Yoni Kretzmer/Torbjörn Zetterberg/Andrew Drury – “Seaweed” (Different Track Recordings, 2018)

“Seaweed” is a new release of “Different Track Recordings”. Album was released this year and recorded by Yoni Kretzmer (tenor saxophone), Torbjörn Zetterberg (bass) and Andrew Drury (drum set). The trio of three original, individual and great jazz masters is filled with contrasts, modern conceptions, sudden changes and energetic sparkles. Musicians are experimenting in instrumentation’s and sounds section – they are dedicated to find new and original expressions, unsual sounds and experimental ways of playing. The music is based on avant-garde jazz, spontaneous musical experiments and decisions and free improvisations. The main principes of avant-garde jazz are frequently connected with other elements, who are progresssive, modern or even strange. Progressive and contemporary jazz, innovative composing ideas of contemporary academical music, the intonations of rock and avant-rock, turbulent and abstract busts of energy, experimental music or some inclusions of traditional jazz – this huge variety of styles is heard in the music of each musician of the trio. That makes remarkable, bright and effective sound.

“Seaweed” has abstract musical pattern and is based on totally free and spontaneoous improvisation. Three musicians are improvising in the spot – no part of their improvisations wasn’t arranged. By using their fantasy, i,agination, creativity and precise playing technique, musicians manage to create wide, dynamic, colorful and innovative sound. The compositions join together the roots and main basics of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and its conception, Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz and its newest innovations. The musicians don’t hesitate to make eclectic, exotic or odd combos, strange and specific playing techniques, original musical decisions or spontaneous changes. Their music is based on absolutely free facture and improvisation – each of them can develope their musical material in original, modern and natural way. Multi-layed, polyphonic, illustrative and expressive musical pattern is based on polyphony and homophony, bordering dynamics, sudden jumps through different registres, experimental and impressive musical experiments and other musical decisions. Music is changing all the time – it never stays the same for a too long time. Conceptual compounds are genuinely connected in one wide and interesting improvisation – it has an open form, variable rhythmic and universal kit of instrumentation. Saxophone by Yoni Kretzmer is moving, bright and roaring. Its solos are charming and vibrant, filled with moving vibrato, passionate and enchanting passages, sharp and aggressive pieces, turbulent culminations, dramatic scandals, flowing and blowing storms, dizzy and wild fast solos, crazy musical decisions, weird timbres, colorful tunes and dozens of marvelous special effects, who become bright accents of whole melodic pattern. Crazy, aggressive, touching and marvelous saxophone leads the melodic line and gives the main tune to whole compositions. Turbulence, drive, passion and wild imagination helps Yoni Kretzmer to create impressive and vivacious sound of album. Bass by another one great improviser Torbjörn Zetterberg shows the other side of album. It’s more calm ,relaxing and subtle. Improviser pays attention to weird timbres, soft tunes, deep and solid bass line, rhythmic series and solemn mood. All these elements let the listener to hear different sound – it’s solemn, serious, calm and effective, filled with gorgeous timbres and impressive special effects. These elements are joined together with dynamic and rapid solos, who are flowing together with blowing and enchanting saxophone melodies. That makes an effort to original and even more colorful sound. Touching solos, moving passages and repetitive, solid and bright bass line bring dozens of weird timbres and original tunes to the album. Drum set always is another very important section of free jazz improvisations. This time it’s impressive and great. leaded by avant-garde jazz star Andrew Drury. Exotic combos, gorgeous timbres, crazy ideas, modern and experimental ways of playing, turbulent free improvisations, vibrant drum rolls, charmign and dizzy passages, bright fanfars and dozens of different rhythms, special effects and timbres make an strong, effective and driving rhythmic section, who forms sparkling and energetic spills of passion and energy. The music of this album is bright and original – it has remarkable and impressive sound.


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