Paul Rogers/Olaf Rupp/Frank Paul Schubert – “Three Stories about Rain, Sunlight & The Hidden Soil” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

“Three Stories about Rain, Sunlight & The Hidden Soil” is another one new release of “Relative Pitch Records” – it will be released on 28, September. The album was recorded by Paul Rogers (double bass), Olaf Rupp (electric guitar, compositions) and Frank Paul Schubert (tenor saxophone). The music by these three great jazz masters is based on synthesis between the basics of avant-garde jazz, experimental music and free improvisations. Their music usually has suggestive and remarkable sound. All kinds of rhythms, sounds, expressions and timbres are used here to create exceptional and original sound. Each musician has rich, engaging, evocative and original musical language, specific and effective playing manner, talent to improvise with passion, expression and vitality. They always like to make brave, noisy, extravagant and strange musical decisions – their music is out of the bord of traditional sound of avant-garde jazz. It’s somewhere between academic avant-garde and free improvisation, which is based on the main tendencies of contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz. Independent and individual melodies, different rhythmic elements and colorful chords are masterfully fused together and make remarkable and extraordinary sound.

“Three Stories about Rain, Sunlight & The Hidden Soil” is filled with original and unique sound, bright, expressive and evocative episodes and has a rich musical language. The music is based on synthesis of main elements of avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free improvisations and academic avant-garde. Musicians masterfully fuse together innovative and modern playing techniques, extended and specific methods of instrumentation. Various scales, microtones, all kinds of rhythms, dozens of unusual timbres, strange noises and sharp chords, innovative and evocative instrumentation – all these elements contain the main base of musical langauge. It also makes a strong relation with academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. The newest tendencies of academic avant-garde, ambient and experimental music, concrete and spectral music are gently blended together with the bright, splendid, remarkable and moving free improvisation. The music has difficult structure and abstract musical pattern. Its form is synthesized from many different forms of academical music and avant-garde jazz. Free and open forms are mixed with quadratic and strict structures, traditional forms of contemporary academical music and other elements. Even though the music is based on marvelous and astonishing synthesis between avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music, the main base of compositions is formed by the basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Avant-garde and experimental jazz moixed with soft relations of academical music – the synthesis of this type rests the same through all album and is heard in all compositions. Musicians are marvelous improvisers – they are playing and improvising passionately, expressively and evocatively. They are dedicated to create extraordinary, strange, weird and evocative sound. Frank Paul Schubert saxophone melodies give the main tune to the sound. Engaging, evocative and bright solos are mixed with depressive, aggressive, sharp and harsh timbres, short melodic elements, repetitive rhythmic and melodic intonations, minimalistic and abstract episodes, silent pauses or sudden abruptions. These elements are just a small part of his improvisations. Saxophonist creates colorful, effective and remarkable sound by using dozens of experimental, specific and extended playing techniques, expressions and other elements of musical language. Olaf Rupp guitar melodies are based on huge variety of unusual timbres, organic and suggestive sound modifications and alterations, sharp and eclectic chords and fascinating free improvisations. Guitarist experiments in various sections of musical language – he tries out exclusive and remarkable expressions, specific playing techniques, extravagant and provocative musical decisions and sounds. Special effects, electronic music elements, gorgeous and weird timbres and other coloristic elements form solid and illustrative background. Simetimes it has depressive, harsh, abandoned and rough sound – suddenly it gets to light and smooth excerpts, roaring and rigorous energy explosions and bright, passionate and expressive solos. Paul Rogers souble bass improvisations also are based on remarkable and inventive musical decisions and experiments. Wide range of colors, timbres, sounds, expressions and other elements of musical language is created here. Dozens of extravagant, weird, strange and bright timbres, unusual sounds, special effects and other elements of background are expressed by using original and innovative instrumentation decisions. Bassist is fusing together all kinds of different musical language elements and expressions by using free improvisation as a main base, which combines together all elements of musical pattern. All the episodes and elements are fused together in the organic, bright and original way. That makes an effort to enchanting, charming, dynamic, moving and extravagant sound. The music of this album is an interesting and bright result, which joins together the basics of free improvisations, avant-garde and experimental jazz and the newest tendencies of acamic avant-garde. It makes remarkable, exclusive and expressive sound.

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