Seppe Gebruers, Hugo Antunes and Paul Lovens – “The Room : Time And Space” (El Negocito, 2018)

“The Room: Time And Space” is an album of “El Negocito” records, which was released on 2018. Album was recorded by Seppe Gebruers (two grand pianos, tuned a quarter tone apart), Hugo Antunes (prepared and unprepared double bass) and Paul Lovens  (drumset with cymbals and gongs). These three musicians are creative and innovative jazz musicians. They are the central figures of European and Scandinavian, as well as international avant-garde jazz scene. All three have driving, energetic and suggestive playing style. Unheard tunes, sparkles, twisting and ambitious decisions, sharp and aggressive sounds, active and dynamic mood, spontaneous bursts of energy and colorful surprises – that’s just a part of the base of their playing style. All music is based on wide stylistic variety. European, especially Scandinavian, and American avant-garde jazz is connected all together with own styles, unique sound and fascinating musical decisions. Musicians like to make innovative and experimental ways of playing or decisions – they construct new forms, refuse the old rules and make evocative and modern instead of them. The basics of 1960’s and 1970’s roots of experimental jazz also are brought here along with pure, unique and original elements, originally created by each musician.

“The Room: Time And Space” is filled with adventurous and bright musical decisions and innovations. The music is based on avant-garde jazz and its various traditions, but has some intonations of experimental music and academic avant-garde. Academical intonations are brought in here by specific combos and prepared instruments. The synthesis between avant-garde jazz, experimental music and a little bit of academic avant-garde creates bright, exotic and interesting sound. Musicians are experimenting in all sections, but the most – at instrumentation’s section. Exotic combo, special effects, quarter tone, prepared and unprepared instruments – all these elements effect whole sound and bring a little of academical or experimental music tunes to it. The instrumentation is made organically, with impressive and professional methods. Traditional ways of playing are grouped all together with sound experiments, special effects, electronics, synthesized tunes, crazy, home-made or weird playing techniques or simply gorgeous sounds. The music is based on open form, abstract structure and rich facture. It contains colorful, polyphonic and bright musical pattern – it has dozens of colors, expressions, rhythms, timbres and other elements of musical language. Seppe Gebruers creates the main mood and gives the main tune to the improvisations by using two pianos, who are tuned a quarter tune. It’s an interesting and exotic combo, who isn’t used frequently at avant-garde jazz. Two piano solos are based on silmunateous changes and turns of moods. From abandoned and depressive it gets straight to expressive and vivid, dramatic or luminous solos or light and gentle excerpts. Sometimes music is very similar to cosmic, subtle, meditative or relaxing mood. Sharp chords, aggressive and effective playing manner, bright expressions, energetic solos, flowing and dizzy passages, roaring roulades – these and other elements are used here in spontaneous and impressive way. The academical playing techniques are connected with wild free improvisations, surprising and luminous solos, adventurous culminations and other similar elements. Piano melodies are colorful and tremendous – it’s sparkling and twisting with special effects, shocking experiments, bright and fresh sounds, colors and rhythms. A special combo is created with prepared and unprepared bass. It makes an interesting and evocative combo with piano. Hugo Antunes is fusing together contemplative, deep and electric tunes, tight and solid bass line, ambient timbres, weird and strange sounds, who go directly to dramatic culminations and passionate solos. These elements are combined in delicate and organic way – it creates effective, driving, or cosmic and surrealistic mood. Bass melodies are on the middle of the solid and engaging melodic line and bright rhythmic section. It suits well with active and sparkling piano, and with energetic, tremendous and luminous drums. Paul Lovens creates real roaring and terrific storm – numerous of timbres and rhythms are used for that. Perturbating, breaking and impressive free improvisations, expressive and scandalous culminations, dramatic risings, bright drum rolls, effective sessions or subtle, gentle and sensible excerpts form marvelous sound. The music is moving, engaging and innovative – it’s made by three great jazz masters in turbulent, wild and simply crazy collective improvisation.


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