Anna Webber – “Clockwise” (Pi Recordings, 2019)

“Clockwise” is a new release of “Pi Recordings”. Album was recorded by Anna Webber (tenor saxophone, flute, bass flute, alto flute), Jeremy Viner (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Jacob Garchik (trombone), Christopher Hoffman (cello), Matt Mitchell (piano), Chris Tordini (bass) and Ches Smith (drums, vibraphone, timpani). The group of outstanding and talented jazz masters always creates impressive sound. All musicians are the central figures of American avant-garde jazz scene. They are also famous at world-wide scene. The collaborations with great jazz masters, tours and concerts on the scenes of famous avant-garde jazz festivals is their basic activity. Musicians are the innovators of avant-garde jazz. They are dedicated to create new, original and modern avant-garde jazz. They’ve got evocative point of view, fresh ideas and fantastic playing technique. Expression, power, drive, passion and real pleasure to improvise makes an effort to bright, luminous and adventurous sound.

“Clockwise” has all the main basics of avant-garde jazz. Hypnotising playing, driving sound, colorful and rich musical language, open form and collective improvisation are the keys of this music. Innovations and sound experiments create new, evocative and engaging avant-garde jazz. The basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz are used fot it. The influenze of modern jazz also is heard – the music is filled with rocking, roaring, expressive, aggressive, rigorous and sharp solos with complicated rhythmic and furiously fast passages. Engaging, bright and flowing melodies form a solid and polyphonic melodic section. Rhythmic base is moving, dynamic and always in change. Strange timbres, expansion of playing abilities, bordering dynamics, jumps from the lowest to the deepest registres, moody glissando, roaring blow outs, impressive and dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments, abbreviations and weird tunes – it’s just a little part of playing techniques who are used here. Traditional and experimental ways of playing make a great combo – it’s illustrated with rare or eclectic pairs, sound experiments, weird tunes, wild and frantic culminations and gorgeous background. All musicians don’t like to stick up to the rules and traditions. That’s why they are using brave, adventurous, wild or even crazy ideas to make interesting and unconventional sound. Reeds section is just marvelous. Flowing and expressive melodies have  terrific, blowing and growling sound. It’s ambitious, driving, light, deep, calm or remarkable and gentle – all kinds of moods are expressed. Roaring blow outs, aggressive and sharp riffs, splendid passages, moving and frantic solos, terrific and frenzy culminations, powerful and engaging free improvisations or calm, dreamy, romantic and subtle pauses gently got together. Trumpet is the source of bursting, urgent and driving bursts of energy. Expressive solos, light, bright and fabulous melodies, sound experiments, driving sessions, hypnotising sequences, terrific blow outs, eclectic combos, home-made playing techniques, fresh ideas and evocative timbres – that’s the main base of the music. Reeds and trumpet makes an effort to independent, ambitious and remarkable melodic section filled with huge range of colors, expressions, ornaments, passages and sounds. But it wouldn’t be so good without piano. Piano melodies are engaging, striking, evocative and rigorous. It’s the source of drive, joy and passion. Wild bursts of energy, charming roulades, dizzy passages, furiously fast and flowing melodies, breaking sessions, repetitive rhythms, frantic and aggressive sequences of chords – all these elements turn the music to real burst of energy. Hot playing manner, bursting explosions, evocative expressions make awakening and modern sound. Cello and bass make a great duo. Engaging and tremendous melodies of cello are strongly contrasting with deep, solemn and tight bass line. Gorgeous tunes, strange timbres, weird noises and original ways of playing always makes an effort to colorful background and illustrative melodic line. Drums section is energetic and vibrant – here silent lonely tunes, roaring storms, loud thunders, lovely and sweet themes, cool rhythms and wild free improvisations meets together. There’s no way to predict where’s it going to turn next –  rhythmic section is dynamic and colorful, filled with sudden changes, impressive passages, all kinds of rhythms and expressions. This album is a real piece of cake to each listener who likes to hear wild, bright, vibrant and exclusive avant-garde jazz.


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