Threnody – “A Paradigm of Suspicion” (Trost Records, 2019)

“A Paradigm of Suspicion” was masterfully recorded by “Threnody” trio. The music of this ensemble is expressive, based on modern innovations, conceptual ideas and driving free improvisations. The music is completely based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and sonoristic experiments. The improvisers have inspiring playing manner, touching and expressive playing manner and unique sound. All kinds of modern expressions, spontaneous solos, pleasant surprises, riffs, contrasting melodies and innovative playing techniques are used here. Three great jazz masters form “Threnody” trio – it’s Martin Küchen (sopranino, alto, tenor saxophone, retardophone), Johna Berthling (double bass) and Steve Noble (drums).

“A Paradigm of Suspicion” is a mix of various moods, thousands of playing techniques and contrasting styles. All music is based on free improvisational music and experimental jazz. The basical elements contain the fondaments of musical pattern. The musicians are using wide range of playing techniques and frequently integrate radical, provocative and original decisions. Gorgeous inclusions and interesting turns to the other styles are made – expressive moving bebop, aggressive frantic hard bop, impressive free improvisations or cool steady cool jazz are the main elements of it. Universal instrumental section is created – sonoristic experiments, special effects, unconventional and extended playing techniques, modern expressions and gorgeous ornaments contain the main part of it. Martin Küchen’s saxophones have hypnotysing and expressive sound. An improviser is demonstrating his own and original playing style – it’s dynamic, expressive and inspiring, illustrated by drive, passion and wild fantasy. Martin Küchen is travelling through different moods, he’s mixing up all kinds of styles and streams. His music is fullfilled with tremendous culminations, vibrant roaring riffs, wild breaking sessions, expressive melodies and dizzy passages. Colorful timbres, emotional thrills, hot spills and burning blasts of energy are contrasting to silent, contemplative and lyrical pieces. Retardophone’s tunes brings exotic, interesting and evocative sound to the melody line. Saxophones are the central accents of the melody – that makes bright, vibrant and impressive sound. Bassist Johna Berthling forms the basics of his music by using his own modern conception and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Typical classical ways of improvising, repetitive series, static bass line are highly contrasting to absolutely different elements – evocative ideas, sonoristic experiments, emotional breaking thrills, light cordial excerpts, minimalistic samples and impressive spontaneous improvisations. All bass improvisations have a joyful, fresh and inspiring sound. Drums section by Steve Noble is simply marvelous. All kinds of rhythms are used here. Thrilling culminations, sparkling breaking sessions, hysteric riffs which calm down to dreamy, murmuring and steady beats, silent pauses, abstract improvisations, sonoristic experiments and dynamic turns. The music of this album has an evocative, bright and original sound.


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