Aki Takase / Silke Eberhard / Sebastian Gramss / Erwin Ditzner – “DITZNERs carte blanche – Live At Enjoy Jazz Festival 2017” (Fixcel Records, 2019)

Takase / Eberhard / Gramss / Ditzner - DITZNERs carte blanche / Live at Enjoy Jazz Fesitval 2017

“DITZNERs carte blanche – Live At Enjoy Jazz Festival 2017” is a new release of “Fixcel Records”. Album was recorded at Ënjoy Jazz Festival 2017″. This album is a great collaboration of Aki Takase (piano), Silke Eberhard (saxophone), Sebastian Gramss (bass) and Erwin Ditzner (drums). Four great jazz masters and impressive improvisers are creating exceptional sound. Each of them has its own sound and style. The music is filled with virages, gorgeous tunes, light and flowing melodies, passionate and dizzy passages, hot sparkles, burning bursts of energy or silent and contemplative pauses – the musicians surely know how to create effective sound. Rich musical language is full of ornaments, abbreviations, virages and sound experiments. The musicians are making the highest priority to the creation of innovative sound and extraction of unusual timbres. Brave noises, tremendous culminations, strange, weird, crazy or simply outrageous ways of playing always make an effort to rich and expressive sound.

“DITZNERs carte blanche – Live At Enjoy Jazz Festival 2017” is totally based on free improvisation. The innovations of contemporary experimental jazz, traditional tunes of ethnic Japan music, contemporary academical music tunes, Western Europe harmony and rhythms are mixed up all together with modern and contemporary jazz styles. The musicians don’t stick up to the rules and traditions – they combine together the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz to the newest innovations of free improvisation and experimental jazz. Inventive ideas, original point of view, fresh and evocative expressions, spontaneous solos and incredible instrumentation is the base of compositions. Open form is used almost everywhere. Musicians are improvising spontaneously – their music never is too static or boring. Piano melodies by Aki Takase is the source of joy and drive. Marvelous improviser combines together the basics of Japan improvisational music and roots of avant-garde jazz. Her music is expressive, filled with wild solos, gorgeous passages, charming melodies, colorful ornaments, stunning culminations and trendy breaking sessions. Aki Takase dives in slow and subtle contemplations, is using experimental ways of playing, the newest innovations and dozens of moods. She has her own playing style which is based ono hot, bursting, explosing and driving playing manner. Her improvisations are usually based on spontaneous decisions and impressive solos. She jumps from the one mood to another in delicate and organic way. Saxophone by Silke Eberhard is moving and vibrant. Saxophonist is demonstrating dynamic and vivid playing. Hot playing manner, sharp tunes, sequences of sharp and aggressive tunes or rhythms, expression and drive are mixed up all together. The improvisations are based on experimental and modern jazz – here nervous bebop, aggressive hard bop gently fits with moving, spontaneous and impressive free improvisations. Saxophone leads the melodic line – it’s changing all the time and getting new colors and moods. Trendy and marvelous duos of piano and saxophone brings the pleasure, drive and joy to whole album. Bass is subtle and effective. Sebastian Gramss creates a deep and static bass line, which is contrasting with moving, wild, franzy, luminous and passionate solos. Slow, ambient and deep solos is the source of gorgeous timbres and sounds, expressove and moving culminations bring passion and brightness. Erwin Ditzner is the leader of drums section. It’s vibrant, aggressive, moving and impressive. Typical forms of modern and experimental jazz rhythms are mixed up with Afroamerican music, roaring drum rolls, dizzy passages, trembling and moving tremolos, extremely loud thunders, breaking sessions, frantic culminations or subtle pauses. All musicians have wide musical language, precise and virtuosic playing technique and impressive instrumentation. Experimental, shocking, weird, crazy, modern and traditional ways of playing are mixed up together. The album has expressive and sparkling sound.

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