Gibbs, Phil / Marcello Magliocchi / Adrian Northover / Maresuke Okamoto: Sezu (FMR)

‘SEZU’ is the newest release of ‘FMR’ label. Album was recorded by Philip Gibbs )guitar, banjo), Marcello Magliocchi (drums), Adrian Northover (soprano/alto saxophone) and Maresuke Okamoto (cello, voice). Four musicians have especially active, energetic, vital and bright playing manner, suggestive, passionate and innovative improvising style and unique sound. Intense and loud sound explosions, bright, passionate and dizzy solos, flewing melodies, shrieky and strange timbres, uncomfortable, extraordinary and inventive musical decisions, wild, franky and free improvisations – all these elements fill the basics of the compositions, created by musicians. Each of them is trying to create unique, extraordinary and originaly sound – they are open to new and innovative playing techniques, fusions of different cultures, styles, countries and musical language elements. All kinds of different musical language elements are used here – musicians certainly can find the best and effective way how to connect them. That makes an effort to bright, remarkable, expressive and vital sound.

‘SEZU’ is filled with inspiring, bright and passionate improvisations. All album is based on avant-garde jazz elements and free improvisation. The most part of the compositions is especially bright, luminous and energetic. Music is filled with bright, original, inventive and ambitious musical decisions – that makes an effort to colorful, passionate and tremendous musical language. The compositions have same elements like other compositions of avant-garde jazz – free form, abstract and multi-layed pattern, polyphonic facture, organic mix of outrageous and strange timbres, noises and sounds – all these elements contain the main part of the base. Musicians are experienced and talented jazz masters and improvisers – their music reflects that. They are improvising wild, free and with passion. Improvisations are not just a piece of virtuosic, precise and marvelous technique, it also has breaky, unusual, wild and expressive solos and inspiring, passionate and vital improvising. The music is filled with rigorous blow outs, depressive and sorrow downs, gorgeous, inspiring, passionate and moving passages and dramatic culminations. But all these elements make a strong opposite with silent, calm and relaxing pieces, which are based on abstract timbres, separate sounds, soft and calm intonations, other elements of musical language. To improvise free, cordially and with passion – all four musicians this fact make as a priority and make remarkable, bright and interesting sound. The melodic section is leaded by guitar, banjo, soprano and alto saxophones and voice. Interesting and usual combination of different instruments effect exotic, bright and vivacious sound of the album. Independent melodies, remarkable, charming and memorable solos, vibrant, noisy, blowing and extremely loud blow outs, dozens of strange timbres and bright musical decisions – all these elements contain the main part of their improvisations. The music is filled with basic elements of avant-garde and experimental jazz, which is gently fused together with especially energetic solos, sharp harmony, turbulent energy explosions and free structure. Aggressive and dynamic rhythmic, innovative improvising and huge amount of sharp and uncomfortable timbres and sounds make a strong relation with bebop, post bop, hard bop and other similar modern jazz styles. Melodies are individual and independent, based on different musical language and unique sound. Each master has its own and unqiue sound and interesting playing manner – all of them are improvising charmingly, passionately and not hesitate to experiment in any way or section of musical language. Electric and hard guitar solos are switched with soft, gorgeous and vivacious banjo sounds, terrific blow outs, passionate and virtuosic passages and fantastic riffs of saxophones, hard, bright, solid and independnet bass line of cello and charming voice elements. Drums section is as much independent and interesting as melodic section. The music is based on bright and vivacious rhythms – turbulent and free improvisations are fused together with Afroamerican, Spanish, Western Africa, other rhythms of various world countries music. This marvelous and organic mix of timbres, rhythms and sounds makes solid, intense, energetic and extremely loud drum section. Innovative and interesting instrumentation, bright, adventurous and modern musical language, charming and passionate improvisng, expressive solos and roaring sound explosions – all these elements help musicians to create original, attractive and unique sound.



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