Thollem/DuRoche/Stjames Trio – “Live in Our Time” (ESP Disk, 2018)

Live in Our Time

“Live in Our Time” was released this year by “ESP Disk”. Album was recorded by “Thollem/DuRoche/Stjames Trio” which all three members are great and experienced jazz masters – Andre Stjames (bass), Tim DuRoche (drums) and Thollem (piano). The improvisations by these three interesting and creative jazz masters always have innovative, contrasting and moody sound. Their avant-garde jazz is based on free music experiments, special sound effects, original and new ways of playing, bright and evocative musical language. Musicians create striking and touching musical language by using huge range of different and experimental playing techniques, sudden stylistic changes, contrasts between various moods and characters, eclectic equations between various musical language elements such as scales, chords, rhythms and others. Their music is based on free, abstract and spontaneous improvising – that’s the reason why their music is so dynamic, active and rapid. It never stays the same – colorful and touching playing, specific playing manners, inventive musical decisions, sharp and modern harmony, bright musical language – all these elements make an effort to effective and interesting sound.

The compositions of this album are based on free improvisation. Abstract musical pattern, individual and independent melodies, bright, striking and interesting musical language, colorful surprises, passionate solos and other things – all these contrasting music elements are gently combined together. Musicians are experimenting in all ways of musical language – especially in search of new timbres and sounds. Musicians extract weird timbres by using shocking and innovative ways of playing. The music is full of contrasting pieces, moods and characters – it’s also especially dynamic and touching. Andre Stjames bass improvisations have impressive and touching sound. Experienced and talented improviser tries out many extended and innovative playing ways, combines them with traditional playing techniques. The organic synthesis between classical and experimental ways of playing helps improviser to extract extraordinary, gorgeous and weird timbres and sounds of bass. From the deep, static, monotonic, subtle and abstract pieces, this music suddenly gets to masterful and impressive solos, vivacious and striking arpeggios and passages, dramatic and turbulent culminations, loud, bright and evocative pieces and other elements. This music is the set of different moods and characters, which are masterfully combined all together in one place – sometimes it’s smooth, lengthy and relaxing, sometimes – bright, harsh, evocative, impressive, harsh, aggressive or vivacious. Thollem piano improvisations splendidly fit together with bass. Furious solos, vivacious and rapid improvisations, sharp, harsh, turbulent and loud dissonances, colorful harmony, dynamic rhythmic, franky and impressive passages, sudden jumps from the low to the deep registres, rapid and effective glissando and many other things – all these elements are gently combined together in one place. Pianist plays especially passionately, emotionally and touching – his playing is based on free improvisation, loud and turbulent solos, spontaneous melodies and all the basic avant-garde jazz elements. Tim DuRoche drums effectively and organically get along with bass and piano, create fascinating, touching and inspiring sound. Solid rhythmic section, which is filled with huge range of different rhythms, rhythmic formulas of various jazz styles, unusual timbres, sounds, expressions and experimental ways of playing – all these elements bring dynamic and colorful sound to drum section. All the music of this album is based on spontaneous and evocative improvising and have impressive and innovative sound.

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