Underful Quartet – “Live at BrÖtz” (HOO – HA Recordings, 2019)

“Live at BrÖtz” is a great album recorded by “Underful Quartet”. The basics of avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free collective improvisation and various streams of modern jazz styles are gently combined together in the music of “Underful Quartet”. An ensemble is formed from four featured jazz masters – it’s Axel Dörner (trumpet), Jonny Wartel (saxophone), Adam Pultz Melbye (upright bass) and Henrik Wartel (drums). Independent and creative playing style, an usage of extended playing techniques and research of strange timbres and tunes – that’s the base of their music. The improvisers are experienced and talented players – their music is a mix of cordial, impressive, passionate, driving or simply crazy musical decisions and improvisations. Spontaneous solos, bright contrasts, unpredictable turns, sudden changes, pleasant surprises, gorgeous timbres and all kinds of expressions or ornaments – each element has its own place in musical pattern.

The music of “Live at BrÖtz” is full of extravagant ideas, modern decisions and rich eclectic musical language. Each improviser demonstreates the best capacities of improvising – splendid virtuosity, wide musical knownledge, innovative point of view and creative musical decisions are the very important elements of whole musical pattern. The compositions are based on open form – that makes a charming, exciting, free and simply impressive collective improvisations. The improvisers manage to create a multi-layed musical pattern. Solid, independent and simply fantastic melody line is created. Trumpet and saxophones tunes is the heart of it. Growling, frantic, hysteric, energetic and dynamic trumpet is the source of energy and drive. An impressive trumpet player Axel Dörner has expressive, sharp, suggestive and driving playing manner. His improvisations always is the burst of energy and an artsy mosaic of contrasting pieces. Improviser masterfully goes through different moods, characters and expressions. From silent pauses to bursting culminations, meditative dreamy pieces to roaring growling riffs, booming wild sessions, impressive flowing passages, gorgeous ornaments and special effects which accompagnie the main melody line all the time – that’s the base of this music. Dynamic turns, sudden changes, impressive virtuosity, energy and drive are the main reasons why Axel Dörner’s trumpet is the heart of the melody line. It makes bright, charming and remarkable sound. Vivid, expressive and dizzy saxophone gets along just fine with trumpet. These two instruments make a great combo. Jonny Wartel  is famous saxophonist – his music, just like Axel Dorner’s, is completely based on free improvisation, spontaneous solos, the usage of experimental, home-made and extended playing techniques and an integration of radical, provocative, extravagant, crazy or simply weird musical decisions. Vivid light pieces are changed by frantic riffs, pass to silent relaxing contemplations or rise on striking, luminous and wild culminations. Booming perturbations, vibrant blow outs, sharp hysteric solos, wild fast passages, flowing gorgeous ornaments and special effects are joined together. All these elements make an effort to vivid, expressive and dynamic melody line. Bassist Adam Pultz Melbye is experimenting on various cases of musical language. His music is accompagnied all the time by strange timbres, special effects and innovative decisions. Extended and experimental playing techniques make the base of his instrumental section. Deep heavy bass line formed by steady repetitive tunes is frequently changed by vibrant culminations, loud and vivid solos, remarkable melodies and other similar elements. Bass line has an effective, innovative and touching sound. It brings new colors to the melody line, keeps the rhythmic section and bass line, as well as colorfully illustrates the background. A terrific drums section is created – all music is improvised with passion and drive by Henrik Wartel. Hysteric riffs, furiously fast solos, steady beats, expressive bebop, aggressive frantic hard bop, modern extravagant post bop – all these elements grow out to wild driving culminations, fabulous breaking sessions and spontaneous experiments. Drummer manages to create energetic, bright, passionate and simply impressive rhythmic section.

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