Points (Marcelo dos Reis, Valentin Ceccaldi, Marco Franco and Luís Vicente) – “Points” (Multikulti Project, 2019)

“Points” was recorded by “Point”. It’s a quartet formed by great featured jazz masters improvising together – Luís Vicente (trumpet), Valentin Ceccaldi (cello), Marco Franco (drums and percussion) and Marcelo dos Reis (guitar and prepared guitar). Four great jazz masters create an astonishing and dynamic sound. Their music always is based on the main elements of avant-garde and experimental jazz. Various streams of modern and experimental jazz are connected together – European and American jazz streams go along together just fine. The musicians don’t hesitate to make provocative, extraordinary, weird, inventive, crazy or simply original musical decisions to create an exceptional sound. Instant improvising, spontaneous solos, pleasant surprises, dynamic changes and passionate thrills are the main basics of the compositions.

Musicians blend all kinds of instruments, moods and expressions in “Points”. An album is based on the main basics of experimental jazz and free improvisation. Modern innovations, extravagant decisions and new conceptions meet the traditions of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and all the classical ways of improvising. The musicians are using playing techniques related to contemporary academical and experimental music. Effects, ornaments, minimalistic samples, preparated guitar’s tunes, evocative sharp expressions, shrieky tunes and breaking sessions of all ranges are used here. That finally makes an exclusive and innovative instrumental section. The musicians like to get on brave ambitious culminations, astonishing sonoristic experiments or surprising thrilling melodies. The trumpet becomes the main accent of the melody line – it’s also a source of energy, drive and joy in all the compositions. Luís Vicente is showing his own and effective playing style – it’s a mix of brightness, drive and evocative ideas. Bursting spills, tremendous, riffs, vibrant breaking culminations, passionate expressive melodies accompagnied by gorgeous timbres, flowing transcendental passages and special effects. Griefing, growling, urgling, frustrating and breaking solos, hysteric frantic riffs or sharp aggressive tunes also are used here. Spontaneous instant improvising, immediate responds to other musicians playing, expression, fantasy and modern ideas make an effort to impressive and original trumpet’s sound. Guitarist Marcelo dos Reis makes a great combo of two different instruments – acoustic and prepared guitar. Here natural, gentle, light and remarkable tunes of guitar are mixed up to synthesized, strange, gloomy and unusual tunes of prepared guitar. This is the place where expressive melodies, tremendous culminations and fantastic free improvisations meet sharp, tunes, unusual timbres, special effects, ornaments and textures of all kinds, minimalistic samples in meditative mood and relaxing solemn pieces. Expression of various moods create a contrasting and dynamic sound of the melody line. Kindness, passion, glamorous solos, remarkable melodies and hot thrills – that’s the base of Valentin Ceccaldi cello’s improvisations. Improviser goes through all kinds of moods and expressions – from silent, moody, gloomy or meditative mood he strikes on glimpsing sparkling riffs, passionate culminations. dizzy passages, wild solos and sonoristic experiments. Finally a stable bass line and fantastic melody is created by usingwide range of playing techniques and expressions of all kinds. Rhythmic section is basically kept by Marco Franco. Hist eryfying beats meet gorgeous percussion’s timbres, hysteric frantic riffs go along just fine with lyrical gentle and contemplative pieces, expressive complicated rhythms, aggressive rolls and finally grow out to breaking sessions and driving free improvisations. Virtuosity, passion to fresh and exciting improvising, expression, drive and fantastic playing technique make an effort to original and inspiring sound of this album.

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