The Robadors Quartet – ’19:30′ (Multikulti, 2018)

’19:30′ was released last month by ‘Multikulti Project’. Album was recorded by four great jazz masters – Tom Chant (saxophones), Marco Mezquida (grand piano), Johannes Nästesjö (double bass) and Ramon Prats (drums). Four musicians – four individual, bright, passionate and interesting playing styles, fullfilled with gorgeous ornaments, dizzy solos, effective glissando and many other inventive and vivacious musical decisions. The music is expressive, vital and filled with moving solos or dynamic turns – these elements contain the basement of musical language. Free improvisation is the main element of all four musicians playing style. Spontaneous, moody, animated and adventurous playing makes an effort to unique and remarkable sound. All four musicians are famous at avant-garde jazz scene. Individual style, dynamic and expressive playing manner, wide range of rhythmic forms, unusual sounds, innovative instrumentation and special effects, ambitious and modern point of view to free improvisation – that’s the reason, why musicians became celebrate at avant-garde jazz scene. Fascinating sound experiments, searches of unknown sounds and new playing techniques, bright, passionate and spontaneous improvising also are very important elements of their playing style.

’19:30′ is filled with vital, sparklinh and vivacious sound. The coposaitions are based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation and some intonations of progressive and modern jazz styles. The music is live and dynamic – it’s full of adventurous and moving solos, bright and turbulent improvisations, tremendous riffs, glimpsy and splendid pieces, relaxing and peaceful episodes and many other elements, which make a relation with various jazz styles or reflect different emotions. Each musician is trying to achieve the bestand extraordinary sound – they are exploring new fields, searching for original instrumentation and break the ordinary rules of musical language and improvising. Colorful, moody and rich mixes of different colors, ways of playing, expressions, dynamics, special effects and other elements of musical language effect and form bright, independent and solid musical language and its sections. Vivid and bright saxophones by Tom Chant are filled with moving soos and remarkable melodies. Saxophonist tries out new ways of playing, fuses together absolutely different music styles and sounds. His improvising style is aggressive, sharp, bright and energetic, but it can also become soft, romantic, gentle or sorrowful at the same time. Emotional, cordial, warm and suggestive playing is based on effective, expressive and moving playing manner, sharp harmony, bordering dynamics, furiously fast solos, wild passages and other elements of musical language. Tom Chant is improvising just masterfully, expressively and with passion. Bright solos, roaring blow outs, energetic and intense melodies, pulsating and dynamic rhythmic, moving, effective and turbulent energy explosions give a main tune to the compositions and create free, spontaneous and active mood of the compositions. Marco Mezquida piano solosare as much moving, sharp, bright and thrilling as saxophones. Virtuosic, playful, vivid and passionate solos contain the main musical pattern, effect free form, abstract facture and other elements of musical language.Along with traditional ways of playing, pianist masterfully integrates innovative, experimental and even outrageous playing techniques. That gives us a splendid result – moving, touching and attractive free improvisations, made in the spot and played with passion. Piano and saxophones solos have much in common – free, intense and turbulent improvisations are real bursts of energy, creative sources of musical experiments, esearches of unusual sounds and special effects. These duos certainly are the most interesting and original episodes of whole album. It also forms independent, moving, touching and gorgeous melodic line. Johannes Nästesjö double bass and Ramon Prats drums contain the base of rhythm section. Deep, solid and dark bass line, monotonic and harsh tunes, repetitive notes and same chords form tight, strict and static bass line. It’s the opposite to roaring drum rolls, thrilling solos, furiously fast passages and bright sounds or vivacious, attractive and remarkable free improvisations of double bass. Rigorous and passionate, shady and dark, aggressive and angry, sorrow and sad or joyful, gentle and light – both improvisers are the masters of expression of whole wide range of emotions. Four musicians have innovative and charming playing style and manner, theyare full of inventive and creative ideas, have another point of view to avant-garde jazz. That’s the reason,why this music is so charming, interesting and interesting.

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