Moore / Edwards / Prevost – “Darkened, Yet Shown” (Matchless, 2018)

Moore / Edwards / Prevost: Darkened, Yet Shone (Matchless)

“Darkened, Yet Shown” is the newest release of “Matchless” label. Album was recorded by a trio – it’s N.O. Moore (guitar), John Edwards (double bass) and Eddie Prevost (drums). Three musicians – three unique, fascinating, creative and passionate improvisers, who create expressive and innovative music. The music is mostly based on free jazz. Wild, turbulent and spontaneous free collective improvisation is the main part of it. Musicians are real experimentators in various ways of music – they break traditional rules, change them in new, innovative and specific methods of playing. Musicians produce numerous of gorgeous, colorful, luminous or just simply weird timbres and sounds. They are expanding the zone of sound and get new colors, playing techniques and expressions by using shicking and innovative ways of playing. The fusions of conceps, contrasts and motions are filled with multi-colorful, polyphonic and bright musical language. Hot passion, wild thrills, spontaneous changes and gorgeous surprises – these things make dynamic, passionate, expressive and luminous sound.

“Darkened, Yet Shown” is the set of dynamic and expressive compositions. Its stylistic synthesis based on free, creative, avant-garde and modern jazz fusion. Contrasting and absolutely different pieces, moods, expressions, stylistic combos and ways of playing are joined together in subtle and organic way. The sound gets surprising, fascinating and filled with fresh and innovative ideas. Musicians are the masters of switching between different pieces and moods – gentle and silent episodes are connected with dramatic, bright, luminous, passionate and wild free improvisations. All three musicians together create fascinating and original musical pattern. Dozens of expressions, moods, characters, playing techniques and instrumentation decisions are illustrates with dizzy and thrilling virtuosic elements, abbreviations, ornements and effective coloristics. Solid and independent rhythmic section is put against moving, bright, luminous, suggestive and expressive melodic section, who is individual and touching. Abstract facture, free and multi-layed musical pattern, dynamic rhythmic, bordering dynamics, provocative musical decisions, special effects, colorful harmony and expressive mood – all these elements keep colorful, vivid and bright content of the improvisations. N.O. Moore guitar improvisations are moving, touching and attractive. Improviser fuses together wide variety of styles and expressions. His playing style generally is based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, progressive and modern jazz. Content relates with contemporary academical music, coloristic experiments and rock styles. No element or excerpt isn’t used without mix with others – musician manage to fuse everything in one place and get natural, creative and abstract musical pattern. Harsh, expressive and remarkable solos, gentle and tight excerpts, wild free, dizzy and terrific culminations, vivid melodies and monotonic hard core and dozens of different playing techniques and expressions – that makes bright, spontaneous and interesting sound. N.O. Moore’s improvisations are played with passion, expression and full of wild thrills and sparkles. Double bass of John Edwards goes along just fine together with guitar. It gives an opportunity to hear other side of compositions and great playing by famous bassist. John Edwards playing is suggestive, touching and nspiring. He tends to make crazy musical decisions, sudden, but always interesting surprises, integrate the innovations and traditions in one place. His compositions are based on sound of various jazz styles – from 1960’s avant-garde jazz, bebop, post bop, neo bop, progressive jazz to the newest free improvisations, electronics and contemporary academical music elements. He goes back to the roots of avant-garde jazz, uses already known, but effective ways of playing. At the same time, artist mixes the roots all together with the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz. That’s how impressive, vivid and evocative sound is created. The compositions by John Edwards are just great and wonderful – it demonstrates all main elements of his music. From silent and tight improvisation, subtle chords, solid bass line and peaceful solos musician jumps straight to eclectic, virtuosic, dizzy, passionate and roaring free improvisations. Eddie Prevost leads the drums section. It’s attractive, expressive, joyful and vivid. Drummer mixes Afroamerican rhythms, European and American avant-garde jazz, cobntemporary academical music instrumentation and the conception of musical language, special effects, innovative and experimental ways of playing and unconventional musical decisions. Moving, emotional and roaring drum rolls, terrific solos, vivacious and energetic turns to different moods, rich variety of timbres, passionate arpeggios and many other expressions and playing techniques form bright, solid and tremendous rhythmic section. The music of this album is expressive, inspiring and bright.

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