Sophie Agnel/John Edwards/Steve Noble – “Aqisseq” (ONJ Records, 2018)

“Aqisseq” is a new release of “ONJ Records”.Album was recorded by outstanding trio – Sophie Agnel (piano), John Edwards (double bass) and Steve Noble (drums). Three great jazz stars are playing and improvising with pleasure, passion and wild imagination. Their collective improvisations always are interesting, extraordinary and creative. The msuicians are making exotic and eclectic combos, fuse together contrasting pieces, styles and colorful expressions. Each improviser is original and individual – he has its own style, unique sound, effective and expressive playing manner, impressive and touching improvising and rich musical language. Their music is based on unconventional ideas, fresh and evocative musical decisions, innovative combos and bright sound. The musicians don’t hesitate to get out of traditional zone of improvising and usual sound – they like to make frenzy, weird, crazy or simply odd musical decisions, instrumental combos or fascinating musical experiments in every section. That makes an effort to remarkable and innovative sound.

“Aqisseq” compositions are based on dynamic and active mood. Avant-garde jazz, experimental music, contemporary and modern jazz styles intonations contain the main base of the music. The improvisers are improvising creatively and free,  they invent their own playing techniques and express dozens of expressions, emotions, characters and moods. The collective improvisation is based on open form and effects the formation of musical pattern. Abstract, colroful, bright, evocative and multi-layed musical pattern has difficult facture, colorful expressions, sparkling special effects and sharp harmony. Dynamic rhythmic and the intonations of various ways of composing are used here and genuinely fused with free improvisation. The musicians are the masters of their art. They can easily switch between different moods and contrasting pieces. That makes dynamic, variable and passionate mood, solid melodic line and roaring rhythmic. The repetitive series of sharp and expressive chords, monotonic rhythms, tremendous solos, flowing melodies, marvelous and inspiring solos, rich and gorgeous musical language – all these elements are made colorful and terrific accents of whole compositions. Sophie Agnel is playing just marvelous. Her piano improvisations are bright, innovative and fresh. The improviser is improvising with expressions, brightness, joy and drive. That makes touching, moving and luminous sound of her improvisations. Vivacious and inspiring solos, strict, rapid and harsh chords series, passionate and wild fast passages, sparkling, charming and remarkable melodies, unusual sounds, ascetic and abandoned pieces, subtle and relaxing excerpts and dozens of other elements are gently mixed together in one place. Pianist has a hot and frenzy playing manner, which is highly effected by bebop, post bop, hard bop, other modern, progressive jazz styles, roots of avant-garde jazz, the newest tendencies of Norwegian, European and American avant-garde jazz. Sophie Agnel’s improvisations make a solid, bright and intense melodic line. Subtle solos, light melodies and peaceful improvisations lead to dramatic and scandalous culminations and turbulent spills of energy. Famous and innovative double bass player John Edwards is doing his best in this album. He gently and naturally combines together genuine and specific manners, techniques, ways of playing, contrasting chords and moods. His improvisations have wide stylistic variety and numerous of special effects and timbres. Gentle and remarkable melodies, soft and warm solos, relaxing pieces, solid and static bass line with vibrant tunes and abstract melodic pieces are heard very frequently in these compositions. From silence and solemn sound the melodic line gets hot, passionate and vibrant. It suddenly rises up to movinh, rapid, roaring, touching and expressive culminations, who certainly are the most beautiful and effective places of the album. John Edwards mix together avant-garde jazz and experimental music, contemporary academical music and free improvisation, collective spontaneous improvising and arranged pieces, ambient and roaring solos, expresion and dozens of other elements. He always finds the suitable place to every element. That makes effective and innovative sound of his improvisations. Steve Noble is one of the most famous drummers of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene. It’s hard to find another famous jazz improviser, who hadn’t had improvised with Steve Noble. Drummer gently connects gravity, turbulence, precise and virtuosic playing, special effects, gorgeous sounds and innovative instrumentation. His drums section is solid, louf, adventurous and passionate. Dozens of different timbres, strange sounds, roaring drum rolls, free improvisations, spontaneous turns and jumps, gentle glissando, moody and sparkling passages are connected in one place – that turns the improvisations into real, roaring and wild bursts of energy. The music of this album is passionate, bright, luminous and expressive.

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