Philip Zoubek Trio – “Outside” (WhyPlayJazz, 2018)

Philip Zoubek Trio »Outside«

“Outside” is the newest release of “WhyPlayJazz” label. Album was recorded by “Philip Zoubek Trio” – it’s Philip Zoubek (piano, compositions), David Helm (bass) and Dominik Mahnig (drums). Expression, hor passion, thrilling and wild solo – these are three basic things, who are frequently heard in this trio improvisations. Musicians like drastic changes, innovative and fresh methods of playing, special effects, unusual timbres and provocative musical decisions. They break the conventions and typical rules and create new, engaging and evocative sound instead of them. Rich musical language, difficult musical pattern, moody and dynamic atmosphere contain main part of the compositions. It’s also important to mention, that musicians not just search for new things – they produce organic, fresh and innovative result of mixing traditions, roots of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of it in one place. Precise, enchanting and emotional at the same time – that’s how it’s possible to describe the playing technique of improvisers. It has the best quality of sound, musicians are able to play enchanting and dizzy passages, wild fast solos, other virtuosic elements just wonderfully and mix it with spontaneous musical decisions, experiments and wide range of colors, moods, expressions and universal kit of playing techniques. All this marvelous synthesis and engaging musical language helps musicians to create bright and interesting sound.

“Outside” compositions set is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. It has an influenze of bebop, post bop and other similar modern jazz styles. Expressive, sharp, dynamic, moving and touching piano solos certainly demostrate the colorful synthesis between modern and experimental jazz. Piano improvisations mostly is the place, there meets spontaneous and fresh free improvisation, outrageous and crazy musical decisions, special effects and moving, sharp, virtuosic and nervous solos, played in bebop or post bop manner. That gives a marvelous and effective result – music is live, energetic, bright, vivacious and innovative. Pianist Philip Zoubek reveals all wide abilities of his improvising, shows suggestive and interesting playing manner and demonstrates enchanting virtuosity. His playing style is based on already mentioned synthesis between modern and avant-garde jazz. Pianist likes to jump from the one mood to another and fuse experimental and innovative ways of playing at the same time. Improvisations are live, vivid, have sharp or even aggressive sound. Musician is a wizard of sounds and colors – he expresses huge variety of emotions, creates numerous different characters, moods, intonations and other elements of musical language. That makes a huge effort to whole sound of the compositions and also gives a main tune to the sound. Suggestive and effective playing of the Philip Zoubek is expressive and moving – pianist always improvises emotionally, with passion, hot sparkles, wild thrills and dozens of special effects. David Helm is another one great avant-garde jazz improviser. He has a marvelous playing technique and a talent to gorgeously and effectively fuse together absolutely uncompairable concepts, variations and themes. Bassist’s improvisations are filled with everything – it has solid and firm bass line, which is kept for the most of the time. Repetitive, monotonic and same tunes are repeated many times and create meditative and relaxing mood in some places of the album. But that’s just one little part of the compositions – solid, effective and stable bass line changes into virtuosic, hot, thrilling, sparkling and passionate solos, who certainly make an effort to whole compositions. These solos make an interesing combo with expressive and moving piano and dynamic drums line. Subtle, relaxing and peaceful solos turn out to charming, thrilling and hot solos, remarkable melodies, impressive passages, who are illustrates with glissando, pizzicato, stacato and numerous of others expressions, sounds, playing techniques and other musical’s language’s elements. Dominik Mahnig drum’s section is dynamic and moody – it’s filled with moving solos, roaring drum rolls, loud, active and bright culminations, charming solos, gorgeous percussion’s sounds and turbulent bursts of energy, who start suddenly and are based on spontaneous imp[rovisation. Drummer also is a great improviser – suggestive playing manner, expressive and fresh sound, specific methods of playing, dozens of different rhythms and playing techniques contain the main part of his improvisations. Three musicians gently fit together – their improvisations are dynamic, moody and contrasting. One mood goes right after the other and brings its own color. Rich, colorful, expressive and enchanting musical language is created by using synthesis of experimental and traditional musical decisions, sound experiments, special effects, expansion of instruments technical abilities, open form and spontaneous free improvisation. All these elements make an effort to creation of remarkable, expressive and great sound of this album.



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