Paul Rutherford|Ken Vandermark| Torsten Müller|Dylan van der Schyff – “Are we in Diego?” (WhirrbooM! Records, 2018)

“Are we in Diego?” is the newest release of “WhirrbooM! Records”. Album was recorded by four famous jazz improvisers – Paul Rutherford (trombone), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Torsten Müller (contrabass) and Dylan van der Schyff (drums, percussion). The music by these four musicians is always full of contrasts, inventive musical decisions, dynamic changes and surprises. They are dedicated to create fresh, evocative and interesting sound – the experiments in all sections of musical language are the most important for them. Each musician has its own and original playing style, which is totally based on avant-garde jazz, but also has mild relations of bebop, post bop and other modern and contemporary jazz styles. Memorable and glamorous solos, effective and passionate melodies, impressive, energetic and vibrant blow outs – all these elements are the most important basics of improvisers playing style. Musicians had been improvising together many times in various combos and ensembles – their collective improvisations always are based on free improvisations, turbulent and energetic solos, masterful synthesis of various jazz styles – all these elements make the music to turn into real bursts of energey.

The compositions of “Are we in Diego?” also are based on free improvisation and basic elements of avant-garde jazz. Compositions have very colorful and bright musical language, polyphonic musical pattern, are based on free and spontaneous improvisations. Indeoendent melodies is the most important element of musical pattern – each melody has its own rhythmic, harmony, expressions and dynamics. The sharp, dissonance and rigorous harmony makes the sound to turn into dramatic and turbulent culminations. Even though, music is based on especially energetic and expressive solos, turbulent vlow outs and rigorous riffs, it also has the other side – subtle and lyric episodes. Subtle,silent and abstract improvisations are highly contrasting with vivacious, passionate and expressive solos. The music is based on improvising in the spot – that’s the reason, why it’s always changing and never rests the same. Different stylistic waves, colorful turns, eclectic combinations and turbulent culminations make especially dynamic and variable sound. Reeds improvisations by Ken Vandermark are especially expressive and bright – vibrant, intense, loud and harsh solos, especially powerful and turbulent blow outs are the most effective elements. Passionate solos, vivacious melodies, wild fast passages, emotional vibrato, colorful glissando and other musical expressions and elements are connected together with extended playing techniques and astonishing musical experiments. Paul Rutherford trombone is bright, deep and dynamic. Deep, dark, rigorous and harsh bass line is contrasting with moving, rapid and energetic reeds melodies. Improviser expands the traditional technical abilities of the trombone – he tries out new ways of playing, extended playing techniques and blends them with special effects and expressions. That produce huge extraction of strange and weird timbres. Deep and dark solos are blended with more loud, rapid and energetic melodies, which bring more colors and tunes to trombine improvisations. Torsten Müller contrabass is based on virtuosic passages, expressive and passionate melodies, sutble and repetitive rhythmic and melodic elements, variable rhythms and colorful expressions – all these elements have a tendency to be repeated silmunateously. The wide range of different moods, characters and expressions is revealed here – improviser is the master of expressing different moods one after the other. Dylan van der Schyff drums and percussion also based on contrasts: from the subtle, static, slow, repetitive and separate rhythms to moving, striking, rapid and turbulent improvisations – all these elements are masterfully blended together in one place. Improviser fuses together usual and experimental ways of playing with special effects, colroful timbres, gorgeous percussion solos and eclectic combinations of the instruments. The rhythmic section is eapecially bright, dynamic and filled with inventive musical decisions. Creative and innovative improvising, masterful synthesis between various music styles makes an effort to expressive, remarkable and impressive sound.

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