Pandelis Karayorgis, Damon Smith, Eric Rosenthal – “Cliff” (Driff Records, 2018)

“Cliff” is the newest release of “Driff Records”. Album was recorded by Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Damon Smith (double bass) and Eric Rosenthal (drums). Musician had been long time collaborators for many years before this collective release. Through the musical career, each musician had created his own and suggestive playing style. Innovations, roots of avant-garde jazz, spontaneous musical decisions, impressive solos and fabulous improvisations – all these elements are the main elements of their music. Improvisers became famous figures of avant-garde jazz scene. They always had been filled with fresh ideas, crazy and wild musical decisions and huge amount of expressions. Roaring and turbulent solos with agile and wild fast passages, colorful passings from one mood to another, dynamic melodies and fascinating musical experiments contain the most important part of musical pattern. The music is based on avant-garde jazz. The newest tendencies of 21th century are kindly and organically connected with roots of avant-garde jazz and modern styles of it. These compositions are filled with illustrative and imaginary themes, remarkable melodies, surprising and dynamic moods and special effects.

“Cliff” is filled with gorgeous timbres, expressive melodies and turbulent collective improvisations. It has multi-colored facture, polyphonic and multi-layed musical pattern and is based on avant-garde and modern jazz basics. Free improvisation is main element of whole album. It’s also the most important base of each improvisation – the best abilities, freshest ideas and siply crazy musical decisions are mixed here. Multi-colorful sparkles, turbulent bursts of energy, pulsating and dynamic rhythmnic, remarkable solos, intense and thrilling pieces, drmatic culminations or silent, gentle and peaceful pauses are definitely frequently heard in this album. It makes an effort to bright. luminous, electric and impressive sound. Pandelis Karayorgis is marvelous pianist. Tremendous solos always get together with meditative, relaxing solos, monotonic and intense pieces, or gentle, playful and smooth excerpts. All kinds of moods, techniques, playing manners, characters and timbres are produced and mixed here. Pianist marvelously fuses together impressive solos, vivacious and vivid melodies, spontaneous turns, contrasting pieces, colorful chords and bright musical expressions. The music is live, energetic, tremendous and full of passionate, schocking and extravagant ideas and ways of playing. Piano improvisations keep active, pleasant and energetic mood. It’s also the main instrument of melodic section – terrific, loud, active and luminous solos give the main note to the compositions. Damon Smith’s double bass is subtle, smooth and slow, but it can be moving, aggressive and sharp at the same  time. There’s huge variety of different timbres and expressions, who are produced here. Part of them are extracted in unconventional and specific way. Musical experiments, special effects, gorgeous sounds, sharp noises and dozens of coloristics make fabulous background. His improvisations reflect own and innovative point of view and new conception of avant-garde jazz. Damon Smith is one of these musicians, who doesn’t hesitate to break the rules, make exotic and extraordinart combinations and fuse contasting musical elements. Same desir to search and found for something new, integrate and fuse together absolutely uncompairable and different music elements or styles, is founded and in Pandelis Karayorgis and Eric Rosenthal music. His drum section is solid, vibrant, pulsating and dynamic. It contains everything – aggressive and sharp solos, monotonic and stable excerpts, sparkling, bursting and luminous excerpts, wild fast and passionate passages and other virtuosic elements, dizzy and glimpsy pieces or turbulent, free, wild and tremendous improvisations. All three musicians are the masters of improvising – vitality, hot passion, wild thrills and vibrant bursts of energy form the base of their music. It effects inspiring and marvelous sound.

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