Agustí Fernández & Johannes Nästesjö – “Like listening with your fingertips” (Konvoj Records, 2018)

“Like listening with your fingertips” is the newest release of “Konvoj Records”. Album was recorded by two outstanding jazz masters and improvisers – Agusti Fernandez (grand piano) and Johannes Nästesjö (double bass). These two musicians are very well-known in contemporary experimental jazz scene. They are always full of inventive ideas, have original and spontaneous improvising atyle and unique sound. The music is mostly based on synthesis between avant-garde and experimental jazz styles, ethnical music elements of Spain and other South Western Europe countries. Johannes Nästesjö improvisations gently fuse together avant-garde jazz, contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde and intonations of traditional music of Scandinavian countries.The organic and natural synthesis of different and contrasting elements helps musicians to create extraordinary and interesting sound. The musical language of the compositions always is very rich and bright. It’s filled with huge range of different musical expressions, experimental playing techniques, special effects, sound experiments and other similar things. Colorful harmony, variable rhythmic, wide range of scales, chords and dynamics – all these elements also are very important to whole musical pattern. Thei music is bright, expressive, vivacious and dynamic.

The album “Like listening with your fingertips” is full of passionate and expressive improvisations. Spontaneous and glamorous solos, original and interesting playing manners, weird sounds, special effects and musical experiments make a bright, innovative and colorful musical pattern. The musical pattern is based on open forms and free improvisations – independent and vibrant improvisations by both musicians are very moody, emotional and expressive. It’s based on sudden changes and contain dozens of different moods, styles, expressions and rhythms. Vivacious, expressive and spontaneous solos are gently mixed together with turbulent and effective melodies, marvelous and vibrant tones, special effects, unusual, intensive and repetitive sounds and furiously rapid arpeggios, roulades and passages. Especially big variety of various elements of musical language demonstrate musician’s talent to improvise inventively, spontaneously and creatively. Both of them are experimenting in various sections of musical language – that’s especially heard in melodic and rhythmic section. Vivacious, playful and joyful solos are highly contrasting with rigorous, dark and depressive sounds. Turbulent, frantic and vibrant piano solos meet with silent, subtle, soft and gentle double bass melodies. Virtuosic passages, harsh and shrieky tunes, repetitive and deep chords, sharp dissonances, soft and lyric consonances, rapid roulades and speedy arpeggios, vibrant and colorful glissando, pizzocato and dozens of other different playing techniques and expressions are used here. This music is always in a way of changing – it always gets new sounds, unusual and eclectic combinations, moods or characters. Avant-garde jazz and its basics certainly are the most important basics of these compositions. Scandinavian, Europe and Spain avant-garde jazz traditions are mixed together all in one place. Bith musicians are using inventive musical decisions, special effects and interesting stylistic combinations – their music is absolutely different from each other. The piano improvisations by Agusti Fernandez are especially expressive, passionate and loud. It’s full of frantic, harsh, powerful and dramatic solos, virtuosic and rapid passages, vibrant arpeggios and other similar elements. Spontaneous solos, remarkable melodies, all kinds of rhythms and expressions are fused together in one place. Repetitive and monotonic rhythms are blended together with traditional rhythmics of Spain music, Western Europe sounds and other things. Improviser has especially bright, innovative and passionate playing style, which makes bright, original and colorful sound. Double bass solos by Johannes Nästesjö are based on synthesis of innovative Scandinavian avant-garde jazz, ethnic intonations of Sweden music and contemporary academical music. This organic equation between these contrasting music styles reveals the other side of the compositions. Double bass compositions consist of deep, dark and static sounds which are repeated silmunateously. That makes a solid bass line and keep strong harmonic and rhythmic pattern. Subtle, silent and deep sound turns out to dramatic, expressive and free improvisations with very interesting and evocative melodic pattern. The music is especially bright, interesting and contrasting – it’s always somewhere rigorous and soft, dark and light, joyful and aggressive, soft and sharp and dramatic, energetic and turbulent. Wide range of different expressions and playing techniques help improviser masterfully express all these moods and fuse them together. The msuic has innovative and remarkable sound.

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