Silvan Schmid Quintet – “At Gamut” (Hat Hut Records, 2018)

At Gamut

“At Gamut” was recently released by “Hat Hut Records”. Album was recorded by “Silvan Scmid Quintet” – it’s Silvan Scmid (trumpet), Tapiwa Svosve (alto saxophone), Silvan Jeger (cello), Lucas Wirz (tuba) and Vincent Glanzmann (drums). The group of young and talented jazz musicians are creating interesting and original sound. The musicians already have their own and specific playing manners and are willing to create innovative and extraordinary sound. Their improvisations are especially expressive, based on spontaneous musical decisions and brave experiments. The most important priorities of this quintet are to search for new ways of playing and cretae extraordinary sound. They have a masterful ability to fuse together different playing manners, moods and styles. Music frequently has all the main elements of avant-garde jazz, which are organically mixed with modern jazz styles. Expressive and dynamic solos, repetitive and monotonic rhythmic, dissonance chords, free structure and form bring the sound of modern jazz, All these elements are combined with free, gorgeous, expressive, turbulent, unpredictable and vivacious collective improvisations. Each musician is trying out his own ways of playing. Even though all the musicians are improvising individually, spontaneously and free, this music doesn’t turn into the chaos – the melodies, timbres, colors, sounds and other elements of musical language are organically and effectively combined together in one place. Because of inventive improvising, bright, colorful and innovative musical language is created.

The music of the newest album has dynamic and vivacious sound. The synthesis between free jazz, bebop, hard-bop, neo bop and other modern jazz styles are the main stylistic combination of these compositions. All musicians are improvising impressive and free, trying to reveal their own improvisng style and unique sound. The collective improvisations have a free and dynamic structure and difficult musical language. Polyphony, independent melodies, the elements of polyrhythmy and polyhamony, different rhythms and tones which are played silmunateously, huge range of contrasts and expressions  -all these elements contain the basics of the compositions. Bright, expressive and loud trumpet melodies, which are full of rigorous and emotional blow outs, vivacious and passionate solos, unusual timbres, bring innovative and interesting sound to the compositions. It’s gently goes along with saxophone melodies. Saxophone solos are totally based on avant-garde jazz. The memorable and vivacious melodies, wild fast and rapid solos, dynamic and sudden stylistic changes, sharp, aggressive, rigorous, provocative and striking blow outs, wide range of different playing techniques and expressions help musicians to create unpredictable and dynamic sound. Silent and dubtle episodes are based on abstract musical pattern, separate tones and calm moos – suddenly these solos turn out to dramatic, rigorous and expressive improvisations with impressive blow outs and vibrant solos. Trumoet and saxophone improvisations make a pleasant equation and solid melodic pattern. Cello improvisations also are heard very loudly and clearly. It has remarkable and memorable sound. As same as the other instruments, cello solos are filled with radiant and vibrant sounds, monotonic, repetitive or dynamic rhythms, vivacious and expressive solos and wide range of colorful playing techniques. Deep, solid, static and calm tuba improvisations reveal the other side of the compositions – subtle, abstract and calm. Repetitive and monotonic tones also keep firm and solid rhythmical pattern and make the sound of the compositions even more colorful. Drums improvisations are especially dynamic and impressive. Various kinds and types of rhythms, timbres, sounds and instruments are used here. Loud drum rolls. energetic and passionate solos, memorable and dynamic rhythms, which gorgeously illustrate the melodic section, free and spontaneous solos and many other elements create a colorful, firm, solid and dynamic rhythmical section. Expressive, creative and interesting improvising of talented musicians creates remarkable and impressive sound of this album.

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