Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh, Christian Lillinger – “Punkt.vrt.Plastik” (Intakt, 2018)

“Punkt.vrt.Plastik” is the album of “Intakt Records”, which was released on 2018. The album was recorded by Kaja Draksler (piano), Petter Eldh (bass) and Christian Lillinger (drums). The music of this trio is full of innovative and fresh ideas. Modern, extravagant and original avant-garde, free and experimental jazz is represented by three, different and individual, avant-garde jazz masters. All three of them are famous and talented musicians in European and world-wide jazz scene. Young musicians are dedicated to create something new, modern and extraordinary. That they manage to do very well – the music is sparkling, surprising, bright and filled with expressive, suggestive and moving playing. Musicians don’t like to take on traditional ways or manners of playing. They get on risky combo, exotic and terrific playing manners, extended techniques, adventurous and moody solos or frantic culminations. Each musician has its own playing technique, modern improvising’s style, expressive manner, hot, sharp and unique sound. Three young, vital, original and talented jazz masters together experiment in all fields of musical language – they create someting new, extraordinary and interesting.

“Punkt.vrt.Plastik” filled with expressive melodies, sharp and repetitive chords sequences, breaking drum sessions and dozens of other elements. Album is based on turbulent and roaring energy explosions, terrific solos, vital and remarkable melodies and dynamic rhythmic. All music is based on the newest tendencies and experiments of avant-garde and free jazz. Musicians gently fuse together avant-garde and modern jazz. That especially strongly heared in piano solos or drums improvisations – expressive, hot and moving solos are accompanied by complicated rhythmic, dissonances and dramatic harmony. Bebop, post bop, neo bop, hard bop, are connected together with contemporary, progressive and experimental jazz styles. The musicians are talented, creative and professional – each of them has wide imagination, will to explore new species and types of sounds, expand the technical abilities of instruments and precise playing technique. That makes an effort to everything – music is suggestive, bright, dynamic. There’s no monotonic or boring episodes, who would be during too long on one mood. It’s always in progress – the music is changing all the time and has rich musical language. Musical pattern has difficult facture, dozens of expressions, rhythms and chords. Polyphony and homophony, open and traditional forms, classical and modern harmony, roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of it – all these elements are joined together in expressive and interesting way. The instrumentation also is effective and innovative. There are dozens of new, experimental, crazy, shocking or exclaiming playing techniques, who are used togetherr with weird timbres, traditional ways of playing, colorful expressions and effective coloristics elements. Kaja Draksler is a great pianist, who has fresh and evocative playing manner and style. Her improvisations always are bright, filled with luminous culminations and franky solo. Pianist has its own sound – she’s improvising with drive, passion and expression. Improvisations are always switching between soft and relaxing pieces, moving and explosing culminations, pathetic, vital or remarkable melodies, dizzy passages and roaring free improvisations. Special effects, strange timbres and sounds, shrieky tunes, repetitive chord’s sequences or breaking rhythmic sessions – these elements always accompanie the melodic line. Kaja Draksler bravely connects soft intonations of Slovenia ethnic music, avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and traditions of American and European experimental jazz styles. Energy, vividnesss, joy, passion and brightness are brought in the compositions. Petter Eldh is an interesting and innovative bassist. He’s known in international avant-garde jazz scene for the last decade – it’s musician of radical and modern young generation of avant-garde jazz. Improviser masterfully combines together dozens of playing techniques, rhythms and sounds. The improvisations gently go along with piano and drums in this album. Bass genuinely fits with expressive and dynamic piano, complicated rhythms and breaking sessions of drums. Deep tunes, abandoned or depressed tunes, ambiant timbres, aggressive and sharp sounds meet the passionate, rising, expressive and vivid solos, who are independent, but suit very well with moving piano solos. Christian Lillinger is another one great drummer. Just like Kaja Draksler and Petter Eldh, musician is young and active in contemporary avant-garde jazz scene. His improvisations is driving, free and terrific explosion of energy, drive and passion. Free, furious and tremendous free improvisations, bright drum rolls, loud and powerful fanfars, colorful percussion, soft and static episodes, who go straight to breaking, rapid and repetitive rhythmic sessions – his improvisations contain wide and huge range of colors, techniques and expressions. The basic of it is innovative and modern avant-garde jazz. Three musicians are improvising in impressive way – together they take on adventurous and ambitious experiments, crazy turns, weird timbres and manage to create bright and innovative sound.


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