Duck Baker Quartet – “Coffee For Three” (Copepod Records, 2019)

“Coffee For Three” is out on “Copepod Records”. Album was recorded by “Duch Baker Quartet” – here Duck Baker (guitar), Alex Ward (clarinet), John Edwards (bass) and Steve Noble (drums) are playing together. Four great jazz masters are experienced and talented jazz masters. They’re the central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene. The collaborations and projects with other famous jazz masters are their main activities. The music is totally based on free improvisations, the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz. Masterful virtuosity, passionate and expressive playing manner, fresh, innovative and bright ideas, new point of view, splendid playing technique, wide musical knownledge – all these elements are gently connected to one place. Musicians are dedicated to create original, bright and inspiring sound. They don’t hesitate to get on crazy, wild, ambitious and impressive free improvisations by using stunning sound experiments and inventive ideas. The search of new tunes, expansion of technical abilities also are important elements of music of these improvisers.

“Coffee For Three” is filled with modern expressions, inventive ideas, passionate and pleasant surprises and enchanting musical language. All four musicians are improvising differently- each of them has independent, bright and original sound. Free improvisation is the main form of all compositions. It’s constructed by using various forms and basics of free improvisation and roots of avant-garde jazz. All four improvisers are paying much attention to instrumental section – they’re dedicated to create awakening, fresh and innovative sound. Rare combos, exotic timbres, eclectic fusions, extended and usual playing techniques are mixed up to experimental, innovative, specific, home-made ways of playing, special effects and huge range of strange timbres. All these elements are gently combined together and make an effort to multi-layed, effective and enchanting instrumental section. The music has polyphonic and rich musical pattern – it’s highly ornamented, virageous, filled with all wide range of colors, motions, characters, expressions and timbres. Stable and amazing melody line is created by several players. Guitar by Duck Baker is filled with energetic and dynamic sound. Duck Baker is a great improviser – his splendid and effective playing technique is gently fused together with original, inventive and awakening ideas, interesting stylistic allusions, expressive playing manner and driving melodies. Eclectic, driving and dynamic solos, terrific riffs, tremendous, dramatic, wild and powerful culminations, charming, dizzy and enchanting passages, relaxing pauses, lyrical contemplations and special effects – all these elements make an effort to driving and inspiring guitar’s sound. Vivid, moving and thrilling clarinet by Alex Ward is full of modern expressions, interesting investigations, original decisions and rich variety of expressions. Especially expressive, moving, bright and passionate melodies are filled with hot growls, urgling, struggling, hysteric, furious, wild and terrific blow outs, powerful blasts, bursting spills of energy, transcendental and vibrant passages, gorgeous ornaments and bright accents. All these elements are joined to silent, soft, gentle and abstract improvisations, who are played in sophisticated, modest, solemn or relaxing mood. Both improvisers make a fantastic melody line – blowing, frantic, powerful and driving free improvisations are the keys of it. Bass by John Edwards is a source of ambient tunes, special effects and wide range of luminous and gorgeous timbres. Heavy, deep and solemn solos are changed by vibrant, tremendous, terrific, powerful and wild culminations, expressive, vivid and impressive melodies, flowing transcendental passages and other similar elements. Double bass brings new colors to the melody line and makes a stable bass line. Bass improvisations have luminous, inspiring and original sound. Innovations of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz, the newest tendencies of experimental jazz and the roots of American avant-garde jazz – that’s the base of rhythmic section. It’s generally made by Steve Noble. Hysteric and aggressive sequences, furious rolls, growling and struggling riffs, breaking and driving sessions, soud experiments, special effects, experimental playing techniques and typical rhythmic figures of modern and contemporary jazz styles gently fused in wild, spontaneous and impressive free improvisations – Steve Noble manages to combine all these elements together in organic and effective way. That makes an effort to stable, dynamic, exciting and amazing rhythmic section, who accompagnies marvelous melody line, modern harmony and dynamic rhythmic section. The music of this album is somewhere between free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz. The music has rich, bright, expressive and driving sound.

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