Hook, Line & Sinker – “Fishy Business” (Relative Pitch, 2019)

Hook, Line & Sinker (Tristan Honsinger / Antonio Borghini / Axel Dorner / Tobias Delius): Fishy Busi (Relative Pitch)

“Fishy Business” is released on “Relative Pitch” label. Album was recorded by quartet “Hook, Line & Sinker”. It’s a Berlin-based quartet which is consisted from four great and talented jazz masters. Here Tristan Honsinger (cello, voice), Antonio Borghini (double bass), Axel Dorner (trumpet) and Tobias Delius (tenor saxophone, clarinet) are improvising together. The musicians are playing as a quartet since 2010. The quartet has original, expressive and unique sound. It’s filled with inspiring solos, modern, vivid and original expressions, inventive decisions, innovative instrumental section and driving sessions. All four musicians are great improvisers. They’re the central figures of world-wide avant-garde jazz scene and also make an influenze to other improvisers. The musicians are improvising and collaborating with other jazz stars. Free improvisation, spontaneous solos, stunning sound experiments, inventive decisions, passionate, inspiring and expressive playing style are the basics of their music. Musicians gently fit together, corresponding to each other’s playing and manage to succesfully create evocative and unique sound.

“Fishy Business” is totally based on the main basics of avant-garde jazz, traditions of European and American avant-garde jazz, the newest innovations of experimental jazz and free spontaneous improvisations. The music is influenzed by some modern and mainstream jazz styles, such as bebop, hardbop or fusion. All four musicians are improvising just fantastic – they have wide musical knownledge, expressive and driving playing manner, inspiring sound and impressive playing technique. Marvelous ability to expand the technical abilities of the instruments are fused to wild imagination, creativity and the will to create something new. That’s the reason why musicians are experimenting on all fields of musical language. They succesfully create adventurous and incredible instrumental section, life, energetic and driving melody line, dynamic rhythmic section, gorgeous background and universal musical pattern. Experimental playing techniques, special effects, strange tunes, searches of original and weird tunes, rare combos, exotic tunes, eclectic stylistic allusions contain the base of instrumental section. Musicians find a suitable and organic way how to effectively mix up all these elements. Adventurous, interesting, effective and emotional instrumental section is one of the basics of whole musical pattern. It demonstrates wide musical knownledge and innovative point of view. Tenor saxophone and clarinet contain the base and active, driving and expressive mood of whole album. Tobias Delius is playing spontaneously and with passion. His music is based on impression, drive and inventive ideas. Sound experiments, special effects and strange timbres are organically integrated into musical pattern. They gently fit together to expressive, thrilling and inspiring melodies, flowing, dizzy and charming passages, light gentle excerpts, silent and relaxing downs, subtle free improvisations who go straight striking, vibrant, furious, roaring, sparkling and simply amazing riffs. Amusing and impressive glissando, moving trills, arpeggio, bursting spills of energy, tremendous culminations, sound experiments – these elements also make an effort to suggestive sound of Tobias Delius improvisations. Energy, drive, bursting spills, hot spills of energy are brought in by trumpeter Axel Dorner. Improviser is demonstrating hos own and unique sound – here charming and fabulous melodies gently fit together to striking, thrilling and passionate solos, growling, buzzing, vibrant, strugglinf, crazy or wild riffs, dramatic culminations, wah-wah, dizzy passages, impressive glissando, own-made playing techniques and sound experiments. All these elements got together just fine and make an effort to impressive, vibrant and driving sound. Tristan Honsinger is talented vocalist and cellist. His remarkable, light, solemn, lyrical and dynamic cello solos are illustrated by whispers, hollows, spoken elements, recitals, imitations of nature sounds and other vocal elements. The music by Tristan Honsinger is dynamic and driving – it has effective and expressive sound. Improviser is experimenting on timbral and instrumental section – he gets on fascinating experiments, wild free improvisations, tremendous, vibrant and terrific culminations, virageous and masterful virtuosic passages, transcendental ornaments and other similar elements. Heavy, deep, solemn and dark solos of Antonio Borghini make stable bass line and tight harmonic pattern. Bassist tries to expand his instrument abilities and develope a new and exciting playing manner. He manages to do it very-well – the music is organic, bright, vibrant, touching and suggestive. All four musicians are improvising just great – their free improvisations have remarkable, bright, passionate and unique sound.


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