Dave Sewelson – “Music for a Free World” (FMR, 2018)

“Music for a Free World” is the newest release of “FMR Records”. Album was recorded by Dave Sewelson (baritone and sopranino saxophone), Steve Swell (trombone), William Parker (bass) and Marvin Bugalu Smith (drums). These four great jazz masters are the monumental figures of American and European avant-garde jazz scene. Exclusive playing style, expressive and inventive improvising, spontaneous, bright, energetic, frenzy and charming improvisations and unique sound – that’s the main reason, why these musicians are famous and active in avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is inspired by extravagant musical decisions, astonishing sound experiments, experimental and specific playing techniques and other the newest tendencies of contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musicians not hesitate to experiment in all sections and layers of musical language – they are creating their own forms, express wide range of emotions and senses, searching for a new, innovative and extended playing techniques and new, fresh and engaging sound of avant-garde jazz. Their music has impressive and energetic sound, is based on fresh, noisy, extravagant and interesting musical decisions.

“Music for a Free World” has marveloous, enchating and charming sound. It’s totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Collective improvisations contain the main and the biggest part of whole album. It’s also the most effective and attractive episodes – each musician is showing his best abilities of improvising. All musicians are always trying to express strange sounds and create remarkable, energetic and vibrant sound. Their solos are based on eclectic combinations, free form, dynamic rhythmic, fresh and evocative sound and bright musical language. Impressive, sensible, cordial and expressive improvising is the main and the most important reason, which effects the most the sound and main mood. Rich and evocative musical pattern, engaging and colorful musical lamguage, modern and innovative instrumentation, variable rhythmic and solid melodic section contain the basic of the compositions. Experimental, traditional, specific and extravagant playing techniques are mixed together in one place. The rhythmic is based on wide range of different rhtyhmic forms – Western and South Africa rhythms, Afroamerican music elements, main rhythmic forms of avant-garde and experimental jazz styles are mixed together with expressive, rapid, complicated and difficult rhythms of bebop, post-bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. This huge and organic synthesis of various rhythms creates an organic, polyphonic, polyrhythmic and exclusive sound and independnet rhythmic section. The melodic section is based on effective and suggestive musical decisions. Tenor and sopranino saxophones by Dave Sewelson and trumpet melodies by Steve Swell contain firm, bright and remarkable base of melodic section. Dizzy, sparkling and passionate solos, light, smooth and gentle melodies, joyful, playful and furiously rapid passages are the most frequently heard in saxophones solos. Improviser tries out new and innovative playing techniques, he has an inspiring and suggestive playing manner. Hot, roaring, aggressive, franky and dramatic culminations have remarkable and tremendous sound – these episodes are the most effective episodes of the album. It makes a huge contrast to heavy, slow and monotonic trombone. Harsh, clair, remarkable, trembling and vibrant trombone also has wide palette of colors, expressions and timbres. It’s made by contrast – heavy, harsh, powerful and loud episodes are contrasting with furiously fast and dynamic saxophone. It also creates bright, remarkable and energetic sound, solid, vibrant and independent bass line. William Parker bass melodies are splendid, dynamic and contrasting as usual. Musician tries out dozens of different expressions, experiments in form, harmony, rhythmic and instrumentation section. His improvisations are organic, masterful and remarkable set of senses, emotions and various elements of musical langauge. He dives through various moods – from silent, subtle and relaxing he goes straight to dizzy, sparkling, extremely fast, passionate, dramatic or light, gentle and joyful solos. Music is based on concepts and changes, is played with passion and expression. William Parker mixes together sharp, harsh, aggressive and moving neo bop, bebop and hard bop solos with turbulent, vibrant, trembling and bright free jazz improvisations. Marvin Bugalu Smith leads the drum section. It’s based on wide range of different rhythms and forms. Musician creates his own form, uses dozens of specific playing techniques, experimental ways of playing and bright expressions. His music is a creative, natural and organic sample of marvelous playing technique, original improvising and inspiring improvising. Charming and furiously rapid solos, virtuosic ascending and descending passages, sudden jumps to the borders of registres, all wide scale of dynamics, gorgeous and bright timbres, moving, touching and attractive melodies or roaring tremolo, drum rolls or arpeggio – all these elements contain the main part of drum section. It also effects whole rhythmic and melodic pattern – creates bright, firm, solid and independent rhythmic basement. Music of this album is based on innovatie instrumentation, creative and extravagant musical decisions, original musical language and great, touching and impressive improvising – all these things are put together and make a remarkable, bright and passionate sound.



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