Michael Zerang ‎– “Assyrian Caesarean” (Holidays Records, 2019)

“Assyrian Caesarean” is the first solo album of famous percussionist Michael Zerang. Extended and suggestive playing technique, impressive virtuosity, hypnotysing unique sound and spontaneous free improvisations – that’s the main elements of his music. Michael Zerang is the master of his art – he has a unique playing technique, driving and exciting style and modern musical language. A drummer and percussionist is a featured figure of international avant-garde jazz scene. Through the long years of creative activity, an improviser had improvised together with other famous jazz stars. He connects different cultures, eclectic styles, authentic traditions and fresh innovations – Asian and European cultures, Western Africa ethnic music, Afroamerican music, the basics of American avant-garde jazz and Western Europe music by playing together with ither famous jazz masters, ensembles and leading figures of avant-garde jazz scene.

“Assyrian Caesarean” has an expressive, bright and awakening sound. It’s the first time, when we can hear Michael Zerang playing solo. The compositions are totally based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and sonoristic experiments. Percussionist has an incredible playing technique – masterful virtuosity, flowing passages, gorgeous timbres and extended ways of playing are gently joined together. Emotional, driving, glimpsing, contrasting and simply impressive playing manner is the heart of whole album. The compositions are based on contrasts and millions of expressions gently combined together. Improviser is demonstrating his wide capacity of improvising, inventive decisions and innovative point of view. Sound experiments on timbral, rhythmic, melodic and instrumental section are frequently used. The compositions have an expressive sparkling melody line, fantastic and dynamic rhythmic section, colorful background and sharp awakening harmonic background. Drummer makes sudden turns and eclectic allusions. Sometimes his music is highly related to expressive nervous bebop, hysteric and aggressive hard bop or calms down to steady relaxing cool or any other jazz style. Spontanity and impression are the main elements which form the musical pattern – drummer gets on fabulous solos, flowing passages, gorgeous ornaments and driving adventures without any effort or force. All the elements are connected naturally and organically. The music is a colorful, artsy and effective mix of all the elements of musical language. The huge variety of expressions, sounds, tunes and timbres is detected – improviser is demonstrating the best abilities of playing and creative point of view. The contrasting pieces are gently combined together – that makes a colorful, effective and impressive sound. From silent pieces, special effects, strange timbres and abstract improvisations mostly played in slow or mid-slow tempo, the music gets striking, rising, adventurous and sparkling. Here comes roaring beats, booming wild culminations, vibrant perturbations and frantic aggressive riffs – all these elements are gently joined together to one musical pattern. The music of this album has an expressive musical language and original inspiring sound.

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