adventurous and bright improvisations, moody and dynamic twists, passionate and blowing culminations or go down to peaceful, sad, light and solemn pieces. The variety of moods and expressions effects emotional, impressive and dynamic sound. It’s constantly changing and never stays too long on one mood or character. Musicians are dedicated to create new and extraordinary sound – they’re using wide and universal kit of musical language’s and instrumental techniques. Improvisers manage to find the balance between traditions and innovations, nervous and aggressive modern jazz and cool, wild thrilling and vibrant improvisations or dreamy and peaceful lullabies, or any other elements. The music is bright and energetic – independent melodies, dynamic rhythmic, solid harmony and gorgeous background form bright, universal and sparkling pattern. It has dozens of different layers. All kinds of rhythms are joined here – stable beats, heavy hard-core, dynamic and complicated rhythms or wild free and spontaneous improvisations. The harmony is based on traditions of Western Europe fundamental harmony and its synthesis with Afroamerican, American and Western Africa music, its exotic chords, tunes and rhythms. Repetitive chords sequences, sharp and aggressive disonances, calm consonances mixed up with strange, extravagant and original pitches or tunes makes original and colorful sound. The instrumentation is based on experimental ways of playing, special effects, innovations, authentic or specific methods, sound experiments and classical playing techniques who are related to Western Europe music. The melodic section is suggestive and bright – it dictates the main mood and sound of whole album. The musicians are creating independent melodies, who contrasting with each other, but still gently fit together. Expressive and flowing piano solos are filled with vibrant melodies, passionate culminations, dizzy passages, bright and moving thrills, full blasts, powerful spills, breaking sessions and tremendous sequences. Acoustic sound is mixed up with special effects and synth’s sound. Bright, expressive and trendy sound of guitar is full of passion, light and driving tunes. Gentle and light tunes, sparkling and expressive culminations, tremendous and wild melodies, calm pieces or research of strange timbres – improviser goes through different moods and join them to one place. Deep and stable bass line is created by double bass. Its calm, modest and heavy tunes is an ideal way to create stable bass line and search to original, extended and innovative ways of playing. Slow, deep and monotonic melodies are contrasting with repetitive, minimalistic or even ascetic bass line. Drums section is moving and bright – it’s filled with all kinds of rhythms and sounds. Original combos, rare and exotic tunes, interesting instruments, gorgeous sounds of percussion – that’s the main part of this section. Drummer masterfully goes from the one mood to another – sparkling thrills, hot splashes, vibrant rolls, trembling solos, sweet tremolo, furious thunders who meet silent pieces, lonely and heavy beats or loud fanfars. The music is bright and expressive – this album really has moody, dynamic and interesting sound.


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