Rob Pumpelly / Eli Wallace – “Dialectical Imagination; Two Infinitudes; The One You “see” and the One That Is You” (Leo Records, 2018)

CD LR 839

“Dialectical Imagination; Two Infinitudes; The One You “see” and the One That Is You” is the newest release of “Leo Records”. Album was recorded by a duo – it’s Eli Wallace (piano) and Rob Pumpelly (drums). Both musicians are creating music, which is somewhere between free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. The music is filled with bright, innovative and fresh musical decisions, adventurous stylistic waves, sudden changes and evocative musical language. Musicians are open to new and innovative methods of playing – they are trying to create evocative sound, produce gorgeous timbres, make exotic instrumental combinations and search for new expressions, playing techniques and special effects. Most part of the compositions by these two musicians are fulfilled with musical experiments and reveal all main base of their composing style – the music joins together conventional rules, traditions, ordinary forms and playing techniques with bright, new, passionate and experimental ways of playing. Old and very well-known rules, the roots of modernism and other contemporary academical music styles are mixed with academic avant-garde, avant-garde and experimental jazz, and free improvisation. That makes gorgeous, evocative, fresh and interesting playing style.

“Dialectical Imagination: Two Infinitudes” has vibrant, energetic and dynamic sound. The duo shows masterful and precise playing technique – their playing manner is expressive and vivid. Both musicians are the masters of their art – they can fuse together contrasting and uncompairable styles, expressions or other elements of musical language.Musicians demonstrate interesting, suggestive and expressive playing style, exceptional instrumentation, unique sound and masterful ability to improvise spontaneously. The music is filled with eclectic stylistic combinations, who effect whole sound of the album. It’s very hard to relate music to one music style or genre. Becuase of artsy, creative and organic fusion of dozens of different playing styles, manners, expressions, sounds and other elements of musical language, musicians create wide and modern stylistic variety. The base of the compositions is free improvisation. The basics of avant-garde jazz and experimental music also are heard very frequently. Musicians are diving between sparkling and gorgeous timbres, subtle and abstract improvisations, bright, turbulent and passionate culminations or solemn, evocative or expressive pieces, who are more or less related to academic avant-garde. This huge variety of different timbres, melodies, expressions and other elements makes an effort to whole form of the compositions and form difficult musical pattern. Each layer or element of compositions isn’t used as a pur element – all of them are mixed together in suitable and effective way. That’s how musicians combine together free improvisation, repetitive playing techniques, soft intonations of serialism and dodecaphony, puantilism, minimalism and post minimalism, tonal and atonal music and the roots of avant-garde jazz. Various jazz styles are frequently heard here – static and monotonic beat suddenly grows to luminous, gorgeous and bright culminations with sparkling melodies, dizzy passages or thrilling and furiously fast solos. When it goes to another mood – everything calms down, goes to peaceful, quiet and relaxing piece with subtle facture, simple language and abstract pattern. The changes of moods and characters are heard very much in this album. It brings dynamic, bright, unpredictable, and – surprising, gorgeous and adventurous sound – at the same time. Eli Wallace has suggestive playing manner and gorgeous sound – piano improvisations are extremely dynamic, effective, filled with contrasting pieces and sudden turns. Pianist has wonderful and impressive playing style and precise playing manner. That effects the best sound’s quality and impressive, exceptional and passionate mood. Eli Wallace likes to make strange and eclectic combinations, express huge amount of moods and expressions and searcg for new, fresh and outrageous timbres. Piano improvisations gently fit with Rob Pumpelly’s percussion. Dozens of rhythms, gorgeous and exotic timbres, unusual, provocative or shocking musical decisions, innovative instrumentation and experimental musical language – these are the things, who are highly related to the playing styles of both musicians. Percussionist fuses together traditions and innovations, the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. He gets together experimental, unpredictable and adventurous free improvisation and evocative, vivid and modern contemporary academical music. Both musicians are playing emotionally, suggestive and with passion – that makes an effort to creative, innovative and splendid sound of their music.

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