Vijay Iyer/Craig Taborn – “Transitory Poems” (ECM, 2019)

The Transitory Poems

“Transitory Poems” is out now on “ECM Records”. Album was recorded by two talented and productive pianists – Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn. Both pianists had been collaborating for many years now – they both make a great combo filled with wild free improvisations, subtle sounds, tiny and gorgeous ornaments, fascinating experiments. The pianists are active. creative and famous members of international avant-garde jazz scene. They have their own and unique style, bright and driving playing manner, rich musical language, precise and flowing playing technique. The collaborations with dozens of famous jazz masters, concerts, tours, performances at the jazz festivals are the main activities of these musicians. All music is a fusion of various jazz styles. Innovative and new ways of improvising, the newest and modern tendencies of contemporary experimental jazz are connected with traditional basics of avant-garde jazz. The musicians are experimenting on instrumental, timbral and other cases of musical language, but they don’t forget the roots and main basics of it. That makes an effort to bright, sparkling and impressive sound.

“Transitory Poems” is filled with passion, drive and stunning experiments. Both musicians are improvising individually – they’re dedicated to express their own style and demonstrate driving and dynamic playing manner. Inspiring and multi-layed musical language, open form, original and colorful instrumentation, universal and fascinating pattern – all the elements are the main compounds of the compositions. Free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz contain the main base of compositions. It’s mixed up with bebop, post bop, hard bop, mainstream and other modern jazz styles – complicated rhythms, expressive solos, nervous and scandalous explosions are connected to spontaneous, wild and free improvisations. The music is dynamic and bright – there’s dozens of sudden waves, gorgeous ornaments, tiny textures, weird tunes and other similar elements. From sad, romantic or solemn pieces music gets excited, intriguing, evocative, bright and vibrant. Stable and static rhythms, cool and slow tempo, romantic mood is changed by complicated, scandalous and expressive series, breaking sessions, hypnotising and monotonic minimalistic series or sharp and furious chords. Wide kit of expressions and extended playing techniques are used here. The musicians manage to find the balance between free improvisation and arranged composition, dynamic and static tempos, expressions and other elements of musical language. Absolutely different pieces and musical language elements are connected to one place in authentic, gentle and original way. The musicians don’t need any force to do it – flowing melodies, stunning experiments, innovative ways of playing who go along together with traditional or classical playing techniques, modern expressions, gorgeous textures, dizzy passages are joined together. Both musicians have impressive and emotional playing manner. Their music has a huge spectre of different colors, expressions, motions and characters. Solid, stable and calm bass line is changed by furious, perturbating and powerful sequences of dissonances, dynamic and complicated rhythms or free improvisations. Solemn and deep, bright and powerful, vibrant and roaring melodies finally grow to trendy and powerful bursts of energy, vivid and expressive blasts and dramatic culminations. Vivid and expressive playing manner also is filled with tiny ornaments, gorgeous textures, strange and interesting special effects, innovative experiments, research of strange tunes and original ways of playing and other inventive decisions. The musicians don’t hesitate to dive in bursting and powerful explosions, wild, abstract and driving free improvisations, subtle and lyrical contemplations, pauses or thrilling riffs. All these elements gently fit together to one pattern. It’s real pleasure to listen to this album – it has suggestive, expressive and interesting sound.

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