Maurizio Pisati – “Set 7” (Kairos Music, 2018)

“Set 7” was released on December, 2018. Album was recorded by Ruben Mattia Santorsa, Marie Delprat, João Carlos Pacheco, Hugo Queirós, Kevin Juillerat, Céline Wasmer, Lino Mendoza and Anne-Laure Dottren. The musicians are real masters of their art – they are always dedicated to create new, original and interesting intepretation. All music was composed by Maurizio Pisati. Maurizio Pisati composes contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. Innovations and traditions, original and bright style, modernism, minimalism, expressionism, impressionism and post-impressionism, dodecaphony, serialism, puantilism, electronics and experimental music are mixed up with bright and innovative instrumentation. Composer is mixing up dozens of styles and genres. Contemporary academical and experimental music rests his main priority. The synthese of new forms, extraction of strange and original timbres, rre combos, eclectic pairs of styles, specific instruments and gorgeous incluses and allusions to the other styles contain the main base of his compositions. Composer has expressive and driving manner, original and modern style – his music joins together free improvisation and contemporary academical music.

“Set 7” is based on original sound and modern decisions. All music is based on contemporary academical and experimental music which is brightly illustrated with tunes of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Maurizio Pisati demonstrates his unique way of composing. He finds the best way, how to mix up modern and traditional ways of playing, bright and extended techniques, factures, abbreviations, expressions and forms. The result is fantastic – music is organic, based on evocative, bright, luminous and expressive sound. All compositions have colorful, modern and awakening musical language and solid pattern. Multi-layed pattern is based on polyphony and homophony, modern harmony, variable rhythmic, huge range of tempos and timbres, bordering dynamics and weird, frantic, trendy or simply wild ideas, who are masterfully integratedto the musical pattern. The instrumentation is original and modern. That’s the place where the most outrageous, wild, brave, ambitious or weird musical decisions meet the traditional and experimental ways of playing. Huge arsenal of kit of instrumentation makes an effort to splendid and modern sound. There three independent layers who are contrasting with each other – solid and bright melodic section, dynamic and independent rhythmic section and gorgeous background. The melodic line is based on reeds and classical guitar. The compositions are written to duos, trios or other combos, but the duo is the most frequently used combo. The melodies of recorder, paetzold recorder, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone make a sparkling melodic section. Soft and gentle tunes mixed up with shrieky and wild culminations, roaring blow outs, tremendous and frantic riffs, rigorous, aggressive, strict or depressive pieces, luminous and burning energy explosions or soft and subtle contemplations. The melodies are based on expressive and vital melody line who’s changing all the time. The musicians create a huge and illustrative pattern by using dozens of ways of playing. Classical guitar, ciola and double bass make a great combo. These three instruments aren’t the parts of each composition – mostly they’re used separately as a duo or trio with reeds. The strings always bring the tune and mood of contemporary academical music. Puantilism, dodecaphony, serialism, incluses, ornaments and sudden turns are frequently used. Musicians get on adventurous and original musical decisions, who are mixed up with inventive ideas and modern innovations. Voice melodies are used as a coloristic. Hollows, recitals, modern expressions, imitations of nature, instruments or other sounds, free improvisations – that’s just a part of whole music. Deep and calm bass line made from stable tunes of double bass is contrasting with shrieky, expressive, wild, frantic, sharp, aggressive, rigorous, light, vivacious or childish solos of viola and guitar. The percussion make the base of rhythmic section along with double bass and bass clarinet. Breaking sessions, minimalistic or primitive samples, extremely loud thunders, flowing melodies, moving trills, emotional vibrato all together with gorgeous tunes, colorful timbres and impressive coloristics. The album is a nice resource of evocative and modern music. The musicians make an effort to create awakening, bright, innovative and driving sound. The music is always in change – here free improvisations meet the strict, difficult or simple forms, moving crescendo or sudden diminuendo, frantic expulsions of energy or calm lullabies. All that makes original and sparkling sound.

Ruben Mattia Santorsa classical guitar
Marie Delprat paetzold recorder
João Carlos Pacheco percussion
Hugo Queirós bass clarinet
Kevin Juillerat tenor saxophone
Céline Wasmer voice
Lino Mendoza double bass
Anne-Laure Dottrens viola


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