The London Improvisers Orchestra ‘Twenty Years On’ (LIO, 2018)

‘Twenty Years On’ was released on 2018. Album was recorded by “London Improvisers Orchestra”. Famous, innovative and evocative orchestra is the main figure of Europe and international avant-garde jazz scene – it’s joining together the most talented jazz masters of world wide avant-garde jazz. The newest project is a nice and touching collaboration of more than 70 great jazz musicians – it’s Julie Kjaer, Ricardo Tejero, Scott Hill, Vinny Golia, Yoni Silver, Joe Lasqo, Otto Fischer, Evan Parker, David Powell, Charlotte Hug and many others. Each musician is inventive and creative. New ways of playing, extended techniques, gorgeous and rich musical language, unique sound are just a part of huge and wide musical pattern, who is created collectively. The musicians create colorful, bright and modern musical facture – they mix traditions of avant-garde jazz, main basics of 1960’s and 1970’s experimental jazz with fresh ideas, weird timbres, special effects, fascinating electronics and shocking experiments. The music of this orchestra is moody and dynamic – humorous, eclectic, hilarious, funny, weird, crazy. free or simply outrageous combos are main base of it. Avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz styles contain main stylistic base. Musiciand don’t hesitate to break ordinary rules, get out of the regular basis to unconventional, bright and luminous ways of playing or improvising.

‘Twenty Years On’ is filled with bright, luminous and expressive sound. Album is based on collective improvisation – it’s the most important part of most part of the compositions. The stylistic variety is wide – avant-garde jazz has many relations with contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde, experimental and electronic music, concrete, spectral and sonoristic music styles. This is like huge and colorful mix of different music styles. All the compounds organically fit together. Each of them save its own character and mood. The compositions contain the main base who doesn’t change at all. The musical pattern is based on free improvisation, basics of avant-garde jazz, newest tendencies of experimental jazz, colorful and expressive bebop, post bop, aggressive hard bop, the roots of 1960’s jazz and other similar styles. The orchestra is formed from dozens of great jazz masters. Each of them has new and evocative point of view and engaging style. Musicians are talented, inventive and creative. They like to make eclectic combo, extravagant turns, strange or outrageous decisions. Musicians never don’t hesitate to get out of the traditional rules, forms or ways of improvising. They get on adventurous, lousy, roaring and blowing improvisations, shocking ways of playing, extended playing techniques, exotic combos and other things. The music is bright, moody and dynamic. It’s filled with marvelous blow outs, dizzy passages and expressive melodies. The musical pattern has abstract facture, open form, sharp and colorful harmony, modern instrumentation and dynamic rhythmic. The most effective and great places are collective improvisation. That’s the place where flowing, bursting and sparkling melodies, special effects, timbres and chords get together. Crazy ideas, risky adventures, hot sparkles and tremendous bursts of energy – it’s just a small part of this album. Subtle pieces, relaxing excerpts, repetitive and breaking drums sessions or sequences of chords contain the main part of rhythmic section and background. Reeds section is keeping the melodic line in most part of compositions. Saxophones, clarinets, flutes and other reeds of various types make a splendid melodic section. It’s fulfilled with passionate solos, flowing, light and sparkling melodies, tremendous passages and special effects. Deep and monotonous bass line is strong and solid from the first to the last minute of the compositions. Brasses section is luminous and powerful. Brassy, sparkling, roaring and breaking solos of french horn, trumpet, cornet, trombone, flugelhorn or tuba gently fit together with vivid and expressive reeds and contain the base of melodic section. Weird timbres, extended playing techniques, home-made instruments or specific ways of playing, musical experiments, inventive and crazy ideas – each musician of brass section knows the best way to join together dozens of contrasts and pieces. String section is wide and rich – violins, violas, cellos, double basses, guitars, mandolins of different types are used together in various compositions. The strings always brings specific and academical intonation to the piece. Shrieky tunes, tight and dramatic melodies, remarkable and powerful solos of violins joins calm and modest tunes of violas, expressive and tremendous cello or deep, monotonous and calm double bass. Sharp chords, aggressive harmony, dynamic rhythmic, all kinds of different intervals and pitches, repetitive rhythmic or melodic series – all these elements are mixed up with free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Mandolin and guitar bring gentle, vivid, playful and light sound. Electronics contain the background. Computer devices sounds, field recordings, sonic system’s alterations, modifications and imitations of timbres, recorded tunes, synthetic noises, weird timbres and dozens of other elements are bright coloristic accents. Voice improvisations also join some part of compositions. Recitals, spoken elements, hollows, screams, free improvisation, expression of numerous of moods and emotions, exposition of wide range of experimental playing techniques bring new colors and moods to the music. The music is bright and multi-colorful – it’s very emotional and dynamic. Gorgeous, modest, tight, remarkable and glorious, depressive, abandoned, tragic, pathetic, humorous, funny, kind and sweet, romantic and relaxing or moving, roaring and terrific – all kinds of moods, emotions and characters are mixed up here in this album. It makes remarkable, expressive and innovative sound.

Alto SaxophoneJulie Kjær (tracks: CD1.6), Ricardo Tejero (tracks: CD1.4), Yves Charuest (tracks: CD2.6, CD2.7)

Alto Saxophone, Bass ClarinetScott Hill (tracks: CD1/1)

Alto Saxophone, FluteVinny Golia (tracks: CD1.1)

Alto Saxophone, VoiceCaroline Kraabel (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.6)

Bass ClarinetYoni Silver (tracks: CD1.3)

Bass Clarinet, ClarinetEmily Shapiro (tracks: CD1.1), Noel Taylor (4) (tracks: CD1.2 to CD1.7, CD2.3 to CD2.5)

CoverJulie Pickard

Daegeum [taegum]Hyelim Kim (tracks: CD1.6, CD2.1)

Double BassDavid Leahy (tracks: CD1.4), Guillaume Viltard (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.7), Inga Eichler (tracks: CD1.4, CD1.5, CD2.3 to CD2.5), Pierpaolo Martino (tracks: CD2.6, CD2.7), Theo Ziarkas (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.4, CD1.6, CD1.7, CD2.2 to CD2.7), Tim Fairhall (tracks: CD1.6, CD2.3 to CD2.5), Ulf Mengersen (tracks: CD1.3, CD2.3 to CD2.5)

Electric BassRoshan Gurung (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.7)

ElectronicsJoe Lasqo (tracks: CD1.5), Mike Cooper (tracks: CD1.5)

FluteNeil Metcalfe (tracks: CD1.1 to CD1.7, CD2.2 to CD2.7)Flute [sub-contrabass]Julián Elvira (tracks: CD2.6, CD2.7)

Flute, Piccolo FluteRowland Sutherland (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.7)French HornJulian Faultless (tracks: CD2.1)

Glockenspiel, HarmoniumDouglas Benford (tracks: CD2.2, CD2.6, CD2.7)

GuitarEgesu Kaymak (tracks: CD2.1, CD2.3, CD2.4, CD2.5), James L. Malone (tracks: CD1.3, CD1.4), John Bisset (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.7), Martin Vishnick (tracks: CD1.1, CD2.1), Otto Fischer (tracks: CD1.1), Paolo Duarte (tracks: CD1.4, CD1.6, CD2.3 to CD2.5), Sian Brie (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.5, CD1.7)

Guitar, Percussion, Double BassDave Tucker (2) (tracks: CD1.1 to CD1.3, CD1.5 to CD1.7, CD2.6, CD2.7)

Horn [electric]Tasos Stamou (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.4)

Liner NotesEvan Parker

MandolinJerry Wigens (tracks: CD1.4, CD1.5, CD2.2, CD2.6, CD2.7)

Mastered BySt Austral Sound*

OboeSarah Clewett (tracks: CD1.6)

PercussionCrystabel Riley (tracks: CD1.1, CD2.2, CD2.6, CD2.7), Dave Fowler (tracks: CD1.1, CD2.2, CD2.6, CD2.7)

Percussion, ElectronicsBen Brown (36) (tracks: CD2.3 to CD2.5)

Percussion, Voice, Performer [pipes]Terry Day (tracks: CD1.1, CD2.1)

Performer [objects]Adam Bohman (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.3, CD1.5, CD2.1 to CD2.7)

PianoSteve Beresford (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.4 to CD1.6, CD2.1 to CD2.7), Veryan Weston (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.7)

Recorded ByEdward Lucas (tracks: CD1.3), St Austral Sound* (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.2, CD1 4 to CD2.7)

Saxophone [c-melody], ElectronicsKlaus Bru (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.4, CD1.6, CD1.7, CD2.1, CD2.3 to CD2.7)

Soprano SaxophoneAdrian Northover (tracks: CD1.1 to CD1.7, CD2.1 to CD2.5)

Tenor SaxophoneHarrison Smith (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.3, CD1.5, CD1.7), Matilda Gerber (tracks: CD1.3Tenor Saxophone, ClarinetSue Lynch (tracks: CD1.1 to CD1.3, CD1.5, CD1.7, CD2.1, CD2.2)

TromboneDave Jago (tracks: CD1.4, CD2.6, CD2.7), Edward Lucas (tracks: CD1.3, CD1.3, CD2.1, CD2.2), Gemma Storr (tracks: CD1.1), Robert Jarvis (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.4, CD1.7, CD2.1, CD2.6, CD2.7)

Trombone, Bass TromboneAlan Tomlinson (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.5 to CD1.7, CD2.6, CD2.7)

TrumpetDawid Frydryk (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.4 to CD1.7, CD2.1), Roland Ramanan (tracks: CD1.2, CD1.7)

Trumpet, FlugelhornLoz Speyer (tracks: CD1.3, CD1.4, CD2.3 to CD2.7)

TubaDavid Aird (tracks: CD2.6, CD2.7), David Powell (tracks: CD1.6, CD2.2)

ViolaCharlotte Hug (tracks: CD1.6), Ivor Kallin (tracks: CD2.6, CD2.7)

Viola, ViolinPhilipp Wachsmann (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.5, CD2.3 to CD2.7)

ViolinAlison Blunt (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.2, CD1.7), Luiz Moretto (tracks: CD1.3, CD1.4), Olivia Moore (tracks: CD2.2, CD2.6, CD2.7), Pei Ann Yeoh (tracks: CD2.2 to CD2.5), Susanna Ferrar (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.2, CD1.6, CD1.7, CD2.2 to CD2.7), Sylvia Hallett (tracks: CD1.1, CD1.2, CD1.7)


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