Jean Derome – “Sudoku pour Pygmées” (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2019)

“Sudoku pour Pygmées” is released by “Ambiances Magnetiques”. All compositions of this album were composed by Canadian composer Jean Derome. This composer is famous, evocative and innovative musician of contemporary academical music scene. Innovative ideas, modern decisions, bright and tremendous contrasts, universal arsenal of playing techniques, expressions, styles and moods – all these elements make the main basic of his music. Jean Derome delicately and organically combines together academic avant-garde, experimental and contemporary academical music, free improvisations, polyphony, the main principes of classical music, modernism, minimalism and other music genres. His music always has especially wide and rich musical language – it’s emotional, vital, expressive and dynamic. Polyphony meets homophony, consonances are used all together with dissonances, dodecaphony, serialism, concrete, spectral, sonoristic music, minimalism, puantilism and the innovations of academic avant-garde. Composer manages to create a fusion of different styles – he connects avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music, who is totally different from each other. All music of the akbum was recorded by ensemble “Les Dangereux Zhoms+9”.

“Sudoku pour Pygmées” is filled with contrasts, sudden turns, gorgeous virages and dynamic changes. The compositions are based on synthetic form – sometimes it’s open, sometimes strict and firm, based on all the main forms of classical music. Free improvisation is the key of all compositions. Even though the musicians don’t improvising all the time, their music is full of flowing melodies, spontaneous solos, stunning riffs and fascinating sound experiments. All musicians of ensemble are balancing between totally free and wild improvisation and the innovative, modern and evocative contemporary academical music. Composer shows his wide musical knownledge – he’s fusing together absolutely uncompairable pieces of sifferent styles. Rich musical pattern is based on the main rules of contemporary academical music and free improvisation, but also has many allusions to other music styles. The excerpts of famous dances, humorous, parhetic, gentle, light pieces, minimalistic samples, heavy hard core of rock styles, the sounds of electronics and computer devices, strict polyphony of baroque, the classical forms and citations of classicism – these elements bring evocative and inspiring sound. The music is especially moving and thrilling – it’s  related to impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism and modernism in many episodes. Jean Derome gives the opportunity to all the musicians to express themselfs without any effort. Each musician can get on sleepy or dreamy lullabies, subtle research of strange timbres, simple and minimalistic facture or jump on trendy, stunning, modern, evocative culminations or wild free improvisations. The huge variety of styles, expressions, tunes, pieces, moods and other elements finally makes a marvelous result. The music is inspiring, dynamic and driving. All musicians are brilliant – they are trying to recover and demonstrate original and exceptional sound and the main conception of the compositions. Vital and charming saxophones, expressive and turbulent piano, heavy and hard electric guitar, sharp and dramatic violin wild and growling trumpet and soft flute make the base of melodic line. Roaring blow outs, stunning culminations, terrific riffs, passionate solos, dizzy passages, humorous, glimpsy, driving, tremendous, trendy and impressive free improvisations are filled with gorgeous timbres, colorful tunes, strange noises and enchanting ornaments. Static and dark tuba, deep bass clarinet, dynamic percussion and variable drums section contain the colorful background and modern rhythmic section. All types of rhythms are used here – independent melodies are fused with enhanting passages, fabulous excerpts, gorgeous ornaments, rare combos, exotic tunes, nervous, scandalous and aggressive modern jazz, wild and thrilling free improvisations, spontaneous solos and various series of classical and contemporary academical music. The music is played impressively – musicians have a brilliant playing techniques, masterful virtuosity, the best quality of sound and driving style. The instrumentation is wide and universal – traditions, experiments, innovations, rare. exotic, awakening tunes are used together with shocking ways of playing. The musicians never make the chaos out of the compositions. Each of them is improvising wildly and expressively, but also has its own structure, who keep the form and mood of the album. Driving, dynamic, aggressive, splendid, gorgeous, tremendous, jolly, furious, dramatic, childish, naive, solemn, subtle, peaceful or scandalous – all kinds of moods are expressed here. The musicians create a marvelous set of original compositions, who are based on experimental musical decisions and fresh ideas.


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